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  • Offer Profile
  • SPI Lasers is one of the world’s leading Fiber Laser designers and manufacturers, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best quality products and after sales service.

    With over 350 employees serving customers in more than 150 countries, we aspire to become the best global manufacturer of Fiber Lasers as measured by our stakeholders, customers and employees.

    We offer a wide range of Pulsed and CW Lasers, as well as numerous after sales services for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies and multinational corporations.

    Welding, cutting, marking and micro-machining operations can be carried out faster and more accurately with an SPI Laser for better reliability, less waste and improved productivity.
Product Portfolio
  • Industrial Fiber Laser Range

  • redENERGY® and redPOWER® Fiber Lasers
    Our redENERGY® and redPOWER® Fiber Laser range comprises fused components, meaning the performance is not dependent on the alignment of rods and mirrors, nor can dirt or dust ingress the resonator and deteriorate its properties. For manufacturers using our Lasers, this eliminates the need for time-consuming, routine maintenance.

    The absence of water-cooled pump chambers negates the risk of leaks that could cause the rods to fail, avoiding service costs. In addition, the use of a doped fiber as the gain medium in Fiber Lasers results in intrinsically stable beam quality, regardless of any heat load, with high brightness, and even in fundamental mode if designed accordingly.
    Our Fiber Lasers can be supplied with patented Luminator™ fiber-delivery options. These ensure safe and reliable 3D manipulation of the Laser beam and positive material processing results.
    Our Fiber Laser range includes both rack-mountable and OEM units for your fiber laser system, offering both air and water cooled options, depending on the respective output powers.

    All our Fiber Lasers benefit from a number of key product qualities that in turn have a direct impact on the performance of our customers products and organisations.
    • Greater flexibilityGreater flexibility
      Our Fiber Laser range offer users greater flexibility based on an extended range of performance features. Our redPOWER CW HS Laser models benefit from higher modulation rates and closed loop operations, while redENERGY Pulsed EP Series Laser sources offer the greatest range of pulse width variability from 3-500ns, with up to 1MHz operation, and CW capability.
    • Superior qualitySuperior quality
      All our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to be of the highest quality, resulting in excellent levels of reliability. In addition our diverse feature suite allows greater control for enhanced processing results.
    • Increased productivityIncreased productivity
      Our broad product range enables sources to be tailored to specific applications through optimised beam quality by choice of delivery fiber in redPOWER CW Lasers, and M2 in redENERGY Pulsed Lasers. In addition, in our redENERGY Lasers, the optimisation of pulse duration and frequency can often enhance productivity.
    • Improved profitabilityImproved profitability
      Whether you are an integrator or end user, our objective is to help our customers be more successful. Our Lasers are compact, easy to integrate, and available at levels of integration to suit customer requirements. Compared with other solid state Lasers, Fiber Lasers offer greater efficiency and reliability, lower running costs, and virtually no on-going maintenance. In combination with enhanced processing performance, our Lasers can help deliver enhanced profit.
      • redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers

      • Our range of redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers are efficient and flexible and provide exceptional levels of power and control while cutting, welding, and drilling.

        Depending upon customer requirements, Lasers can be supplied with a variety of power outputs from 300W, all the way up to 10kW. There are four models in the redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers range, designed to have the flexibility to meet all your power requirements. Click on the images above for more information on the product that best suits your needs.

        Our redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers can be supplied in a variety of formats; whether you are looking for a standalone unit to incorporate into an existing machine / system or, want a fully functioning system delivered in a ‘plug and play’ format for instant performance. Whatever the requirement, you are sure to find a solution amongst our flexible array of redPOWER CW Lasers.

        Fit & Forget Technology
        All our redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers are designed to be maintenance free, utilising ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, allowing you to focus on output, rather than time consuming maintenance schedules. Designed for manufacturability and reliability redPOWER sets new standards of product quality, backed by comprehensive warranties as standard.

        Laser Functionality
        Provided below are a snapshot of the functionality of the redPOWER CW Lasers range. Highlight/click on one of the images below to view them in more detail:
        • Materials – Work with metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless and Mild Steel as well as reflective metals, Multi-layer metal composites,and ceramics
        • Exceptional control – Puts you in control with a range of easy to use, and manage, user-driven options
        • Connectivity – There are multiple connectivity options to suit every requirement
        • Environmentally friendly – Reduce your carbon footprint through lower energy usage, and less use of chemicals
        • Rack mounted – There are options to have a rack mounted CW laser, providing easy integration, as well as a consistency of final look and appearance
        • Warranty – Each CW laser is supplied with a comprehensive two year warranty
          • redPOWER QUBE 300W - 2kW

          • Power and control for cutting, welding and micro-machining.
            The redPOWER® QUBE series of Fiber Lasers has been designed and tested to meet the highest standards of reliability, performance, repeatability and user safety.

            redPOWER® QUBE Fiber Lasers deliver substantial commercial benefits over alternative technologies, offering improved line speeds, finer machining capabilities and reduced downtime.

