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  • Offer Profile
  • Bachmann Electronic GmbH is a traditional high-tech company. With a work force of about 40 engineers who are devoted to development, Bachmann is among those innovative and quality-conscious companies which have made it their goal to offer complete system solutions in highly specialized areas of automation technologies.

    Bachmann supplies hardware and software according to the desired application up to ready-made projects. This is the only way to fulfill high performance and functional expectations.
Product Portfolio
  • Bachmann electronic – no. 1 in wind automation

  • Operators, manufacturers, and developers of wind turbines are excited about the technology from Bachmann electronic. With more than 60,000 installed systems and a market share of over 50%, worldwide Bachmann electronic is no. 1 in the automation of wind power plants.

    State-of-the-art technologies, open systems, and highly-efficient development tools uniformly convince operators, manufacturers, and developers of wind power plants. The Bachmann M1 automation system, which is designed for maximum service life and operational availability, is predestined for the strict demands of energy suppliers.

    International wind power technology trend-setters rely on Bachmann's M1 Automation System as a central element for the control and networking of their plants. Bachmann electronic not only thinks further ahead, the firm also establishes the prerequisites and thus for some time has been more than one step ahead in the automation of wind power plants.

    With Bachmann electronic solutions you are benefiting from the technologies of the market leader: More than 40 years of experience in the automation sector and over 10 years as one of the pioneers in wind power guarantee you the critical competitive edge in know-how that differentiates your plants from your competitors.
      • The Right Solution for Every Task

      • Secured productivity
        Wind energy plants are production facilities which are only profitable if their availability is secured. With the Bachmann automation solution you are going with the safe option: Redundancy, state-of-the-art safety technology, remote diagnostic and teleservice tools, as well as the verified availability of over 99.96% in real operation give you the security you need. Thanks to the seamless integration of condition monitoring, you can plan maintenance work on your turbine effectively and with a minimum in system downtime.

        Open communication
        The ‘bluecom’ protocol, specially developed by Bachmann electronic for smart energy grids, enables you to network your wind energy plants quickly, efficiently and reliably via Ethernet. The MMS server implemented on the M1 controller system simplifies communication in compliance with IEC61850 or IEC61400-25, whilst the OPC EnterpriseServer integrates, for example, third-party SCADA systems. The fact that all the industrial fieldbus networking options are available to you goes without saying.

        Monitored output
        The international grid codes set clear requirements regarding the response of your wind farm in the power grid. The M1 automation system monitors the power quality in the grid directly on the busbar in the wind turbine tower and at the grid connection point, thus guaranteeing the grid code compliant operation
        of your plants.

        Smooth integration
        The SolutionCenter all-in-one engineering tool
        enables you to create and commission your application in no time at all. With M-Target for Simulink® you can connect your simulation environment directly to your controller. This is what efficient engineering looks like.

        A match for any environment

        The coldclimate modules for an extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C enable you to handle the most demanding climatic conditions, such as in your offshore installation. Safe operation is ensured even when condensation is present.

        Certified systems
        Internationally accredited test institutes verify conformity with the most important global standards and thus provide approval for the most demanding applications.

        Protected investment
        With the modular M1 automation system from Bachmann electronic, your investment is protected for decades. Compatibility with previous versions and module availability are guaranteed for at least 15 years
          • PowerPlant Network

          • Efficient automation systems are based on open and standardized communication. Particularly when the devices and systems of different vendors have to be integrated into an effective overall concept, or when operators put additional plant sections into operation over the course of time, seamless communication must be ensured.

            The requirement placed on state-of-the-art wind farms to respond to the power grid like a single conventional power station requires the use of a central wind farm controller: communication is required in very high speed. Bachmann electronic presents ‘bluecom’ – a communication solution specially developed for smart grids.

            ‘bluecom’ is based on conventional Ethernet technology and provides affordable and easy to implement communication for fast and reliable information exchange in real time. The transmission protocol was specifically optimized with regard to the particular requirements of future-proof energy systems. The prime objective of these measures is to maintain the stability of the grid by enabling energy parks and virtual power stations consisting of a large number of decentralized power generation plants to respond quickly.

            The new communication protocol ‘bluecom’ Bachmann provides an important foundation for the transition to a smart grid and the use of regenerative energies for electricity generation. It is another contribution by Bachmann electronic to the active development of the power grid of the future.

              • CMS: Condition monitoring and remote service for wind energy plants

              • State-of-the-art condition monitoring systems (CMS) reduce malfunctions and downtimes in wind energy plants and increase their life cycle and productivity. Bachmann electronic now offers you additional synergy potential by enabling you to link condition monitoring systems with the control system of the wind energy plant.

