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  • Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the office furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands worldwide for design made in Germany. It offers high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture which are benchmarks for the entire industry. Some 60 years ago, the company made better utility value, long-lasting design and durability its goals. Milestones like classic office chair FS-Line (1980), Confair folding conference table (1994), office chair Modus (1994) or skid-base chair Aline (2004) have shaped the way offices have evolved. The latest examples of pioneering innovations are the multi-purpose chair Chassis, the conference range Graph, or three-dimensional ON and IN which leading experts currently consider the world’s best office chairs.

    Wilkhahn also sets new standards in terms of its socio-ecological approach. As winner of the German Environmental Prize, the company has worked with architects Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog and has actively been practising environmental responsibility for over 20 years. In addition to a number of international accolades, office chair ON has also received the Federal Ecodesign Award.
Product Portfolio
  • Office swivel chairs

      • AT office chair - free-2-move

      • 187 range, design: Wilkhahn

        Wilkhahn’s free-2-move concept powered by Trimension® is a global benchmark in healthy three-dimensional sitting. The AT family with its integrative, coordinated design, variety of models and customisable features is the smart all-rounder among the free-2-move ranges. The self-centring suspension of the seat shell ensures your body maintains its centre of gravity – whatever the posture adopted or movement made. And the backrest bearer with its tilt capability comes with automatic weight adjustment. As a result, using AT’s healthy range of motion is child’s play. Just sit down, adjust the seating height and you’re done! The chair and your body will do the rest by themselves … 
      • AT Mesh ergonomic office chair - Free to move

      • 187/71 range - Design: Wilkhahn

        In today’s digitalized world, offices need to be appealing and healthy environments in order to attract and retain talented people. Keeping ecological footprints in check is also a priority, which is why 80% of the mesh on AT Mesh’s backrest frame is made of recycled polyester. The positive effects of Trimension® on health, wellbeing and mental agility have been borne out by three scientific case studies.

        AT’s modern aesthetic also sets a new standard in office chairs. All transition points have been carefully modeled with an attention to detail so that the frame looks organic. Picking white for the seat and backrest shell and frame components increases the choice of designs for different environments and conjures up especially fresh looks with an almost homelike appeal.

      • ON office chair with Trimension®

      • range 170 - design by wiege

        In today’s busy office environment we all spend long periods of time in hunched positions at our desks. Bizarrely, despite being bad for our bodies we choose to adopt a lazy posture. What the human body actually requires is frequent and a varied range of movements. Wilkhahn understands this key principal of ergonomics which is why we have developed Trimension® for the ergonomic ON chair. This unique tested feature is a patented technology for three dimensional, synchro-adjusted dynamic seating. Trimension® doesn’t just encourage forwards, backwards and sideways movements, but the pelvis to rotate too - which is so important for the spine’s stability. Two

        separately moveable swing plates, just like two thighs, lie at the core of the technology. Minimal shifts in weight are already translated into movement. The position of the pivotal points and the way they work are exactly like knee and hip joints. As a result, the body’s equilibrium remains in perfect balance – no matter what posture it adopts or the way it moves. This new dimension in seating quickly becomes something that’s -taken for granted. Backache is effectively prevented and the metabolism, muscles and joints are stimulated.

      • IN 3D office chair

      • 184 range - Design: wiege

        Activating. Concentrating. Relaxing.

        Psychologists, physiotherapists and orthopaedists all agree that physical activity’s vital if we want to stay fit and healthy. But it’s the whole of our body that’s important and not just our backs and joints. Taking enough exercise helps us to cope with stress, to feel happy and to make us more productive. And productivity is a top priority for corporate healthcare programmes. Wilkhahn has devoted decades to making people less desk-bound. It all started with a pioneering study called “From posture-based to motion- based seating” which spawned products that are still considered the world’s best and most attractive office chairs. Current research results that highlight the minimum level of physical activity required encourage us to continue down this route. And advancements in material and process technology have opened up opportunities to tap into completely new dimensions of dynamic sitting with our patented 3D kinematics called Trimension ®. Our engineers and designers have created IN and made this groundbreaking technology possible for back offices too. Perfectly synchronised 3D dynamics combined with exceptional comfort stimulate our bodies, boost our powers of concentration and make work a relaxing experience.
      • Ergonomic 3D office chair with ESP - Free to move

      • 174/72 range - Design: Wilkhahn

        From 3D sitting to 3D leaning to standing in one fell swoop

        Case studies on Wilkhahn’s free-to-move-office chairs show that well-being and mental agility improve the more diverse the range of movement and more frequent the change of posture are. Therefore, in addition to 3D-dynamic movement in office chairs, height-adjustable tables are becoming the new standard in offices where a premium is placed on health and people are encouraged to alternate between sitting and standing. The challenge: most of us don’t take up this option because getting up from a normal seating height and adjusting the table height are both too time consuming. Consequently, changing posture always means interrupting what we’re doing.

        Which is exactly where the latest ON office chair range with its elevated sitting position (ESP) and variety of design options comes in: the models can be used as standard office chairs with full 3D-movement capabilities but can also be adjusted to a seating height of up to 62 cm. The elevated sitting position also provides new additional features: if the patented forward seat tilt is activated, the office chair turns into a dynamic object to perch on while still allowing users to lean on the backrest.

      • Conference chair Graph

      • Design: Jehs+Laub

        Trend-setting form. Innovative comfort. Impressive details.

