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  • We provide wind technology

    The AEROVIDE team has taken on technological challenges since the early days of modern wind energy technology and has played a key role in the successful development of many cutting-edge wind turbine concepts for onshore and offshore markets since many decades.

Product Portfolio
  • Wind turbines

  • The AEROVIDE team has been developing wind turbines for manufacturers on the global market since 1983 and many of our innovative developments have influenced the state-of-the-art. Wind turbines developed by us can be found on all five continents and produce energy on a reliable, economic and eco-friendly basis. We offer you custom-tailored solutions for local production of wind turbines.

    You can select between ready developed and certified aeroMaster wind turbine models for onshore and offshore applications or we can perform a customized wind turbine design project which can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Every design of a new wind turbine model will be certified according to international standards. The preparation of design reports which are fulfilling the needs and standards of certification authorities is the core competence of AEROVIDE which has been developed over various certification projects.

    Benefit, too, from our many years of experience and realize your wind turbine together with our specialists.


      • aeroMaster for onshore applications

      • Our reliable and flexible onshore turbine platform can be adapted to all market requirements and local series production.

        The aeroMaster onshore turbines are available in different versions, comprising rated powers of 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3 and 4 MW with different rotor diameters as well as towers with multiple hub heights for an optimum energy yield at every site. Different climate versions of the aeroMaster for normal, hot and cold climates in combination with our smart sandstorm protection features ensure reliable operation in all climate zones worldwide. Together with the two alternative generator systems (DFIG, PMSG) available, the turbine can be adapted to all market requirements.

        The aeroMaster drive train utilises a zero-play double rotor shaft bearing arrangement of one double-row tapered roller bearing and one cylindrical roller bearing in one single bearing housing. Together with a hydraulic gearbox support this bearing arrangement protects the gearbox from high loads, thus increasing the reliability of the gearbox and other drive train components.

        The aeroMaster license offers customers a technology which can be adapted to all market requirements and operated under diverse environmental conditions worldwide. A fully developed supply chain with multiple sourcing for each component is available for all aeroMaster turbines. For details on license conditions, please contact our head office in Rendsburg.

          • aeroMaster for offshore applications

          • The systematic further development of the proven aeroMaster technology for offshore use, even more reliable, more efficient.

            The design of the aeroMaster 6 wind turbine typifies the know-how our engineers have accumulated from two successful development projects for 5 MW offshore wind turbines. This makes AEROVIDE the leading global player in the design and implementation of large offshore wind turbines.

            Like with the onshore aeroMaster models, emphasis in this aeroMaster 6 was placed on reliability, cost effectiveness and high yields. The proven and reliable aeroMaster drive train technology has also been adapted for the aeroMaster 6 offshore turbine. The aeroMaster 6 is available in different versions comprising two alternative electrical systems (squirrel cage or permanent magnet generator) with different voltage levels (low voltage or medium voltage) and two different rotor diameters ranging from 139 m to 163 m for an optimum energy yield in sites with different wind conditions.

            Optimization for sites with high and mean wind speeds flowed into the design as well and makes operation cost-effective in all wind conditions. As a result, this opens up a far greater number of potential installation sites, making the aeroMaster 6 optimally equipped also for future offshore markets.

              • Customized turbine design

              • The focus at AEROVIDE is on overall developments, where we support our customers during all phases of the project, from the initial concept studies right up to certification of the new wind turbines. We have experience in all drive train technologies like conventional concepts, integrated drives, direct drives or hybrid drives. AEROVIDE can provide tailored complete wind turbine designs from the tip of the blade to the tower foundation or we can work as a partner together with the client in a joint development project with partial design.
                  • Conventional Drive

                  • Separate drive train with gearbox and high-speed generator
                  • Hybrid Drive

                  • Combined drive train by unit of gearbox with medium-speed generator
                  • Partial integrated Drive

                  • Drive train with integrated gearbox and high-speed generator
                  • Integrated Drive

                  • Integrated compact drive train with medium-speed generator
                • Rotor blades

                • On the basis of its experience with over 70 different rotor blade designs in the power range of 5 kW to 5.5 MW, AEROVIDE has developed AEblade, the rotor blade series which meets the high standards of global production. The blades are suitable for operation on different turbine types and under different environmental conditions.

                  In addition to the blade technology, AEROVIDE also offers support and know-how for production workshop layout, production tooling design, definition of production processes, manufacturing documentation and QM documentation for the complete manufacturing process. In combination with our prototype and series production supervision, we guarantee full support to build up your own blade production facility in the shortest possible time.

                  Most blade types have been awarded the A-Design Assessment of DNV-GL and are in series production at various blade manufacturers around the world. Many successful blade tests run with our customers have proven the robustness and efficiency of our designs. This forms the basis for your success on the blade market.

                  Given the wide variety of available blade models for onshore and offshore turbines, our customers can meet all the market demands in a very flexible and efficient way. On demand, AEROVIDE can also modify the blade structure to optimize the blades for one specific turbine application. In addition the blade structure can also be adapted to specific material properties to customize and optimize the blade structure even more and thus increase profitability for our customers.