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  • Offer Profile
  • With more than 40,000 products and systems installed worldwide, Moog is one of the world’s leading providers for pitch control solutions. Moog’s wind energy applications include pitch systems, electric and hydraulic pitch products, slip ring solutions, blade sensing and rotor monitoring systems. Additional services as training and technical support helps to maximize safety, efficiency and reliability of onshore and offshore wind turbines.
Product Portfolio
  • Wind Turbines - Pitch Solutions for Reliability and High Performance

      • Pitch Systems - Moog pitch systems offer flexibility, the highest reliability and the capability to tailor blade pitch control to your needs. Our innovative technology delivers the maximum efficiency and ensures greater productivity through less maintenance-related downtime. The flexible pitch solutions enhance the energy efficiency of blades in onshore and offshore locations.

        Blade Sensing Systems - Dynamically adjust the pitch of each blade in real time to optimize the loading of the rotor.

        Slip Ring Solutions - Moog rotating joints for wind power ensure reliable data and power transmission in both electric and hydraulic systems.

        Moog Global Support - Wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured that the Moog team of experienced, trained technicians are there for you with the service, training and parts you need to keep your wind turbines performing at peak condition. Moog Global Support is your direct link to optimal turbine reliability and performance.

        As governments and energy suppliers turn to ever larger and more powerful wind turbines in hostile onshore and offshore locations, efficient solutions that guarantee a high degree of reliability and operator safety must also be found for areas with lower or unsteady winds. OEMs are thus faced with new and increasingly complex challenges in installing systems that are high in performance and rugged in design.

        Moog is a leading provider of tailored pitch solutions for wind turbines. With over 35,000 system units installed in all onshore and offshore locations, the numbers speak for themselves: In-depth system expertise combined with years of experience in the energy sector have made Moog the first choice among leading OEMs and system operators. With their new design parameters and highly reliable technologies, Moog pitch solutions meet the latest demands of even the most advanced wind turbines.
      • Pitch Products

          • Pitch Motors

          • Moog pitch motors were developed for the demanding requirements of wind turbines operating under extreme climatic conditions. The Moog pitch motor is an AC synchronous motor with a unique design distinguished by its compact size, low weight and high power density. In addition, the synchronous motor offers high reliability while requiring little maintenance. The motor coating meets the stringent requirements of corrosion protection class C5-M high. Moreover, the motors feature robust connector technology that enables flexible regulation of the motor sensors, making them individually adaptable to customer requirements. With the pitch motors from Moog, energy providers can ensure that their onshore and offshore installations are more efficient, reliable and powerful.

            Advantages of the Moog Pitch Motors
            • High power density, short response times: The motor's high power density and field-weakening ability ensure a large speed-torque range for dynamic and reliable pitch control – even in the event of a power failure
            • Long life, low maintenance: Brushless AC synchronous motor technology, convection cooling and a special, wear-free, lifetime-tested holding brake provide reliable, long service life
            • Sensorless control for more reliability: A special rotor design enables reliable pitch motor operation – even without an encoder signal
            • Suitable for extreme climatic conditions: Corrosion protection class C5-M high, housing protection class IP65, special interior coating and Gore-Tex® air vents ensure the motor is suitable for extreme climatic onshore and offshore conditions
          • Hydraulic Pitch Pumps

          • Radial Piston Pumps for maximum performance and reliability

            Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Pumps are radial piston pumps with a higher output for applications in wind turbines. Moog delivers the hydraulic pitch pumps as part of the hydraulic power unit. This product is distinguished by their low-noise operation and long service life. Moog Pitch Pumps offerings include versions equipped with digital electronics for remote maintenance and condition monitoring.

