Business Profile

Experts in metrology and positioning
SYMETRIE is one of the world's leading providers of hexapod solutions for positioning and motion applications. Our vision is to be dedicated to help customers through a motion world. Our strategy is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Our corporate identity is made of the following values:
Innovation, Reactivity, Quality

Innovation because technology's improvements always go further.

Reactivity because we find solutions within a short period of time.

Quality because SYMETRIE carefully respects a quality system according to the ISO 9000 norms.

What is a hexapod?
A hexapod, or Stewart platform, is a parallel kinematics system composed of six struts to provide motion and accuracy for positioning, following six Degrees Of Freedom, or commonly abbreviated 6 DOF, which are x, y, z, pitch, roll and yaw.

What is it used for?
With its six actuators, a hexapod is capable of moving in any direction or orientation, generating strong and dynamic motions and controlling those motions. Therefore, it is used to test materials, products and for swell simulations.

Hexapods are frequently used in industries like shipbuilding, spatial, aeronautics, automotive, optics, medical, nuclear, electronics, and by many research centers.

Which advantages?
- Very high accuracy
- Less errors due to a simple structure
- Better stiffness ratio
- Strong kinematics: more payload
- Better inertia
- Intuitive control
- Pivot point can be tuned
- Easy accessibility for payload installation


Project study and hexapod design
SYMETRIE will help you to succeed in your positioning and motion projects. Our team of engineers works closely with you to find the suited solution to your specific needs and requirements.

Hexapod realization and controls
SYMETRIE's expertise in hexapods allows its team to provide a turn-key solution from design to realization and command control.

System control and installation
Equipped by a whole range of efficient measurement systems, SYMETRIE delivers and installs your system with care.