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  • Offer Profile
  • ACSYS is your professional solution provider for industrial laser systems.

    Whether a standard laser machine or a customized solution. Customer value is the central element during the selection of a suitable machine configuration.

Product Portfolio
  • Laser System

      • OYSTER® - Tabletop laser machine

      • This compact system offers an economical entry into laser marking. The table system delivers outstanding results for individual parts and small-scale series for a wide range of different materials. The OYSTER® is used whenever small parts are to be marked or engraved quickly, flexibly and to a high quality standard.

        Due to the table layout, the machine can easily be set up at any workstation. Areas of application for the OYSTER® are predominantly the jewelry, medical and tool industries, advertising and wherever it had not been possible to use laser marking and/or engraving in the past for reasons of available space or cost.

        Optionally the OYSTER can be equipped with an X-axis. The processing area is significantly enlarged, while the external dimensions of the machine remain compact.

      • PEARL - Laser table system

      • The PEARL laser table system from ACSYS combines top-quality, high-precision laser marking and engraving on filigree precision tools and jewelry with excellent ergonomics and fast setup.

        The PEARL system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of workshops, labs and manufactories as regards ergonomics. The PEARL combines a variety of practical innovations in a newly developed housing that was designed to a complete workstation.

        The innovative operating Concept is based on the flexible single-piece machining system with the unique LAS - Live Adjust System from ACSYS. The high-resolution camera preview reveals every little detail of the workpiece, allowing for the positioning of layouts, logos, texts and graphics with micrometer accuracy.

      • PIRANHA® - Laser processing system

      • This machine at the top of the ACSYS product range offers high performance and quality with a minimum footprint. Fiber laser systems with exceptional beam quality make the PIRANHA a unique production machine for laser marking and engraving. For high-precision marking such as punch marks, fine engraving or 3D micro laser engraving, the system offers high-resolution camera systems, precision packages and A multi-axis system with up to five movable linear and rotary axes, consisting of linear moving columns or cross tables and rotary and swiveling dividing heads. With its rotary tables, tag feeders, foil handling or special attachments, the PIRANHA offers optimized adjustment options for any task. Perfect laser engraving by ACSYS.

      • PIRANHA® - Multishift

      • Based on the PIRANHA III we have created a machine, which is a symbiosis of fully automated processing and OPR - Optical Parts Recognition. The two side loading and unloading lift stations each have a capacity of 20 trays, in which the workpieces are placed. The parts are prepositioned using a grate. The system moves one tray at a time from the loading lift station under the laser camera head.

        Initially the optical parts recognition by the ACSYS OPR was carried out. The workpieces were detected with regard to their position and rotational angle. Then they were automatically processed with the laser. After the entire tray has been marked, it is automatically moved to the unloading lift station, and the system continues with the processing of the next tray.

      • PIRANHA®µ – Compact high precision

      • The PIRANHAμ and the new PIRANHAμ USP have been specially designed for high-precision applications. While the PIRANHAμ is equipped with a fiber laser system of the latest generation, the PIRANHAμ USP has a current pico- or femtosecond laser.

        The PIRANHA®μ USP is also capable of being equipped with a second laser source as a dual laser system. With a footprint of less than 2.5 square meters, both laser system solutions are extremely compact and flexible. The construction of the PIRANHA®μ and PIRANHA®μ USP consist of an extremely temperature-stable and low-vibration granite design, which allows an axis positioning accuracy of + - 10μm.

      • PIRANHA®cut - Laser cutting system

      • The PIRANHA cut is an entirely new development. A compact machine for sheet metal sizes up to 600 x 600 mm², a high contour accuracy and suitable for sheet thicknesses of up to 3 mm. The cutting systems are equipped with air-cooled fiber lasers of different power ratings depending on the required application and are suitable for laser burn cutting and laser fusion cutting.

