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  • Intelligent intralogistics means getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. Acting as a general contractor, KÖHL develops and implements fully-automated high-stack stores and material flow systems: from the drawing board to the turnkey handover of the whole assembly.

    KÖHL offers a comprehensive portfolio in the area of production and distribution: Robotic systems for packaging and palletising, internal transport and automated storage systems, full automation via PLC, material flow- and warehouse management systems. What this means for you: high production transparency with considerable saving and rationalisation potential.

Product Portfolio

  • Intelligent intralogistics means getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. Acting as a general contractor, KÖHL develops and implements fully-automated high-stack stores and material flow systems: from the drawing board to the turnkey handover of the whole assembly.
    KÖHL offers a comprehensive portfolio in the area of production and distribution: Robotic systems for packaging and palletizing, internal transport and automated storage systems, full automation via PLC, material flow- and warehouse management systems. What this means for you: high production transparency with considerable saving and rationalization potential.
      • Intralogistics


        Designing cost-effective material and information flows optimized for systems requires highly-efficient logistics concepts. With its high degree of experience in customer-specific applications and specialist knowledge of automation technology, storage and conveyor systems, KÖHL are specialists in intelligent intralogistics.
        Acting as a general contractor, KÖHL develops, plans and implements fully-automated high-stack stores and material flow systems: from the drawing board to turnkey handover of the whole assembly. In the area of production and distribution, robotic systems for packaging and palletizing solutions, internal transport and automated storage systems, full automation via PLC, material flow- and warehouse management systems generate enormous rationalization potential.

        Service range

        • Automated high-stack storage systems
        • Conveyor systems
        • Picking- and distribution systems
        • Robotic handling + palletization
        • Warehouse management and material flow systems
        • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
        • Visualization systems (SCADA)
          • Automatic storage and retrieval systems

          • Working closely with customers, KÖHL develops flexible, cost-effective warehouse solutions. Whether fully-automated high-stack stores or racking systems for buffer-, inventory of distribution purposes - efficiency and transparency is always writ large at KÖHL.
            KÖHL offers fully-automated solutions adapted to special customer requirements. KÖHL systems are combined with components from leading partners. The result: full warehouse systems with fully-automated storage and retrieval of pallets, containers, cardboard boxes or rolls that set a new benchmark in terms of standards.
          • Conveyor- and transport systems


            Conveyor technology from KÖHL is characterized by its extremely robust supporting structure, great ease of assembly, and energy-efficient, frequency-regulated drive technology.
            The relevant material and transport systems are developed and manufactured in-house - according to requirements, and custom made for high material flow availability. Future potentials are sounded out with process analyses, simulation studies and calculations of economic efficiency.
          • Empty pallet checking system (LPK)

          • KÖHL offers a fully-automated checking system which surpasses current market requirements. This system checks Euro- and half pallets for their load bearing capacity and high shelf stackability. Individually configurable and customizable sorting criteria allow for the correct assessment and sorting of the pallets according to their intended use. The system can check up to 365 Euro pallets or 450 half pallets per line per hour, depending on the module configuration.
            It consists of one conveyor unit for restacking the empty pallet stack, one checking line, and a subsequent sorting unit. The empty pallet stack is transported by way of highly reliable and robust conveyor technology. In the pallet destacker, the stacks are separated and the pallets are fed onto the checking line. Depending on the requirements, several checking lines can be installed in parallel. The system ensures that only fault-free pallets will be fed into the material flow (palletizing and conveying systems, high-stack stores and shelf operating units).
          • Process automation


            KÖHL automation systems can be found working successfully in the paper, automotive contractor, food, tobacco and heavy goods sectors. Our clients enjoy the fact that they are scalable and can be adapted to new technologies quickly.
            KÖHL automation, networking and display systems are designed to be safe and efficient: so optimized process management is the result of linking information data intelligently via management and process control systems. In distributing electrical energy, KÖHL's medium and low voltage switchgear systems guarantee maximum safety and availability.


            • Process management system
            • Industrial automation
            • System display and networking
            • Process control system
            • MSR systems
            • Maximum safety energy distribution systems
          • Process management


            If you want high productivity, you need to make your industrial production lean, flexible and energy-saving. KÖHL specializes in linking process management and optimized automation technology intelligently.
            Because each sector has its own requirements, KÖHL designs customized solutions and supports businesses all the way along the value chain. Our portfolio ranges from automation and drive technology through production control and system integration with industrial software through to efficient service.
            KÖHL offers the industry the potential to improve its information flow of production relevant data and design, simulate and optimize complete production processes digitally even before launching them. For example, KÖHL has developed a complex data management system for a household name in the automotive sector to manage, gather and record all production relevant data.
        • Logistics and Information Systems

            • Warehouse Management System


              KÖHL's Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports all types of stores from simple forklift operated block stores through to fully-automated high-stack stores. It comprises a material flow and stock management components which can be used separately or together.
              The material flow system manages, monitors and optimizes material flows, controls shelf operating units, conveyor systems and peripherals. The stock management system handles warehouse management, stock management and goods inwards, orders, picking and packing/dispatch and goods outwards.

              WMS control unit
              With the WMS control unit, users can define their analyses themselves with the aid of a report designer and design displays and graphics like diagrams, for example. KÖHL WMS is a web-based application. The benefit to the user is, you don't need any special software installed on your computer.

