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  • Offer Profile
  • Kontron AG ranks as one of the world's largest manufacturers of embedded computer technology (ECT) and supplies leading OEMs, system integrators and application providers in the most varied market segments such as data and telecommunications, automation, mobile computing, medical technology, military technology, aerospace, and measuring and control engineering. The aim is to create major competitive advantages for customers through a significant reduction of time-to-market and costs.
Product Portfolio
  • Boards & Standard Form Factors

      • COMe

      • COM Express® defines standardized form factors and pin-outs for Computer-on-Modules. The standard includes the mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm). To serve industry requirements, the Digital Display Interfaces (DisplayPort, HDMI) and super-fast USB 3.0 were recently added to the pin-out definitions for COM Express modules.
      • ETX®

      • ETX® - Highly integrated, PC-compatible embedded modules based on x86 CPU architecture – all that on a footprint of 95 x 114 mm.
      • SMARC™

      • Low-power embedded architecture platform for Computer-on-Modules based on ARM technology Creating mobile, embedded, connected solutions Scalable building blocks Optimized pin-out definition for ARM technology
        • Creating mobile, embedded, connected solutions
        • Scalable building blocks
        • Optimized pin-out definition for ARM technology
        • Ultra low-power, low-profile solutions
        • Constructed to withstand harsh industrial environments
      • Motherboards

      • Kontron offers a broad range of high quality longevity motherboards from Mini-ITX to full size ATX, covering Embedded and Server market. This variety of motherboards serves the different needs of our customers in almost all applications. These motherboards are based on newest processors and chipset platforms, and utilize advanced technology components.

        These longevity motherboards follow international industry size standards with well-defined mounting holes and standard I/O bracket areas. In addition, Kontron offers many value-added services like detailed documentation, display support and complete life-cycle management. The Embedded and Server motherboards offer up to 7 years product availability from the release date, based on embedded key components. In applications where permanence and risk avoidance must be optimized, Kontron's experience in a variety of markets leads customers to the solution that meets their critical programming and cost objectives.
      • AdvancedTCA

      • AdvancedTCA (ATCA) is a standard for telecom applications bringing the features of proprietary architectures and the CompactPCI standard with his high packing density and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) together.
      • AdvancedMC

      • AMC (AdvancedMC) is the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group's specification (PICMG AMC.0 , AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and AMC.4 respectively) for hot-swappable and field-replaceable mezzanine cards. For designers looking for the ultimate computing power in a small form factor, Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) has already established itself on the market as a versatile and powerful embedded product. For use in both ATCA and MicroTCA Systems , AdvancedMCs offer serial interfaces and support different transport systems such as, PCIExpress, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Serial Rapid I/0 and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)/SATA (Serial ATA). AdvancedMC modules are the key for building MicroTCA platforms, to extend the value of AdvancedTCA platforms and to enable proprietary platforms with the necessary functionality.
      • VME

      • VME Technology adheres to the open system architecture definition of real-time, modular embedded computing systems. Intensive development and field deployed systems have proven out the concept of VMEbus. The developers within the VMEbus community are committed to technology excellence through evolutionary changes. Being one of the early pioneers of VMEbus, Kontron can look back over 25 years experience in standard and custom VME products. As an active member of the VITA (VMEbus Trade Organization) and driving force of the Freescale Design Alliance, Kontron is leading the way to a brighter future in VME technology.
      • VPX

      • VPX (VITA 46) is poised to become the successor of VME in all harsh environment applications for the next 20 years. VPX systems implement 3U and 6U board computing and offer enormous bandwidth potential on the backplane thanks to a new multigig connector. PCIe, GETH traffic on the VPX backplane can be found today. Soon VPX will also include 10GETH, RapidIO, and high speed inter FPGA I/Os. Kontron offers the essential building blocs to create efficient and economical VPX embedded computers.

