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  • A1: Electric motors and actuators

  • A2 : Linear motion

  • A3: Special motors

  • A4: Controls, Measurement and Sensors

  • A5 : Power Transmission

  • A6: Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    • 36
      • Hydraulic Actuators

      • Hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, rotary cylinders, hydraulic linear units...
    • 37
      • Pneumatic actuators

      • Pneumatic motors, pneumatic cylinders, rotary cylinders, pneumatic linear units..
  • A7: Energy

  • A8 : Engineering services and Integrators

  • A9: Distribution and Suppliers

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    • motion control
    motion control

    MELSERVO MR-J4 - Motion control technology to innovate packaging applications

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Motion Control platform, the MELSEC iQ was recently extended with servo-drives and matched servomotors [...]

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    • gear reducer
    precision reducer

    High precision gear reducer with minmal backlash & low vibration


    The RV reduction gears are ideally suited for mechanical control in factory robots, machine tools, assembly and conveying [...]

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    • linear technology
    ring drive

    RG rolling ring drive with moving spool winder & electronic controller


    No doubt: the RG rolling ring drive is the most famous Uhing invention. It comes in countless variants and with a great range of accessories. [...]

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    • geared motors
    geared motors

    Water-cooled helical bevel gear units as roller conveyor gears units

    watt drive

    Water-cooled gear units for the usage in high surrounding temperatures and for extremely high mechanical loads [...]