• Offer Profile
  • Janz Automation Systems Ltd., based in Paderborn since 1982, is one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for the automation technology industry. Our core business is in the production of components and systems that are manufactured to industry standards but that can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

    Our product range:
    - Custom Designed
    - Embedded Computing
    - Applied Computing
    - Industrial Communication (InCom)
    - Software
Product Portfolio
  • Embedded Computing / Industrial PC

  • emPC

    • emPC-X1600

    • The emPC-X1600 system is a high performance
      embedded computing system with lowest dimensions.

      Janz Automationssysteme AG developed this kind of
      controlling unit for applications where high
      performance is needed in lowest dimensions. Also
      x86 based operating systems, e.g. Windows XP and
      Windows XPembedded can be used with this tiny
      computing system.
    • emPC-A400

    • The emPC-A400/A500 systems are flexible embedded computing system with lowest dimensions.

      Janz Automationssysteme AG developed this kind of
      controlling unit for automation solutions which need
      standard communication systems combined with
      lowest dimensions.

      Due to permanent minimization of all machines the
      emPC-A400/A500 systems are the smallest computing systems which are actually available at the market.
    • emPC-A500

    • It is powered by an ARM based processor with
      400 MHz or 600 MHz. With 128 MB system memory
      and Windows CE or Linux as operating system most
      automation solutions can be designed using this

      Additionally the emPC-A400/A500 systems are mounted internally to the emVIEW product family of the Janz Automationssysteme AG. So customers must not decide between two different systems when they need a stand-alone system or sometimes a HMI solution. The only decision customers need to do in this case is the decision about the size of the display they need!
    • emPC-X133

    • The emPC-X133 system is an embedded computing
      system with up to three integrated CAN/CANopen
      ports. Janz Automationssysteme AG developed this
      kind of controlling unit for automation solutions which
      need standard communication systems combined
      with x86 based software solutions.

      Due to permanent minimization of all machines the
      emPC-X133 is one of the smallest computing
      systems which are actually available at the market.
    • emPC-M Series

    • The emPC-M family is a flexible embedded computing system based on high performance processor technologies.

      Due to permanent minimization of all machines the
      emPC-M series is a small but flexible and high performance computing system which matches all needs of different customized solutions.

      It is powered by different specified CPU modules
      starting at Geode LX800 up to Intel Core2Duo with
      actually up to 2 x 1.66 GHz.
    • emPC-M Series

    • An IEC 61131-3 Soft PLC solution is also available
      and makes the emPC-M series to a high quality control system. Janz is a member of the CoDeSys Automation Alliance (CAA) and so Janz is able to supply CoDeSys with its options to all emPC systems.

      Additionally the emPC-M systems are able to be
      mounted on the rear side of a LCD display to become a flexible HMI system with or without touch screen. Look for our emVIEW systems for more information. The emPC-M series is available with Linux, Windows XP, XPembedded, Vista or Windows CE 5.0/6.0/7 as operating system.
  • emVIEW

    • emVIEW Panel PC

    • The Janz’ emVIEW family includes the high flexible
      and high performance emPC-M family as well as the emPC-A400 systems. For emVIEW systems based on the emPC-A400 please notice the special related

      emVIEWs based on the emPC-M systems are flexible regarding performance and included components.

      User can choose out of different processor types – from AMD Geode LX800 up to Intel Core2Duo technology – and different additional options. Specific
      information about these options can be found in the
      emPC-M related datasheets.
    • emVIEW Displays

    • The Janz’ emVIEW family is a powerful and flexible
      HMI series with connected TFT LCD displays.

      Standard emVIEW systems come with integrated
      displays, but additionally Janz AG is able to supply
      stand alone displays for industrial environments.
      The displays are available
    • emVIEW Displays

    • Features / Technical Specifications
      • Aluminum front panel with front foil for corporate design (standard is Janz’ design)
      • dimensions and weights see table
      • Touchscreen
      • resistive touchscreen

      • Connectors / Ports
      • backside 5 control buttons for Power (On/Off), OSD (activating), Confirm (for OSD menu), Up and Down (navigation within OSD menu)
      • VGA and DVI-I graphic port
      • RS232 and USB touchscreen port
      • power connector for 14...32VDC power supply

      • CoDeSys Embedded

      • The combination of the Janz emPC or emVIEW
        systems together with the IEC 61131-3 programming
        tool CoDeSys results in the emCONTROL product
        family. Together with CoDeSys Janz is able to support all their customers with a powerful Soft PLC solution.
        The emCONTROL systems comes as stand-alone
        controller (emPC) or as powerful HMI solutions
        (emVIEW). Customers can choose out of a wide
        range of different options for CoDeSys to control their
        complete automation solution with a lot of actuators,
        sensors, drives etc. from different suppliers all over
        the world.

  • Janz Industrial PC Systems
    • APOLLO

    • The APOLLO Panel PC is designed for ROLEC or
      other suspension systems. It can also be wall mounted or installed in racks. It is a main board system equipped with an Intel Pentium M technology. It is a completely passive cooled system and all drive bays and connectors are behind a dust proof front door.
      The storage medium is a standard hard disk, and the
      system is fast enough for use with operating systems like Windows XP/VISTA or Linux.

