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  • As the inventor of the aluminium ladder in Europe 50 years ago, it was Hailo that introduced ladders to wind turbine towers. Hailo was on board right from the start! Its fall arresters were just as important a contribution as its Servicelifts subsequently proved to be as the height of towers increased. Today, Hailo is the only supplier of quality tower equipment of its class that installs all over the world and is present in all key markets providing support for its customers. With our versatile range of products, we install the right solutions for all applications – onshore, offshore and in lattice towers.
Product Portfolio

  • Due to our outstanding, longterm Hailo knowledge in ladder system we offer you a comprehensive range of mature products, making us your leading partner for tower equipment across the globe. Our portfolio covers servicelifts, ladders, fall arrest systems, tower equipment and much more! Everything you need to equip your towers to professional standards and for safety at the highest level.

    Hailo Wind Systems is strongly committed to the wind energy market and invests continuously in work processes and technology. The strategic enhancements we are making to our product portfolio underscore our commitment to helping our valued partners remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

      • Hailo Servicelifts

      • The wind power industry is one of the most innovative sectors of the economy and has created a dynamic that demands a high degree of flexibility, creativity and resolve on the part of all involved. Only those suppliers who produce cost-cutting solutions fast enough to compete at an international level with top-quality solutions can expect to work in partnership with the big manufacturers.

        Hailo Servicelifts have been specially developed for use in wind turbines. Only top-quality materials and components are used, ensuring that the lifts provide safety and many years’ service in virtually all turbines. Whether installed in tubular towers, lattice towers, onshore or offshore, thousands of Hailo Servicelifts have been in use all over the world for years – and demand is growing.
          • Hailo TOPlift


            With the TOPlift Hailo Wind Systems is setting new trends. This ladder-guided servicelift incorporates all the advantages of its predecessor and is enhanced with a number of special features. Setting it apart is the mix of materials used in the Hailo Wind Systems TOPlift. The German-based technology leader provides e.g. special sections of the side wall both in Aluminum and in transparent Makrolon.

            In addition, all the supporting elements are designed and supplied to allow the Hailo Wind Systems TOPlift to be used both for internal inspections in tubular towers and for external inspections on lattice towers. As well as the hot-galvanized supporting elements, the design also accommodates the interaction of the different materials. The concept even meets the special requirements for offshore turbines.

            By further optimizing its features, the Hailo Wind Systems TOPlift is now several kilos lighter without any impairment to its sturdy construction and outstanding operational qualities. The result is a servicelift which easily exceeds the required standards in quality, reliability, handling and load capacity.

            To meet the needs of our international customers, the cabin control and drive are supplied to accommodate all supply voltages. The TOPlift is available in a ladder-guided version with 2- and 3-man cabins. The dimensions are exactly the same as those of its predecessor, the H-200 SL, and are therefore compatible with all existing tower fittings.

          • Hailo GLOBALlift

          • With the new rope-guided GLOBALlift H Series Hailo Wind Systems realizes its aim to deliver a servicelift from local production that meets the highest quality requirements – worldwide, even faster and more economical.

            The design of the new GLOBALlift H Series is specifically tailored for wind turbine towers and was developed from a cable-guided 2-man cabin, but is also available as single-man only version. The more compact aluminum structure guarantees highest safety levels. All components have been checked for improvements to expect the requirements and needs of our customers.

            he drive hoist has a tractive force of 600 kg and is fitted with all relevant safety systems, such as an arrester device and load capacity limiter. The bearer cables, safety cables, power cable and other elements are manufactured specific to the customer and/or country. The whole Servicelift Series is also easier to install and more flexible for retrofits.

            The rows of perforated plate in the side walls provide an excellent ample view, while the fully enclosed cabin provides the best possible protection for the user. All Hailo Wind Systems Servicelifts, like the new GLOBALlift H series, are according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and international standards. Even special servicelifts, like cold climate versions (CCV) are also available.

        • Hailo Fall Arrest Systems


          As market leader in the area of climbing technology, Hailo has an extensive range of sophisticated products which makes us your favourite partner for tower internals. Ladders, fall arrest systems, servicelifts, steel construction and electrical engineering: We offer you a complete range of the professional equipment you need for your towers.

          Fall arrest systems are a mandatory requirement for tall buildings and for means of access
          to machine plant above a fall height of ≥ 5 m (as per DIN 18799-1) and ≥ 3 m (as per
          EN ISO 14122-4). Hailo fall arrest systems are designed as fall safety devices for use
          with vertical ladders and pole climbers – both above and below ground. Tracks or a steel
          cable which serve to guide the fall arrester are/is mounted (to the side or centrally) on
          the ladders or pole climbers attached to the structure.