            Key Benefits:
            • Back reflection tolerance for cutting or welding reflective metals
            • Lower energy bills
            • High reliability
            • Small footprint
            • 19″ Rack mount format
            • Low maintenance
          • redPOWER PRISM 300W - 2kW

          • Power and control for cutting, welding, micro-machining and additive manufacturing.
            Our redPOWER PRISM with High Power OEM Fiber Laser delivers substantial commercial and performance advantages over alternative technologies and products, offering a leading edge advantage.

            Laser Systems designed and built from redPOWER® PRISM OEM high power products offer integrators the capability to manufacture equipment for cutting, welding and other material processing applications in the industrial sector.

            Key Benefits:
            • Lowest cost Laser for high volume manufacturers
            • Opportunity for OEMs’ to add value. More than a Laser reseller
            • We offer OEMs’ training for field servicing of modules (including delivery fiber)
            • High stability, repeatability & reliability

          • redPOWER PRISM 3kW - 6kW

          • Building blocks for high power Fiber Lasers
            redPOWER® PRISM Multi kW OEM high power Fiber Laser modules, are based on the latest generation Fiber Laser platform, and designed to give system integrators flexibility when incorporating single or multiple units into an industrial Laser processing system.

            Taking advantage of 40 years’ experience, these Laser modules combine single mode beam quality, high efficiency, fast modulation capability with features that allow ease of integration. A matched range of modules enables Laser Processing System integrators to easily build up the high power Fiber Laser source meeting their requirements.

            Key Benefits:
            • Lowest cost Laser for high volume manufacturers
            • Opportunity for OEMs’ to add value. More than a Laser reseller
            • We offer OEMs’ training for field servicing of modules (including delivery fiber)
            • High stability, repeatability & reliability
          • redPOWER QUBE 3kW - 10kW

          • Providing exceptional levels of power and control for industrial Laser manufacturing applications.

            Our Fiber Laser range offers a definitive solution for a variety of industrial manufacturing and precision applications, combining excellent beam quality, high efficiency and a small footprint.

            Key Benefits:
            • Back reflection protection
            • Lower energy bills
            • High reliability
            • Small footprint
            • Low maintenance
        • redENERGY® Pulsed Fiber Lasers

        • redENERGY® G4 represents our range of pulsed Fiber Laser modules that use GTWave and PulseTune technologies. Operating in the nanosecond pulse duration regime these Lasers are widely used in a diverse array of applications, offering users unrivalled versatility and flexibility.

          Lasers are the tool of choice no matter what the material as they produce permanent marks with a non-contact process at high speed with high precision. Laser marking requires no consumables and marks are computer generated and are therefore highly flexible.

          redENERGY® G4 has been designed with specific attention to enhance the ease of OEM integration, enabling easy adoption of the full product features and range. redENERGY® G4 is designed to benefit high volume manufacturing, where it yields unprecedented reliability and consistency.

          Innovative Technology
          Our G4 model is the 4th generation redENERGY® pulsed laser product platform and is the pinnacle of pulsed nanosecond technology, with enhanced features for micro-machining, moving our PulseTune enabled Lasers to a new level.
          PulseTune technology offers the OEM integrator highly flexible control over pulse width and peak power. The unique PulseTune function enables market leading repetition rates whilst maintaining peak power.

          The key differentiator of our redENERGY Pulsed Lasers is the versatility of up to 40 selectable waveforms and the benefits that accompany its flexibility. The ability to optimise key pulse characteristics to individual applications gives enhanced process quality and productivity.