                Service costs and downtimes under control
                An increasing number of wind energy plants are being fitted with condition monitoring systems (CMS). These enable you to be continuously supplied with data relating to the mechanical components of the turbine. These systems monitor the body sound of the main components of the drive train, as well as other measured values such as ice detection, rotor blade and gear oil monitoring. Condition monitoring enables any malfunctions or incipient wear to be detected and rectified early on before major damage occurs and longer downtimes are necessary. Preventative maintenance involving the exchange of components within fixed time intervals is unnecessary. The maintenance intervals can be adapted as required and planned according to the actual state of wear. Statistics have shown that the payback time for the installation of a condition monitoring system is around two to four years, depending on the type of system.

                Maintenance in periods of low wind
                Accurate information about the state of components also makes it possible to shedule repairs to be carried out in periods of low wind.

                Additional savings potential through attractive insurance conditions
                The insurance conditions for depreciation, deductibles and premiums for wind energy plants depend considerably on the manufacturer and the type of system concerned. However, insurance companies usually reward the installation of a condition monitoring system by offering premium reductions of up to ten percent, particularly when the CMS has obtained certification from Germanischer Lloyd.

                Additional diagnostics reliability through online remote monitoring
                Bachmann electronic offers a condition monitoring system fully certified to the requirements of Germanischer Lloyd, including an online remote monitoring station that is also certified, as well as powerful hardware and software components. The WebLog Portal specially developed for this provides an interface to the Ω-Guard® turbine diagnostics system, and enables worldwide access to the status data of the installation being monitored.

                Expert service – on site and via the Internet
                The success of a condition monitoring system greatly depends on its proper installation, parameterization and commissioning, as well as on the fast and correct response to reported status changes. Our experts therefore take care of all requirements on site, right through to the training and instruction of your personnel. Modern teleservice functions for remote applications include online monitoring via a secure Internet connection, thus allowing access worldwide. Our monitoring center currently monitors well over a thousand condition monitoring systems. The outputs of these plants range from 250 kW to 5 MW.

                  • Power Quality: Ensuring standards compliant and stable electricity generation

                  • Today’s wind energy plants are faced with some demanding requirements in terms of their grid compatibility. All the relevant data of a three-phase supply grid must be recorded precisely, and critical grid conditions detected reliably. The latest grid codes must be observed in order to ensure the stability and availability of the electrical supply. The GMP232 from Bachmann electronic integrates for the first time the necessary protection and monitoring functions into the “conventional” control tasks.

                    Extensive grid and generator protection with the GMP232
                    Decentralized electricity generators, such as wind energy plants, must ensure stable operation in accordance with the relevant grid codes. The GMP232 provides grid and generator protection in one. To detect faults with a high level of accuracy, the GMP232 is equipped with an integrated data recorder.

                    Static grid support
                    With its three-stage frequency monitoring, the GMP232 module provides the basis for detecting the adaption of active power, as required for static grid support, and initiate countermeasures. This can range from initiating a reduction in the energy generated right through to the immediate, non-delayed disconnection from the grid. The two-stage undervoltage protection and voltage rise protection are also integrated in the GMP232, and thus provide the facility to provide the required reactive power to support the grid if the values go above or below the prescribed limits.

                    Dynamic grid support
                    Wind energy plants must also contribute to dynamic grid support, so that the plant must remain connected to the grid in the event of a momentary voltage dip (fault ride through). The GMP232 makes it possible to define different limit value curves on the controller and activate them as required.
                      • Safety control

                      • Up to now, functional safety in wind energy plants has been given very varying degrees of importance, and is nearly always reduced to the most necessary personal protection measures. However, modern safety solutions using a programmable safety controller make it possible to implement functions that go far beyond the conventional emergency-stop sequence: Secure remote monitoring and teleservice in combination with intelligently used redundant systems can secure and even improve availability. For this, Bachmann electronic offers a complete safety package which has been particularly well received by the wind sector and is used successfully in the harshest environments.

                        Safety engineering under control
                        The safety components from Bachmann electronic are ideally prepared for use in wind turbines. Operational control, safety engineering and operating devices are perfectly matched and offer open communication. The fastest possible response times, intuitive operation and comprehensive diagnostic options guarantee the highest possible level of safety.
                        The safety modules can be arranged within the wind turbine as required, thus enabling the implementation of individually tailored solutions. Safety channels that are not required can be used as standard digital I/Os without any restrictions. Safety relays can be replaced thanks to the 2A outputs of the remote SDO208 output module. This saves space, wiring effort and additional costs.