          All Hailo fall arresters are certified in accordance with EN 353-1
          and the “Recommendation for Use” Vertical Group 11, CNB/P/11.073
          and conform to Directive 89/686/EEC.

            • Fall arrest system Hailo PARTNER

            • With its new separable fall arrester for rail systems, Hailo has brought a product onto the market that is the result of an extensive programme of development and offers several new features. The fall arrester is the key component in personal protective equipment (PPE) – and is therefore the ultimate safety device. As the new Hailo PARTNER fall arrester can be taken apart, the user is able to detach or re-attach himself to the ladder at all points of the climb, as required. Unlike previous systems, there is no longer any need to climb to the next detachment point. The Hailo PARTNER is compact and has re-defined the shock absorption system incorporated into the fall arrester.
              Separable fall arrester – safety all the way

              The Hailo PARTNER fall arrester is only licensed to protect the user. It’s easy to insert into the fall arrest track, is selflocking in the event of a fall and its easy-glide action along the fall arrest rail – without obstructing the user as it moves – all guarantee a safe passage up and down.
            • Fall protection Hailo SPL-50-R2

            • The Hailo SPL-50-R2 fall arrester satisfies the requirements of the relevant European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC) for fall protection and the “Recommendation for Use” Vertical Group 11, CNB/P/11.073. It is designed as a reliable fall protection system for vertical ladders according to EN 353 Part 1.

              Equipped with shock absorber to minimise impact force.
            • Fall arrest system ladder Hailo H50.2

            • Another innovation from Hailo Wind Systems is the new H-50.2 fall arrest system and the new separable Hailo PARTNER H50.2 fall arrest runner. The top quality aluminium-extruded profile guarantees virtually unlimited durability – and therefore safety. The continuous, frameless grooved profile allows the rail to be secured anywhere on the ladder and provides for safe and low-cost installation. This eliminates the problem of length tolerances for ladder systems, tower geometries and rails. Angles of inclination to fall arrest rail from  -3° to +15°C can be easily overcome. Complicated calculations of rail sections for scaling the required heights are a thing of the past. In addition, the H-50.2 and the Hailo PARTNER H-50.2 are also usable up to -40°C and perfectly equipped with a maximum user weight of 136 kg.
            • Fall arrest system ladder Hailo H50

            • The H-50 rail is suitable for use with the fall arresters supplied with the Hailo SPL-50-R2 system. Available in aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel.
            • Hailo SSL-8-R1

            • The Hailo SSL-8-R1 fall arrester satisfies the requirements of the relevant European Directive on Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC) for fall protection and the “Recommendation for Use” Vertical Group 11, CNB/P/11.073. It is designed as a reliable fall protection system for Hailo H-8 cable-based fall arrest systems according to EN 353 Part 1.

              Equipped with shock absorber to minimise impact force.
          • Service and Installation

          • Hailo Service and Installation

            e not only want to supply you with innovative products, but also with a full package of services around the tower equipment business. Whether it is planning, engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance or after sales service – everywhere in the world there are motivated and skilled professionals at your service. While you are concentrating on your business, we handle all of your tower equipment issues.

            Hailo Wind Systems accompanies you during the complete life cycle of your wind projects and  turbines. Under the slogan “Best in Class”, we do not only want to supply the market with innovative products, but also with a full package of services. Whether it’s planning, engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance or after sales service – our dedicated and trained staff is available worldwide.

            Due to our international organization we are always nearby – with perceivable cost advantages concerning all our services.

            Another service is our plant’s own training center. With a fully fitted training tower, Hailo Wind Systems in Haiger provides optimal conditions for safety trainings. The strategic further development of the product portfolio and services regarding tower equipment let Hailo Wind Systems become an involved partner of many estimated customers.

              • Safety And Rescue Academy


                With a fully equipped training tower at its Haiger site, Hailo Wind Systems creates the optimal conditions for safety training courses and exercises related to the wind sector – and beyond! Whether assembly training for ladder systems and servicelifts, user training on ladder equipment or tower and shaft rescue exercises, all training variants can now be offered under optimal conditions that are as close to real life as possible.

                The training tower is fitted with all the ladder and safety features of a proper wind turbine. The very latest Hailo ladder systems for towers and buildings of all kinds, current models of Hailo Wind Systems Servicelifts and components such as guard rails, platforms and accessories have been installed. Thanks to our e-Learning platform, basic trainings for operating a Hailo Servicelift can be completed online anytime and anywhere – this will save you money.


                All Hailo ladder technology and safety training courses conform to the requirements of the occupational insurance association, international standards (e.g. GWO) and regulations. Persons who have been trained by Hailo are therefore able to use their knowledge internationally. As well as wind turbine manufacturers, service companies, maintenance engineers and operators, safety officers from craft and industry can also take advantage of the practical training opportunities on offer in Haiger.