          No Maintenance
          Every care has been taken at the design stage to ensure that our products offer a long and maintenance free life.
          redENERGY® G4 Pulsed Lasers are all maintenance free, utilising ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, allowing you to focus on output, rather than time consuming maintenance schedules.
          Designed for manufacturability and reliability redENERGY® G4 sets new standards of product quality, backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty as standard.
          • Laser Processing Applications

              • Laser Ablation

              • Laser ablation is the process of precision layer removal by a laser. This could be the removal of a wide-range of materials ranging from solid metals, ceramics and industrial compounds. Ablation is popularly used in applications such as elements used within electronic products (e.g. semi-conductors and micro-processors) by irradiation with a Laser beam. The absolute precision of Fiber Lasers comes to the forefront with laser ablation, a process which has many similarities to some of the laser cleaning processes. The general difference between laser ablation and laser cleaning is that ablation seeks to remove material, whereas cleaning aims to clean the material.
              • Additive Manufacturing

              • Additive manufacturing is the process of building up a 3D component by adding layer upon layer of material deposit. It is also commonly described as “3D printing”. Using a combination of special machines – often referred to as printers – and computer software, complex shapes can be created. It is a technology that has been in existence for 30+ years, but it’s only in recent years that the technique has been more widely used for its versatility and excellent return on investment (amongst other reasons).
              • Laser Cleaning

              • Laser cleaning is the process by which contaminants, debris or impurities (e.g. carbon, silicon and rubber) are removed from the surface of a material by using laser irradiation. This is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly laser application technique, which is in widespread use throughout global industry. There are two types of laser cleaning process, which are typically used:
                • One which is the removal of a layer on the surface of a material,
                • While the second is the removal of the entire upper layer of a material.
              • Laser Cutting

              • Laser cutting is a process where a material is cut through the use of a laser beam. This can be for small & fine materials or materials with a much greater level of thickness (e.g. metal sheets). Laser cutting simply involves the use of a focused laser beam (e.g. pulsed or continuous wave) to cut a wide range of materials to a high-level of accuracy, using a process, which is highly repeatable. The laser beam can easily be programmed to precision cut a diverse range of thicknesses and materials (e.g. metals (including reflective metals such as copper and aluminium) – brass, tungsten, steel, pewter and titanium etc.), gemstones (e.g. diamonds), ceramics, graphic composites, silicon and many types of plastics). Even the most complex, awkward and intricate of shapes can be accurately cut through fiber laser cutting as the user has total control over the beam intensity, duration and heat input. Laser cutting has some similarities to other laser-based processes such as engraving and drilling, which also use a focused laser beam to effectively make designed cuts into a material.
              • Laser Drilling

              • Laser drilling is the process of creating “popped holes” or “percussion drilled” holes in a material, which is achieved by pulsing a laser beam on a particular area repeatedly. The material subject to laser drilling is vaporised and melted layer by layer until drill holes are created. This process will differ depending upon the thickness of the material, the number of holes that need to be created, and the size (width and depth) of these holes. Drilling with lasers is renowned for its high levels of precision, which can be managed carefully by monitoring beam intensity and duration. The entire laser drilling process is achieved without any direct contact with the material surface. Laser drilling can be compared to both laser ablation and laser cleaning, which remove areas of a material through the use of focused heat from lasers.
              • Laser Engraving

              • Laser engraving is the process of removing a portion of material to leave an engraved mark which is visible beneath. The engraving process is produced by the Laser beam removing material to create a mark, where the Laser acts like a chisel and blows away selected areas of the subject material. It is a subset process of laser marking where the object is actually marked beneath the surface and is the most common of all the laser marking applications. The depth of the engraving made will depend on the dwell time as well as the type of material being used. It can be used on a variety of materials, including ceramics, plastics and all forms of metal. As well as marking, the laser engraving process can also be compared with ablation and etching, which work in similar ways.
              • Laser Marking

              • Pulsed Fiber Lasers are renowned for their versatility with laser marking being one of the most popular applications. Although similar to laser engraving, the appliance of a mark is at a surface level, whereas engraving is a mark with depth. Laser marking is the process where a material, which can be anything from ceramics, plastics, metals, LEDs, rubber, graphic composites, etc. is marked or labelled with a simple black mark, or in colour (depending upon the material).
              • Laser Welding

              • welding is an application that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore for quality and cost reasons. Regardless of the material, thickness or dissimilarity of metals, welding is an application that both our Pulsed and Continuous Wave (CW) lasers can achieve. From fuel cells and batteries through to fine wires for medical device manufacture, if your aim is to perfect your processing techniques then look no further than our range of Pulsed and CW Fiber Laser solutions. These lasers can also be used for many other applications too such as drilling, marking, cutting, etc. all of which can be programmed into a seamless process flow. Benefit from our “fit and forget” technology, which requires zero maintenance and requires no re-alignment. Our fiber lasers are supplied as complete units in 19” configurations and for most customers save large amounts of space compared to previous technologies.