              WMS App
              You can use the interactive WMS APP to call up essential warehouse data easily.

            • Stacker control system


              KÖHL's stacker control system designs your stacker fleet intelligently, managing transport orders centrally and sending them to the mobile stacker terminals automatically, by priority and availability. Standard interfaces mean you can integrate FCS in your total system of warehouse management, material flow management and ERP systems.
              Intelligent management and documentation of stacker transports, as with goods inwards, picking and packing and dispatch, optimize vehicle need scheduling, reduce empty trips and make tracking easier.
            • Part Trace System


              When it comes to driving innovative Technology, KÖHL's Part Trace System sets new standards. This system is used to identify parts uniquely in the foundry industry. Being able to trace castings back systematically thanks to unique, reliable ID data ensures perfect production analysis and maximizes production transparency.
              Marking castings permanently and uniquely makes processes highly reliable, so the production parameters involved in making castings can be traced with absolute certainty. Linking data recorded locally with a database and reflecting the material flow via the KÖHL data management system complete the requirements of a modern foundry.


              • Laser-applied ID numbers make components uniquely identifiable
              • Castings can be recognized by scanning
              • Individual customized parameter software
              • KÖHL data management system means process parameters can be analysed easily
              • Used in the automotive, steel, aluminium and ordinary ceramics industries
            • Material flow simulation secures investment


              KÖHL simulation models reflect proposed or existing production, installation and logistics systems. Even ahead of realization, simulation offers precise analysis and assessment criteria on productivity and functionality. Further optimization is possible, based on simulation results. For KÖHL's clients, this means maximum security for their investment.


              • Material flow and stock management
              • Process and production data management
              • Material flow simulation
              • Image processing
              • Process visualization

          • Automation from A to Z

                • Automation from A to Z

                • KÖHL automation processes feature modern control systems, professional visualisation systems and intelligent warehouse management. Robotic systems for palletizing, de-palletizing, transporting and picking complete the range on offer. Identification and labelling processes such as barcode technology or RFID, track&trace systems for transparent planning and production processes.
            • ROBOTIC SYSTEMS

            • The KÖHL group of companies is your partner for automation, modern control technology, and logistical information systems: optimised automation technology is intelligently linked to efficient process management.
              Based on many years' experience in a number of different industrial areas, such as the building materials-, automotive supplier-, consumer goods- and heavy metal industries, KÖHL designs machines, system applications and logistical information systems on an individual and requirement-specific level.
                • Robot system solutions


                  KÖHL offers complete solutions for a wide range of tasks in industrial automation, from design through implementation to comprehensive service. With our experience and knowhow, especially in emission-prone branches of industry, we can produce product and process specific applications strategies for a broad range of industries.
                  Industrial automation is often characterized by individual demand profiles. Design and engineering competence alone is capable of handling increasingly complex tasks in both technical and financial terms. State of the art simulation programms enable plant to be designed reliably and faithfully in detail, so all input factors can be reflected and tested before installing any hardware components. The KÖHL group of companies can call on synergy effects, such as between specialist mechanical engineering for the cigarette and tobacco industry, in-house conveyor systems and central control cabinet construction, to meet the most complex demands our customers can throw at us.
                  Optimizing process and production procedures equals higher productivity, improved quality and more people-friendly production = KÖHL

                  KÖHL designs automation systems such as:

                  • Fireproof and other press automation systems
                  • Steelwork automation for ladling, test probe handling on sub-lances etc.
                  • Casting plant systems such a score and casting filter handling
                  • Process automation for (Silgranit) kitchen washers, cutting tool processing etc.
                  • Palleting systems for a wide range of products, such as car batteries, FF blocks, dispatch packing etc.
                  • Process quality control system (PQC – total geometry measurement, calculating weights etc.)

                  For the following areas:

                  • Fine and ordinary ceramics industry
                  • Building materials industry
                  • Cigarette and tobacco industry
                  • Automotive contractor industry
                  • Consumer goods industry
                  • Heavy metal industry

                  KÖHL supports our clients totally and reliably – including in after-sales service. Whether it's ..

                  • maintenance, repairs or training
                  • Online helpdesk
                  • Remote diagnosis
                  • Implementing process and production improvements
                  • Emergency on-site service
                • Control systems and software


                  User-friendly ergonomic control
                  Our automated systems are outstanding for being so user-friendly. Robot management is integrated as part of system management, so all system components and robots can be parametered and controlled. Modifying and optimizing programms takes just a few parameters input, specialist robot knowhow is mostly unnecessary.

                  Software design and programming
                  From simulation tools to SPS through to intelligent robot networking and man-machine interaction, our software solutions are tailored to your automation solution. Software tools offer full functionality, for setup, programming, position control, program process functions, diagnostics etc.
                  With their open architecture, the control systems used can be

                  customized to suit any plant and meet any demands. Robot software is programmed individually to suit the tasks involved. We produce an appropriate, specific parameter set for each product format; clients can then define their own parameter sets and save them independently of other software. Many upgrade options are also available which you can use to make changes/upgrades easily.
              • AUTOMATION


                Consultancy and service

                We offer you innovative, flexible solutions, whatever you want to use them for.

