Business Profile


We are a dedicated team of specialists which is very focused on delivering the best solutions to you as a customer. We are passionate about delivering value-adding, sustainable and long-term solutions which are user-friendly. This is the core of our solutions and we guarantee you that we are with you all the way, no matter the magntude of the task.


The company was founded by Jan Hedeby Soerensen, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field and wanted to create a more customer-focused business, which is with the customer all the way focusing on collaboration and find the rigth solution. Thats why we here at Anmasi today offers you both the industrial cleaning system, cleaning chemical and all necessary accessories.


We are specialized in almost everything regarding industrial cleaining systems and technology for the industry, and has a wide range of standard solutions, but works to a great extent with customized solutions for the industry, like cleaning system with robots.

Our knowledge is specialized in the fields of: ultrasonic cleaning, spraywashing, cleaning chemicals and solvents.