            Moog Pitch Pump Features
            • Radial Piston Pump based on proven technology – even for rough environment
            • High degree of reliability
            • Low-noise and rugged design
            • Low energy consumption for more efficiency
            • Digital or analog control
            • Short response time
            • Optional: Pitch pump with digital electronics for remote maintenance and condition

            Service for Moog Pitch Pumps

            Moog Support Services offer maximum flexibility: Around the world, Moog experts are on call to provide personal support with troubleshooting, installation on location and maintenance of pitch pumps.
          • Hydraulics Pitch Valves

          • Servo valves for maximum performance and reliability

            The Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Valves for wind turbines are axis control servo valves that were developed specifically for the demanding requirements of onshore and offshore wind turbines. With its high performance levels, long service life and easy maintenance, this servo valve meets world-class standards and enables the use of all options of the proven Moog pitch solutions. Based on industry-leading technology, the servo valve offers superior axis control, remote maintenance capabilities and advanced communication functions. Moog Global Support gives you the confidence that your pitch valve can be repaired or replaced quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

            Advantages of the Moog Pitch Valves
            • Closed-loop pitch control by the servo valve means a PLC is not required and communication needs are low
            • Flexibility in firmware to meet the unique requirements of your installation
            • Multiple failsafe options
            • Powerful monitoring capabilities with field bus technology
            • Long life design reduces maintenance costs
            • Easy plug and play commissioning and replacement
            • Robust design proven in harsh environments
          • Pitch Servo Drives - PITCHmaster II+

          • Features of the Moog Pitch Servo Drives
            • Servo Drive with a high overload capability, available in 2 device sizes:
              • - E40 with 40 A nominal and 100 A peak
              • - L60 with 60 A nominal and 200 A peak
            • AC and DC motor support: The software supports the control of synchronous, asynchronous and DC motors
            • Extremely rugged: The Servo Drive withstands even the highest mechanical loads (as demonstrated by HALT/HASS tests)
            • Simplified axis box design with the following components: Backup charger, PWM brake driver, 24 V power supply with 3 A output, redundant decoupling diodes and brake resistor
            • Measurement of the backup voltage, symmetry voltage and charging current permit GL2010-compliant monitoring of the emergency power supply without an additional converter
            • The intelligent DC-link pre-charging limits the charging currents and voltages in case of network faults (LVRT, HVRT)
            • TÜV-Rheinland certificate for safety function feathering with performance level d as per EN ISO 13849-1
            • Expanded Servo Drives interfaces for maximum flexibility: Ethernet, CANopen, INTERBUS, Profinet RT, Sin/Cos, TTL, SSI, Resolver and PT100 inputs for direct temperature measurement, and an optional port for additional temperature and digital I/Os
            • Pre-configured and application-specific software features simplify and expedite commissioning
            • Service diagnosis and remote maintenance via Ethernet: The Pitch Servo Drive logs configuration changes and critical external events
          • Remote Terminal Software

          • Remote servicing for Pitch Systems

            Remote servicing is a key factor for wind turbine efficiency and safety, especially in onshore and offshore locations. The Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Remote Terminal Software for pitch systems offers remote or on-site access and ensures that operators and manufacturers are able to perform operational analysis and monitoring based on real data. Remote access offers critical monitoring and control functions, in order to reduce turbine downtime. The tool will also help operators plan on-site service work, allowing for effective and targeted maintenance.

            Features and Benefits
            • Reduces turbine downtime
            • Enables remote access
            • Offers visualization of operational data and provides error log book
            • Allows timely planning for more efficiency
            • Reduces service costs

            The service-tool can be accessed remotely and on-site, it offers a range of benefits which will be presented within the Moog Pitch Control Training program.
        • Slip Ring Solutions

        • There are a number of reasons for transferring power and signals across the rotating hub of a wind turbine. The most common purpose is for power and control of the blade pitch mechanism.

          • Hydraulic Systems: Slip ring and fluid rotary union combinations offer multiple signals, electric and hydraulic power transmission for the hydraulic blade pitch actuation.
          • Electric Systems: Slip rings with higher power circuits transmit signals and electric power for the electric blade pitch actuation.
          • Direct Drive Systems: High power slip rings allow the transmission of high current for energizing the rotor coils.

          In addition, many blade designers are considering systems of embedded sensors in rotor blades that will provide real time feedback of blade conditions. These sensors require a method for de-rotating the signals.

          In the harsh conditions found in a wind turbine, Moog Slip Rings,Alternators, Fluid Rotary Unions (FRU), Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ), and Multiplexers provide reliable power and data transmission that has become standard in the industry.

