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  • Offer Profile
  • deister electronic is an innovative, family owned global business with more than 40 years experience in developing electronic and mechanical products for security and industrial automation. Widely acclaimed for our expertise and specialist implementation of RFID technology within practical applications, from key management, access control and long-range identification (AVI) to logistics and process control.
Product Portfolio
  • Solutions

      • Digital Locking Systems

      • Online and offline access control

        Digital locking cylinders for a smarter door

        The doorLoxx digital locking system makes it significantly easier and cost-effective to change from a conventional master-key locking system with mechanical keys to an electronic access control system. The portfolio offers the right solution for any situation. Easy installation for any door. The digital locking components are battery operated and exchange data wirelessly.

        They are available in a variety of formats, for example cylinders and digital handles. Our portfolio includes an updaters, controllers and online readers, which link the locking components to the system. Full scalability makes it possible to operate a system without PC software as equally as with Commander Connect, which offers all the performance characteristics of professional access control systems.

          • airLink

          • Energy-saving wireless technology

            airLink is the deister wireless standard designed to integrate digital locking components and an updater into a system by means of wireless transmissions. Sophisticated energy management ensures very little drain on the battery. This allows the digital locking components to regularly exchange data, receive new access rights and transmit their own access log to the system. At the same time all data is secured by powerful 128 bit AES encryption.

            It is possible to achieve ranges up to 30 m indoors, and as much as 100 m outdoors.

            • Very low power consumption
            • 128 bit AES encryption
            • Strong wireless range
          • Digital Locking Components

          • The right solution for all Doors

            The doorLoxx portfolio of digital locking components covers a variety of formats to offer the right solution for all doors and applications.

            All digital locking components are based on the same technical concept: the mechanics are separated from the reading technology. The electronic for the reading technology is in a reading head that is the same in all locking components and can easily be exchanged. That way it is easy to keep the system up to date and secure.

            The battery life is the same for all digital locking components and lasts for 5 years with 60,000 activations or a standby of 10 years or 100.000 activations in a shorter timeframe.

            All digital locking components are equipped with our radio connection airLink, which can be used for the „heartbeat“ or to download the events and manage online the access rights in all locking components.

          • Electronic cabinet lock

          • Digital cabinet lock DCL 3
            Secure storage of valuables in cabinets or lockers - with the reliable and electronic cabinet and furniture lock from deister electronic. The elegant electronic lock with its timeless design does not require any cables, can be installed quickly and can be centrally managed  with our Commander Connect software. Integration into a professional building and asset management software is possible at any time.

            In addition to common reading technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC®, the lock also supports Bluetooth™, which means that it can be conveniently opened with a mobile phone. In addition, the patent-pending energy management system allows a battery life of up to 60,000 activations, which is twice as much as most other cabinet locks on the market.

            So, if you are looking for a cabinet lock that can be used individually, is rugged and features unrivalled energy management, then look no further than the DCL 3 digital cabinet lock from deister electronic.

            • All common reading technologies are supported and can be changed at any time
            • Long battery life of up to 60,000 activations
            • Available with various levers
            • Elegant design, which fits into office furniture, cabinets and lockers
            • Easy to install and dismantle
        • Access Control

        • Next Generation Access Control Credentialing Systems

          Easy and secure Management of your Access Control System
          With deister engage futureproof security; best-in-class product quality made in Germany; and fully integrated management of your system and its security. We adhere to best practices for secure encryption, to widely reviewed open standards and data protection, and provide a new level of user convenience to employees and administrators. See benefits on the right side.

          Our system design is a unique layered security approach using stringent best practices for data protection. deister uses only the current best open global standard technologies to offer the highest level of data and privacy protection such as Mifare DESFire (embodying AES) credentials and compliant readers; and OSDP2 as the protocol between reader and controller. Different options including smartframe, deBus and/or transparent reader mode offer additional security.

          • cure Key Management of your system’s encryption keys, giving you complete control over the system while enabling easy management of readers and credentials
          • Mutual Authentification between the reader and the credential, providing best-in-class message integrity protection
          • Open global standards that are regularly reviewed, checked and verified by official authorities (including NIST) to offer you the most effective level of security possible
          • Proper implementation of technology and encryption embodied in a cohesive process design to avoid security breaches in the operation and management of your access control system
            • Cards

            • We consult with you to choose the best secure credential technology for your security profile and show you how to implement the processes of credential management and credential production properly to avoid security breaches.