                Our consultancy/service range covers:

                • Advising our clients actively face to face
                • Strategic design
                • Project design and support
                • Commissioning complete automation systems
                • Service support


                Automation calls for a broad spectrum of reliable components

                We supply and implement:

                • Industrial robots with freely programmable control and flexible gripper systems
                • Automation controls including displays
                • Conveyor and carrier systems and packing units
                • Marking systems, system networking, data management & Transfer VISION systems


                Modular offline programming and simulation tools

                We use state of the art programming and simulation tools throughout the design phase through to commissioning. Right from the early design stage, collision and cycle time studies can be conducted to save time developing and laying the system out later on.

                • Selecting the most suitable industrial robots for your system, including gripper systems
                • Designing new gripper systems specifically to meet your needs
                • Selecting and laying out suitable carrier systems
                • Product quality control throughout the production process through to palleting and packing
                • Total system setup

                Remote servicing / maintenance
                Online system monitoring via modem access to system/control PC

                  • Energy Management system

                      • Eco.On Energymanagementsystem

                      • Sparing use of resources with a simultaneously increasing need for energy and rising energy costs call for a professional energy management system. Eco.On makes possible meaningful analyses and evaluations by which considerable potential for savings can be realised. Furthermore, successful energy management is to be understood as a continuous process of optimization in the company. It includes integrated energy planning with the resulting improvement measures for increasing energy efficiency. In addition, the introduction of an energy management system is becoming more and more important due to statutory regulations.
                        Eco.On is your sustainable and integrated energy management system, which fulfils the requirements of the DIN ISO 50001 standard. It makes company energy needs and consumption transparent and supports processes and procedures to achieve set targets.
                        Eco.On makes it possible for you to record and analyse the use of energy and energy consumption, as well as determining the variables which affect this for all media, such as electricity, gas, water, heat or compressed air.
                        Complex processing and production processes impose specific requirements for efficient energy planning. Eco.On is convincing here due to its intelligent, scaleable structure, which portrays even complex consumption situations clearly.
                        Optimizing operating processes through more efficient energy usage with reduced costs is the main priority at all stages of Eco.On energy management. Eco.On instigates a long-term, profitable energy policy at all levels of the company.

                        Eco. On supports you with certification in accordance with the DIN ISO 50001 standard.
                        The effective Eco.On improvement process is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle described in the standard. Eco.On guarantees efficient energy policy from introduction through implementation to monitoring and regular evaluation by senior management.

                        Eco.On is available everywhere, every time.
                        Clear visualisation and intuitive operation contribute to the user friendliness of Eco.On. Communication is “to go” on Smartphone or at the workplace. By automation of information flows, all users from the production level to the CEO can receive their detailed overview of energy consumption and costs at all times. This means that it is possible to react quickly to changed situations.

                      • Part Trace System


                        When it comes to driving innovative Technologie, KÖHL's Part Trace System sets new standards. This system is used to identify parts uniquely in the foundry industry. Being able to trace castings back systematically thanks to unique, reliable ID data ensures perfect production analysis and maximises production transparency.
                        Marking castings permanently and uniquely makes processes highly reliable, so the production parameters involved in making castings can be traced with absolute certainty. Linking data recorded locally with a database and reflecting the material flow via the KÖHL data management system complete the requirements of a modern foundry


                        • Laser-applied ID numbers make components uniquely identifiable
                        • Castings can be recognised by scanning
                        • Individual customised parameter software
                        • KÖHL data management system means process parameters can be analysed easily
                        • Used in the automotive, steel, aluminium and ordinary ceramics industries
                    • Regenerative Energy

                    • KÖHL guarantees maximum technical reliability for people and machines with its low- and medium voltage switching stations. Leading solutions for the efficient distribution of electrical energy make us a competent partner for industry, machinery construction, and energy suppliers.
                      In the area of regenerative energies, KÖHL is backing the latest technologies for wind farms and hydraulic power plants, photovoltaics, biogas and geothermal energy. The company is actively driving further developments in the area of e-mobility.
                        • Wind farms

                        • THE ENERGY SWITCH IS BLOWING STRONG

                          As the world needs ever more energy, and environmental and climate protection requirements become ever more stringent, utility companies, industry and consumers need to use energy as efficiently and responsibly as possible. What we need are technologies which can make wind, solar power, hydroelectric and geothermal systems more efficient. KÖHL offers products and solutions tailored to individual industries and their requirements, with special automation, energy distribution and drive solutions helping make industry more sustainable and energy-efficient.
                          KÖHL was one of the first to bring economically designed wind turbines onto the market, using state of the art technologies and project management knowhow from development through design and installation to operating systems. KÖHL acts as main contractor in building wind farms. Our service portfolio covers acquiring sites, planning permission and laying out wind farms, deciding the location, size and type of units to use. Depending on the location and resulting demands on technology and financial viability, KÖHL works with leading wind turbine makers and designs both individual units and wind farms of all sizes in fields, meadows and forests. KÖHL is your competent partner throughout the life cycle, optimising energy yield through to repowering or demolishing systems.
                        • Renewable Energy Service


                          KÖHL's Renewable Energy Service is based on our many years' experience in designing renewable energy systems and being able to create the solutions required quickly in-house. With professional, technical and commercial support over the whole lifecycle, KÖHL ensures wind farms operate smoothly and efficiently.
                          From operations management through troubleshooting to maintenance and repairs, our Renewable Energy department handles everything to do with wind farms. Our intelligent, customised service strategy uses a modular structure, reflecting individual requirements in terms of specific customer operations, insurance terms and maintenance strategies. Our Renewable Energy Service assists, optimises and ensures efficient systems and makes for best possible performance and profitability.
                        • Biogas Systems