        The choice of premium-design conference chairs has remained virtually unchanged for decades, so Graph is a welcome newcomer. Because the graphical quality of its cuttingedge shape stands out at first glance. And it’s this feature that the chair owes its name to. An organic seat shell is cut through horizontally and then vertically, modified and re-assembled to produce this ingenious product. The upshot is a fascinating mix of fluid and streamlined form, closed and transparent areas, harmony and contrast. Graph's distinctive design also offers superlative comfort – despite its slender shape. The steel seat and backrest frames feature wave springs, padding and additional cushioning. All of which adds up to upholstery in a class of its own. And what’s more, without any mechanics, the leaf spring in the seat's three-point support ensures three-dimensional flexibility to keep body and mind active. So it’s virtually a given that Graph has been well thought-out, right down to the last detail. That no screws are visible on the armrests. Or that frame-forms and framesurfaces have been superbly well moulded and crafted. Or that the seams on the sophisticated covers precisely mirror the elegant, streamlined shape.

        The Graph conference chairs, models 301/6, 302/6, 301/7, 302/7 are also available with a five-star base. Models 301/6 and 302/6 come with swivel-mounted columns and models 301/7 and 302/7 with precision-adjustable seat heights.
      • Neos task chair - Dynamic seating that's got the look.

      • 180 range - Design wiege

        People differ and so does their physique: there are basket ball giants, featherweights and heavyweights. Ideally, what everybody wants is an office chair to provide an equal level of support and optimal seated comfort. The concept of Neos therefore consistently follows the principle of "sitting without a driving licence", which has been a guiding principle at Wilkhahn for over 25 years:

        • with the simplest and most intuitive operation of all adjustment functions, such as seat height, backrest height, armrest position and adjustment to accommodate the user's weight
        • with synchronous adjustment of the generous, resilient back shell ensuring conformity with individual body types
        • and with automatic promotion of frequent changes in posture to keep muscles, metabolism and circulation in good shape.

        Two paddles and a conveniently located crank handle make it child's play for the user to adjust Neos while remaining seated. All functions are integrated in a calm, pleasant and self-explanatory form for optimal seated comfort and design appeal. This goes to show that ergonomics is invariably a question of aesthetics too.
      • FS-Line - classic office task chair

      • Design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer, 1980

        Over 35 years ago two young designers at Wilkhahn recognized that sitting still cannot be healthy. Both of them wanted to give adults their natural mobility back.

        Following intensive studies, they developed the FS-Line, a chair that revolutionized the office furniture industry. Since then, we have produced 40 variations of this chair. Millions of these have been sold worldwide; they have been inundated with awards and have often been imitated - but not very successfully.

        The principle is quite simple: the highly flexible seat shell adjusts automatically to any change in posture. The technical term for this is: "automatic synchro-adjustment". We call it "Sitting without a driving licence."

      • Conference chair Sola

      • 290 range, design: Justus Kolberg, licensed by Davis furniture

        A distinctive frame. A chair that rocks. And that’s perfectly crafted.

        Conference chair Sola echoes the Wilkhahn tradition of combining innovative comfort with a crisp design and high-quality appeal. The chair’s aesthetic is defined by the linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctivelines of the aluminium frame. The frame branches out from the centre column into a V-shaped support that culminates in the armrests. The seat shell is cleverly swivel-mounted at the front and connected with the V- shaped support at the back by two pressure springs. The result is superb sprung comfort and rocking motion that’s adjustable In addition to the clear design and the rocking feature, the first-class craftsmanship of the cushioning is also impressive. The back of the covered plywood shell includes double-thickness cushioning which creates a gap all the way round. This enhances the already slender profile.



      • FS Management.

      • Design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer

        Classical. Modern. Enduring.
        The FS-Line was launched back in 1980. And its highly flexible, unitary seat- and backrest shell are still considered a global milestone in dynamic seating. With the elegant curve of the swivel arms, the appealingly spacious seat, slim contours and compact mechanics, the design also wrote history. A more attractive ergonomic office chair, so lacking in complexity, is difficult to imagine. Well-known publishing house “form” devoted a whole issue of its “ Design Classics” series to the FS-Line. So it’s not surprising that the FS-Line’s Executive models have been popular with decision-makers in the worlds of politics and business for decades.

        Executive chair.
        The FS Management models are available as office or conference chairs in two backrest heights, exclusively with bright chromium-plated frames and robust leather. After all, we want them to keep their owners company for decades. FS Management is extremely good value, reflecting current trends in management styles and dynamic seating. As a  result, it is the ideal choice when a touch of gravitas, as well as healthy and comfortable dynamic seating, are required.


      • Modus Executive

      • Design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg.

        Smart yet casual.

        In positions of responsibility, office and conference chairs are the last things you cut back on. Which is why the Modus Executive range is all about quality not quantity. It combines the exceptional comfort and stylish appearance of Modus with exclusive and prestigious features: seat and backrest are covered in flat cushions with extremely supple leather. With carefully stitched seams, they emphasise the slender shape and also lend the furniture a high quality informal appeal. Whether as office, conference or cantilever chair, Modus Executive stands for a contemporary and dynamic management style. Despite all the variety offered in terms of function, features and style - all Modus models have one thing in common: their superb look and first-class ergonomics.

        Seat and backrest with leather-covered flat cushions, polyamide armrests with embossed leather covering, bright chromium- plated aluminium frame
      • Modus Medium

      • Design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg

        An innovative look. Suitably prestigious. Excellent comfort.

        What area says more about corporate culture than executive offices? Which is why prestige and constant values enjoy high priority in this case. The Modus Medium range offers a wider seat and back, with the stirrup-shaped armrests to comply with executive demands: modern – but not fashionable, obvious – but not dominant, comfortable – but not over the top, high quality – but not extravagant. And all that in first-rate ergonomic design that keeps both body and soul fit … In terms of contemporary management style, it has it all. A wide range of fabrics and leather, different frame surfaces and various types of upholstery to choose from, guarantee you can adapt the chairs to your own design requirements. Despite all the various options, Modus Medium reflects the typical and distinctive features of the Modus family, ensuring a standardised, progressive image.
      • Modus Basic

      • Design: Klaus Franck, Werner Sauer and wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Justus Kolberg

        Minimal materials used. Maximum transparency. Perfect adjustment.