    • ATLANTIS systems come with standard housings to be mounted in 19 inch racks. Customers can choose between standard main board technology or passive backplane with Slot-CPU board. It is optionally available with up to four independent CPU systems (Quad-System). The standard height is 4U but we can also supply 1U, 2U up to 7U housings, enabling customers to choose the exact housing for their special requirements. Colors and customer specific signs are optional available.

    • ENDEAVOUR systems are special systems with passive backplane and Slot-CPU. The newest housing for ENDEAVOUR (with complete slots, drives and LEDs at the front panel) is specially designed for a Pentium IV processor.
      So customers have a space saving system with high performance. ISA and PCI extension slots enable customers to use additional boards with special functions.
  • Custom Designed

  • Many Janz customers have experienced the fact that we offer expert, knowledgeable support from our own development department. They are also pleased to find that we are a reliable, close-contact partner, offering prompt assistance with hardware and software development technical issues.

    Janz offers solutions that are as unique as your needs and requirements. We are eager to provide our customers with optimal solutions – matched to the application and customer-specific requirements. From project planning right up to product delivery - even fitting customized logos - we will create your custom product!
    We can deliver our embedded and industrial PCs in various colours and designs to suit customer requirements, so all custom designed, whether you need a few hundred systems or just a few pieces. We are well-equipped for the future and few have products already in the pipeline to meet tomorrow’s customer needs.

  • CAN

  • General about CAN
    CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus system especially suited for networking ”intelligent” devices as well as sensors and actuators within a system or a sub-system.

    The attributes of CAN
    CAN is a bus system with multi-master capabilities, that is, all CAN nodes can request the bus simultaneously. The bus system CAN with real-time capabilities is the subject of the international standard ISO/DIS 11898 and covers the lowest two layers of the ISO/OSI reference model.
    In CAN networks there is no addressing of subscribers or stations in the conventional sense, but instead, prioritized messages are transmitted. Introductory courses, function libraries, starter kits, host interfaces, I/O modules and tools are available permitting low cost implementation of CAN networks. Low-cost controller chips implementing the CAN data link layer protocol in silicon and permitting simple connection to microcontrollers have been available since 1989. The use of CAN in most of European passenger cars and the decision by truck and offroad vehicle vendors for CAN guarantees the availability of CAN chips for the next 10 years minimum. Other high volume markets, like domestic appliances and industrial control, also increase the CAN sales figures. One of the outstanding features of the CAN protocol is its high transmission reliability. The maximum transmission rate is specified as 1 MBit/s. This value applies to networks up to 40 m. For longer distances the data rate must be reduced: for distances up to 500 m a speed of 125 kBit/s is possible, and for transmissions up to 1 km a data rate of 50kBit/s is permitted.

    Janz CAN Products – The first choice of the market leaders!

    Janz CAN host interfaces are available for a wide range of different platforms, like ISA/PCI, CompactPCI, VMEbus, PCcard (PCMCIA), PMC, PC/104 and others. Software support and libraries with standard APIs for Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks and many other operating systems are also available.
    Many companies all over the world have chosen Janz Automationssysteme AG as reliable supplier for CAN products of highest quality, with unrivalled product support.
    Choosing the right system platform and the right operating system for your special project is critical. Janz' CAN products are widely recognized as the best solution for quality projects from design and implementation and on in to production.

    • CAN-StarterKit

    • StarterKit for CAN / CANopen incl. analyzing tool and documentation
    • CAN-PC/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Interface for ISA Systems
    • CAN-PCI/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Connection for PCI Systems
    • CAN-PCI2

    • Intelligent CAN Connection for PCI Systems
    • CAN-PCIeL

    • 4 Channel Passive CAN/CANopen Interface for PCIexpress Slots
    • CAN-PCIL

    • Unintelligent CAN-Interface for PCI systems
    • CAN-PCIH

    • Embedded CAN Interface for PCI Systems
    • CAN-104

    • Intelligent CAN Connection for 16 bit PC/104-Systems
    • CAN-104L(+)

    • CAN Interface for 16 Bit PC/104 or 32 Bit PC/104+ Systems
    • CAN-PMC2

    • Intelligent CAN Connection for PMC Systems
    • CANcard

    • Intelligent CAN Connection for PCcard (PCMCIA)
    • CAN-USB

    • CAN Connection for USB Ports
    • CAN-VME3/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Connection for 3U VMEbus Systems
    • CAN-VME6/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Connection for 6U VMEbus Systems
    • CAN-CP3/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Interface for 3U CompactPCI Systems
    • CAN-CP6/K2