        Laser cutting systems by ACSYS offer an innovation in the field of laser cutting - the camera system for laser cutting applications. The LAS cut (Live Adjust System cut, patent pending) by ACSYS shows the interior area of the laser cutting system on a screen. This way, cutting layouts can be positioned perfectly. NC-controlled or manually controlled rotary and swivel axes are available for the precise machining of cylindrical workpieces.

        Another novelty by ACSYS is the automatic distance control feature. The ADC (Automatic Distance Control) allows the laser cutting of curved sheet metal. The focus of the laser is set to the ideal distance across the entire workspace by the automatic distance control. This way, uneven material surfaces are automatically leveled.

      • BARRACUDA® - Laser processing system

      • The allrounder from ACSYS with its generous, very accessible working area, provides space for large or palletized workpieces. High-strength steel and, optionally, also in combination with vibration-free and temperature-stable granite make the BARRACUDA perfectly suitable for industrial use.

        Due to its flexible layout, the BARRACUDA is the ideal basis for customized solutions. Powerful fiber lasers or diode-pumped lasers with high-speed writing heads guarantee maximum precision and minimum processing times. Multi-axis solutions extend the BARRACUDA, thereby turning it into a partially or fully automated production machine.

      • BARRACUDA μ - High precision laser

      • The unique 5-axis laser processing center by ACSYS has been specifically designed for the µ-range. A vibration-free granite bed, which is embedded in polymer concrete, forms the basis for ensuring maximum precision for laser machining.

        The special traversing axes with glass scales are fitted in a granite portal in order to guarantee maximum accuracy in every position. As an option, the BARRACUDA®µ can be fitted with an EAGLE EYE laser scanning unit, which allows the user the contact-free digitization of a wide range of very different surfaces.

      • SHARK Laser machining center

      • This flagship of the ACSYS product range offers impressive performance and maximum precision. It is ideally suited for fast marking, deep engraving, relief structuring, filigree texturing or for producing 3D molds with the highest surface quality. The SHARK is also the basis for the SHARK cut - the laser cutting center by ACSYS. Precision laser sources of up to 1000 Watt ensure adequate power levels for all applications.

        Up to 5 movable axes with portal axes and additional rotary / swiveling axes for the galvo head or workpiece offer maximum flexibility even for large or palletized workpieces and custom parts. Optional extensions, including image recognition, depth control, precision package and customized attachments, fulfill all customer requirements and make the SHARK an ideal tool for industrial production.

      • SHARK cut - Laser cutting center

      • Laser cutting is now more effective and easier than ever before. Due to their compact design and high degree of flexibility, the ACSYS laser cutting centers are in a class of their own and are setting new benchmarks. Automatic distance control and highly dynamic linear motors guarantee extremely precise machining results in minimum time for sheet metal sizes up to 1250 x 1250 mm².

        Additionally, a software-controlled dividing head as a fourth rotary axis and a manually adjustable fifth axis can be used for interpolated laser cutting. This allows round parts to be machined.

      • ORCA® – Laser machining center

      • This large-capacity system by ACSYS offers maximum flexibility with regard to the size and weight of a wide range of very different workpieces. Due to the flexible workspace, even large and heavy workpieces can be loaded easily and marked and/or engraved in any location. The wide-opening doors also allow the loading of workpieces using a crane.

        Palletized workpieces can be processed automatically. With up to five NC- controlled axes, the ORCA has a machining surface of at least 2900 x 1000 mm, thus providing maximum flexibility even for fully automated operations.

        The ORCA in this film offers three axes and an electric Galvokopfschwenkung (optional, more or less axes are possible) that allows a multi-machining of most different components.

      • ORCAμ – High precision laser machining

      • 6,5 tons total weight for maximum precision on a processing area of 710 x 710 mm. The ORCAμ has been specially developed for high-precision applications.

        The massive, vibration-free granite bed in interaction with the granite Z-axis forms the basis for highest precision in laser processing. The high-precision cross table with precision drives and glass scales guarantee highest accuracy in any position.

        The ORCA μ can be optionally equipped with electrical precision dividing heads and thus provides μ-precise laser machining in all 3 dimensions.

