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  • Alpha-InnoTec is one of the leading specialist heat pumps manufacturers in Europe. Our innovative products constantly set new standards for technical excellence. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe are already benefiting from our specialist knowledge. In the heat pump industry the Alpha-InnoTec brand is known for its well-engineered and durable German-made technology. Our aim is 100% reliability!

    Alpha-InnoTec produces a wide range of both air and ground source heat pump systems suitable for a wide variety of applications from small houses to industrial buildings.
Product Portfolio
  • Why heat pumps?

  • The planet needs our help. Now!
    It’s widely acknowledged that climate change poses a threat to our future. Everyone can do their bit to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint. A lot of the technology to do that is available now; we just need to use it!

    Halve your heating costs and reduce your footprint!
    Compared to alternatives like oil, LPG or direct electric heating a heat pump will cost less than half as much to run. Even compared to mains gas a well designed heat pump system can be a cheaper option. On top of that you´ll more than halve your heating associated carbon emissions
    The latest generation of heat pumps provide highly efficient heating, hot water production and can even produce cooling during the summer if required, all with no local emissions. The environmentally friendly choice!

    Oil and gas prices are only going one way!
    The growing worldwide demand for energy means that oil and gas prices are rising all the time. Most heating today is done using these fossil fuels. A heat pump only uses electricity, which will increasingly be supplied from a renewable source or nuclear power. By selecting a heat pump today you remove yourself from dependence on purely fossil fuel heating.
  • Heatpumps, Storage, Solar & More

    • Air source heat pumps: outdoor installation

    • Wide range of systems to suit many applications from single dwellings to commercial buildings
    • Ground source heat pumps

    • A range of compact, high performance systems for the domestic environment.
    • Professional series

    • A range of systems with larger outputs (up to 160 kW) to suit commercial heating applications.