              Our Triple Technology™ readers support a seamless transition to a new credential technology where old credentials can either be updated on the go through our readers or exchanged during normal operation of your organization while old credentials are still being used in parallel.

            • Mobile Credentials

            • The future is now. Integrate Mobile phones and use our trusted cloud services to make your access control system future proof. All our current reader and wireless readers offer Bluetooth connectivity and we offer retrofit adapters to enable existing readers to communicate via Bluetooth as well. 

            • Readers

            • Our Infinity Readers™ are Triple Technology™ readers which can read up to 3 different reading technologies. Thus both card credentials and mobile credentials can be used with the same reader. Also Triple Technology™ supports the seamless transition from old to new technology without interrupting your daily operation. Infinity Readers™ may be the last readers you’ll ever need.

          • Smart Storage

          • Intelligent asset management systems with handling automation

            Automatic issue and return of valuables

            Are your important assets and resources used efficiently? It‘s often all to easy too lose track of who has what item, when it is last used and especially the condition that it is returned in. proxSafe smart storage systems identify who has your essential assets by controlling who has them with full audit and reporting capabilities. Users are identified by card, pin or biometrics allowing them to only take the items that they are authorised to have, ensuring you have complete accountability of your company’s shared portable equipment. Radios, test equipment, tools, laptops and much more can now be managed automatically so you know that the equipment is ready when you need it.
              • RFID

              • Maintenance free – can be installed everywhere

                With the aid of RFID technology it is possible to identify and manage devices, work equipment and items. For that purpose, an RFID chip is either installed in, attached to or hung on the device in the form of a tag. The data required to clearly identify the device or item is stored in the RFID chip. As soon as a device is removed or returned the RFID chip is automatically recognized by the antenna installed in the compartment. That ensures each removal and return is electronically detected and logged.

                RFID chips do not require a battery and are as such completely maintenance free. As a benefit, their service life is practically unlimited.

                Works without a battery
                100% maintenance free
                Contactless, so no wear
              • Terminals

              • Authenticate and operate

                To gain access to the cabinet and keys there is a choice of control terminals that all include an integrated smartcard reader which allows most customers to make use of their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option for biometric verification and a touch screen. The control terminal allows for full flexibility giving the option of having multiple key cabinets controlled from a single point or multiple control terminals controlling the same set of cabinets, this is an important consideration where disability discrimination regulations need to be met.
              • locker

              • Lockers with electronic monitoring

                The locker cabinet portfolio offers different compartment sizes, which can be freely combined with one another to create the desired system solution. An RFID chip installed in or attached to the device allows the user to remove or return the device simply by placing it against a compatible reader with integrated antenna, the device is then automatically identified in the compartment. An LED lights up to indicate successful removal/return . If space is a premium it is possible to hang the RFID chip on the device. When removing or returning a device, the user simply inserts the keyTag into a slot in the compartment. Inserting or removing the keyTag is electronically logged when the device is removed or returned.
              • racx

              • The allrounder in 19 inch format

                racx is the universal 19 inch cabinet system. As well as the drawers it is possible to incorporate all other proxSafe modules in this system. The drawer modules can be combined with radioPanels and keyPanels as well as other devices based on the 19 inch format. A design approach that increases flexibility even more. A slot is provided in each drawer where it is possible to insert the keyTag attached to the device or bunch of keys. RFID technology detects and electronically logs the removal or return of - for example, large bunches of keys.
              • flexx

              • Keep safe, charge and manage

                With different sizes of cabinets the flexx portfolio of cabinets offers space for diverse safe storage options, for example, holders for radio handsets or slots for keys. The storage options are individually adapted to suit the corresponding device. It is also possible to safely store and manage different devices in the same cabinet. According to requirements it is also possible to integrate a battery charging station along with a charge status display. The devices can be issued on a rotational basis, so that only fully charged handsets are issued and not half flat ones.
              • bloxx

              • Modular drawer system

                The bloxx system is ideally suited for the administration and storage of e.g. car keys and vehicle documents. bloxx consists of modules and can be assembled as required. There are different modules available with e.g. 10 wide or 20 narrow drawers. As an option it is possible to fit each drawer with an RFID reader.