      • INLINER – Laser integration solution

      • The versatile and flexible modular system offers a wide variety of configuration options for laser marking, engraving, cutting and welding.

        The system has numerous interfaces and is specifically designed for integration into individual workstations and automated systems. "Marking on the fly" is an excellent application for the INLINER system in the area of conveyor belt production. Multi-head systems, precision packages and multi-axis systems with linear and rotary axes make the INLINER the ideal integration solution for all applications.

      • EAGLE – Laser digitizing system

      • Laser digitizing is based on the conoscopic holography method, allowing the creation of extremely precise 3D digital images of all surfaces, plaster models, punching dies or working directly from a wide range of very different workpieces. The resulting 3D file can be used for production and reproduction and can be easily processed in the CAD software. The advantages of this non-contact method are high speed and small measuring grid distances. Absolute accuracy of 2 μm can be achieved with the replaceable lens system.

        Conoscopic holography offers the greatest precision and repeatability over a wide range of applications. The EAGLE EYE, the heart of the EAGLE, is also available as a modular option in the ACSYS laser systems.

      • Customized solutions

      • ACSYS offers flexible laser system solutions, which are specifically configured and equipped to fulfill the customer´s requirements.

        The solution portfolio by ACSYS is proof that technical limits are not written in stone. Our expert team of development engineers use state-of-the-art 3D design tools. Their long-term know-how provides us with a unique technology and creativity pool for solving problems, which all other suppliers have so far shied away from.

        From the planning stage to test runs under production conditions - we work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions and software applications. On that basis, we have developed and built hundreds of customized solutions, all of which perfectly fulfill the customer requirements.

    • ACSYS Technology

    • ACSYS laser systems from standard machines to customized solutions.

      The ACSYS product range offers the optimized system for all tasks in material processing using a laser. Due to our unique adaptability, all standard machines can be extended to operate as individual customized solutions.

      The system configuration will be determined by the required application. Depending of the customer's requirement, we will integrate various laser types such as the fiber laser or CO2 laser with very different power ratings and wavelengths in the system. Extensions with multi-axis functionality for linear and rotary movements and the integration of special modules, such as camera programming via the LAS – Live Adjust System, ODC – Online Depth Control or OPR – Optical Part Recognition, allow us to configure a production system that is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

        • Heavy Metal & Hard Rock

        • The ACSYS metal processing department is at the beginning of the production line. Here, the basic frame of the laser system is built from high-strength steel or alternatively in combination with polymer concrete and granite. High-precision production processes form the basis for the high quality and durability of ACSYS laser systems.

          Our holistic view of the machine and the workpiece processing task allows us to achieve extremely exact solutions, which are uncompromisingly tailored to specific processes and products. Our vertical range of manufacture forms the basis for maximum flexibility of our laser systems.

        • Unisono – mechanical precision

        • The mechanical production department is responsible for ensuring the flexibility of the system. This department fits each laser system individually with traversing axes and optional mechanical extensions.

          Our broad machine portfolio allows us to react flexibly to product-specific and productions-specific requirements using adapted system solutions.

        • Electronic wiring

        • The perfectly prepared mechanical system is then handed over to the electrical department. The department fits each system with the required drive and control electronics and carries out functional tests of the movement modules.

          For us, reliability is not just a quality aspect, but a fundamental element of our company and product philosophy.

          The intelligent wiring of the individual modules results in a highly efficient, flexible and functional system. Our systems communicate via state-of-the-art bus system technology and periphery.

        • Modular design

        • ACSYS laser systems have a modular design.

          This modular design is the basis, on which each customized solution by ACSYS is developed. The basic systems are designed by our engineers using CAD systems and according to the requirements of the customer. This way, the best possible cost-benefit-factor can be achieved for the customer.

          Apart from the modular design, the laser system solutions by ACSYS also take the ease of maintenance and upgrade capability into consideration. Each ACSYS system can be extended easily at a later stage and adapted to the customer's growing requirements.