        Following a maxim of simplicity, some 30 years ago designers Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer created the FS line which became a classic example of dynamic seating. Modus was the two designers’ translation of the principle to the aesthetics of the 21st century.

        The flexible, fork-shaped backrest made of unbreakable, high-efficiency plastic is covered with an exchangeable, breathable high-tech fabric. Without any upholstery, the backrest adapts to the shape, posture and movement of the person sitting on it.
        With its soft and rounded front edge, the breathable, upholstered seat allows the body to relax and prevents the pelvis from tilting. Because they are easy to exchange, the covers and upholstery guarantee the chair’s useful life is virtually unlimited.
        The particularly comfortable and extremely compact automatic synchro-adjustment with torsion springs ensures the seat and backrest are lowered in perfect sync with your body. The stylish swivel arms, made of high-quality die-cast aluminium, are functional and design elements in equal measure.

        It is no surprise that Modus has become an international benchmark for a new generation of office chairs. Much talked-about, but still one of a kind, it has remained in a class of its own till today: Dynamic seating at its best.
      • Aline task and visitor chairs

      • 230 range - design: Andreas Störiko

        Minimal materials.Maximum transparency. Simple to use.

        This range is an ingenious combination of lightweight furniture that is comfortable at the same time. So what could be more logical than to add a visitor and standard office swivel chair to the concept? The visitor swivel chair has a flat, four-arm star base and the transportable, height-adjustable office chair has a vertically aligned, fivestar, diecast aluminium base. Similarly to the swivel pedestals, they are bright chromium plated and therefore particularly robust. Both models have a contact suppression feature and are very flexible. As a result, they are very comfortable for a range of applications, for meetings, discussions, showrooms, reading rooms, Internet cafés or at your desk at home.

    • Conference and visitor chairs - seating

        • Rider - Motion Whisperer

        • 205 range - Design: Sven von Boetticher

          Factoring motion into sedentary lifestyles keeps body and mind agile. But that’s nothing new because the first people to spend long periods of time sitting were horse riders who stayed fit and healthy in the saddle too. But being out on the trail also means leaving well-trodden paths and broadening horizons.

          And this is where the stylish, contemporary design of Sven von Boetticher’s Rider comes in. With its sophisticated details, it resembles a saddle, the archetypal dynamic seat. This is what makes the Rider so exceptional in the range of dynamic sitting-standing stools, which Wilkhahn established in the shape of its Stitz for offices three decades ago.
        • Fold-up Workspace - An Office in a Bag.

        • 420 range - Design: Wilkhahn

          Just like their office counterparts, digital nomads or home workers need clever, professional solutions to stay fit and healthy. Space is of-ten lacking for people to have their own desk or a room to work on their laptops at home or when out and about. Which is why tables in dining rooms, kitchens or on balconies have to be repurposed. And this is where our Fold-up Workspace is both a practical and efficient solution. It’s easy to take anywhere, place on a table and set up in seconds. Once the day’s done, it collapses flat and is space-saving to stow in a closet or hang up on a coat rack.
        • Pep task chair

        • 227 range - Design: Wilkhahn

          The Pep chair marries refreshingly simple design with exceptional comfort not looking out of place in the home or office. The ergonomic, unibody seat and backrest shell made of moulded plywood is fully padded, covered on all sides and comes with extra wadding on the inside to ensure maximum comfort. Combined with its stylish four-star base, the chair looks compact + lightweight. The optional black polyamide armrests are a comfortable place, to rest your arms. Optionally on glides or casters, the 227 range is an equally good choice for customer support areas, meeting spaces, dining tables, or home offices.
        • Lounge chair Intra

        • 295 range, design: Phoenix Design

          Top-drawer design
          Lots of people are fed up with the archetypal symbols of good taste that make so many boardrooms and conference spaces look identical. New functional features are also required for those higher up in hierarchies to keep body and mind on the ball in agile working environments and meetings. Which is why the new Intra conference chair comes with a precision-adjustable height and a motion-stimulating synchronous adjustment mechanism with automatic weight adjustment. The synchro-adjustment mechanism and controls fuse almost invisibly with the similar form of the seat shell and the elegantly integrated armrests. Intra’s fluid lines, the precise way the high-quality materials are combined and its dynamic comfort make it the new frontrunner for today’s executives – whether it’s in a conference room or an office.
        • Pommel horse seat "Sitzbock"

        • 204 range, design: RSW design studio

          The innovative pommel horse seat “Sitzbock” for kitchenettes, lobbies and similar semi-public spaces invites passersby to take a break and use it in all sorts of ways. It’s 707 mm high, 627 mm wide and its legs splay out to 520 mm. Just like a real horse, you can sit astride or ride “side saddle” or use it to lean on. Rotary moulded from black, white, grey or orange through-dyed polyethylene and just 4.8 kg in weight, they’re easy to place in groups for spontaneous meet-ups, stack cross-wise or pick up and put on patios for a while. Anyone preferring a little more comfort can add a non-slip felt saddle blanket that comes in anthracite, graphite, mango or a light mottled hue and adds extra splashes of colour. Positioned in casual groups, the pommel horse seats create an atmosphere that’s just as playful as it is ergonomic and invites interaction
        • Wall relief Landing

