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  • The name Mazista has always been synonymous with the best in natural tiles ever since its' inception in 1927 when the company started it's slate quarry operation in the North West Province of South Africa.

    Customers can therefore expect expert advice and assistance in the choice of products as well as answers to questions they may have concerning features unique to natural tiles such as surface texture, thickness variation and colour range. Recent innovations include the boxing of tiles and the manufacture of pattern listellos for use in floor designs.
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    • Standard products by MATERIAL TYPE

      • Granite

      • Granite is a hard and very dense stone which can be used for many applications but most commonly for counter tops and vanities.

        Mazista supplies a variety of colours, including, grey, black, silver in a flamed, honed, polished and leather finish. The various ranges of granite are available in various sizes.
      • Limestone

      • Limestone is a very versatile material which can be utilized for many applications, and creates fresh, light surfaces which complement natural wood and clean modern interiors. It is a highly versatile stone in interior design and can be used to highlight rustic detail or as part of a minimalist design.
      • Marble

      • Marble has been used through the centuries to grace the most lavish temples, palaces and churches around the world.

        This exquisite stone has long been seen as a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste.
      • Quartzite

      • Quartzite is a sedimentary stone which is incredibly hard and dense, making it suitable for even the most demanding uses, both inside and outside.

        Mazista stocks an extensive range of colours and finishes to cater for every taste and application.
      • Sandstone

      • All river beds, beaches and sand dunes eventually become Sandstone, and this natural beauty is then captured and preserved for eternity. Mazista stocks Sandstone in a variety of colours and finishes which can be utilised as wall cladding, countertops, fireplace surrounds, flooring and all other types of interior and exterior applications.
      • Slate

      • Slate is a very fine grained metamorphic rock derived from the sedimentary rock 'shale'. When shale is subjected to heat and pressure, the fine particles are "melted" together to form slate.

        Mazista stocks an extensive range of both local and imported slate in a multitude of colours.
      • Terracotta

      • Terracotta is a hard baked mixture of sand and baked clay and has a reddish colour. Terracotta tiles are plain and simple, yet extremely versatile and will look good indoors and outdoors.

        You can add a Mediterranean flair to your home with the use of this attractive product, and its heat retaining ability makes it an ideal surface material for under floor heating system.
      • Travertine

      • Travertine is a sedimentary rock just like limestone. The main difference is that travertine is formed near a water source. The trapped water forms pores and cavities in the stone during compression, giving rise to open texture.
    • Standard products by APPLICATION OPTION

      • Cladding

      • "Cladding" refers to the application of one material over another to protect the underlying surface from the elements and to enhance the underlying surface’s appearance.

        Mazista’s range of cladding and riven walling provides you with numerous design options as well as lasting and durable wall materials.
      • Decorative Finishes

      • Mazista's innovative and imaginative range of accessory products includes listello's and tosetto's, large and small mosaics, and various sizes of cobbled stones.

        The variation in tone and pattern will provide you with a multitude of additional design elements to enhance any project and to suite any style. Use these geometric patterns to evoke the traditional and classical designs of Persia, Ancient Greece and Rome, or create your own personal and highly unique touch.
      • Flooring

      • The timeless luxury and exquisite beauty of natural stone provides a hardwearing and practical floor covering, which is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

        Mazista has a wide selection of natural stone tiles, natural-look porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, slabs and decorative finishes to suite your lifestyle. Furthermore, Mazista also stocks a wide range of Rock Flooring (mix with screeding), which will enhance any concrete surface.
      • Landscaping

      • At Mazista we understand that the appeal of your garden and exterior areas is as important as that of the interior of the house.
      • Roofing

      • A good roof is one of the most important elements of a well constructed home, and choosing a roof has become both a practical and an aesthetic decision for homeowners.

        Mazista expects to make your choice easier with our range of roofing products which will provide you with exceptional durability and dramatic colours at an affordable price.
      • Slabs

      • Mazista supplies a range of exquisite slabs and vanity tops, providing clients with innovative designs, finishes and customized specifications.

        Quality and customer service are our foremost concern. Equipped with efficient and advanced machinery to process stones, we implement rigid quality control procedures, to ensure that we meet your expectations.
      • Ventilated Facades

      • A building’s skin is its facade. This protects it from all the natural elements, as well as decorating the exterior of our cities.

        Mazista Tiles has recently launched its new range of Ventilated Facades, an optimum wall cladding system that, together with the appropriate installation, meets the needs of today’s market.