        VPX specifications have been focused at the board level, but there is also a need for considering system-level requirements to improve interoperability and reduce customization, testing, cost, and risk. The OpenVPX Systems Specification (VITA 65) defines an architecture framework that manages and constrains module and backplane designs, including defining pin outs, and sets interoperability points within VPX while maintaining full compliance with VPX.
      • CPCI

      • Kontron offers one of the broadest portfolios on CompactPCI boards and Platforms in the market. Choosing from scalable 3U or 6U boards, you can configure your CompactPCI Platform to your application needs. Today’s demands on industrial PC technology require intelligent, cost-optimized products that are suitable for rugged environments and ensure longevity. These factors, along with many others, bring system designers back to the robust, modular and standardized CompactPCI / CPCI platforms. Available in both 3U and 6U form factors, this technology offers the latest and fastest Intel® Core™ processor technology for applications across all market spaces. Driven and supported by the PICMG group for more than 10 years, CompactPCI (CPCi) platforms are designed for modularity, ruggedization, Hot Swap, system management and provide densed computing performance, which is supported by optimized air or conduction cooled concepts.
      • CPCI Serial

      • The CompactPCI serial standard is an evolution of the existing PICMG 2.0 specification, which is characterized by serial communications over the backplane. Supports expansion cards, which can either be connected via Ethernet, PCI Express, SATA or USB. In specification-compliant system enclosures while any combinations of such cards are pluggable, which are directly supported up to eight. Bridges also on appropriate solutions with a significantly greater number of expansion cards can be implemented. This high flexibility in the design allows implementing very different system configurations
      • PMC/XMC

      • PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC)
        Standardized by the IEEE association, PMC is the de facto standard for mezzanine cards used in the VME, CompactPCI and VPX ecosystems. PMC offers system designers a reliable form factor with the high-performance of the PCI bus.

        Switch Mezzanine Card (XMC)
        XMC is a PMC with high-speed serial fabric interconnect defined by the VITA 42 standard. XMC specifies an additional connector (P5) that support PCI Express(VITA 42.3) or other high speed serial formats such as Serial RapidIO (VITA 42.2) and Parallel RapidIO (VITA 42.1)

        FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)
        FPGA Mezzanine Card, or FMC, as defined in VITA 57 provides a specification describing a new I/O mezzanine module that will connect to, but not be limited to, 3U and 6U form factor cards. FMC modules use a smaller form factor compared with PMC or XMC modules, and assume connection to an FPGA or other device with reconfigurable I/O capability. It is expected that the FMC will be used in a wide range of markets, environments, and carrier card form factors supporting a wide range of I/O interfaces. The standard describes options to create modules for operating in a range of environments from passively cooled to fully ruggedized conduction cooled.
    • Systems & Software

        • Aircraft Computers

        • The rugged airborne systems products family enable in-flight broadband services including: Internet, VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment choices.
        • Connectivity

        • Areas of Application
          Network Technology connects all types of computers in Communication Networks, Industrial Production, Process Control, Public Transportation, Energy Production & Distribution, and Defense. Kontron Embedded Network Technology supports the environmental conditions, longtime supply and special demands for such applications with leading edge features and customer support.

          Ease of Use
          Kontron Network Technology products are designed to be easy to configure and use by operators in the field. The hardware is designed to suit versatile application demands in the field, where the software provides an extensive feature set and professional interfaces for configuration and remote management. Manuals and product documentation provide clear instructions for operators. All products have the same operation interfaces and thus a familiar environment for operators accross the complete portfolio.
        • Industrial Computers

          At Kontron we don’t just repackage personal computer technology. Instead we develop true industrial computer platforms to enable tomorrow’s industrial production. Kontron’s IoT-ready KBox family is an industrial computer platform, designed to enable predictable productivity in a connected environment. Developed for smart automation, wartungsfrei (maintenance-free) and based on the Forever Young philosophy, it accelerates your time to deployment and optimizes TCO without sacrificing your innovative potential.

          Kontron’s IoT ready industrial computer platforms, e.g. the KBox family, are designed to ideally prepare your production facility or asset for Industry 4.0.

          Kontron’s KBox family is wartungsfrei (maintenance-free), minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) while ensuring utmost availability.

          By enabling maximum flexibility and upgradeability, the KBox family’s modular approach allows you to break through the obsolescence barrier.

          The KBox family is designed for a variety of industrial applications. The real-time design makes it suitable as a controller platform, while the advanced graphics capabilities are a perfect match for your HMI – MES applications. Moreover, the built-in communication options and environmental specification make the KBox an ideal platform for remote monitoring applications.
        • Medical Computers

        • Kontron is a well experienced partner for medical OEMs. Offering application ready platforms and value adding services we enable our customers to create sustainable and viable medical solutions.

