• Offer Profile
  • The name “INTERNORMEN” represents high class technical workmanship, entrepreneurial continuity and innovative strength in hydraulics and lubrication since more than 40 years.

    Today, the manufacturer of hydraulic and lubricating fluid has turned into an international corporation, which accompanies their customers into the future as a professional partner in technology.
Product Portfolio
  • Eaton's Internormen Product Line

    • Hydraulic & Lubrication Systems

    • Eaton designs and manufactures a full line of hydraulic
      and lubrication systems that optimize the reliability of
      machinery and increase the service life of system components.
    • Hydraulic & Lubrication Filters

    • Eaton’s full line of hydraulic and lubrication filters
      set standards in removing particulate and water
      contamination from hydraulic and lubrication fluids.
    • Hydraulic Filter Accessories

    • Eaton's portfolio includes clogging indicators, heating
      & cooling systems, breathers, adaptors, evacuation
      and bleeder connections, hose lines, and suction strainers.
    • Condition Monitoring

    • Eaton offers a wide variety of contamination and condition monitoring systems that quantify and determine fluid cleanliness levels for different types of hydraulic systems according to ISO, SAE AS and NAS standards. Accurate, immediate, mobile and stationary, in-line, off-line and on-line fluid monitoring.