        • The laser - the heart of the material processing systems by ACSYS.

        • ACSYS offers various laser sources for a wide range of very different materials and machining processes. Power ratings from 0.5 to 1000 Watt ensure that we will have the optimum configuration for all your applications. Our portfolio ranges from fiber lasers and diode-pumped systems to CO2 lasers, which are operated either as a pulsed or cw laser beam source.

          All laser beam sources, which are used in ACSYS laser systems, require very little maintenance, have a very long service life and most of them are air-cooled. The ACSYS laser experts will consult you on the basis of their comprehensive knowledge. They will carry out extensive tests in order to recommend the suitable laser source or, in certain cases, a combination of several beam sources, which will perfectly fulfill all your requirements. The diagram gives you an overview of the laser beam sources and wavelengths for the respective absorption rates of different materials.

      • ACSYS Software

          • AC-LASER Laser Software Suite

          • Discover the new dimensions of laser processing. AC LASER Software is the ideal software package for laser material machining. AC-LASER offers you all the essential tools for working in a homogeneous intuitive environment – from the production of simple markings to the manufacturing of complex 3D engravings for single unit manufacturing or series production.

            Key features

            • Camera image
              The LAS – Live Adjust System allows the precise positioning of even the smallest of workpieces.
            • Multi-axis functions
              Up to 7 controlled axes can be traversed by mouse click or fully automatically.
            • 3D functionality
              Comprehensive editing options for 3D engraving with integrated depth control and digitizing features.
            • Custom programming
              Customized layout and process programming with database connectivity.
            • Professional word processing
              Line spacing, tracking and record type modifications can easily be programmed or modified using any installed Windows font.
            • Material Parameter Assistant
              Easy searching for suitable laser parameters for a wide range of materials. Automatic creation of a parameter scale from an extensive parameters database.
            • Barcode and DataMatrix code
              Powerful editing module for barcodes and DataMatrix codes.
            • Dual-laser control
              The software is capable of managing and controlling two laser sources simultaneously.
            • Split layout
              Intelligent segmentation. Large-area engraving of flat or rounded part surfaces is "intelligently" segmented and seamoptimized executed.
            • Multiple execution
              Intelligent batch processing. The laser system is capable of controlling a task autonomously, thereby processing multiple blanks automatically over night or over a weekend.
          • LAS - Live Adjust System

          • Visible know-how.

            The camera-based LAS – Live Adjust System significantly simplifies the setup process and allows the precise positioning of even the smallest of workpieces. A continuous digital zoom function reveals the detailed features of the workpiece. This way, layouts can be placed with high precision. An exact preview shows the target result on the screen. New layouts can be created directly on the workpiece without having to take additional measurements.

          • Optical control

          • Seeing and recognizing are not the same thing...
            OPR - Optical Part Recognition

            The optical part recognition enables the fully automated processing of non-palletized loose parts. The software recognizes the position and rotational angle of the workpieces and marks or engraves in the previously trained location.

          • Material Parameter Assistant

          • The Material Parameter Assistant allows for easy searching for laser parameters that are suitable for a wide variety of materials. The automatic parameter scale creation on the respective material and subsequent comparison within the software produce outstanding results quickly and easily.

          • 3D Assistant

          • The 3D Assistant enables a comfortable design of complex 3D engravings and micro engravings. A graphical preview simplifies the setup of the workpiece. Due to the automated readjustment of the laser focus, very deep, premium quality 3D engravings can be realized. The specific laser parameterization results in a premium surface finish.

        • Application

            • Applications by material

            • An important criterion for the selection of a laser system is the material to be processed. Find your application in the ACSYS picture galleries divided by material.

                • Metals & alloys

                • Laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting and laser welding of metals & alloys

                  The laser is able to mark, engrave, cut and weld almost all commonly used metal materials.

