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Company Profile

For over 28 years, MATRIX VISION has been developing industrial image processing components and customized solutions. Special emphasis is devoted to the commercialization of high-quality digital and smart cameras for various industrial sectors.

Markets and applications

MATRIX VISION develops for and in conjunction with its system partners components and solutions for various industrial sectors. Effective solutions are in demand, not only in quality control of high-speed manufacturing processes with a high information density such as in the automobile industry or in mechanical engineering. The fields of surveillance, robotics, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food-stuffs, printing, photography, microscopy and medicine also place high demands on the hard- and software of image processing systems.

MATRIX VISION bears all this in mind with a maximum utility for the user as a result of extensive range of products.

Classical and innovative products
Our frame grabbers for handling color and gray scale image data with analog, digital or CameraLink interface will continue to defend their market position for a long time to come.

FireWire solutions complement this range of products. Our intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX, USB camera mvBlueFOX and GigE camera mvBlueCOUGAR cater for the trend towards integration of camera, acquisition, processing and networking applications.

The mvIMPACT software for applications such as measurement, OCR/OCV, as well as pattern, barcode, data matrix, object and color recognition, optimally supports the hardware.

Our strong-points
Beside an extensive range of standard products we develop custom-specific OEM solutions, which provide maximum utility for the user as a result of continuous advancement.

Product range

- frame grabbers
- intelligent camera systems
- cameras
- FireWire solutions
- accessories
- lighting systems
- software libraries and tools
- OEM and customized developments
- services

About the company

The company was founded in 1986 by W. Armingeon and G. Thullner. Since 1992, the focus of our product line has been exclusively on the industrial image processing market. With a current staff of more than 80 employees, we develop, support and distribute our extensive range of products worldwide.