          Kontron products are found in applications throughout the industry including imaging, patient monitoring, diagnostics, therapy, tele-health, proactive health as well as clinical IT.
        • Monitors

        • The 100% industry-capable monitors meet the toughest environmental requirements concerning shock, vibration and temperature resistance.
        • Panel PC

        • Modern industrial design, usability and flexibility – these are the most important challenges for today’s human machine interfaces. Inspired by consumer-oriented products industrial Panel PCs are facing new challenges. They are becoming more than just a functional add-on. Human machine interfaces as integral part of the user experience have to be user-friendly, intuitive and flexible interfaces offering at the same time state-of-the art look and feel.
          Kontron’s HMIs are the perfect answer to these demanding and increasing requirements as they are: intelligent, intuitive and scalable. The product families of Kontron´s Panel PC systems offers a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions. Widescreen displays in 16:9 format allow the visualization of more detailed and different data at one glance. Multi-touch functionalities increase the intuitive usability of the user interface and glass front displays ensure a modern industrial design. Kontron offers a wide range of resistive and capacitive touch screen solutions.
          Kontron’s industrial Panel PCs are ready-to-run systems assuring the compatibility of hardware and software. The 100 % industry-capable touch panels and rugged displays meet the toughest industrial requirements concerning shock, vibration and temperature resistance. No matter what your requirements are, Kontron provides you with semi- and full-customized Panel PCs and Intelligent Displays for a wide range of applications within Medical, Industrial, Transportation and Military.
        • Rack Mount Systems

        • Kontron offers a large array of Intel® based Rackmount Platforms around two core architectures: passive backplane (SBC) and motherboard. The benefits of the passive backplane are its ability to support a greater number and combination of ISA, PCI, PCI express expansion slots (up to 14) and to offer longer life cycles, which can be greater than 5 years.

          • Low noise design
          • Long life time support >5 years
          • Newest processor architectures
          • Shock proof design
          • Excellent thermal design
          • Hot swap chassis fans
          • Easy maintainability
        • Rugged Tablets

        • With unprecedented connectivity, flexibility and performance packed into a robust and durable design, the Kontron Rugged Endurance Tablet is an ideal device for versatile operations in rough and harsh environments, providing an incomparable user experience.

          Extremely powerful, durable, robust!
          • Fully robust and lightweight
          • Optimal viewing experience
          • Ultimate connectivity
          • Extensive battery life
        • Vehicle Computers

        • The dependency on electronics has grown with each generation of embedded transportation system. With our extensive and proven history of successful embedded computing deployments, Kontron understands the need to provide technology that enables continued advancements, expansion and long-term value. Kontron provides transportation system designers with a highly flexible COTS-based solutions that efficiently combines standard and custom elements. Our innovative features offer a streamlined solution that brings railway-specific functionalities and design value to the core to dramatically reduce OEM time-to-market and meet cost of ownership goals.
        • Software

        • KeAPI 3.0
          Kontron API

          KeAPI is a single device interface that enables a user to access information to the different components of Kontron hardware including the power supply unit, display panel, board information, and BIOS version. Access to I²C, SMBus, GPIOs, and EEPROM is also included. KeAPI supports PICMG standard and is EAPI compliant.

          Device Monitoring, Control and Management tools

          Kontron’s Device Monitoring, Control and Management tools (DMCM) provide easy, multiple device access to health management information to all Kontron hardware. Devices can be accessed simultaneously at any time and from anywhere. Highlights include a secure transportation layer to remotely access custom sensors, sensor information, remote device fleet management and device authentication. Functionality also includes support for networks based in different locations as well as full integration into customer’s existing software.
      • Industries

          • Automation

          • Enabling Tomorrow’s Industrial Production
            Every day, the world’s factories are growing smarter and more connected. In no small part, this is driven by developments in industrial computer platforms, the central components for the control, interaction and connection of machines and processes. As a global leader in embedded computing technology, Kontron closely collaborates with its extensive network of partners and suppliers to push boundaries in security, reliability, manageability and datability – opening up new horizons in predictable productivity.