                        Keeping it safe with Bachmann
                        It goes without saying that the safety modules of Bachmann electronic, together with the necessary programming tools and function blocks, have been certified by TÜV Süd for compliance with the relevant standards – including ISO 13849 and EN 954. UL508 approval also ensures safety when operating in North America. All modules are available as coldclimate versions (-40°C to +70°C). Safety is thus also guaranteed in extreme environmental conditions.

                        Benefits for manufacturer and operator
                        Programmable safety engineering makes the practical implementation and series production easy. It enables the secure monitoring of all the internal states of a wind turbine during operation, including the safety circuits, from anywhere in the world. Bachmann electronic< offers you tailored solutions based on the experience gathered from thousands of successfully used control components in wind energy plants all over the world.

                          • coldclimate -40°C to +70°C

                          • The product range of the Bachmann automation system permits homogeneous, comprehensive solutions – from the bus system to the controller right through to visualization. Automation systems from Bachmann electronic stand out on account of their highly robust design, optimum performance and open interfaces.

                            Openness in hardware and software
                            The M1 system operates as a real-time system. Different open-loop and closed-loop control programs are adapted in modules and run simultaneously in a preemptive multi-tasking environment. Like the hardware, the software is also modular and can be structured and extended as required following our “without limits” principle. The controller offers additional reserves for expansions or plant-specific adaptions.

                            Functionality means “Ready -to -Use ”
                            The modular M1 system offers a wide range of hardware, consisting of over 200 devices and modules. This system contains a large number of configurable function blocks for all necessary machine functions, such as visualization, networking, closed-loop control and diagnostics, to provide you with all the basic functions from the start. Here we place tremendous value in the fact that all tools have been developed according to international standards, and can also be integrated and parameterized flexibly.

                            Equipped for challenging climates
                            The coldclimate modules of Bachmann electronic – a solution for all applications in demanding climatic conditions, particularly where maximum plant availability is critical. The coldclimate modules are the first choice for decentralized power stations such as wind energy plants, CHP units, hydroelectric or solar power stations. For you this means: Safe operation, even with transient extreme temperatures as low as -40°C and when condensation is present.

                              • bachmann SolutionCenter

                              • The ALL-IN-ONE engineering tool
                                The Bachmann SolutionCenter represents a genuine milestone in the reduction of engineering costs. A single all-round software solution covers all aspects of the engineering process – from the configuration to programming, parameterization, visualization, communication, closed-loop control, motion, safety, as well as testing and commissioning. Thanks to the highly modular Eclipse plug-in concept, the tool can be expanded simply, even for integrated user-specific requirements. The SolutionCenter is perfectly matched to Bachmann devices and systems, and was designed in collaboration with experienced users. It saves time, generates synergies and increases usability. Users can benefit from the cohesive operating concept and avoid the manual entry of redundant or unnecessary data.

                                One Tool for everything:
                                • Configuration
                                • Programming
                                • Visualization
                                • Parameterization and communication
                                • Tools and add-ons
                                • Diagnostics and service
                                  • M-target for Simulink®

                                  • The challenges placed on the automation in and around wind energy plants are constantly increasing. The increasing size of plants and the introduction of new technologies have also increased the complexity of operational control programs. New development techniques for creating these programs are needed in order to minimize the development effort required on the one hand, and to bring out technically mature and highly available plants on the other.

                                    Highlights of M-Target for Simulink®:
                                    • Development of automation algorithms (open-loop and closed-loop) directly in MATLAB®/ Simulink®
                                    • Automatic code generation and transfer to M1 controller
                                    • Online communication between the Simulink® development environment and the PLC program for ergonomic parameterization and diagnostics
                                    • Integrated simulation modes for the I/O modules used in the application
                                    • Integrated interfaces to visualization systems and other PLC systems
                                    • Integrated interfaces to automation programs created in conventional programming languages (IEC61131-3, C/C++)
                                    • Support for hardware-in-the-loop systems (HIL)
                                      • Renewable Energies: First choice for energy generators

                                      • The Bachmann automation system is excellently suited for control and networking of distributed energy generating systems, such as wind power plants, hydro-electric power plants, biogas plants, or solar panels in one energy park.

                                        The performance of the system enables cost-optimized and process-optimized implementation of measurement and control processes and analyses, extending to comprehensive condition monitoring in the controller. Connection of the distributed units to a fail-safe FO bus or Ethernet-based bus, and implementation of the MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) server that offers the services described in the IEC61850 remote substation protocol for energy plants, make the Bachmann automation system the first choice for energy generators. Safe web technologies also enable defined access to the overall system or to individual parts of the plant from the outside. Thus data is accessible at all times for operators and maintenance personnel, so that optimal process control and power generation are ensured.
                                          • Application range

                                          • The performance of the M1 automation system allows the cost and process optimized implementation of measuring, closed-loop and open-loop control sequences, advanced process control (APC) and analysis right through to grid monitoring and grid synchronization on the controller. All products and systems are designed strictly with the benefi t for our customers in mind.