                          Our innovative modular operating centre for operating biogas systems efficient is designed to save space and is highly adaptable to the widest possible range of biogas system designs. The standard 40' container houses all main functions: flexible, redundant substrate distribution, integrated heat distribution, biogas desulphurisation, digital system design, water supply, SPS control and low-maintenance compressed air systems.
                          All system components are controlled and displayed on a fully automated basis, but assemblies can also be operated manually. The display structure is intuitive in use. This gives biogas system operators an innovative technology which makes using biogas systems safe, efficient and intelligent.
                        • Geothermal energy

                        • ENERGY FROM THE DEPTHS

                          Geothermal power systems are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. KÖHL's portfolio covers design, execution and installation. The main advantage with geothermal energy is: it is stable, that is, it does not fluctuate much over a year or even a day.
                        • Hydroelectric power stations


                          Hydroelectric power stations were the pioneers in generating electricity from renewable sources and the most technologically researched. They are the most reliable environmentally friendly power sources compared with wind and solar power. Their great advantage is that pump storage power stations make for stable power grids. KÖHL's solutions and products are designed to help ensure hydroelectric power stations operate reliably and economically, with switchgear units helping automate, network, display and process control systems to increase efficiency and availability.
                          KÖHL's engineers provide professional project management using state of the art regulation and control systems with operating data recording, monitoring, analysing and diagnosing to optimise hydroelectric power station efficiency. Working with KÖHL means having the technology leader in safe energy distribution on your side. KÖHL's medium- and low-voltage switchgear units guarantee maximum safety for both people and plant.
                      • MANUFACTURING-IT

                      • Ensuring product quality, optimizing production processes and designing them transparently: these are the main benefits of today's information and communication systems. What people need are strategic, customizable solutions for intra-logistics and production logistics, using state of the art software technology.
                        KÖHL's team of experienced high level language programmers designs and creates logistics information systems which combine product management level with control systems in production and distribution intelligently.
                          • MOM


                            100% Communication Security
                            With the help of MOM 95 Business und Manufacturing understand each other.
                            They speak a different language: On the one hand the people and the IT systems at the business level and on the other hand the production level. The KÖHL Manufacturing Operations Management MOM 95 removes this "language barrier" by uniform terminology. The communication between the systems is consistent and efficient. Regardless of the size, the sector or the degree of automation of the company, the MOM 95 optimizes the processes through timely exchange of information.
                          • AOS


                            Based on the start and finish dates that are specified by ERP (outline planning), the automatic order scheduling system creates detailed order scheduling (detailed planning) taking into account all the relevant influencing parameters, like:

                            - Delivery dates
                            - Order priorities
                            - Availability of personnel
                            - Availability of resources
                            - Availability of material
                            - Cleaning and setup times

                            It is possible to weight the parameters to a greater or lesser extent by configuration to achieve an optimum planning result for the respective application. The system supports both hard and soft constraints. The system displays the planning result to operators clearly as a Gantt diagram, which they can modify manually.
                          • EBR

                          • ELECTRONIC BATCH RECORDING

                            The EBR module in MOM95®, makes available all the relevant batch and production data electronically.

                            By means of continuous target/actual comparisons, an early warning system indicates discrepancies and the corresponding action is logged. Clearly arranged representations make it possible to compare several batches with one master batch. In this way, the system shows the measured values as a trend curve and it can be combined with the display of alarm data.

                            The module makes it possible to implement electronic signatures in accordance with 21 CFR 11. The manufacturer documentation is archived as a write-protected version. The module allows you to export the batch records in a wide variety of different formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) It is also possible to merge several batches into one overall batch record.
                          • OEE

                          • OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS

                            Machine and Production Data Acquisition and Evaluation
                            To be able to make decisions, you need to have all the relevant information at your fingertips. The OEE module of MOM95® provides you with outstanding support to do this. The system acquires

                            - order data
                            - machine and production data
                            - measured data
                            - status information
                            - reasons for alarms and shutdowns

                            and makes it available for further analysis. It is possible to acquire the data manually and automatically. Using the Formula Editor, you can create user-defined formulas to calculate custom performance indicators. Calculated KPIs and meaningful evaluations create transparency and represent the necessary data in a clearly arranged graphical form (dashboards).
                          • EAC

                          • DATAFLOW UNDER CONTROL

                            Today, large volumes of data are increasingly overloading higher level IT systems. KÖHL's Embedded Automation Computer (EAC) offers the secure solution. EAC adapts interfaces, gathers process data, prepares it and provides it to the IT system in a database. If the connection is lost, the data coupler buffers the data and restores it automatically once the connection is made again.
                          • Reporting System

                          • ANALYSE AND ARCHIVE PRODUCTION DATA

                            The Köhl reporting system makes it possible to evaluate the production quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.
                            Using an interface to the SCADA systems, process parameters, sensor values and alarm messages are registered, processed and archived by the Reporting System. The archive server enables fast data access, independent from the production.
                            Users can analyse individual batches, compare batches, carry out long-term analyses and export reports. The Trending function makes it possible to visually display value ranges as curve charts.
                            The system's web-based surface can be accessed via intranet and does not need to be installed at the users' location.