        • 208 range - Design: Rudolph Schelling Webermann

          In the case of the Landing wall option, the name says it all. It manages to create a welcoming atmosphere for “stopovers” in aisles, cross-over spaces and stairwells where space is lacking for groups of seating and side tables. Landing consists of two basic sound-absorbent modules: a flat one 60 x 60 cm in size with an element upholstered with 10-mm-thick foam and covered in fabric and an equally large three-dimensional moulded relief element that can be used in three ways depending on the way it’s fitted: as a shelf (with an additional powder-coated steel surface), rotated vertically by 90° as an upright method of creating a zone, providing a screen or a cosy corner for leaning on and turned 180° horizontally to perch on. The modules are placed in assembly frames and can be used in any number of combinations. They improve acoustics, create little corners for chats or phone calls, offer spaces to leave drinks or smartphones and take the strain off people’s feet. The covers come in seven standard colours to tap into more design options and allow Landing to be used as colour-coded signage systems. 
        • Occo chair

        • 222 range, Design: jehs & laub

          Appealing variety in one design language

          For Wilkhahn, designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub have come up with a chair and table range which is perfectly coordinated with one another. It’s called Occo. Occo combines enormous versatility and a vast choice of design options with a clear and immediately identifiable design language. The special shape of the recesses in the back and sides allows chairs to be stacked (when a chromeplated, four-leg metal frame is chosen) and superb seated comfort is also delivered at the same time. The seat itself is very rigid, but the back is exceptionally flexible due to its shape and the different thicknesses of the material.

          The characteristic shape of the seat and backrest shell mirrors the letters that Occo owes its name to. Viewed from the front, the chair looks like an O and from the side it resembles a C. Four frame types, three types of cushioning and six shell produce a total of 72 variants that respond to virtually all functional and design requirements.

        • Occo SC meeting chair

        • 222 range, Design: jehs & laub

          A family likeness

          The Occo 221 chair and table range, designed by Jehs + Laub, is versatile and suitable for a wide range of environments including meeting, cafeteria and conference spaces. The original Occo multipurpose chair features armrests and a distinctive, enveloping shell, is available in six colors, four frame types and four upholstery options. It’s new sibling, Occo SC (Side Chair), is a welcome addition to the 221 range. The Occo SC includes both four and five star base models and is available in all of color and upholstery options to match its bigger sibling.

        • Insit upholstered bench with backrest

        • 780 range, design Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

          The highpoint of any occasion.

          Insit transforms the classic upholstered bench with backrest into a multipurpose higher seating option for offices, co-working, meeting and dining spaces. At 45 cm seating height and with ergonomic and firm upholstery, this option provides supportive comfort and opportunities for use across generations. The characteristic upright backrests and elegant A-line feet lend the furniture a prestigious and lightweight look. The range is available as two-, two-and-a-half and three-seaters, which come with backrests that are linear, on one or both sides or at an angle for people to sit in opposite directions. Models with high backrests for more privacy and a coordinating table range round off the range. Due to its freely combinable, integrative design language, the seating resembles a distinctive sculpture that can be designed and adapted in all sorts of ways. The highpoint of any occasion.
        • Conference chair Sola

        • 290 range, design: Justus Kolberg, licensed by Davis furniture

          A distinctive frame. A chair that rocks. And that’s perfectly crafted.

          Conference chair Sola echoes the Wilkhahn tradition of combining innovative comfort with a crisp design and high-quality appeal. The chair’s aesthetic is defined by the linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctivelines of the aluminium frame. The frame branches out from the centre column into a V-shaped support that culminates in the armrests. The seat shell is cleverly swivel-mounted at the front and connected with the V- shaped support at the back by two pressure springs. The result is superb sprung comfort and rocking motion that’s adjustable In addition to the clear design and the rocking feature, the first-class craftsmanship of the cushioning is also impressive. The back of the covered plywood shell includes double-thickness cushioning which creates a gap all the way round. This enhances the already slender profile.


        • Stand-up

        • Design: Thorsten Franck

          Stand-up –a stylish, fun and new mover …

          Placed in relaxed groups, nobody can resist lingering on these colourful, cheerful and eye-catching objects. They’re ideal for spontaneous meet-ups and come with health-boosting benefits too. Perched on diagonally, these one-legged sitting-standing hybrids turn into dynamic three-legged ones that allow hips to move and thoughts to take flight. Joints are put to work and muscles strengthened. They also invite interaction. Even from an up to 50° angle, after a gentle push they swing back and right themselves again. In other words, this hip companion is a fun approach to the serious side of (working) life.
        • Metrik cantilever chair

        • Range 186, Design: WhiteID

          Contemporary interpretation of a cantilever chair.

          Wilkhahn’s new Metrik cantilever chair stands apart for its sculptural shape and contours which bring modern automotive design to mind. Polygonal shapes and rounded edges are part of a distinctive body which is defined by form-fit assembly of the tubular steel frame and seat component. The seat and the tubular frame are the same colour to underscore the integrated design. As a result, the chair has a seamless look. The sculptural shape of the inside of the chair with its integrated seat cushion offers superior comfort which can be further enhanced by extra cushioning at the back.

          The cushion covers come in different textures and colours and the through-dyed polyamide seat sections and frames are also available in a total of six colours. The spectrum covers black, white and grey to grey-beige and orange-red to blue-grey. The bright chrome-plated frame can be combined with all the colours. Up to six Metrik cantilever chairs can be stacked on top of one another in this version.

        • Stackable chair Aula

        • 238 range, design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

          When creating our Aula multipurpose chair, the designers and engineers took plastic as a material to a new aesthetic and functional level. Up to 16 of the easy-care fully plastic chairs can be stacked free-standing. Aula looks intriguingly seamless because the colours and surfaces of all the chair’s parts are the same. Its precise lines and the way the leg frame, armrests and seat shell fuse with the rest of the structure suggest an organic sculpture. The form, elasticity and ergonomic design of the seat shell provide excellent support and comfort, even when people of all shapes and sizes sit on it for long periods of time. Six colours and four types of upholstery tap into a wide range of furnishing and design options for multipurpose facilities, canteens, seminar rooms, conference areas or co-working spaces.
        • Aline - skid-base chair

        • 230 range - design: Andreas Störiko

          Minimal materials. Maximum transparency. Simple to use.