                                            Today bioenergy is an important element of the global energy supply. This covers a broad range of applications, thus requiring an open and highquality automation system. This forms the basis for a wide range of bioenergy solutions and is used by machine and system suppliers, as well as system integrators,

                                            The Bachmann electronic range of modular hardware offers the fl exibility required for individual expansions or plant-specifi c adaptions. Regardless of what kind of plant section or plant type is involved: We offer you products for tailored solutions. Meeting highly specialized requirements has long become a standard task for us.

                                            The product range of the Bachmann automation system permits homogeneous, comprehensive solutions. From the drive to the bus system to the controller and to visualization. Automation systems from Bachmann electronic stand for extraordinary robustness, highest performance and open interfaces.

                                            OPERATE AND MONITOR

                                            • Industrial PCs
                                            • Operator Terminals
                                            • Control Terminals (HMI & PLC)
                                            • OPEN AND CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL
                                            • Free programmable controller family M1 (IEC 61131, C/C++, Java, Simulink®)
                                            • Modular I/O system (central, decentral)
                                            • Fieldbus systems
                                            • Remote maintenance (Web, SSL, VNC)
                                            • Safety control
                                            • Condition Monitoring
                                            • Grid monitoring, grid measuring, grid synchronization
                                            • Redundancy solutions
                                              • Products from Bachmann

                                              • We offer exciting, high-availability automation solutions: Our broad product spectrum extends from the proven M1 control technology to an extensive offering of visualization hardware, to a variety of networking possibilities, as well as intelligent protection and monitoring solutions.
                                                  • Controller System

                                                  • M1 controller hardware - industrial controller with a future.

                                                    Individual requirements can be met easily with a wide range of powerful CPUs based on industrial (Pentium) processors and with an extensive range of I / O modules. Real-time capable bus systems enable the automation to be decentralized without any loss of performance.

                                                    The M1 controller perfectly combines the openness of a PC-based controller with the reliability of industrial hardware platforms. Designed for the toughest ambient conditions, they guarantee fault-free operation with a fanless installation up to an ambient temperature of 60°C.

                                                    State of the art system architecture designed for seamless networking capability enables the M1 to be integrated easily in the area of the controller and system peripherals. Real-time Ethernet enables real-time controller networking and the support of all currently available fieldbus systems enables external components to be connected via standard interfaces.
                                                  • Networking

                                                  • Networking – the backbone of the automation solution.

                                                    As an automation specialist in the area of distributed energy generation plants, we know the significance of a powerful, scalable, and absolutely reliable networking solution. Networking as the backbone of every automation solution has the task of connecting different sub-components according to their requirements in terms of signaling. In this regard rigorous requirements are imposed on real-time capability, manipulation security, as well as availability.

                                                    To meet these high requirements, Bachmann electronic provides an extensive offering of different networking components. For example,
                                                    our offering enables a central control room connection adapted to the particular customer requirements via Ethernet, or a machine-internal, flexible connection of the individual machine components on the controller via ­real-time capable fieldbuses. You decide which of the networking possibilities established on the market best fits your automation task. Bachmann electronic is guaranteed to have a suitable solution in its
                                                    product line.
                                                  • Safety technology

                                                  • Integrated safety technology.

                                                    Safety – for man as well as machine – plays an increasingly important role in the world of automation: Machines and plants are becoming ever more complex and the requirements imposed on functional safety continuously increase.

                                                    Bachmann electronic offers a safety package that is consistently integrated in the M1 automation system that is designed for the most rigorous safety requirements. It consists of the programmable SLC284 safety module, digital I/O modules, and the Safety Developer, and it can be
                                                    extended to meet individual needs in accordance with the latest safety standards (PL e, SIL3, Cat 4). And best of all: In addition to safety, efficiency is also increased; the intelligent safety technology helps to significantly lower engineering costs. Through specific diagnostic possibilities and the fastest possible intervention, availability of the machine/system is increased and downtimes are reduced.
                                                  • HMI Devices

                                                  • HMI devices.

                                                    We have devoted 20 years of, what is now, our 40-year company history to the areas of »Human Machine Interfaces«, abbreviated as HMIs. Always oriented to the specific needs of our business partners and the target industries, Bachmann electronic offers a complete product line of visualization systems in different performance classes and for a wide variety of implementation areas.