                The bloxx system is operated via a 17 inch touch screen. In addition, other features such as cameras can be integrated to capture documents. bloxx provides the freedom to use a third party PC and operating software.

            • Long-Range Identification (AVI)

            • Identify vehicles reliably

              Long-range identification made simple

              The fast and reliable long-range identification solution automatically identifies both drivers and vehicles in any weather conditions. Queues in vehicle access and exit areas are a thing of the past. Ideal for car parks, traffic management and free-flowing vehicle access control (AVI). The technology is also suitable for monitoring rail traffic as well as vehicle access barriers in city centres, airports and at toll roads. Thanks to numerous interfaces it is possible to integrate tranSpeed seamlessly into other control systems – but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. There is a wide range of transponders available; these include robust heavy-duty transponders, self-adhesive stickers for windscreens and ISO cards, which perfectly combine two reader technologies.
                • Transponders for the windscreen

                • Self-adhesive with vignette/sticker function

                  In addition to the encrypted deister “smart frame” for data security the windscreen transponder for vehicles identification features a vignette/sticker function; this is an additional safety measure to prevent the transponder being torn off.

                  The specially developed antenna facilitates optimum ranges through the windscreen as far as 7 m using a TSU 200 reader. To achieve a constant range in conjunction with different vehicle types the transponder is also equipped with a function to adapt the range. For instance, RRD stickers are affixed to the marked positions. This function makes it possible to reduce the identification range by either 66% or 33%. That ensures it is possible to identify different types of vehicles at the same distance to the reader.

                  • Fraud proof – tear proof
                  • Adjustable range
                  • “Smart frame” – data security
                • POC

                • Make RFID fields visible

                  When installing an UHF long-range identification system the challenge is always to place the readers and transponders in the best possible position to ensure all vehicles are reliably detected. The POC (patent pending) represents an optimum solution to the challenge.

                  POC behaves precisely the same as a transponder. The integrated LEDs display the available level of communication at every position in the field between the reader and transponder. Finding the best-possible position for the transponder is quick and effective. The POC is available for both passive and active transponders.
                • TSU series

                • Passive long-range identification

                  Distinguishing features of our TSU readers include extremely robust die-cast aluminium housing and the compact design with integrated antenna. The TSU200 boasts a range of 7 m, the TSU100 3 m.

                  Our portfolio of passive transponders has been specifically developed for different materials to ensure it is also possible to achieve the best-possible range on glass or metal.

                  The special layout (patent pending) of the antenna integrated in the ISO card means it can be carried either way round as well as close to the body without impairing the range. Dual technology cards are also available with near field and long-range readers for enhanced levels of convenience.
                • TAL 700

                • Active long-range identification

                  The TAL 700 generates an adjustable identification field that will penetrate most materials without itself being shielded. That means this active system is particularly suitable for applications in which it is necessary to identify vehicles at an unfavourable angle to the reader – or the windscreens are covered with a special film to protect against the sun and for reasons of passenger privacy. With a range of up to 7 m the TAL 700 is suitable for all typical applications such as parking-space management and vehicle access control at car park barriers.

                  The active transponder TPA 8014 has an ISO card format and a battery life of up to two years. The user is able to replace the battery by simply undoing two screws – and reduce costs by continuing to use the transponders time and again. The transponders can also be equipped with a second passive technology. That makes it possible to use the TPA 8014 in applications supervising vehicle access and people accessing buildings.
                • Controller & Converter

                • Modular and flexible


                  The tranSpeed system is rounded off by controllers such as the IDC 2. The control unit is top-hat rail compatible and provides encrypted interfaces for tranSpeed readers, floating contacts for vehicle access and exit barriers as well as light signal control systems. Configuring authorisation levels is made easy with the software “Commander Connect”, which is connected to the IDC 2 via an IP interface.