                  This includes iron-based materials and alloys (steel and stainless steel) and non-iron metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, etc. as well as the precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Furthermore, workpieces that are made of metals such as lead, tin, zinc and nickel as well as workpieces that are coated (chrome, zinc) can be processed.

                • Laser plastic machining

                • Laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting and laser welding of plastics

                  For technical reasons, but mainly for chemical reasons, it is not possible to make a general statement regarding the processability of plastic materials. Apart from the basic material, the color (pigments) and other additives (fillers, additives, flame-retardant agents) play an important role when choosing the right laser system for your application. In principle, it is necessary to carry out detailed tests with the respective plastics.

                • Paints & foils

                • Lacquer abrasion, carbonizing, surface removal and cutting

                  Using specific parametrization, the laser is able to precisely remove and carbonize extremely thin paint layers from a wide variety of different materials. The best known example for selective lacquer abrasion from switches and buttons in the automotive industry is the night/day design.

                  Markable laser foils can be used for creating robust markings for heavy wear. This is possible due to an extremely wear-resistant acrylate coating, which is available in various contrasting colors. This special material is resistant against wear, weather and chemicals. Areas of application for laser foils are the marking of engines, machines or equipment. Laser foils are available both unicolored and multi-colored and can be cut easily and precisely into any desired shape using the laser.

                • Metalloids and non-metals

                • Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting of metalloids and non-metals

                  In principle, metalloids and non-metals can be processed with the laser. However, the most important question is, which result you want to achieve. A CO2 laser can be used for engraving most ceramics, although there will be no color alteration in the material. However, a color contrast results, for example, when a colored glaze is removed so that the actual ceramic becomes visible.

                  If a high-contrast marking (i.e. the color alteration of the material) is required, really only the Nd:YAG (e.g. fiber laser) will be able to do the job. In the same way as with the plastics, the metalloids and non-metals must also be subjected to application tests in the laboratory in order to determine the robustness of the respective materials.

                • Organic materials

                • Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting of organic materials

                  The CO2 laser is excellent for "organic" materials such as glass, leather, wood and paper, whereas the Nd:YAG laser (e.g. fiber laser) does not normally deliver satisfactory results for these materials.

                • Composite materials

                • Laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting of composite materials

                  The laser can be used for a variety of materials, processes and desired results. In recent years, the laser has become THE tool for processing PCD and CVD. We have been manufacturing high-precision laser systems for machining the step chip breakers of cutting tools for several years. Our know-how and experience make an important contribution to the continued development of the 3D micro laser engraving technology. The fiber laser technology covers a wide range of different materials.

                  Last year we started with the continued development of this technology and are also using ultra-short pulse lasers for the machining of cutting edges and step chip breakers. Initial results have been promising, because the picosecond lasers cannot only machine PCD and CVD free from burrs, but also carbide.

              • Applications by Process

              • Whether laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting or laser welding - here you will find many examples of different applications classified by the laser process.

                  • Applications Laser marking

                  • The ACSYS Gallery of laser marking.

                    Laser markings are water-proof and wipe-proof and extremely durable. They can be created quickly, automatically and for individual applications.

                    Annealing marking

                    When metal is heated, its color is altered due to an annealing effect. The laser allows the creation of areas and structures / textures on the workpiece surface in different colors without the use of additives.

                    Engraving marking

                    During this process, the surface of the material is very slightly roughened, which creates a visible marking on the workpiece.

                    Deep marking

                    Deep marking is the selective and slightly sunk marking of the workpiece.


                    Certain types of plastics can be marked by means of foaming. Hereby, the laser beam fuses the surface of the plastic. During this process, gas bubbles are created in the plastic, which are included in the material during the cooling-down phase. Because of the included gas, the volume of the affected material increases and the locations, which have been laser-processed, appear raised.


                    Color alteration and bleaching with the laser.

                    This effect can only be achieved with plastics, certain types of paint and a few technical ceramics. The effect depends on the wave length of the laser beam. The laser beam penetrates into the material and is absorbed by color pigments. When the pigments change chemically, this causes the color of the material to change.

