• Offer Profile
  • Since 1914 RICKMEIER stands for innovative pump technologies made in Germany. In Balve, Germany, the company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality gear pumps, valves and systems. Committed employees, excellent references and a solid plan for the future guarantee quality, continuity and safety. This and the will of permanent invest into state-of-the-art management-, development- and manufacturing processes make RICKMEIER a reliable supplier and partner.
Product Portfolio
  • Pumps and Valves

      • Gear Pumps

      • Gear pumps from RICKMEIER are used in various industrial applications and have a lot of different functions: from pumping lubricants into lubrication circuits up to transporting fluids for oils and flow media.
        In almost one hundred years of company history RICKMEIER developed and produced gear pumps in numerous types and sizes.

        Typical application fields for RICKMEIER gear pumps are the construction of diesel and gas engines, automotive engineering, chemical plant engineering, power plant technology, shipbuilding, wind energy utilization and countless other application fields in general engineering sectors. Typical flow media are common lubricants but also waste oil, ATF oils, drilling oils, diesel oils, emulsions, gear oils, heating oils, hydraulic oils, motor oils, polyclycolic oils, polyalphaolefin oils, cutting oils, heavy oils, thermal oils and drawing oils.
      • Universal Pumps

      • Universal pumps from RICKMEIER are an example of the performance and competence of the company’s engineers and technicians. This product line convinces with its compact design combined with a minimum number of components, low noise levels and excellent suction performance. Universal pumps from RICKMEIER are of extremely low-maintenance and require no wearing parts such as seals and valves. Without any maintenance effort universal pumps from RICKMEIER are successfully applied over an exceptionally long operation period at extremely low temperatures and high viscosities in wind energy plants, marine gear units and gas generators. They are designed to always maintain the same flow direction even at varying directions of the rotation.
      • Valves

      • Pressure valves from RICKMEIER are reliable, robust and exceptionally durable. All over the globe they are not only applied in the area of oil-hydraulics and lubrication technology but also employed for the use of different oils or lubricant fluids.

        Designed for being integrated into pipelines they serve as pressure limits and controls. A stem makes it possible to precisely setting the preferred opening and operating pressure. The valve piston has limited breakaway force and allows a sensitive response of the valve as soon as the set pressure is achieved. Sharp edges at piston and valve housing ensure the insensitivity against dirt particles in the medium.
    • Systems

        • Oil supply systems

        • For decades RICKMEIER oil supply systems are developed and produced according to individual customer needs. With a high demand on reliability and durability these high-performance systems are applied in the gear and drive technology, in compressor and turbine construction and in the construction of wind energy plants. Experienced engineers and technicians work in close cooperation with international customers. Best quality and good value for money have established RICKMEIER oil supply systems all over the world. Prior to delivery all oil supply systems undergo careful inspections on the company’s own testing rigs. The high level of quality of oil supply systems from RICKMEIER as well as the qualified service, guarantee highest plant availability
        • Oil systems for wind energy gear units

        • For the use in wind energy plants RICKMEIER produces systems which are individually designed according to the application need and that are used for supplying gear units with conditioned oil.
          Filtration performance, cooling capacities and flow rates are dimensioned for the respective application. RICKMEIER develops customer specific solutions for a variety of operating conditions, e.g. cold climate, desert environments or offshore. Oil systems from RICKMEIER are just an example for the company’s concentrated competence and many years of experience.
        • Assembly plate units

        • For the application in existing oil containers RICKMEIER produces assembly plate units, which can be equipped with all common electric motors with efficiency classes IE2 or IE3. Specific manufacturers, voltages and frequencies are available on request.