                            • Flexibility thanks to user-specific configurations and the creation of templates
                            • Efficient working using filter-, search- and grouping functions
                            • Visual display thanks to zoomable and configurable diagrams
                            • Invalid batches and parameters are highlighted by defining nominal and limiting values
                            • Definition of own analysis variables (e.g. CpK) with integrated formula editor
                            • Export functions for all data in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and CSV
                          • Track & Trace


                            Batch tracing makes possible complete transparency and tracing of all the particles. products, batches and raw materials in the entire production process. This ranges from the finished goods back to the raw materials that were used as well as verification of which raw material batches were used in which end products (upstream and downstream).

                            Using intuitive filters, you can represent the desired information quickly and clearly. This information can be exported at any time for further use in a wide variety of different formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
                          • Process Visualisation

                          • KÖHL developed web-based process visualisation for a leading client in the aircraft industry. This documents the production process in hull and section assembly and current production progress based on the data spectrum of an Oracle database. Users can access this process visualisation via a standard browser and the Internet at any time.

                            The functions implemented are:

                            • User and access control
                            • Status overview of individual sites
                            • Unit-based production status
                            • Site team management
                            • Entering information texts
                            • Analyzing station and production data

                            The content and layout of the data displayed can be configured. Videos and bitmaps can be integrated and individual analyses generated in PDF and HTML format. The display operator interface is designed to be multilingual.
                          • Image processing

                          • KÖHL integrates image processing systems in your automation projects, with tasks ranging from simple testing through to complex optical measurements.


                            • Inspection
                            • Position recognition
                            • Robot management
                            • OCD
                            • Quality control
                        • TOBACCO TECHNOLOGY

                        • LET OUR SOLUTIONS INSPIRE YOU

                          HEINEN KÖHL combines the experience of HEINEN in tobacco processing with the know-how of KÖHL in Secondary, Logistics and Automation. We are in a close dialogue with our customers and offer full, tailored solutions incl. layout, machine design, production and assembly.
                          Our vision is clear: "We want to inspire our customers with the most flexible, innovative and efficient processing and logistics equipment available on the market."
                            • Primary

                                • Case Unpacking

                                • HEINEN KÖHL provides the innovative solutions for the robotized case unpacking process. It’s safe, fast and operator friendly.

                                  Case Unpacking Robot

                                  SMOOTH OPERATOR FOR C48 CASES

                                  The HEINEN KÖHL case remover consists of an industrial robot equipped with a specially designed gripper, folding & stacking device and conveyors. The patented gripper is of multi-purpose type and combines case clamping, flap covering and turning of the C48 cases. Also telescope type of cartons can be handled.
                                  The robot empties the cases gently onto a flat belt conveyor and then transfers them to the folding & stacking device that automatically flattens and stacks the empty C48 cases on a pallet.
                                  As an option, the pallet can be fed automatically out of a pallet magazine and also be wrapped after loading– right ready for transport.
                                  The combination of the robot and gripper is also able to pick cases stacked in triple stacked height which enables our customers to further optimize their primary logistics process.HEINEN KÖHL has developed the case remover ensuring high operational reliability and flexibility for opening C48 cases with all types of tobacco.
                                • Dividing and Slicing

                                • If it comes to accurate and precise dividing or slicing of tobacco bales, HEINEN KÖHL has the right product for your needs.

                                  Bale Divider

                                  SMALLEST PORTION OF A BLEND / DE

                                  The smallest portion of a blend is half a bale therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed the bale divider. The industrial robot picks the full C48 cases and empties them gently onto an accumulating conveyor after unwrapping and opening. While the empty C48 cases are folded and stacked by the folding device, the tobacco bale is moved to the divider.
                                  The HEINEN KÖHL bale divider fully automatically centres the bale and cuts it vertically in two equal half bales. Each half is then pushed smoothly onto an own stainless steel pallet, equipped with transponder. This makes an automated storage in a high rack silo and a full track & trace functionality possible for further blending.
                                • Conditioning

                                • Your tobacco deserves the best treatment possible. Therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed individual conditioning processes for lamina and stems.

                                  Direct Conditioning Cylinder (DCC)

                                  LOOSENING AND ENRICHING OF TOBACCO

                                  The HEINEN KÖHL DCC is designed for providing the best achievement in direct conditioning and opening of all types of Leaf Tobacco.
                                  Before the process a heat exchanger is used to pre-heat the drum.
                                  A process air loop system conditioned by spray steam guaranties the best environment for warming up and loosening the tobacco leafs.
                                  Process water added by two-substance nozzles ensures the required moisture of the tobacco.
                                  The lamina slices will be gently opened by a pins and paddles combination of the rotating cylinder in the conditioned environment.
                                  Direct driven support rollers ensure a low noise level.
                                  The discharge hood is designed with rounded edges and equipped with water spray nozzles which allows effective cleaning after the process.
                                  A service cubicle with all necessary instruments for the conditioning process is positioned next to the conditioning cylinder.

                                  Direct Conditioning Cylinder Casing (DCC-C)

                                  Additionally our basic DCC can be extended for a complete process of conditioning and casing tobacco. The HEINEN KÖHL DCC-C is equipped with a complete application for spraying casing on tobacco, with a dual nozzle for casing and steam in the outlet hood. The metering systems for casing and steam are integrated in the extended fittings cabinet. The supply lines for sauce and steam are thermally insulated.