          Wilkhahn’s Aline range, designed by Andreas Störiko, sets a standard for multi-purpose rooms and informal communications areas. At the heart of Aline lies the multipurpose chair with a design that is both coherent and innovative. The seat and backrest are made of strong plastic and the chair has a stylish, bright chrome-plated round steel rod skid base. The result is a piece of furniture that is lightweight, stable and with materials reduced to the max. The flexible design and colour-matched high-efficiency fabric covering, combined with the holes to keep your body cool at the back, make sitting on the chair both relaxing and comfortable.

        • Stackable meeting chair

        • Aline-S / range 233 - Design: Andreas Störiko

          2014 was the 10th anniversary of Wilkhahn’s skid-base chair Aline. At ORGATEC 2014 the company showcased a new addition to the skid-base chair range called Aline-S. The family likeness is obvious, but the new chair still has its own personality. The seat and backrest frame on Aline-S are covered with elastic, slatted membranes instead of transparent fabric. The new material makes the chair very comfortable and enhances its look.

          This line is primarily aimed at areas where seating has to be stylish, yet practical to pick up and move around. And where it needs to be easy to clean and require little maintenance. It’s ideal for canteens and cafés, salesrooms, public lobbies or multipurpose spaces.
        • Neos cantilever chair

        • Design: wiege

          Appealing. Attractive. Versatile.

          The cantilever models complement the 180 range swivel chairs perfectly. Their superior design, high quality appearance and variety of upholstery options make them ideal candidates for a multi-purpose seating range in their own right. Perhaps as a place for a visitor to sit; as a comfortable and exclusive conference cantilever chair, or as stackable seating for seminars and presentations.
          The cantilever chair consists of a slender, bright chromium-plated tubular steel frame connected to an elegant tapered outer rail. The space between the outer rail and the shell is not just simply a smart detail: the rail is also a handle and at the same time allows flexible adjustment of the back section. The single-section seat shell is invisibly attached to the seamless frame structure and combined with the suspended frame, it offers comfort par excellence.
        • Cura

        • 249 range - Design: wiege

          Linear and elegant, classic and distinctive, spacious and high-quality

          Cura is a high-calibre, cantilever lounge chair.

          Cura marks a new interpretation of the cantilever chair principle. The design is familiar yet refreshingly different: light, sporty and - understated form aside - very inviting. The chair is not only extremely comfortable but should also turn heads; it merges naturally with any interior design theme - in a foyer, a lounge or in a private setting too.

          Cura low tables are coordinated with the materials and design of the chairs.
        • Leaning aid Stitz2

        • 20 range - Design: PER, 1992

          The Stitz leaning aid is an exceptional piece of furniture, that involves neither sitting nor standing, but somewhere in between. What is so ingenious about Stitz, is that it allows the body to relax but puts it through its paces at the same time. Which is why you do not sit on Stitz, but rest on it at a slant. As a result, your pelvis adopts an upright position, your metabolism improves, your sense of balance is enhanced and your muscles are activated without subjecting them to too much strain. You can sit on the round seat from all sides. The elastomer base is filled with quartz sand, so that Stitz does not topple over even when tilted. A freely accessible disc underneath the seat lets you infinitely adjust the support height with an integrated gas lift. But Stitz is not just considered a symbol of superb design. A study carried out by the Centre for Health at the German Sport University Cologne verifies that regular use of Stitz boosts your body’s co-ordinating skills.
        • Asienta

        • 860 range - Design by jehs + laub

          The chair and sofa range blends a prestigious appeal with exceptional design and comfort that’s second to none. The stylish aluminium frame with curved cross sections and organic transition points form the characteristic contour around which cushioning of the cube-shaped seat body appears to envelop itself. The upholstery’s thin and flat on the outside, with a defined curve on the inside. It looks soft, but is firm and offers comfortable support for different seating positions. With their classy covers, the cubes look as if they’re wrapped in one piece of fabric. They form an exciting interpretation of traditional shapes, combined with clear precision and a relaxed appeal.

          The extremely tough, four-legged structure makes large spans possible. The range offers stand-alone chairs that are very compact or in normal widths, as well as two- and threeseater sofas and upholstered benches. There is a choice of high-quality textiles and exclusive leather for the covers. The low tables have been designed to match. The bright chromium-plated, matt-polished or coated frames support the tabletops made of veneered wood, or of single-pane reinforced glass coated on the bottom in black or white.
        • Sito cantilever chair

        • 240 range / Design Wiege

          Distinctive. Flexible. Versatile.

          The Sito range is a more sophisticated re-interpretation of the traditional steel tube cantilever chair. The design is based on bridge construction: the load-bearing component comprises a tubular structure that is supported by slender, flat steel braces. The braces absorb force, so the cross section of the tubular structure is smaller and the chair more flexible.

          An innovative, multipurpose cantilever family was born that can be used on its own or in combination with the Wilkhahn office chair and table ranges. Sito is typical of the flexibility expected from cantilevers, spacious and comfortable to sit on and with its very own style. Different frame finishes, armrest pads, upholstery and covers allow plenty of scope for different design solutions.
        • ON cantilever chair

        • range 170 - Design: wiege

          ON was developed as a product family. As a result, coherent furnishing solutions with swivel work chairs and pull-up chairs for meetings perfectly complement one another. Seat shell and back frame allude to the swivel chairs and offer optimal comfort. The design of the frame is also typical of ON’s clarity of form. A standard feature of all Fiberflex and fabric covered types is that they are stackable. The management grade upholstery is also an option for more discerning customers.

          The four-legged visitor and elegant cantilever chairs are superb solutions for shorter meetings and conferences. They round off the range with the covered backrest frame that‘s so typical of ON. For seamless furnishing solutions.