                  Interface converters are able to convert data received from a reader to a different format or protocol as well as to integrate tranSpeed components into an existing system. The deBUS protocol is used to encrypt communication on the input side. Wiegand, Data/Clock, Magstripe, RS232 and RS485 interfaces are supported on the output side by several customer-specific protocols.
              • Key Management Systems

              • Key management for efficient control of key handovers

                Secure storage and electronic management of keys

                Manual key management costs a lot of time and energy. A key is quickly lost, the trouble is enormous, searching for it is time-consuming and often unsuccessful. With more and more mechanical keys in circulation, you can quickly loose track. A manual issue of keys, e.g. for security-relevant buildings, rooms, commercial properties, industrial sites, vehicle parks and fleets, can result in an immense administrative effort, significant security gaps and very high costs.Would you like to save yourself this hassle and your valuable time by leaving the key chaos behind? Would you like to have a better overview and full control over your numerous keys? deister electronic provides efficient solutions for key management. With electronic key management, user access to individual keys can be pre-defined and clearly managed via the Commander Connect software.

                All key removals and returns are automatically documented and can be retrieved easily. The intelligent key cabinet proxSafe ensures a transparent, controlled key transfer and an efficient management of from eight up to several thousand keys.

                Of course, your key storage can be individually configured to your specific requirements based on the number of keys and key ring sizes. This is made possible by our cabinet models and flexible panels. Each key cabinet offers 24/7 access and is easy to set up and operate. Your key experience: a totally secure solution for 100% control over all your keys - and more resources for the essential tasks of the day.
                  • keyTag

                  • Smart reliable identification for your keys

                    The keyTag is the heart of a key management system. Each keyTag has a unique identity so that its location within the cabinet is known. The most important and critical part of the system must perform all of the time to ensure that you have access to the keys when you need them, that’s why proxSafe uses the most advanced identification technology available - RFID.
                    • Includes integral keyring and seal
                    • Contactless, so no wear
                    • Works without a battery
                  • Terminal

                  • User identification and control tasks

                    To gain access to the cabinet and keys there is a choice of control terminals that all include an integrated smartcard reader which allows most customers to make use of their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option for biometric verification and a touch screen. The control terminal allows for full flexibility giving the option of having multiple key cabinets controlled from a single point or multiple control terminals controlling the same set of cabinets, this is an important consideration where disability discrimination regulations need to be met.
                  • maxx

                  • Compact and elegant key box with automatic door

                    The compact and elegant design of the maxx cabinet blends functionality of a professional key management system with a sleek design for use in a prominent location. The maxx cabinet allows full control over your keys whilst giving quick and easy access to keys when needed. The convenient and ultra-reliable automatic roller shutter door keeps keys hidden from view and allows the cabinet to be located in areas such as a corridor where a conventional hinged door would be problematic due to space. Available in 32 or 64 keyTag capacity Maxx cabinets can be combined with other maxx or flexx cabinets where additional storage space is required and multiple cabinets can all be managed by the same control terminal.
                  • flexx

                  • A scalable modular system

                    Flexx cabinets are available in a matching range of different sizes with a choice of either a solid steel or window door. The modular design allows a system to be easily adapted specifically for your current needs whilst leaving options open for future needs. Select a cabinet size, select keyTag panels and finally select a control terminal to meet your exact requirements. A variety of different internal keyTag panels allows each cabinet to be optimised to suit the different sizes and bunches of keys that are to be controlled. A system can be configured for maximum capacity by only using the wider spacing keyTag panels for those large bunches of keys that need more space. The keyTag panels can also be changed as needs change.

                    Equally the flexx cabinets allow you to invest in a system for today that leaves your options open for future expansion. Multiple cabinets can be connected together and managed by the same control terminal of your choice. You can add additional cabinets or keyTag panels at any time.
                • Guard Tour Management

                • Security guard and plant protection

                  Comprehensive recording of mobile and stationary security services

                  dataLog is the market leading proof-of-visit and patrol verification system, that records the presence and location of security, cleaning and maintenance personnel at given locations and times.

                  For over 40 years deister electronic has been providing robust and reliable systems, which meet the requirements of both commercial and industrial applications.

                  dataLog systems allow better use of staff, improves efficiency, and provide accurate and fast audit information on work carried out. Most importantly they highlight any checks that were missed, so that appropriate action can be taken.