                                  TWISTER (DCP-C)

                                  THE NEW WAY OF CONDITIONING

                                  The Twister is a compact process unit developed by HEINEN KÖHL for the treatment of various tobacco products in the PMD.

                                  DCP-C = Conditioning of stems and cloves
                                  The high efficiency is realized by the rotation of two specially designed star wheels which allows no build-ups or product accumulation inside the Twister.
                                  Due to this design, the TWISTER can process even long fiber products without roping.
                                  A special steam injection ensures a perfect product penetration in combination with water injection by two-substance-nozzles which leads to a highest conditioning results in a matter of 15-20 seconds.
                                  The Twister stands for low energy consumption, small footprint and especially for best practice in service and maintenance.
                                  The TWISTER is easy to integrate into existing product lines.

                                  DCP-S = Conditioning of Cut Rag and Cigar Filler
                                  Additional process variations of the TWISTER are the conditioning of cut rag before the CO2 expansion and the flavor or PG application of cut rag or cigar filler. For these processes the steam injection can be replaced by compressed air in order for a gentle and cold product treatment.

                                • NTRM Removal

                                • To provide your customers with a high quality product HEINEN KÖHL takes care of removing any kind of stringy material out of the tobacco flow.

                                  Tobacco String Remover (TSR)

                                  EFFECTIVE AND SELF-CLEANING

                                  The Tobacco String Remover is developed to remove long-fibred foreign bodies like strings or feathers from leaf tobacco and/or various blends. Cleaning of the tobacco is effected by picking rollers lined with a food-proof scraping belt fitted with stainless steel pins. Foreign bodies are caught and held in the needles of the scraping belt without any damaging effect on the tobacco.
                                  Cleaning of the scraping belt with picked-up foreign bodies is a fully automatic procedure. A cleaning carriage fitted with rotating twin-brush-roller drives over the picking rollers to loosen the foreign bodies out of the scraping belt pins. A powerful vacuum cleaner sucks up the loosened fibres for collection into a suitable bag.
                                • Flavouring and Casing

                                • Different types of flavour and casing are used to give each blend its own unique taste. The flavouring and casing cylinders of HEINEN KÖHL deliver reproducible results in taste.

                                  Flavouring Cylinder

                                  GET THE FULL TASTE FOR TOP PRODUCT QUALITY

                                  The flavouring cylinder is equipped with a special pin arrangement to provide a uniform tobacco flow and mixing of the tobacco. The cylinder body and all elements that come into contact with tobacco are made of stainless steel. A two substance nozzle (compressed air – flavour) is installed at the infeed plate to spray the flavour onto the tobacco.
                                  A combined unit with pump and tank, including level measuring and flavour pump is located close to the flavour cylinder on a separate frame with integrated control cabinet. The cylinder and the discharge hood are completely insulated against external heat losses.


                                  The HEINEN KÖHL Casing Cylinder ensures the best casing result for leaf tobacco.
                                  For the best casing result we propose to integrate our steaming tunnel upstream of the Casing Cylinder. Optionally the cylinder can be indirectly heated.
                                  The CC will be pre-heated prior the casing process.
                                  A pin arrangement inside the cylinder is loosening the tobacco.
                                  The casing is added by two-substance nozzles. For the precise casing application the casing pump should be controlled by an upstream weigh belt.
                                  Direct driven support rollers ensure a low noise level.
                                  The discharge hood is designed with rounded edges and equipped with water spray nozzles which allows effective cleaning after the process.
                                  A service cubicle with all necessary instruments for the casing process is positioned next to the casing cylinder.
                                • Blending and Storing

                                • HEINEN KÖHL offers you a great variety of Customized Silo Types.

                                  Blending and Storing

                                  GREAT VARIETY OF CUSTOMIZED SILO TYPES

                                  A wide range of silos for storing and blending are tailored according to customer requirements. Wherever possible the silos are equipped with a minimum of high support legs by default. This is to use the floor space to maximum capacity and to have clearance below silos for free walkway.
                                  Silos with wide apron are chain guided with trapezoidal cross stretchers covered by thin belt of polyethylene coated polyester fabric. Sidewalls with large windows are made of stainless steel sheet and melamine coated wooden panels may be used for cut filler.
                                  Different filling modes such as multi batch mode or follow up mode can be realized to fit the needs of the production.
                                • Stem Flattening

                                • HEINEN KÖHL provides state of the art CRES line equipment, such as the stem flattener, which is robust and reliable.

                                  Stem Flattener

                                  FOR THE TOUGH WORK

                                  Flattening of conditioned raw stems before cutting is an established practice in the CRES processing in order to increase the filling power and to optimize the cutting process. For this process HEINEN KÖHL offers the Stem Flattener.
                                  Two hard chill-cast rollers are mounted on self-aligning roller bearings and direct driven by two shaft-mounted geared brake motors. Cup springs obtain the roller position and protect the rollers against damage. Cleaning of the rollers is done by 2 easy replaceable scrapers. Steam and water application to the roller will avoid the build-up of tobacco. An optical blockage detection is monitoring the process. The hood made from stainless steel is equipped with large service lids with safety sensors.
                                  Optionally the Stem Flatteners can be equipped with a grinding unit for smoothing the rollers incl. switch cabinet for automatic grinding procedure.
                                • Expansion and Drying

                                • Innovative ideas paired with low energy consumption make the expansion and drying solutions of HEINEN KÖHL to the best choice for your efficient production.