                                                    All HMIs are developed and manufactured in our main facility in Feldkirch in Austria. In order to offer our customers the highest level of investment protection possible, all components are selected by our development team according to the premises of long-term availability and stablity.

                                                    To acheive this, the experienced engineers use industrial-grade components exclusively. In addition, every visualization device is subjected to a 48-hour run-in test in the climate chamber prior to delivery, and the specified operating temperature range is run through several times.
                                                  • Industrial PCs

                                                  • Industrial PCs.

                                                    Robust industrial PCs are used in the automation sector for controlling machines, networking plant components as well as for data acquisition and image processing. Bachmann electronic's passively cooled IPC300 and IPC1400 panel PCs offer the ideal industrial PC for every task. The remote displays of the Dx900 series allow visualization to be implemented up to 100 m away from the central computer unit IPM1400. The front panels of the operator units are made from aluminum and their function, color and design can be adapted to customer requirements.

                                                    The operating elements required can be implemented as real machine pushbuttons, with a foil keyboard or as touch screens. Whether complete standard system or customer-specific solution Bachmann electronic always delivers 100 % quality: precisely like the HMI devices all Bachman industrial PCs are subjected to a 48-hour run-in test in the climate chamber, in which the specified operating temperatures are run through multiple times. Naturally compliance with the applicable industrial/product standards, as well as the legally prescribed standards is ensured.
                                                  • Engineering Software

                                                  • Engineering software from Bachmann electronic.

                                                    In the automation of plants and machines software has become an essential component. As an innovative provider Bachmann electronic also establishes the state of the technology in this area as well and enables groundbreaking future solutions, such as the Bachmann SolutionCenter. With a series of the latest software engineering and diagnostic tools we support rapid and convenient realization of programs for machine sequence, process control, visualization, and not least, communication with the outside world.
                                                    »Time-to-market« is no longer just a buzz word, rather it is a principle that is lived.

                                                    With engineering software from Bachmann electronic you rely on complete solutions that have been thought-through in the details; solutions that increase the productivity and sovreignty of your applications, that free-up resources for your core business, and that can also be used reliably in the distant future.
                                                  • Motion Control

                                                  • Motion Control – standardized drive control.

                                                    The requirements imposed on modern drive technology are becoming ever more specialized, and not rarely are mechanical engineers confronted with special requests or special regulations from the customer side. Even with the most modern machines, with the most innovative drives, individual drive solutions are still requested. No problem for Bachmann electronic: with the M1 automation system, drive controllers can be selected with complete independence from the drive type.

                                                    Building on the IEC 61800-7 standard, an open and universal interface to the drive technology is implemented in the M1 automation system, with the name »Drive Middleware«. Drive Middleware takes over the translation from the logical drive with a manufacturer-independent, standardized drive profile on the respective physical drive.

                                                    The Drive Middleware interface permits selection of a drive that is perfectly matched to the respective requirements. In this regard the fieldbus technology (CANopen, EtherCAT, SERCOS, PROFINET, etc.) or the product line of the drive manufacturer are irrelevant. Thanks to fieldbus-independence with concurrent standardization of the fieldbus profiles, the finished Motion Control applications can be implemented in the shortest time possible and the training/maintenance costs of the various drive worlds are significantly reduced. At Bachmann electronic, perfect solutions for every request are just part of the standard.
                                                  • Condition monitoring

                                                  • The Germanische Lloyd certified the Condition Monitoring System ‚Ω-Guard‘ of Bachmann electronic as the worldwide first control-integrated solution. For the first time the complete record, analysis and evaluation of the realized solution is possible parallel to the control program.

                                                    The Bachmann CMS assembly group AIC212 of the M1 automation system offers high-resolution vibration measurement inputs for signal correlation registration of different metering points.

                                                    Up to four AIC212 modules can be integrated into the analysis with the Bachmann CMS application. This offers potentially 48 channels for vibration inputs and voltage inputs. Parallel to the acceleration signals, information from the controller or the fieldbuses can be recorded from other sources and be accepted into the analysis.

                                                    Condition monitoring is based on the continuous or regular acquisition
                                                    of the machine condition by measuring and analyzing meaningful physical variables (e.g. vibration, temperature, condition of lubricant...).

                                                    A CMS that is built with the Bachmann M1 system benefits from its versatile communication and service interfaces and also reduces the training period of the operating and maintenance personnel. Secure web technologies also enable defined access to the full system or to individual parts of the plant from the outside. Thus data is accessible at all times for operators and maintenance personnel, so that optimal process control and power generation are ensured.