          The fixed-leg chair has the same seat-back construction as the cantilever. The similar outer pull is also a characteristic of the ON product family. Fiberflex or fabric upholstered, stackable types and management grade upholstery are also available.
        • Chassis

        • 340 range Design: Stefan Diez

          Innovative. Multi-purpose. Appealing.

          Virtually no other chair has caused more of a stir in the design world than multi-purpose chair Chassis. And it’s no surprise. Because the distinctive and ground-breaking design of the frame, consisting of deep drawn sheet steel, indicates a highly innovative manufacturing process called space frame technology from the automotive industry. This technology combines elastic comfort, durability and strength with the precision and elegance of a fascinating design. The combination of a variety of unitary, membrane-like seat- and backrest shells produces models that set any design concept apart. Available in monochrome versions with through-dyed plastic shells, or covered with robust, informal or elegant fabrics, or perhaps with slim-line upholstery and covered with leather, Chassis is a trendsetting statement in any backdrop. It’s an ideal choice for meeting rooms, recreational areas, workshops and studios, customer service areas, hotel rooms, restaurants or conferences. Quite simply, it’s a chair for contemporary life styles.
        • Ceno

        • 361 range - Design: Läufer + Keichel

          Functional. Appealing. Stackable.

          If your meeting turns into a business lunch or vice versa, furnishing dressed to impress for both occasions is the order of the day. New business models, changing conditions, different structures – the fast pace of professional life makes discussion and decision-making increasingly important factors. In the past, a distinction was made between formal meetings and informal gatherings. But nowadays, both tend to happen in the same place. A meeting moves effortlessly on to supper, during which the next topics on the agenda are discussed. Meetings also more and more frequently take place in hotels whose premises are primarily used for catering. Backdrops change, but the furnishing solutions stay and have to be able to handle both situations.

          With or without armrests – the upholstered, four-legged Ceno combines the business-like functionality of a stackable, ergonomic conference chair with the welcoming comfort of a dining room seat. Clever details, highquality material, first-class workmanship, yet amazingly simple joints, are examples of superlative industrial design.
      • Conference tables

          • mAx conference table

          • range 460 / 465 Design: Andreas Störiko

            Folding table systems are exceptionally flexible ways of furnishing multipurpose spaces. Handling and storage requirements, the range’s variety and quality of its design have an impact on facility management costs on the one hand and the appreciation conveyed to users on the other. This is where mAx’s appealing look and sophisticated construction set new standards. The superbly designed folding tables can be stowed away compactly, require just one hand to set them up, are self-stabilising and come with integrated linkage options. The material and craftsmanship of the stylish T-shaped foot sections ensure tables are sturdy and durable. The various table foot sizes allow lots of different table shapes and depths for all kinds of usage – from tables placed in loosely arranged groups to linear rows of tables to open-centred or closed conference table systems. And the mAx light 465 range with its rigid lightweight table tops is ideal for areas where furniture is often moved around or rearranged. Whether destined for meeting rooms, versatile conference and seminar centres, project- and group-work areas, co-working spaces or versatile restaurant- and café-zones – mAx really does tick all the boxes.
          • Confair folding table

          • 440 range - Design: Andreas Störiko

            Dynamic. Space-saving. Superbly designed.

            Desk-sharing, flexible teamwork and short-term integration of freelancers into project groups have become an integral part of our daily work routine. That means it is high time for this to be reflected in the working environment too.

            That is why we have developed a conference table that can accommodate both individual persons or a group of eight. That can be simply linked with other tables to form a conference table configuration, and can be folded up in no time at all and rolled to the side of the room.

            Everyone can therefore be as creative as the environment allows. The Confair folding table provides you with optimal conditions for free personal development.Thanks to Confair folding tables, versatile usage of well-designed conference and meeting areas is child’s play.

            Only one single person is required to set up and rearrange the moveable folding tables – without any tools, releasing or unlocking procedures or special skills involved. Snap connectors allow the conference tables to be linked in any direction. If partitions are used to divide up rooms, conference or project work tables can be transformed into a large conference layout in no time. It is a welcoming thought that investing in Confair folding tables pays for itself so quickly.
          • Timetable Shift

          • 610 range - Design: Andreas Störiko

            Scaleable. Multi-purpose. Ingeniously combinable.

            Conference table Timetable Shift combines Timetable’s swivel-tabletop principle with the frame design of the established Logon conference table range. The signature uprights are topped out by a high-precision aluminium casting. Its dual function provides a stable bearer for larger tabletop sizes and a shoe for a spacious cable channel for connecting the table and multimedia equipment to the power supply. Substantial hinges allow wide surfaces to be safely tilted and an easy-to-use draw rod locks the tabletop horizontally or vertically. Specifiable in increments of five centimetres, formats of 150 to 210 centimetres in width and from 75 to 105 centimetres in depth are available to suit customer preferences. The applications are therefore limitless, from temporary work spaces, to tables for meetings or as conferencing systems. And what’s more, Timetable Shift offers seamless solutions on demand by combining static Logon tables in suites that are sub-divided by folding partitions, extracting optimal performance from high-value communication-oriented space.
          • Timetable Lift

          • 615 range - Design: Andreas Störiko

            Ideal for board rooms

            Timetable Lift taps into new opportunities for innovation spaces and huddle rooms. These tables aren’t just mobile, combinable and nest compactly into one another, but also add flexibility in terms of height. Electrically adjustable in height from 73 cm to 139 cm, they’re perfect for hot desking where people both sit and stand and an excellent choice for scalable seminar and project spaces where different postures are often adopted and for spacious multipurpose meeting and presentation spaces. The superbly designed tables are compact to stow away, wheel in as required, easy to set up in one step and set to the right height at the touch of a button. Optional battery operation enables mobility regardless of where the power supply’s located. And what’s more, if surfaces with dry-wipe laminate are chosen, the table also turns into a mobile, flip-top projection screen and whiteboard.
          • Foldscreen for flexible pop-up offices