                  • Applications Laser Engraving

                  • The ACSYS Gallery of laser engraving.

                    With laser engraving the material is fused and evaporated by using only laser. There is no need to fixate the workpiece in place during processing.

                    Deep engraving

                    Deep engraving means that the surface of the workpiece is removed to a certain depth, thereby creating a visible marking on the workpiece.

                    2D & 3D laser engraving

                    With 2.5D and 3D laser engraving, the surface of the workpiece is removed to a certain depth in a software-controlled process. The material is evaporated layer by layer so that the desired structure gradually appears.

                    Micro engraving

                    High-precision 3D engraving in the micrometer range ensures the creation of virtually forgery-proof authenticity certification. Today, assay offices and jewelry manufacturers all over the world rely on the exacting quality of premium products by ACSYS Lasertechnik.

                    Frosting and surface texturing

                    The laser can be used for the defined structuring of tool surfaces. Typically, relatively small structural elements that are repeated continuously, but not necessarily visibly, are engraved in order to create a smooth - and in some cases polished - surface.

                  • Applications Laser cutting

                  • The ACSYS Gallery of laser cutting.

                    Laser cutting is now more effective and easier than ever before. Due to their compact design and high degree of flexibility, the ACSYS laser cutting centers are in a class of their own and are setting new benchmarks. On this page you can see a wide variety of laser cutting applications.

                    Laser burn cutting

                    Oxygen is used as the cutting gas for laser burn cutting. During the separation process, the oxygen introduces additional heat into the workpiece due to the localized oxidation of the basic material in the cutting joint, thereby accelerating the cutting process. Laser burn cutting is ideally suited for manufacturing parts quickly and efficiently, whose visual appearance will continue to change due to subsequent surface finishing processes.

                    Laser fusion cutting

                    Laser fusion cutting has the advantage of producing a virtually oxide-free cutting edge. The cutting gas is an inert gas. Inert gas blows the molten material out of the separating joint and cools the cutting edge. Laser fusion cutting is used if workpieces must fulfill high visual requirements without further processing. If subsequent alterations of the material are unwanted, then hygiene and laboratory engineering aspects must also be taken into consideration.


                    Laser remote cutting (sublimation cutting) is the term used for laser cutting of very thin and sensitive materials that are cut without cutting gases. The laser alone vaporizes the material and creates the very fine cutting gap by removing layers of material. This process offers unique solutions for the processing of various composite materials.

                  • Applications Laser welding

                  • The ACSYS Gallery of laser welding.

                    ACSYS laser processing centers are particularly suited for high-precision welding processes. Different processes are used depending on the material. ACSYS welding systems do not add material to the workpieces during the welding process.

                    Metal welding

                    If two or more metal parts are to be joined together permanently without any addition of material, then in many cases laser joining is the only viable alternative. The laser's high flexibility allows many application options: from very precise welding points to keyhole-welded seams over many meters with slim seam geometries and minimum warpage. The laser is used by a wide range of very different industries. Whether the application includes precision weld points in the electronics industry, stainless steel bushes for sensors in the automotive industry, membrane welding of highly sensitive pressure sensors in the aerospace industry or super-fine welds in the medical industry - the laser process is quick, precise and flexible.

                    ACSYS welding systems do not add material to the workpieces during the welding process. The new fiber laser technology uses a large focal depth. As a result, process-tolerant welding is possible even if the materials have different wall thicknesses or are not entirely square during the welding process.

                    Plastic welding

                    The basic process of laser plastic welding is seam welding. During this process, the laser beam penetrates the workpiece, which is to be joined and is positioned on top, and is then absorbed by the piece, which is positioned at the bottom.

                    The heat leads to plasticization, which results in the bridging of the gap in the workpiece. As heat is conducted, the workpiece, which is positioned on top, is heated up. This means that the smallest possible gap in the workpiece is a determining factor for the application's success since the gap acts as a heat barrier.