          As the worldwide market leader in slip rings, Moog has developed superior fiber brush technology that has an extensive lifetime of over 100 million revolutions. This technology does not require lubricants and is characterized by low wear generation for minimal maintenance. Also the temperature range and the packaging of this product matches the harsh conditions required by this industry. Our solutions are designed to help you to increase availability of your wind turbine and reduce your maintenance costs, while ensuring high performance.

          Moog also offers fiber optic, multiplexing and contactless solutions.
            • Blade Sensing Systems


              The current trend in wind turbine development is towards higher power and lower cost per MW designs. Larger swept areas and rotor diameters enable increased output but also present design challenges. Since loads increase with the cube of the rotor diameter, greater loads can impact reliability and performance.

              Moog has worked with leading blade and control system designers to develop a modular blade sensing system. Our proven fiber-optic load measurement system enables the fast and reliable development of individual pitch control for your turbine, minimizing your investment and time to market.

              In addition to increasing loads, the larger rotor diameter makes the turbine much more susceptible to variations in wind speed and intensity across the swept area, resulting in increased asymmetric loading on the turbine blades, main-shaft and other key structural components.

              These challenges can be overcome by designing the turbine with a Blade Sensing System, which dynamically adjusts the pitch of each blade in real time. This enables turbine designers and builders to balance the loading across the rotor disc, eliminate asymmetric loading and reduce the peak loads.

              Moog's Blade Sensing Systems has been proven to deliver significant benefits in design, manufacture and post-installation operation. The new MW class wind turbines from initial concept designed with the Moog Blade Sensing System for individual pitch control have experienced lower cost, higher reliability and more efficiency. The most successful systems are fully integrated and installed in the blades and control system during the manufacturing process.

              • Achieve load reductions through independent pitch control implementation
              • Reduce structural materials and lower parts costs
              • Proven system based on a mature fiber optic sensing platform
              • Enables increased rotor diameter for higher energy yield
              • Modified wind class for existing machines
              • Facilitates installation on more complex terrains
              • Improves reliability and MTBF
              • Fast, simple, sensor integration into blade production process
              • Create an accurate, reliable and cost effective load signal input
                • Service

                • Moog Global Support

                  Moog Global Support Service offers the quality, rapid processing, experience of trained technicians and unvarying performance worldwide which you require for the smooth operation of your onshore and offshore wind turbine. Our experienced technicians are on hand to help you optimize your wind turbine, minimize down time and enjoy problem-free operation of all Moog products. Moog teams are positioned around the world for prompt, expert service on pitch systems, pitch products, slip rings, blade sensing and rotor monitoring systems.

                  This promise offers many benefits to our customers including:
                  • Commissioning and installation
                  • Services for onshore and offshore applications
                  • Maintenance and repairs
                  • Diagnostics and fault analysis
                  • System optimization
                  • Quality enhancements
                  • Preparation of customer-specific documentation
                  • Other value-added services

                  Training Focused on Your Needs

                  Moog professional training enables customers to better understand and care for high performance pitch systems through troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and incorporation of on-site safety procedures. Instructors work either on-site in customer locations around the world or offer a full curriculum of programs at our Moog Wind Training Center in Unna, Germany.

                  • Training on a wide range of technical topics
                  • Educational programs tailored to your specific needs
                  • Insights and recommendations for adapting product parameters
                  • Access to the latest technical documentation to eliminateproblems and minimize downtime

                  To learn more, visit Moog Training and register online today.

                  Parts for Maximum Reliability

                  Wind turbines operate in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Ensuring maximum reliability requires streamlined access to Moog authentic parts. Moog parts ensure that all dimensions are to specification and that you will receive the benefit of all design improvements and upgrades. Our global support network facilitates the prompt delivery of these critical parts so you operate with minimal downtime.

                  • Upgrade with the latest technologies
                  • Get high-quality parts virtually anywhere in the world
                  • On-site exchanges, conversions and repairs
                      • Pitch Control Training

                      • Moog's training courses are designed for engineers, technicians and new employees from other disciplines as well. The range of training we offer includes advanced in-depth knowledge of the Moog product portfolio, as well as the basics of wind energy and electrical engineering.

