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  • For more than 15 years, Dimetix has developed and produced in Switzerland high-quality Laser Distance Sensors for the international market. In accordance with our highest quality claims, we guarantee 100% Swiss quality for all our sensors. Our superbly educated and highly motivated team works towards the highest standards and continual product development. Thanks to our regular stock maintenance we keep delivery times short.

    Efficient communications and continuous contact with clients and partners worldwide are of the great importance to us as well as the highest quality of our Laser Distance Sensors. At Dimetix, customer service doesn’t end with the sale of a Laser Sensor: Unbureaucratic technical support is a matter of course with us.

    Good cooperation with our international clientele – with you – motivates us to continuously develop and improve our Laser Distance Sensors continuously.
Product Portfolio
  • Laser distance measuring

  • Dimetix has been developing and manufacturing laser distance sensors for more than 15 years. As a company that is proud of being Swiss, we aim for the highest possible quality, resulting in unique, accurate long-distance sensors - the solution that provides applications for the most accurate demands for measurement.

    With Dimetix, even your most challenging applications can be realized due to our technical application support aviable to all our customers.
    • Our products measure distances of up to 500 meters, with an accuracy of ±1 millimeter.
    • Each sensor includes the majority of features, so selecting the sensor that is right for you is easy.
    • Sensors are always available in stock, which guarantees the shortest delivery times.
      • D-Series

          • D-Series

          • The D-Series Dimetix Laser Distance Sensors are at the forefront of our continuous development and innovation. They measure long distances with the highest precision, reliability and speed, even in the most difficult situations. The D-series can measure on dark surfaces - even in exterior applications with solar irradiation. With this series, which is now avilable in a new modern design. Dimetix has expanded its product range with a device, that has an output rate of 1 kHz.
          • D-Series Highlights

            • Measuring range 0 to 500 m
            • Max. measuring rate 250 Hz
            • 1 mm accuracy
            • Serial interfaces
            • High precision analog output (0.1%)
            • Two programmable digital outputs
            • Digital input
            • Digital output for error signalization
            • Profibus interface (optional)
            • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT interfaces (optional)
            • Degree of protection IP65
            • Extended temperature range -40...+60°C
        • Applications

            • Floodgate position measurement

              • Industries: Geodesy and Construction, Hydro-Tech
              • Application type: Position measurement, Monitoring

              Dimetix laser distance sensors are used to monitor floodgates. This means that the amount of water outflow is known at all times. The sensors measure the exact position of the floodgates in millimeter-precision and absolutely contactless.
            • AE0112 Cutting application

              • Industries: Metal industry
              • Application type: Dimension measurement

              In the metal industry, devices for length division are frequently used. However, many standard solutions, presently available on the market, are not optimal for some companies. With Dimetix laser distance sensors, an inexpensive special model is offered.
            • AE0202 Monitoring of pressure tunnel

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Monitoring

              An automatic monitoring system is used in a headwater pressure tunnel to measure the passive bias of penstocks during injections. As soon as the limit values were exceeded, an alarm lamp is illuminated, so that the injections can be stopped.
            • AE0203 Supervision of railway infrastructure

              • Industries: Railway
              • Application type: Position measurement

              Accurate distance measurement is essential in railway construction – for new development as well for maintenance. Speed trains of the latest generation move at maximum speeds of over 300km/h, in order to preserve the rolling stock at such strains, millimeter precise measuring is inevitable.
            • AE0205 Monitoring of rockformation above railwaytrack

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Monitoring

              Dimetix sensors are used to monitor a debris flow activity. These rocks can lead to the accumulation of a mountain stream, which can lead to a flooding of a rail track. In addition, two additional lasers are used to monitor a large boulder that moves downhill and warns communities in danger.
            • AE0207 Movement of large structures

              • Industries: Geodesy / construction
              • Application type: Positioning / monitoring

              In order to move large structures as bridges and buildings, the PolyDist system is the optimal solution. With up to four Dimetix sensors the process of moving is constantly monitored so that the structure can be moved and repositioned precisely.
            • AE0209 Monitoring of railway tunnel

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Monitoring

              During construction work on railway infrastructure automated monitoring systems are crucial to early detect potentially hazardous structural deformations. As Ristag AG successfully demonstrated with this tunnel monitoring system, expensive standard surveying equipment can often be substituted by much more economical Dimetix laser distance sensors, while maintaining the demanded monitoring accuracy and reliability.
            • AE0305 Monitoring of heritage materials

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Monitoring
              In historic buildings the fabric can often become damaged. With the aid of a measuring concept, which includes Dimetix sensors, the evolution of historical buildings are monitored and examined.
            • AE0401 Truck position measurement

              • Industries: Transportation
              • Application type: Position measurement

              In times of increasing traffic and ever more demanding tasks where time is of the essence, a system has been developed to speed up customs inspections on HGV vehicles. This device significantly helps to reduce time consumption checking up on vehicles as the positioning of trucks can be done with sensors. Customs uses mobile X-Ray scanners to examine the content of trucks and containers. During the scanning process, movements of the scanner must be precisely determined.
            • AE0502 Glass panel measurement