                  The main components to a dataLog proof-of-visit system are a handheld data collector, location checkpoints and management software. Checkpoints are fixed to locations to be visited, and the worker carries a robust handheld data collector which they use to read the checkpoint when it is visited. The checkpoints identification number and time of the visit is recorded by the data collector.

                  dataLog systems are ideal to determine the location of security guards and other workers where security, safety, servicing or cleaning checks need to be done. deister dataLog systems are used globally for manned guarding operations and many other applications where a mobile worker’s attendance at a given location needs to be verified.
                    • RFID

                    • For maintenance free and reliable data collection

                      deister’s dataLog systems use RFID technology for checkpoints and data collectors. This ensures that the checkpoints are able to be installed in the harshest environments without the need for any maintenance or power supply. This technology is perfectly suited for use in outdoor areas, which need to be checked regularly.

                      deister’s dataLog products are contactless and the checkpoint is read simply by holding the data collector in proximity to the front of the checkpoint. Since checkpoints require no physical contact they can be painted over or installed in walls, woodwork or masonry.
                    • Event cards

                    • Quick reporting of additional information

                      Event cards allow you to report additional events which may be required during the patrol or checks being done. For example; window open, toilet leaking, maintenance required. The event cards can be carried with the data collector and when an event needs to be recorded simply hold the corresponding card in front of the data collector, the time and event will be logged.

                      You can choose the events you would like to report on depending on the environment or to address health and safety requirements.
                    • guardiX II

                    • A rugged data collector for all day use

                      One of the many distinguishing features of the guardiX II data collector is that there are no buttons, switches or other external moving parts that could be prone to failure. Its clever design also means that there is no need for a hole for a sounder, instead the data collector vibrates when a checkpoint is read making it near silent in operation. An LED and vibration provide haptic feedback making it ideal for patrols or checks that need to be carried out in places such as in hospitals, prisons and hotels or in a noisy manufacturing environment where a sounder would not be heard by the user.

                      When a checkpoint is read its identification number along with the time and date are stored in the data collector for transmission and processing. The guardiX II is able to read up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries thereby minimising downtime. In addition to reading our checkpoints the guardiX II collectors are also able to read other deister RFID transponders.
                    • Checkpoints

                    • Robust and reliable

                      The RFID checkpoints are maintenance free and do not require any power. The small, inconspicuous checkpoints can either be glued or securely mounted using a special security screw.

                      The RFID checkpoints are resistant to temperature, weather and other environmental factors.
                    • guardTrans

                    • Data transfer unit

                      The guardTrans is the data transfer unit for the guardiX II USB collectors. It is connected to a PC or laptop via the USB port and transfers the date when the collector is inserted. To guarantee maximum accuracy, the real-time clock in the guardiX II data collector is synchronized during the download operation.

                      LED and vibration provide haptic feedback when the data has been correctly downloaded.
                    • guardiX Connect

                    • Remote collection of data

                      guardiX Connect transmits data immediately after completing each tour, without the need for a data transfer unit. Data is transmitted via the GSM network and securely encrypted via the deister Cloud.

                      This allows independence of any local infrastructure. The data remains securely encrypted at all times and is only decoded by your system.
                  • Laundry dispensing system

                  • Automated, centralised and decentralised textile management

                    Efficient laundry management for workwear and pool laundry
                    For laundries, hospitals and care facilities, as well as throughout industry, supplying employees with workwear, pool laundry and uniforms is often a challenge.

                    The teXtag textile management solution allows you to automate the issue, return and administration of pool laundry, workwear and uniforms. Providing visibility throughout the entire textile cycle including: Centralised as well as decentralised issue and return of clothing, despatch of used clothing to the laundry and delivery of cleaned and repaired clothing.

                    Individually planned room solutions work like a walk-in wardrobe. When entering and leaving the stock room, employees’ clothing is automatically identified and recorded as they pass through the revolving doors. Intelligent compartment systems facilitate the decentralised issue and return of textiles and, thus, vastly reduce the time spent by employees in the stock room.
                    • Enormous cost savings thanks to inventory optimisation
                    • 24 / 7 availability of laundry items
                    • A reduction in the disappearance and loss of garments
                    • Permanent inventory and transparency throughout the laundry cycle
                      • Intelligent textile cabinets

                      • Decentralised laundry distribution and laundry return
                        The intelligent cabinet system comprises dispensing and return cabinets that locate the distribution and return of clothing and laundry where employees need it and thus reduce walking distances to get new or return used garments.

                        The intelligent cabinet system automatically identifies the user and the garments removed or returned and stores all transactions until they are retrieved by the higher-level system.