          • 609 range - Design: Wilkhahn

            The Timetable family might be used in the mornings for training sessions, at lunchtimes for conferences and in the evenings as hot-desking workspaces. It’s difficult to think of any other table that is more future-proof or offers such flexibility. The modular Foldscreen range provides privacy and absorbs sound, making it an excellent choice for areas where people require their own space or need to concentrate more. What’s so clever is that the Foldscreen modules aren’t just simple to attach to and remove from the table top without any tools, but the hinges on the front panels and the ingenious, slot-in folding linkage strip on the folded down on the table top, locked onto the front panel and flipped up and flipped up with it as well. As a result, even with Foldscreens attached, the Timetable tables are still just as flexible. If required, the tables are perfect for pop-up offices and, with flipped-up table tops, they’re compact to stow away, quick to wheel in and fold up in seconds. Whether used individually, or as part of a group or linked to form a modular workbench in conjunction with a Timetable, Timetable Smart, Timetable Shift or sit-to-stand Timetable Lift, the Foldscreen system has now turned the mobile table family into a champion in agile working environments.
          • Occo conference table

          • 222 range - Design: jehs+laub

            A table range also complements the chairs. The tubular steel table frame optionally comes withswivel castors and echoes the contours of the star base. The table shapes reflect the mix of anorganic form with clear geometries. There’s a choice of square, rectangular, round and ovalformats depending on usage, the number of places required and the size and characteristics ofthe room. The table tops are available with bonded plywood surfaces, MDF panels with realwood veneers, through-dyed HPL (High Pressure Laminate) or solid oak panels.
          • Timetable - mobile conference table

          • 610 range - Designer: Andreas Störiko

            Combing brains and beauty produces fascinating solutions that quickly pay for themselves. Designer Andreas Störiko created Timetable for Wilkhahn and added a new dimension to the concept of high-quality conference areas. In just one simple step, the tabletop can be tipped up and the foot section with lockable castors turned inwards fully automatically at the same time. As a result, the tables are not just easy to move from room to room, but can also be very compactly stacked into one another. Their intuitive handling, high quality and smart appeal are ideal for dynamic conference areas and save both space and time. After all, furnishing costs are often just a fraction of the room and facility management costs. Anyone investing in intelligent, quality solutions can save a lot of money in the long run.
          • Graph Conference table

          • 300 range - Design: jehs+laub

            The Graph tables reflect the principal design feature of the Graph conference chairs. The chair’s apparently seamless foot section, armrests and seat are mirrored in the Graph conference tables. On the table frame the aluminium underframes echo the sloping die-cast aluminium legs and their curved and flat look. As a result light lines appear consistently on the table frame, lending the frame a seamless appearance. The large spans also create an impression of elegance where gravity seems almost suspended. This ef fect is enhanced by the asymmetrically curved table edges and the rounded corners of the table. The formats include round tables, as well as compact and long oval shapes which are based on squares and triangles. Sizes range from 120 by 120 to 540 by 230 centimetres (47 1 / 4 " by 47 1 / 4 " to 212 5 / 8 " by 90 1 / 4 ") and provide generous space for four to 22 people. As a stylish table for meetings, or prestigious piece of conferencing furniture, Graph stands for high-quality interaction. Wilkhahn has added four new models, 230 cm deep for 16, 18, 20 and 22 people, to its range of Graph conference table systems. 

          • Aline Tables

          • Design: Andreas Störiko

            In addition to skid-base and swivel chairs, benches and bar stools, the Aline range also offers round and square low, sitting and standing-height pedestal tables, as well as two-pedestal rectangular tables. The stylish and transparent look and feel of Aline is ideal for informal areas used for professional purposes: sales rooms, customer-support and waiting areas, bistros and cafeterias, or desks and dining rooms at home. Thanks to the anti-bacterial fabric of the seating and the easy-care, robust table tops, Aline is an excellent choice for spas and healthcare areas. Whatever the setting, the furniture lends the room a light and informal appeal that encourages an informal chat. It is both attractive and comfortable with sophisticated functions at the same time.
          • Travis height adjustable

          • 661 range - Design: wiege

            Prestigious. Energising. Dynamic.
            Lack of physical activity in offices is considered the main reason for back pain, headaches, fatigue and other complaints in the modern world. At desks or in conference rooms – the majority of office work is sedentary. Which is why, in addition to dynamic seating, alternating between standing and sitting is becoming increasingly important. Getting up and standing for a time while working pays dividends. Especially when your body’s seized up and your creative powers are stalling. And the same applies the other way round too. If meetings at high tables drag on, sitting down in between helps take the pressure off.

            Consequently, the standalone tables (71–118cm (28"–461/2")) with electrically height-adjustable frames perfectly complement the impressive Travis conference table system. The rectangular shapes (90x180cm (353/8"x707 /8"), 100x200cm (393/8"x783/4")) are ideal as desks or as conference tables. And a sitting-down meeting with eight people at the barrel-shaped table (80/100x230cm (311/2"/393/8"x901/2")) can quickly become a standing-up one. 

          • Conversa

          • Design: wiege

            Quality and versatility: simply excellent.

            Flexible offices are all about understated tables that allow you to work, hold meetings around, study at, have meals or spread out party fare on…Large and small, compact or long versions are required, or in other words all-rounders. Table range Conversa has been developed to respond to these demands. With its square table legs and narrow edges, Conversa is suited to professional backdrops. The stylish profiles are achieved by applying top-class materials. Underframes and table legs consist of very strong steel tube and the connecting elements are made of die-cast zinc. Therefore, table formats of 75x75 to 200x100, or also the particularly versatile format of 160x160 centimetres, are possible. The result is a good-value desk for two, a table for a project group, or part of a conference system.

