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  • Please come in and look around. Irrespective of which cable, line, plug and accessory you require for your particular application, you will find exactly what you need here. We have more than 40,000 different standard articles in stock. We also deliver within 24 or 48 hours. Special tasks demand special solutions. In this case too,
    you need look no further than our company. In addition to the comprehensive range of standard Lapp products, we can also offer you individual cable assemblies and the engineering involved.

    We play our part in using sun,
    wind and other green energy sources more efficiently – in the meantime Lapp is one of the leading partners to companies in the application fields of photovoltaics, wind power,
    biomass and fuel-cell technology.
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      • ÖLFLEX® is used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies. For permanent connections or in cable chains, halogen-fee or internationally certified, you can choose from our comprehensive range of standard products.

      • Lapp produces a full range of data cables for fast and secure transfers of large volumes of data. From machine electronics and bus systems to super-fast LAN data networks or highly-versatile applications: We have the data cables you need for virtually any situation.

      • The Lapp Group is now in a position to offer comprehensive system solutions in the field of industrial networking. Its Factory Automation division supplies active network components that are used to supplement existing cable and plug technologies. These include services and security systems incorporating firewall solutions, in addition to distribution components such as switches, routers, cables and plug connectors. For its industrial customers, all of this means that a solution from the Lapp Group represents a considerable step forward in terms of security, safety and availability.

      • HITRONIC® fibre optic cables are designed to transfer large volumes of data. Communications media via fibre optics are fast, efficient, and secure. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect HITRONIC® fibre optic cable. The HITRONIC® range of products includes cables for office communications, industrial applications, simplex, duplex, hybrid wiring, or cable chain applications.

      • When we talk about secure connections, you can take us at our word. EPIC® industrial connectors produce an absolutely secure connection in combination with ÖLFLEX® cables. We provide the right contact for all your needs: From rectangular or circular connectors, to housings, inserts, contacts and accessories, bus or fibre optic cable applications.

      • SKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist. That's all! Your cables are perfectly centered, secured, hermetically sealed, and ready for action. Choose from a wide range of models in plastic or brass, for EX and EMC applications, halogen-free types or anti-kink protection, metric, PG or NPT.

      • In many applications cables have to be additionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress. For this type of application, Lapp Group can supply the universal SILVYN® protective cable conduit program. Cable conduits manufactured from metal or plastic material, which can be used with matching glands to form a perfect system connection. The complete system results in all round protection for cables in indoor and outdoor installations. With SILVYN® CHAIN, Lapp Group's widely variable programme of power chains we offer both cable protection and guidance for highly dynamic applications.

      • Labels on single cores, cables, and control cabinets need to remain legible for years to come. This is the best way to keep things well organized and avoid potential problems. From plastic to durable stainless steel, manual or electronic identification, with FLEXIMARK® you can be sure that your labels will last a lifetime.

      • Installation, processing, maintenance, cutting, stripping, skinning, connector and crimping engineering, insulating, protecting, shrinking, binding, bundeling, fixing, cable guiding.
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      • Selection tables and technical tables.
    • Brands

    • Brand philosophy
      Branding policies are still rare in the technical field; however, Lapp has encouraged them right from the very start. When Oskar Lapp invented the first cable with colour-coded wires in 1959, he named this innovative product ÖLFLEX® and in so doing also created a catchy brand name which has accompanied the product during its great success. Since then, Lapp has carried out a consistent branding policy for each of our product lines.

      However, this is driven by more than just mere desire to establish an easily recognisable product name. Strong branding gives our customers the peace of mind that each individual component allowed to carry the brand name fulfils the same high expectations.
      Today, the Lapp brands are some of the best-known in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as a premium brand. All over the world, they stand for the values which we and our customers consider paramount: quality, precision, and reliability. 
        • SKINTOP® – the handy cable glands

        • SKINTOP® cable glands ensure a secure connection in a matter of seconds. The universal systems are simple, perfect and easy to install: simply insert the cable, close and go. The cable is securely fixed, centred and hermetically sealed.
        • SILVYN® – robust cable protection and supply systems

        • This universal range completely protects cables against dust, moisture and technical, thermal or chemical exposure. The versatile SILVYN® CHAIN range of energy supply chains also protect and guide cables in dynamic applications.
        • EPIC® – robust industry connectors

        • You will find EPIC® rectangular or circular connectors in any machine and plant engineering or drive technology application used for measuring, control, regulation or drive. It is a flexible system consisting of casings, inserts, contacts and accessories which is perfectly suited to any requirement.
        • FLEXIMARK® – the clear marking systems