                        Due to the compact dimensions of the cabinets, only a small footprint is required for installation. So they fit everywhere and do not get in the way.

                        Particularly efficient: The cabinet systems can be used in parallel, thus avoiding waiting times.

                      • texCabinet - TCD 200 (Dispense)

                      • The TCD 200 laundry dispensing cabinet is a major component of textag systems. Each cabinet is equipped with an integrated access card reader to allow the user to operate the laundry storage cabinet without having to first seek out a central operating terminal. Simply hold your ID card in front of the reader integrated into the door handle and take out your laundry in less than 5 seconds. Access permissions are easily managed by our software.
                      • texReturn - TCR 50 / TCR 200 / TCR 250 / TCR 300 (Return)

                      • To return laundry, the user simply drops the laundry items through the opening in the return cabinet. The laundry is automatically recorded by the cabinet. When the cabinet is full, the laundry bag can be replaced in a few simple steps. The large laundry return cabinets TCR 200 / TCR 250 / TCR 300 are suitable for use with all standard wire container models. Depending on which texReturn model is used, between 150 and 300 garments can be returned. On the TCR 250 and TCR 300, there are 3 possible adjustable heights for the return flap and there is the option of locking
                      • texRoom solution

                      • Central stock room for clothing and textiles
                        The texRoom solution is individually planned and functions like a walk-in wardrobe. Entry and exit is granted through intelligent revolving doors or a gate, which automatically identify the garments taken by the wearer as well as the delivery of new garments. The room solution focuses on efficient and reliable detection of wearers and garments, as fast and efficient output is particularly important for many wearers in order to avoid waiting times and delays.

                        The laundry is simply returned using the return cabinets, which are placed in logistically sensible locations. The wearer simply deposits his laundry there and it is automatically accounted for accordingly.

                        The removal of new clothing is quick and easy: the wearer identifies himself with his ID card at the revolving door and enters the supply room, takes the desired clothing and leaves the room again through the revolving door - the removed clothing is automatically recorded and accounted for in the revolving door.

                        • Simplest operation: wearers only have to identify themselves by ID card at the revolving door or gate, the garment detection is fully automatic as they pass through.
                        • Extremely short process time: Garment acquisition is fast, parallel and uncomplicated
                        • Permanent inventory - 24/7 overview of textile inventory in real time

                    • On-Site Storage


                      On-site storage, standalone and yet integrated into the system

                      The battery-operated Digital Safe is a robust key safe for indoor and outdoor use. The weatherproof IP65 housing is suitable for all weather conditions.

                      The Digital Safe can be opened using credentials or via app - the reading technology is freely selectable and all popular reading technologies such as mifare®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported. The Digital Safe can also be seamlessly integrated into an existing access control system and can be opened with the same access cards.

                      The Digital Safe can also be installed flush with the wall. This installation option provides the highest possible mechanical protection for the digital safe. It also minimizes weather influences.

                        • The secure on-site safe

                        • Safe storage of keys, credentials or valuables

                          Whether installed outdoors on remote sites or flushmounted into a wall, the Digital Safe is a secure place for your keys or valuables on site that you can remotely manage and integrate into your system. The 70 mm diameter has been deliberately chosen to be large enough to provide enough space for storing keys, ISO cards and larger key rings.

                          • 70 mm diameter
                          • Enough space for ISO cards and larger key rings
                          • Independent of local IT infrastructure
                        • Content surveillance

                        • Optional RFID slot

                          As an option, the removal and return of the item inside the digital safe can be monitored by an RFID-based slot inside and an RFID dongle on the item.

                          The RFID dongle, a so-called keyTag, has a built-in RFID chip which is read and electronically logged each time the item is removed and returned in the slot.

                          This allows monitoring and tracing whether, for example, a key is in the digital safe or has been returned to it after use.

