• Offer Profile
  • We offer solutions in the field of outer packaging and industrial automation - from stock machines to special solutions
Product Portfolio
  • Robots

      • Automation

      • Given our many years of experience in the food, packaging and mechanics sectors, we are in a position to implement customer requirements quickly and individually.

        The individual system parts have lifting elements, turning gear, indexing tables, handling devices with vision systems right through to labelling.
        • Industrial robots

        • Experience of Comau in the industry and the integrator CIMOTEC SA provides many possibilities in industrial automation.

          The products can be used for palletizing bulk goods and/or as a flexible aid when handling food, carton blanks and in the field of pick and place.

          The product range of articulated-arm robots will help you to achieve the efficiency targets quickly and cost effectively.
          • Palletizing robot FUTURO

          • The modular concept for the palletizer FUTURO makes it possible to adapt to customer requirements easily. Its compactness means that integration into packaging lines is also possible in the tightest of spaces.

            The competitive sales price for the palletizer FUTURO (with pallet magazine, intermediate box station and automatic pallet feed) makes virtually all palletizing tasks possible.
            • Nonwoven

                • Bagging machine

                • Our bagging machine is suitable for automatic packaging of, for example, cotton pads in a minigrip bag or prefabricated bags with a cord.

                  The excellent technology makes it possible to produce up to 50 bags/minute on the system.

                  It is possible to integrate into existing production systems without any difficulty. A fully automated outer packaging line results in integrating a case packer and a palletising station.
                  • Rotary cutting system

                  • CIMOTEC SA has developed a new and innovative rotary cutting system for manufacturing round cotton pads.

                    The complete system consists of the cutting, counting, stacking stations and an interface for the downstream and integrated bagging machine.

                    Production performance is up to 4000 cotton pads/min for 50 bags with 80% content.
                    • Special machines

                        • Special machines

                        • CIMOTEC’s core expertise lies in developing special machines for industry.

                          Our company is in a position to offer solutions in all sectors of automation. From simple workstations right through to complex total solutions.

                          From the idea to production, construction and commissioning at the client, we meet every customer requirement.
                          • Slitting/cutting machines

                          • The longitudinal slitting/cutting machine we have developed is ideal for cutting chocolates, biscuits and confectionery bar fillings.

                            The integrated cross-cutting module with the overhead electronic drive is able to produce the required cross sections to the nearest millimetre.

                            The low-maintenance and reliable slitting machine, with a quick format change, provides a flexible and modern system.
                            • Transport

                            • We have many years of expertise in the sector of transport components and their systems.
                              We develop and build optimum solutions based on customer requirements.
                              As we manufacture these systems, you will have a reliable partner with a great deal of expertise.
                              • Cartoning machine

                                  • Horizontal cartoning machine

                                  • The product range comprises the mid-range cartoning machine HK 70. The beam structure enables simple access to all parts of the system.

                                    The servo-driven cartoning machine with intermittent operation handles spliced folding boxes.

                                    The large format range enables a variety of products to be handled in the various markets.
                                    • Vertical cartoning machine

                                          • Vertical cartoning machine

                                          • This universal vertical cartoning machine VK 30 is ideal for use in the cosmetics, food, non-food and in the pharmaceutical sectors.
                                            The huge flexibility and compactness are two of its main features.
                                            The combination of modern technology and simple change of format results in a vertical cartoning machine that is ahead of its time.