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    rotor blade

    The "World Premiere for the 64.4-meter long N131/3000 rotor blade

    Nordex SE

    At WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 Nordex will present as special highlight the 64.4-meter long rotor blade of the light wind turbine N131/3000 – one of the largest rotor blades for onshore turbines [...]

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    wind lens

    The "Wind Lens" - A new efficient wind power turbine

    Kyushu University

    Developed by Kyushu University, Japan, the Wind Lens can increase the energy output up to 2.5 times! [...]

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    2 MW wind turbine

    2.0 MW prototype wind turbine optimized for low wind areas


    The V110-2.0 MW is built from the proven technology of Vestas’ 2 MW platform and features a larger rotor using 55m blades [...]