                        • Commander Connect

                        • Configuration, Control and Reporting
                          With the Commander Connect software, all deister systems can be centrally managed and configured. Information is collected centrally and can be called up at any time. The output of individually configured reports takes the form of e-mail, print file or export in different file formats. The assignment of user rights and application-related functions can be done with just a few mouse clicks. The client-server architecture allows site-dependent operation via the web browser and minimizes hardware requirements and costs. The connection to third-party systems is made via web services or customer-specific interfaces, which allows the Commander Connect to be optimally integrated.
                      • Personal Safety Systems

                      • amanTag - Personal protection systems

                        Easy and reliable identification with RFID

                        No matter if in health services, facilities with public access, public authorities or in industry, the task of protecting people is of the utmost importance, with intelligent technology required to protect areas subject to inherent risks. That also includes protecting personnel working in environments with a high potential for aggression such as in employment centres and social security offices or those employed in lone worker positions. Based on the latest developments in wireless data transmission, amanTag systems from deister electronic are utilised in environments such as these. With amanTag it is possible to control and limit the freedom of movement of people within a building on the one hand, and localise and protect the people 

                        inside the building on the other. The system consists of active transponders and reader devices, Locators. The active transponder carried by a person is detected by the Locator within range. Locators are not only able to detect transponders, they are also able to control doors and alarms, for example, to close off or allow access to and from different areas.

                        The management software is tailored to the respective applications. It offers intuitive, user-friendly operation and is equipped with interfaces to connect to other communication and information systems.

                          • BabyGuard®

                          • To quickly raise the alarm
                            Best possible protection against abduction and babies being accidentally switched on postnatal wards The intelligent security technology offers extensive protection to prevent newborn babies being abducted or accidentally switched. BabyGuard® adds a great deal more security to the daily routines in postnatal wards. At the same time it helps to promote the image of the clinic, which underlines its duty of care by employing a professional system solution that serves everyday needs. The high level of functionality offered by BabyGuard® makes it an efficient baby protection system that is widely accepted by mothers, nurses and doctors alike.
                          • SeniorGuard

                          • Protection to prevent dementia patients wandering off from care facilities
                            The care sector often looks after dementia patients that are at risk of wandering off unnoticed, so are in need of protection. Discreet and visually appealing Locators in conjunction with appropriate transponders worn around the wrist guarantee residents the best possible protection and freedom of movement. With its high level of functionality, the SeniorGuard® makes a significant contribution towards the character of an “open house”, while taking the strain away from organizational processes within the care home.
                          • PersonalGuard

                          • A small transmitter with a button protects staff against attacks
                            For their own safety staff working in dangerous environments carry a keyFob transponder with them. If a member of staff feels at risk all that is required (of him/her) is to press a button on the transmitter to trigger an alarm. In the event the alarm is triggered the transponder immediately transmits an unambiguous code to the Locator with information about the whereabouts of the person in question. Colleagues, porters or security personnel receive the alarm message on their PC, telephone, mobile or pager and can react immediately.
                          • Mobile alarm pager in care facilities and clinics

                          • Patients and residents in care facilities and clinics wish to be able to move freely and safely in the building, with the possibility of calling for help with the aid of a mobile alarm pager if they should get into difficulties at any time. The amanTag solution makes this possible with a special patient keyFob4 / pendant. A press of a button on the transponder suffices to reliably trigger an alarm and localise the caller. The caller receives visible feedback on his/her transponder to confirm the call for help has been made.
                          • LCA series

                          • Dual-Technology Locator

                            The Locator is a main component of the amanTag systems. It is installed in the respective zones to be monitored or on a door requiring monitoring. The active transmission radius can be set individually within a range of 1.5 m - 7 m to suit the environment. That makes it possible to clearly define the protection or monitoring zones. There are 2 versions available with different functional ranges: the LCA 500 T with a range of 1.5 - 5 m and the LCA 700 T with a range radius of 1.5 - 7 m. It is possible to operate the Locator in standalone mode or in a network system. The modular design of the system ensures it can be extended at any time.

                            • Standalone and network capable systems
                            • Bidirectional communication 
                            • Clearly defined protection zones with  a setting range of 1.5 - 7 m
                            • Reliable in adverse ambient conditions Easy to install and operate
                          • Transponder portfolio

                          • All fields of application covered
                            • For mother and baby
                            • For patients and dementia sufferers
                            • For personal protection
                            • For personal
                            • For installers
                        • Software & System

                            • Connected Systems

                            • We Connect Security
                              Intelligently connected systems

                              Integrated building security through intelligent combined security systems that are designed to work as one. From access control systems to camera monitoring, everything is setup, managed, and brought together in a single software management solution. All our hardware and software is designed and manufactured by us, allowing all devices and systems to be optimally integrated with one another. All products are designed to be compatible from the development stage, offering unsurpassed levels of functionality, reliability and ease of use.
                            • deisterGo App