                                  Steaming Tunnel

                                  FLEXIBILITY AND VOLUME

                                  The steaming tunnel is developed for a gentle and efficient tobacco process.
                                  All main components are made of stainless steel.
                                  The sandwich trough bottom is equipped with a specific numbers of steam spray nozzles.
                                  The motion of the steaming tunnel is generated by the cranked drive mechanism.
                                  A service cubicle with all necessary instruments for the process is positioned next to the steaming tunnel. Suction hoods are installed for taking all off steaming exhaust.
                                  The steaming tunnel is developed for:
                                  • ST-C Stem conditioning up tp 3.000 kg/h
                                  • ST-E CRES expansion up tp 3.000 kg/h
                                  • Cut Rag expansion up to 10.000 kg/h
                                  • ST-L Lamina conditioning up to 8.000 kg/h

                                  TWISTER - Expansion (DCP-E)

                                  THE NEW WAY OF EXPANSION

                                  The Twister is a compact process unit developed by HEINEN KÖHL for the expansion process of various tobacco products in the PMD.
                                  DCP-E = Expansion of Cut Rag, CRES and Cigar Filler
                                  The high efficiency is realized by the rotation of two specially designed star wheels which allows no build-ups or product accumulation inside the Twister.Due to this design, the TWISTER can process even long fiber products without roping.
                                  A special steam injection ensures a perfect product penetration which leads to a highest expansion results in a matter of 3-5 seconds.
                                  The Twister stands for low energy consumption, small footprint and especially for best practice in service and maintenance.
                                  The TWISTER is easy to integrate into existing product lines.

                                • Cooling

                                • Cooling down the tobacco via multiple conveyors and long distances is one way. The best way for cooling down the tobacco is the fast and gentle cooling process of HEINEN KÖHL.

                                  Tobacco Cooling Conveyor (TCC)

                                  STAY COOL

                                  HEINEN KÖHL has developed a gentle treatment process which has optimized the cooling of tobacco. The tobacco cooling conveyor improves the cooling process after the tobacco dryer and keeps the tobacco quality. Because the tobacco is not moved, mechanical stress on tobacco -that causes particle degradation- does not exist. The cooling air will be sucked from the top through the tobacco and the belt into the extraction funnels.

                                  Further advantages:

                                  • Tobacco savings: no movement / no degradation / no dust
                                  • Flavour material savings: reduction of evaporation
                                  • Quality improvements: larger percentage of long tobacco fibres > 4 mm
                                  • Filling power increase: quick fixing of the filling power after drying
                                • Feeding Solutions

                                • As the feeding process has nothing to do with separating different sized tobacco particles, HEINEN KÖHL uses the principle of gravity feeding to avoid tobacco degradation.

                                  Gravity Feeder (GF3/GF6)

                                  FEEDING WITHOUT DEGRADATION AND DE-BLENDING

                                  The compact GF-Type with an integrated metering chute allows a smooth dosing of all cut tobacco types serving the pneumatic feeding to cigarette machines or to the MYO filling equipment.
                                  The perfect solution for high speed maker up to 20.000 cpm
                                  The feeder speed is dynamic variable according to the requested of the maker.
                                  Additional features are the large service doors, easy product discharge of the unused tobacco and an integrated blockage detection.
                                  GF3 = max. 3 duct interfaces
                                  GF6 = max. 6 duct interfaces

                                  QuadFeed (QF4)

                                  FREE FALL FEEDING

                                  The HEINEN KÖHL QuadFeed QF4 is a gravity feeder performing at high speed and is designed to feed uniformly up to four cigarette makers.
                                  The QuadFeed QF4 is a unique feeder due to the usage of guiding plates with quick configuration response to tobacco demand of the makers connected.
                                  Depending on the activated feeding pipes the plates find the right constellation and so guide the tobacco flow to the pipes.
                                  Vacuum switches are installed for blockage detection.
                              • Secondary

                                  • Online Flavouring

                                  • For online flavouring our customers needed a system that is precise and reliable. Therefore HEINEN KÖHL developed an online flavouring system which is leading the market.

                                    Flavour Application System

                                    FLAVOURING WITH PASSION

                                    The Flavour Application System -FAS- is the first special unit for single and twin-track filter and cigarette makers. Its high precision pump ensures a homogeneous application of liquid flavours as well as pure menthol – being a fine tool for sophisticated flavour applications. The mobile unit allows utmost flexibility at the production facility and its modular design is easily adaptable to meet our customer´s requirements. The FAS in its concept is set-up to be linked to all types of filter makers and cigarette makers.

                                    Heating System
                                    The heating system of the FAS unit can process flavour types (e.g. menthol), that require heating in order to reach a processable viscosity. It guarantees that all vital components of the unit maintain uniform temperature during production, thus ensuring that the viscosity of the flavour remains constant from tank up to spray nozzle. The heating devices can easily be deactivated for flavour types that have a processable viscosity level at room temperature.