                        Our objective is to provide participants with technical proficiency and insights quickly. In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience is critical for employees to be able to efficiently resolve problems and independently initiate preventive action. Qualified staff is the aim and our in-house instructors have the competence and expertise to show you the way.

                        You benefit from tailored seminars designed to meet your individual needs and ensure a long term approach to technology.

                        Scope of training

                        • Pitch system and product training
                        • System and product analysis
                        • Use and optimization of tools
                        • Inspection and adjustment
                        • Planning and execution of maintenance work

                        The benefits to you
                        • Theoretical and practical training in one location
                        • Individual training courses
                        • Latest technology
                        • Hands-on instruction from experienced subject matter experts

                        Knowledge is one of the keys to success and we can help you achieve technical proficiency quickly.
                  • Offshore Expertise

                  • The number and importance of offshore wind energy farms is constantly growing, offering higher energy yields with more consistent and higher wind speeds. Compared to onshore, offshore has nearly unlimited space available, fewer operational limitations and no height and rotor diameter restrictions.

                    When selecting a partner for your next project, expertise and reliability are key concerns. Moog is a pioneer in offshore wind energy and has many years of experience.

                    Reliability in Offshore Environments

                    The demanding harsh offshore environment requires more robust and reliable systems and products. Access to the turbines for repair operations is often restricted or even impossible during strong wind and high waves, causing expensive downtime. Therefore higher reliability is the key success factor.

                    Leading-Edge Pitch Systems and Products

                    Moog works proactively with you to support the development of your next offshore wind turbine generations and provide maximum turbine efficiency. Proven in the field, Moog's high performance Pitch Systems, Pitch Products, Slip Ring Solutions and Blade Sensing Systemscan withstand the harshest offshore condition. Benefits include:
                    • More redundancy for greater availability
                    • Higher robustness for extended lifetime
                    • Resistant to vibration, shock and permanent shock
                    • Different corrosion protection classes available

                    Offshore Services

                    Moog service staff is certified for offshore operations and canrespond quickly to our customers' requests. A successful offshore wind farm needs a proactive service and maintenance approach – Moog can help you achieve this.We can help you to:
                    • Plan preventive maintenance
                    • Reduce planned maintenance to once a year to lower costs and downtime
                    • Minimize maintenance time, which is often driven by the complexity and size of the turbine
                    • Supply urgently needed spare parts everywhere in the world
                    • Train your service staff to handle maintenance and repair issues
                      • Gas and Steam Turbines

                      • Improving Metering and Positioning Capabilities for Gas and Steam Turbines

                        Moog offers turbine OEMs both electric and hydraulic solutions that improve metering and positioning capabilities and provide a wide range of benefits such as:
                        • Lower acquisition costs
                        • Improved metering or positioning capabilities
                        • Lower system costs
                        • Lower operating costs, including reduced energy consumption
                        • Improved reliability
                        Our systems are designed to ensure reliability, safety and performance for long service life.

                        The Moog Solution
                        • Electric actuators for inlet guide vane (IGV), gaseous fuel and liquid fuel controls
                        • Hydraulic actuators for process control valves with integrated failsafe mechanism.
                        • Electric fail-safe actuators for bleed valve control
                        • Active Instability Control Valve (AIC)
                        • Fuel metering units (FMU)
                        • Liquid fuel pumps
                        • Purge manifolds
                        Industrial Gas Turbines

                        From products that precisely meter high temperature, high pressure liquid or gaseous fuel to offerings that actively manage the pressure oscillations associated with today’s dry-low NOx combustion systems, Moog has the technology to provide cost-effective, high performance solutions. Our offerings include:
                        • Liquid fuel metering units
                        • Fuel pump assemblies
                        • Electric inlet guide vane controls
                        • Fail-safe electric actuators
                        • Hydraulic actuators
                        • Electric fuel control assemblies
                        • Manifolds for dual fuel applications
                        From product to system design, Moog understands the requirements of the Power Generation industry and works closely with turbine OEMs to meet their demanding specifications.