              • Industries: Glass
              • Application type: Position measurement

              In order to transport glass panels, they are positioned after production from a conveyor belt onto a pallet. To prevent glass breakage, a system of DIMETIX sensors has been developed to precisely monitor positioning.
            • AE0503 Silo level measurements

              • Industries: Logistics / Process
              • Application type: Level measurement / Monitoring

              With Dimetix laser distance sensors, the level in silos can be exactly measured at any time. The Dimetix sensors measure on different surfaces, like stones, sand, grain or dark surfaces.
            • AE0505 Automated diameter & width measurement

              • Industries: Paper
              • Application type: Dimension measurement / Monitoring

              An exact measurement is extremely important when positioning and dimensioning paper rolls. The Dimetix laser distance sensors measure the width of the paper roll using two sensors on each side of the paper roll.
            • AE0506 Monitoring transfer car position

              • Industries: Metal / steel industry
              • Application type: Position measurement / Monitoring

              In a steel production facility, large transfer cars transport glowing steel plates. Due to a malfunction of the micro-switches, cars collided at the end of a transfer line. With the help of two Dimetix lasers integrated in protective housings, smooth operation could be restored.
            • AE0507 Saw blade alignment

              • Industries: Wood and metal machines
              • Application type: Position measurement

              Large saw blades used for cutting different materials frequently shift out of alignment, resulting in cuts at wrong angles, unnecessary reworking and wasted scrap. Our maintenance-free laser distance sensor saw blade alignment system provides a reliable, repeatable and cost-effective means of improving production quality and eliminating unnecessary scrap.
            • AE0508 Measuring flood gate height

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Position measurement / Monitoring

              The ability to reliably and precisely monitor flood gate height is a challenge for hydropower and reservoir flood gate operators. Dimetix laser sensors can be used for remote monitoring of the flood gates. The sensors measure the distances on the surface of the flood gates.
            • AE0509 Laser controlled cut-off solution

              • Industries: Wood / metal machines
              • Application type: Position measurement

              Increasing operational demands, a multiplicity of maintenance requirements and the growing importance for efficiency are crucial factors in nearly all industries. This is relevant for metal production and especially true for small and medium-sized companies at the heart of manufacturing and metalworking. Laser measurement technology provides an economical approach to reducing production delays and improving quality. Our affordable technological advantage helps you increase efficiency.
            • AE0510 Bridge structural monitoring

              • Industries: Geodesy/ Construction
              • Application Types: Monitoring

              Dimetix made history in 2010 by collaborating with Applied Geomechanics, Inc., to develop a system to monitor the lift and placement of steel bridge truss sections on the Huey P. Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The project involved transportation by river barge, the lifting and placement of the pre-assembled bridge truss spans to reduce stress on the bridge and minimize interruption of traffic. Ten DLS-C laser distance sensors were lifted aboard the 2,700 ton trusses and were used in conjunction with specially fabricated targets and software developed to monitor beam deflection during the day-long lift.
            • AE0511 Structural health monitoring

              • Industries: Geodesy / Construction
              • Application type: Monitoring
              In modern urban environments, heavy construction often must be conducted immediately adjacent to properties and structures that must remain open to business or residency during excavation and construction. Traditional surveying techniques allow for +/-5 mm precision of displacement, but Dimetix laser distance sensor technology allows for measurements with sub-millimeter accuracy at distances up to 500 m to detect any shift or displacement of structures.
            • AE0601 Lifting of mining equipment

              • Industries: Mining
              • Application type: Position measurement / monitoring

              In mining applications, Dimetix laser distance sensors have been used to ensure accurate lifting and lowering processes of superstructures. In the case of a deviations, a signal was sent to the hydraulic system so that corrections can be made.
            • AE0701 Length positioning of wood binders

              • Industries: Wood- / Metal machines
              • Application type: Positioning

              Spruce wood has been produced at our customer's facility for decades with great care and professional competence, as spruce wood is not a freely interchangeable material, the crucial difference is in countless details that have been perfected over the many years. Our customer has the most modern know-how for the production of cutting for a wide range of applications such as planking, timber construction, roof constructions, pallet production etc. Dimetix lasers are therefore used daily. Truss length measurement is used for positioning and to enhance their operational efficiency.
            • AE1102 Controlling of the filling and pour of steel and iron

              • Industries: Metal industry
              • Application type: Level measurement / Monitoring

              Dimetix sensors were installed in foundries to monitor the moulding of hot steel and iron. With the aid of the sensors, fluid levels can be measured and an overflows avoided.
            • AE1601 Rock surveillance tsunami warning

              • Industries: Geodesy
              • Application type: Monitoring

              In Norway, an early warning system was developed using three Dimetix sensors, which regularly measure the daily movement of rock above a bay. Thus, a warning can be triggered in the event of a potential landslide.