    • Modular intelligent CAN Connection for 6U CompactPCI Systems
    • CPCI-CAN

    • Intelligent CAN Connection for 6U CompactPCI Systems
    • CAN-OPTOkit

    • CAN Connection for Fiber Optic

    • Decentralized I/O Node with MODULbus Socket
    • CAN-W348

    • Decentral CANopen Field Bus Coupler
  • POWERLINK - The Real Time Ethernet

  • POWERLINK is deterministic real-time protocol for standard Ethernet. It distinguishes between real time domains and Non Real Time domains. This separation matches typical machine and plant concepts. It also satisfies the increasing security demands to prevent hacker attacks on the machine level or harm through erroneous data communication on higher network hierarchies. Hard Real Time requirements are met within the real time domain. Less time critical data is routed transparently between the real time domain and non real time domain using standard IP frames. A clear boundary between a machine and factory network prevents potential security flaws from the very beginning while keeping full data transparency.
      • PL-PCI

      • High Performance PCI Interface for POWERLINK
        • local IBM PowerPC405GPR processor with 266 MHz (AMCC PPC405GPr)
        • bus clock frequency 133 MHz, 33 MHz local bus
        • 64 MB SDRAM, 1 MB Boot Flash
        • 1 kB EEPROM
        • three physical 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces (auto-MDIX)
        • RS232 serial interface
  • VMEbus Technology

  • VMEbus Technology is the only computing technology which has been established in the market for more than 20 years now. Additional to the special industrial requirements the VMEbus adapted himself over the past to all new requirements at the industrial market. It permanent has been developed with new features. The most important detail must be the forward and backward compatibility. So VMEbus can be used over a period of many years.
    All VMEbus products can being combined with VMEbus products of different manufacturers. So all VMEbus systems are 100% compatible to each other.
    • VMOD-32

    • MC68332 based 6U VMEbus CPU Board
    • VDIN-32

    • 32 Channel Input Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VDIN-96

    • 96 Channel Input Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VDOT-32

    • 32 Channel Digital I/O Bora for 6U VMEbus
    • VDOT-96

    • 96 Channel Output Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VDIO-32

    • 32 Channel Ouput Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VDIO-64

    • 64 Channel Digital I/O Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VPIO-80

    • 80 Channel Parallel I/O Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VREL-32

    • 32 Channel Relay Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VSIO-D8

    • 8 Serial Interfaces for 6U VMEbus (RS232 or Current Loop)
    • VSIO-A8

    • 8 Serial Interfaces for 6U VMEbus (RS232, RS422 or Current Loop)
    • VMEM-C16

    • Flexible Memory Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VDEV-IO

    • Prototyping Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VMOD-3U

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for 3U VMEbus
    • VMOD-IO

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for 6U VMEbus
    • VMOD-IO2

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for 6U VME64x
  • MODULbus

  • The MODULbus I/O concept is a system independent flexible modular input/output solution for industrial applications. It consists of a carrier board for the specific host computer bus system (VMEbus, CompactPCI, ISA, PCI) and a range of more than 50 different I/O modules with MODULbus interface to the carrier board.
    Using the MODULbus I/O concept, the system integrator is able to develop computer systems with flexible configurations for application in industrial environments, small and low-cost solutions for e.g. test and measurement purpose can also easily be designed.
    • MOD-ATS

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for ISA Systems (short form factor)
    • MOD-AT

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for ISA Systems (long form factor)
    • MOD-PCI

    • MODULbus carrier board for PC PCI (short form factor)
    • MOD-PCI4

    • MODULbus Carrier Board for PCI Systems (long form factor)
    • VMOD-BE8

    • 8 Channel Digital Input Module
    • VMOD-BE20

    • 20 Channel Digital Input Module
    • VMOD-BA5

    • 8 Channel Digital Output Module
    • VMOD-BA20

    • 20 Channel Digital Output Module
    • VMOD-TTL

    • 20 Channel Digital I/O Modul (TTL Level)
    • VMOD-8E8 / VMOD-8E16

    • 8/16 Channel Analog Input Module
    • VMOD-12E4

    • 4 Channel Analog Input Module
    • VMOD-12E16

    • 8/16 Channel Analog Input Module
    • VMOD-16E4

    • 4 Channel Analog Input Module
    • VMOD-8A4 / VMOD-8A8

    • 4/8 Channel Analog Output Module
    • VMOD-12A2 / VMOD-12A4

    • 2/4 Channel Analog Output Module
    • VMOD-12A8

    • 8 Channel Analog Output Module
    • VMOD-16A1 / VMOD-16A2

    • 1/2 Channel Analog Output Module
    • VMOD-SIO2

    • 2 Channel Serial Interface Module
    • VMOD-SIO4

    • 4 Channel Serial Interface Module
    • VMOD-CEN

    • Centronics Printer Interface

    • SCSI/SCSI-2 Controller Module
    • VMOD-COMlink

    • Intelligent PLC Link Concept (3964R)

    • Intelligent Profibus DP Slave Module
    • VMOD-ICAN3

    • Intelligent CAN Controller Module for MODULbus sockets

    • FullCAN controller module for MODULbus sockets

    • Time and Distance Measurement Module
    • VMOD-MTC

    • Motion Controller Module for DC and Stepper Motors
    • VMOD-MTC2

    • Motion Controller Module for DC Servo Motors