                                    Tank System
                                    The FAS unit is equipped with an external mobile tank with a capacity of about 45 litres. It can be filled and hermetically closed at separate area. The insulated enclosed tank contains a heating system permitting to melt pure menthol offline or during production. The tank is equipped with a quick-plug connection for liquid as well as for electrical supply. Changing the tank can be done without stopping the maker.

                                    • European Patent EP 2.016.840
                                    • For Single-Track and/or Twin Track Makers
                                    • Closed Loop Control System
                                    • Modular Design
                                    • No Calibrations necessary
                                    • ATEX -TÜV Certificate
                                    • Heating System
                                    • Big Storage Tank
                                    • High Precision Dosing System
                                    • Easy and Efficient Cleaning at Flavour Exchange
                                  • Bundle Perforation Unit

                                  • HEINEN KÖHL developed a Bundle Perforation Unit (BPU) that can be installed in all common bundle packaging machines.

                                    Bundle Perforation Unit

                                    For all common bundle packaging machines.
                                    The Bundle Perforation Unit has been developed to perforate the foil of overwrapped bundles with lines of holes. Through easy snapping of the overwrapped foil customers are offered a comfortable bundle opening experience.
                                    Expensive tear tapes will not be needed for unwrapping the bundle due to perforation by the BPU.
                                    The BPU is designed to be installed in almost all common bundle packaging machines.
                                  • ReclaimAIR

                                  • The purpose of the ReclaimAIR is to reclaim tobacco from waste cigarettes.


                                    The ReclaimAir makes it possible to separate tobacco free of contamination from the Non Tobacco Material of the cigarettes with different filter length (standard and special filter).
                                    The complete unit consists of:
                                    • Feeding Unit
                                    • ReclaimAir Unit
                                    • Separating Conveyor

                                    • Offline solution
                                    • No degradation of the tobacco quality
                                    • Reuse of tobacco
                                    • Free of contamination
                                • Logistics

                                    • Bin and Case Filling

                                    • FULFILMENT RIGHT TO THE EDGE

                                      The filling station is available for bin filling or C48 case filling for continuous tobacco flow. The filling procedure for bins and cases will be affected automatically and optionally includes after filling fine dosing.
                                      Cases will be erected manually and can be equipped with PE-liners automatically. After the filling procedure liners and cases can be closed automatically before strapping. Compared to other standard filling stations the HEINEN KÖHL filling stations have a reduced height due to the use of push chains.
                                      Depending on the mass flow the filling system is available as mono, double or triple shaft filling station.
                                    • Bin Handling

                                    • FLEXIBLE BIN HANDLING SOLUTIONS

                                      HEINEN KÖHL offers various flexible bin handling systems which contain different components and thus can be properly adapted to the building’s restrictions and to the process’ requirements.
                                      Besides standard solutions for the logistics of bins, the bins can be handled via distribution cart, pile handling system or automated guided vehicle (AGV).
                                      The stacking device of the bins is designed for fast stacking and de-stacking. Each stacking device can be equipped with a lid handling system which will automatically take off or close the lid of the stacked bins.
                                      To reduce dust emission and product degradation bin tipping will be supported by slow back moving of bins enabling product pouring.
                                      The tobacco will be stored in standard wooden bins which are normally equipped with an RFID chip that allows flawless tracking and control by the KÖHL WMS (warehouse management system). Even dedicated bins can be managed with our bin handling system.
                                    • End of Line Palletizing

                                    • THE FLEXIBLE PICK AND PLACE SYSTEM

                                      With the special experiences and know-how, HEINEN KÖHL has developed automated systems for the tobacco industry such as end of line palletizing solution
                                      The end of line palletizing solution (EOL) of HEINEN KÖHL is a complex, flexible and reliable installation for fully automated palletizing of shipping cases performed by industrial robots. Such system consists of elements like case handling, robot cell, pallet supply, wrapping, labelling, safety equipment, control system, etc.
                                      The heart of the EOL – the robot cell – picks up the arriving shipping cases from the accumulating conveyor and places them in layers on pallets. Up to four different brands can be handled simultaneously by one robot. The shipping cases can be palletized in 3 or 4 layers with changing pattern to ensure a stable pile by overlapping.
                                      The robot is equipped with a special gripper using both, vacuum and mechanical clamping to ensure a safe conveying of the shipping case. That also increases the precision of the case placement on the pallet.
                                      The shuttle cart or pallet conveyors bring the full pallets to an automatic wrapper and label applicator, where after the wrapped and labelled pallets leave EOL towards stock or commissioning area.
                                      A special attention is given to the safety of the system which guarantees that no unintended accident can happen during the operation of the robot.
                                      Several robot cells can be controlled from one master system. Along with the visualisation software HEINEN KÖHL also provides all necessary interfaces to the factory production database, ERP or T&T system.
                                  • Tobacco Automation

                                  • The automation division of the KÖHL Group provides control and automation solutions for the complete product range of the tobacco and logistics divisions as well as for the direct demand of the customers.
                                    With a long experience in the tobacco industry, HEINEN KÖHL has elaborated many solutions for field automation, SCADA systems and Batch Management Systems. Tobacco treatment in primary section, control of special machines in secondary as well as for finished good handling in the storage area, for all these fields HEINEN KÖHL has numerous references.
                                    HEINEN KÖHL engineers projects to the customer’s specifications and applies hardware of various pre-defined suppliers.