        • These sophisticated systems facilitate durable cable marking and ensure everything is clear and quick to identify. From simple inscriptions, to labelling and marking solutions for manual marking right through to FL SOFT software for electronic recognition, this range can meet your every need.
        • ÖLFLEX® – versatile connecting and control cables

        • In 1959, ÖLFLEX® was the very first control cable to be designed with colour-coded wires and was at the same time the first branded cable in the world. Today, ÖLFLEX® connecting and control cables are some of the most widely used in the world, and for good reason.
        • ETHERLINE® – active network components

        • Ethernet technology-based networks are playing an increasingly important role. We therefore offer reliable system solutions for network technology. The range includes products, software solutions and services for total security and availability.
        • UNITRONIC® – innovative data cables

        • This is the brand of choice if you want fast, safe and forward-thinking solutions for tranferring data. The range includes data cables for all electronic applications, from tiny cables in coffee machines to those transferring huge amounts of data in supercomputers.
        • HITRONIC® – superfast fibre optic cables

        • Our optical transfer media are unbeatably fast and secure when transferring large amounts of data in inter-office communication as well as in industry. They ensure superfast data transfer which is completely free of interference and is protected against monitoring. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect a HITRONIC® cable.
      • Photovoltaic

      • The use of solar energy has been increasing for many years and this trend is continuing. Photovoltaics has a wide range of uses, from major energy plants to small domestic applications.
        The fact that we recognised the potential of this market very early on and have built up specialist expertise in this area demonstrates once again the innovative tradition of our company. Our offering ranges from developing tailored products to advising you on planning and conversion matters.
        After taking into account the full range of operational requirements, Lapp offers a specifically tailored range to suit photovoltaic systems, providing complete cabling from rooftop to cellar.

        Cables, plugs and photovoltaic accessories – we are the system of choice!
        In collaboration with users, the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) and the North American UL approval organisation, a variety of tests have been carried out on our ÖLFLEX® cables, SOLAR cables, SKINTOP® cable glands and EPIC® SOLAR connectors to guarantee the highest quality standards. Our products can be used throughout the world and naturally also comply with the RoHS directive.
        Should you have any questions, our specialists would be glad to assist you.
          • Brand products for your solar units

          • The following products are used in the solar energy sector:
              • ÖLFLEX®
                SOLAR XLR/XLR TF

              • ÖLFLEX®
                SOLAR XLS

              • ÖLFLEX®
                SOLAR XLSv

              • ÖLFLEX®
                SOLAR V4A

              • ÖLFLEX®
                SOLAR XL multi

              • NYY-J, NYY-O

              • EPIC® SOLAR 4

              • EPIC® SOLAR Module Box

              • EPIC® SOLAR 4 THIN pre-assembled

              • EPIC® SOLAR M pre-assembled

              • EPIC® SOLAR M field mountable M12

              • EPIC® SOLAR M G5 built in plug

              • EPIC® SOLAR FMM Y-Splitter

              • EPIC® SOLAR Crimp tool

              • KS 20 cable shears

              • Universal strip stripping and cutting tool


              • SKINTOP® ST-M /
                SKINTOP® STR-M

              • SILVYN®RILL PA 6 / SILVYN® FPAS

              • Twist Tail™ cable tie

            • Wind energy

            • Lapp brings a breath of fresh air for wind turbines

              Wind energy plays an important role in the Lapp Group. To reflect the importance of this industry, the SBU Wind (Strategic Business Unit Wind) has been set up, and specialises in products and services for the industry.

              Our customers can rely on 50 years of experience, marked by the very highest levels of quality and innovation. A range of over 40,000 items worldwide is available to our customers and shows Lapp’s all-round expertise, not just in the wind energy sector. No matter which cables our customers choose for their wind turbines, they can count on the very highest standards in terms of function, reliability and service life every time.

              Many of the products from Lapp’s standard range have already proved their worth in wind energy. For example, the ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 has been in continuous use in the drip loop for more than 10 years. The high quality that Lapp demands from all its products meant that it has withstood the extreme requirements in the drip loop until this very day and is still doing its job.
                • E-Mobility

                • Charging system, internal connection cables and high-voltage connections
                  System solutions from the Lapp Group are internationally recognised as being of superior quality and extremely reliable. Even automotive manufacturers and suppliers stand to benefit from the 50  plus years of experience boasted by Lapp in mechanical and plantengineering, particularly when it comes to hybrid and electric vehicles.