            Coated or bright chrome-plated frame surfaces, directly coated, laminated, or veneered wooden panels offer a wide range of design options. The tables might be used in offices for one, project or recreational rooms, for seminars and meetings, or even in prestigious conference facilities or executive offices.

          • Logon tables and table systems

          • Designer: Andreas Störiko

            Geometry of aesthetics: Logon system tables in three different widths can be linked to create virtually endless table configurations using intermediate and corner elements. This means that there are hardly any limits to versatile configuration.

            Horseshoe, rectangular, open or closed configurations can be created with this system, depending on whether you want to hold team sessions, seminars or press conferences. There is also ample leg-room: the uprights of the table leg construction are positioned away from the edge and when linked, only one table leg is required.

            As an individual table, Logon is also available with castors. One way or the other: the elegant, filigree table with the characteristic T-shaped foot and the distinct edging profile is an optical highlight for any room.
          • Confair® conference accessories

          • Space-saving. Superbly designed.

            The Confair range is the perfect example of image building and innovative force combined. High-quality details, excellent materials and a distinctive design boost team spirit and the impression created. At the same time, the range’s modular, easy-totransport structure and innovative functional details encourage participation, personal organisation and interactive skills. And it saves on overheads for rooms and facility management to boot. It is no surprise that Confair has set an example in the industry worldwide as a new type of furnishing concept. In terms of function and superb design, it is a good choice for workshop, project, seminar and conference settings.
          • Variable conference table Contas

          • Design: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Anette Ponholzer

            Minimalist. Lightweight. Surprisingly versatile.

            Contas is an intelligent, superior and durable furnishing solution that quickly pays dividends. The clarity and quality of this sophisticated table system’s design is impressive. It cuts an equally fine figure in conference rooms and highlights the importance of the occasion. Contas also offers attractive cost benefits in terms of facility management. Contas can adapt to different numbers of participants, course methods and room shapes. Tool-free assembly turns the table systems into single tables, linked rows or grouped into horseshoe shapes or blocks in no time. The patented interlocking mechanism and the clever integration of all functions save time and money. The frame is bright chromium plated, with a choice of laminate, veneer and linoleum tabletops.

          • Conference table Palette

          • 640 range - Design: Karlheinz Rubner

            Solid. Understated. Ingeniously versatile.

            Built to last: a solid-wood tabletop, resting on four column-shaped, table legs that are flush with the edge of the tabletop. Unlike virtually any other table range, Palette stands for the contemporary archetypal table. In terms of function and aesthetic appeal, the black top of the table legs and the glide are perfection itself. But Palette can do more: in just one simple step the leg can be released and moved to accommodate another panel. As a result, you can create, extend or divide tables to suit the way you want to use the room, procedures and numbers concerned – from a table for one or two, to a conference layout.

            The rigid blockboard tops do not require any underframes. This creates more legroom and allows space-saving stacking (like palettes) of any tabletops not currently needed. And what is more, in addition to mass-produced tabletops, the ingenious design allows customised tabletops – including integration of state-of-the-art multimedia equipment.
          • Timetable Smart - mobile conference table

          • 612 range - Design: Andreas Störiko

            The Timetable Smart follows the Timetable principle and taps into another application: transportable and dynamic furnishing of multipurpose areas, such as versatile training rooms, project offices, canteens or meeting places. We only use table tops made of tough boards (60x150cm, 75x150cm (235/8" x59", 291/2" x59")) coated with melamine resin with plastic lipping in the same colour. The frame has an extremely hardwearing swivel mechanism (which does not cause the foot section to rotate) with integral storage b uffer. The table top is locked both horizontally and vertically. The locking mechanism is released by simply pulling out the horizontal draw rod and pivoting the table along its horizontal axis. The wide frame with less of the table protruding at the sides, gives two chairs enough space between the foot sections, so that the table offers enough legroom for four people sitting opposite one another. Another bonus is that the table’s sturdy design allows sophisticated power supply solutions – either as standby options for temporary work spaces.

          • Asienta

          • The chair and sofa range blends a prestigious appeal with exceptional design and comfort that’s second to none. The stylish aluminium frame with curved cross sections and organic transition points form the characteristic contour around which cushioning of the cube-shaped seat body appears to envelop itself. The upholstery’s thin and flat on the outside, with a defined curve on the inside. It looks soft, but is firm and offers comfortable support for different seating positions. With their classy covers, the cubes look as if they’re wrapped in one piece of fabric. They form an exciting interpretation of traditional shapes, combined with clear precision and a relaxed appeal. The extremely tough, four-legged structure makes large spans possible. The range offers stand-alone chairs that are very compact or in normal widths, as well as two- and three-seater sofas and upholstered benches. There is a choice of high-quality textiles and exclusive leather for the covers. The low tables have been designed to match. The bright chrome-plated, matt-polished or coated frames support the tabletops made of veneered wood, or of single-pane reinforced glass coated on the bottom in black or white.

          • Versa conference table - modular meeting table

          • 636 range: Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

            The modular table range combines seminal forms and high quality with customised variety of design and room usage. The classily stylish frame looks seamless and underscores the exceptional high-quality, airily light look of the configurations.

            The table frame and top are cleverly connected by a bayonet lock, allowing the tables and table systems to be set up, extended, made smaller or dismantled again in no time – without any tools or loose connecting parts. Rectangular, semi-barrel, trapezoid, semi-trapezoid, rounded 90° corner and 90° circular segments with various table depths offer the right solutions for any size of room, number of attendees and type of conferences. What’s more, they come with surfaces and in colours to match the space concerned.