            Smart Automation
            At Kontron, we don't just repackage personal computer technology. Instead, we develop true industrial computer platforms to enable tomorrow's production. Kontron’s IoT-ready industrial computer platforms are designed to ideally prepare your production facility or asset ready for Industry 4.0 to pave the way for highly efficient and flexible automation solutions. They accelerate your time to deployment and optimize your TCO without sacrificing your innovative potential.
          • Avionics

            Kontron has 30+ years experience building ultra-rugged computing platforms designed for commercial and defense applications, and is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the In flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFE&C) market. With a thorough understanding of engineering high-performance, mission critical computers deployed in harsh environments, Kontron has a skill set perfectly matched to the needs of the commercial aerospace industry and is the ideal partner to bring your IFE&C system to life.

            As a premier supplier of integrated hardware systems for the commercial aerospace industry, products include critical system components to enable in-flight broadband services including: Internet, VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment choices in a fully-integrated wireless cabin over a broadband air-to-ground or air-to-satellite link.
          • Communications

            A surefire way for equipment vendors to overcome many of the key resource, time, and cost challenges when designing carrier grade and mission critical network communications equipment is to start with Kontron Open Communication Platforms (OCP).

            Kontron works closely with telecom equipment manufacturers (TEM ) and network equipment providers (NEP) clients to match the right mix of integrated hardware and software platforms to your specific system-level network solutions.

            Kontron offers an ample breadth of standardized Application-Ready hardware components and platforms that include 10G and 40G Carrier Grade AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and MicroTCA multicore platforms, plus a range of Carrier Grade and Mission Critical Communications Rack Mount Servers. Add to this a choice of service levels for the integration of OS, middleware, and HPI software, and third-party hardware component validation.
          • Defense


            Ever-increasing computational, sensor and bandwidth defense system demands combine with shrinking budgets and deployment schedules to task developers to do more with less. Working with Kontron, defense contractors can depend on global supplier of feature-rich and technically advanced solutions achieved through decades of experience engineering rugged, high performance mission-critical computers. Satisfying the most demanding defense computing requirements, Kontron excels at delivering COTS application-ready platforms and customized systems specifically designed to accelerate time to market. Kontron is also a driving force enabling real world, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which play a key role in securing, connecting and managing disparate devices for increased intelligence.
          • Energy


            The energy industry is growing
            With fossil fuels being depleted at an ever increasing rate, energy is becoming the decisive economic factor. In the emerging markets, energy consumption is growing exponentially. Many alternative energy companies are creating new economies in order to facilitate a more sustainable energy market.

            In contrast to other energy sources which are concentrated in a limited number of countries renewable energy resources and significant opportunities for energy efficiency exist over wide geographical areas. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and technological diversification of energy sources, would result in significant energy, security and economic benefits.
          • Infotainment

          • All over the world Kontron’s Computer-On-Modules (COMs), Embedded Motherboards, Box-PCs, customized embedded computer systems and application-ready solutions/platforms are active round the clock in Infotainment applications (Gaming/Entertainment, POS/POI, Digital Signage and Multi Media.

             Kontron is a full-service OEM solutions provider, offering highly integrated application-ready embedded computer platforms for your unique application in gaming and entertainment.

             Kontron supplies customized application-ready POS/POI solutions offering standard-based products for indoor and outdoor installations, e.g. bank terminals, check-in kiosks and digital signage at airports or motorway toll collect stations.
          • Medical


            Digital innovation in healthcare

            The healthcare market is transforming rapidly, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and its focus on connectivity, security, scalability and sustainability. Applications range from IoT end devices to infrastructure systems, moving well beyond just data collection and now enabling insight for smart, practical applications that add value to patient care by providing real-time data and also reduce the cost of care.

            Kontron is helping major medical equipment OEMs to develop equipment that is more simple to operate, costs less and enables connected healthcare using IoT.
          • Transportation

          • Kontron’s standards-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom solutions offers transportation OEMs worldwide presence and experience. Each global and local application in rail, road, air and shipping traffic demands specific computing technology, answered effectively with Kontron’s wide product portfolio and extensive application experience in these transportation segments.

            Kontron's in-depth knowledge of local and international standards and requirements simplifies application development by ensuring validated solutions. Developing, engineering, certifying and manufacturing through a single source guarantee the highest quality and ensure that standards such as ISO9001, EN50155, SIL4, etc. are adhered to strictly. Regular audit checks constantly secure the quality of all parts.

            A global market leader for embedded computing technology (ECT), Kontron delivers a broad line of standards-based transportation computers and custom solutions for rail, road, air and shipping traffic.