Company Profile

Whether you require positioning systems, pressure gauges or drives – our products put you on the right track for success. Durable, high quality products designed by ingenious minds and built by skilled hands are, after all, the natural choice.

Together, the companies in the Halstrup Walcher Group develop, manufacture and distribute drives, positioning systems and measuring technology – all incorporating state-of-the-art technology, constructed in the highly modern production facilities and with a special focus on individual customer solutions.

Product Range

  • AC motor
  • Bus system
  • DC motors
  • Electrical motor: AC motor
  • Electrical motor: Brushless DC motor
  • Electrical motor: DC Motor
  • Gear: Gearbox, dynamic gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, spur gears
  • Handling: Positioning actuator
  • Handling: Positioning system
  • Linear actuator: Linear drive system
  • Linear motion: Linear actuator
  • Linear motion: Linear actuator
  • Linear motion: Linear motor
  • Motor: Gear unit with DC motor
  • Motor: Gear unit with synchronous motor
  • Positioning actuator
  • Pressure transducer