                  The Lapp Group is a pioneer of e-mobility: It is one of the first companies to develop a compatible, production-ready complete  charging system with cables and connector that complies with the new VDE standard. The charging system was developed by the Lapp Group in conjunction with Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH from Germany‘s North-Rhine Westphalia.

                  Lapp products do not only provide charging solutions but are also capable of meeting the latest requirements set by the hybrid and electric vehicles. Patented highvoltage cabling from Lapp is used to supply the electric motors with energy. Leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers also already use the cables and connectors from Lapp for the internal connections in lithium-ion batteries.
                    • Charging system – Joint development
                      from Lapp Kabel and Bals Elektrotechnik

                    • • Complies with VDE standard for
                      connectors used in the charging
                      of electric vehicles
                      • Cable is flame retardant as per
                      IEC 60332.1-2
                      • Oil resistant
                      • Temperature range -40 to +90°C
                    • Patented
                      high-voltage connections

                    • • Maximum 800V/400A
                      • Temperature range up to 180°C
                      • Conforms to protection class
                      • Resistant to vibrations, mechanical
                      and chemical connections
                    • Internal connecting cables
                      for lithium-ion battery

                    • • Cable harness for energy storage
                      • Current sensor cable harness,
                      HV connection cable harness,
                      CSE connection cable harness,
                      DCDC connection, electrical
                      system cable harness
                      • Extrusion with silicone
                      • Temperature-resistant ETFE cables
                  • Your system supplier

                  • As a recognised supplier for the wind industry, we offer you outstanding products and services for every area.
                      • Windpark communication

                      • The Lapp Group offers you a wide range of products and services for establishing wind parks to facilitate a smooth workflow:
                        HITRONIC® HQN outdoor cables for laying in the ground
                        • Single mode 9/125 μm
                        • Multi mode 50/125 & 62,5/125 μm
                        For the connection between wind turbines and the customer installation
                        • Duplex jumpers/patch cables multimode 50 & 62.5 μm SC or ST connector combinations
                        • Duplex jumper/patch cable single mode 9 μm with SC or ST connector combinations
                        • Pigtails single and multimode ST or SC connector
                        • Splice boxes for SC and ST
                        • Fibre optic cable adapters
                      • Preassembled fibre optic cables and cable preassembly

                      • As your supply chain partner, Lapp Systems offers you everything from a single source – from advice to project management, engineering or documentation through to production, testing, logistics and service
                        With 211 employees at its sites in Stuttgart, Much near Cologne and Holesov in the Czech Republic, Lapp Systems GmbH is your partner also in a position to master major challenges.
                      • On Site Hub from Lapp

                      • Do you know this problem?
                        “Always the same – we start to install our wind field, but we miss important items like cable, switches and connectors.”

                        The solution from the Lapp Group:

                        One container full with your needed products, just in time delivered to the construction place. The wind turbine installation will be in time, no expensive delay or expansive special deliveries to the construction. 

                        Everything in place – Everything in the container – Everything from the Lapp Group 

                        It doesn’t matter what do you need in the construction place, sent us the information in advance and we organize the  container, put the products inside and deliver it to your installation address. If you like to have we label the container according your specifications.
                      • A strong connection is the best protection against vibrations!

                      • The subject of reliability and servicing strategies for wind turbines with a view to raising availability has become increasingly important over recent years.

                        Data are collected and evaluated by external institutions in order to get to the bottom of failures without identifiable causes. Potential factors may be lightning strikes, shocks or vibration, for example.

                        Vibrations occur during the operation of a wind turbine which should not be underestimated and, depending on age and wear of the turbine, can grow in intensity and progressively stress the individual components of the turbine.

                        The cable connection is a factor which is often neglected. Vibrations subject a cable, even with a small cross-section, to considerable stress.
                      • Fast data transfer at every temperature

                      • The connection from the slip ring to the pitch system starts with the transmission, goes through the hollow shaft, through the transmission rotor shaft and ends in the hub in the central control unit of the pitch system.

                        This connection places demands on the cable and lines, which can withstand extremes of temperature:
                        - Transmission: Hot zone. Temperatures up to 105°C
                        - Rotor shaft: Medium zone. Nacelle ambient
                        - Hub: Cold zone. Temperatures down to -40°C
                      • Cable preassembly for wind turbines
                        nacelle and tower cable harnesses

                      • Send us your specifications: We will generate a parts list with the products you have selected, preassemble them and supply them just in timeaccording to your wishes. Speed, reliability, cost- ffectiveness and high quality – these are Lapp’s  main drivers.