                            • Notifications, alarms and events at your fingertips
                              deisterGo is your personal notifier to stay in control of your deister system.You can individually set up many different types of notifications according to what is important to you or your users. deisterGo works with all deister systems, from access control, key management, smart storage, textile management, proof of visit, people protection, asset management to digital locking systems.All notifications are easily configured in the Commander Connect software, which centrally controls and manages all deister systems.
                            • Computer Authentication

                            • loxxIn
                              Secure access to your computers
                              Access to a computer gives you access to data records, intellectual property and, of course, personal data. Entering complicated passwords is not a solution for permanent use of PC´s. It would be advantageous if one could unlock the computer screen contactlessly by the presence of a credential. Both problems can be solved by using the samecredential which is also used for access control. This login solution is fast, easy and the encryption of the credentials is much more secure than any password.
                          • Industrial Identification

                          • High performance RFID solutions as an IoT interface

                            Reliable identification in order to ensure transparent processes in digital companies

                            Industrial processes in digital companies require full transparency and a high degree of individualisation. Our RFID solutions close the gap between the real and the digital world – and thus develop new value creation potentials along the entire production and supply chain. We are already providing the industry of tomorrow with a unique, comprehensive and integrated range of RFID systems for customised applications.

                            The number of product variants is on the rise, and both production and the supply chain are becoming increasingly complex as a result. As such, the best solution is to choose processes which not only keep the complexity manageable, but are also cost-effective and a safe investment.

                            Are you looking for flexibility in your production management, efficient asset management, the ability to reliably retrace products and components and intelligently synchronise your supply chain?

                            Look no further. As a leading provider of industrial identification systems, deister electronic is driving development, and rolling out the technology of tomorrow, today. Our integrated and scalable portfolio offers the perfect solution for every field of application and requirement - with transparency, efficiency and flexibility.

                              • Passive HF RFID systems

                              • Secure identification for process control
                                Our efficient readers are ideally suited for use in industrial automation, logistics and process control. With their compact design and the great read/write range, the readers can easily be installed in smaller spaces, difficult locations and in metal environments.
                              • HF transponders

                              • Suitable for any requirement
                                The passive HF disc transponders have been specifically developed to withstand even the severest conditions (IP67), and are especially robust and durable. In addition, special On Metal transponders are encapsulated in the housing, designed to be mounted on metal whilst achieving optimum ranges. The transponders have high data rates for rapid identification, great read/write ranges, and are ideally suited for use in logistics, automation, on vehicles and in outdoor use.
                              • RFID system components

                              • Easily equip devices with RFID functionality
                                The compact 13.56 MHz RDK 1 ISO read/write module with an integrated antenna is ideally suited for easy integration into mobile equipment, HMI, medical devices and printer technologies with little space available. Configurations with an external antenna and customer-specific software are available, as well.
                              • Passive UHF RFID systems

                              • Efficient and with an integrated antenna

                                Our TSU readers are distinguished by their extremely robust cast aluminium housing with compact design and integrated antenna. As such, they can also be installed in smaller spaces. The reader and antenna are contained in an integral housing and are perfectly co-ordinated with one another prior to leaving the factory, making trimming or regularly adjusting antennae and laying antenna cables are a thing of the past. The TSU 200 achieves a range of up to 7 m, the TSU 100 a range of up to 3 m.

                                The operating status is indicated on the clearly visible LED display (yellow, green and red). All connections on the reader are designed as M12 connector assemblies. A durable industry standard and water-tight cable connection ensure a high degree of reliability. The TSU 220 is compatible with four field bus technologies.

                              • UHF transponders

                              • Robust, durable and adaptable
                                Our passive UHF transponders are robust, durable and specifically designed for even the severest industry conditions (IP67). They are also optimized for being mounted on metal. With the large read angle and extensive reach, they are perfectly adapted for applications in logistics, plant automation, vehicle identification, etc.
                              • HF and UHF desktop readers

                              • Rapid scanning of goods
                                Our desktop reader makes it quick and easy to assign transponders to the management system. The compact desktop reader is connected to the PC via USB. The desktop readers are available as a read only or a read/write unit.