Company Profile

vision Ames was only an idea at first. While implementing this idea, it became a vision, shaped by extraordinary furniture design. The idea that started it all was simple and remarkable at the same time: we invite internationally successful designers to create furniture for us. All those selected designers have a common clear and basic definition of shape. When meeting with me, they experience through my enthusiasm for furniture design the passion that is typical of my South American home. Precise line drawing meets rhythmic pep. And the outcome of these encounters of apparent opposites is what makes ames so special. In the ames brand, opposites melt into and complement each other and yet remain individually visible. Timeless and “thrilling” design is created that way. In other words, opposites attract one another – but only in their fusion do they unfold their full appeal. Whichever designer creations emerge – one thing is certain: a sustained excitement of contrasting cultures will be palpable in all. It will be exciting to see what comes! Ana Maria Calderón Kayser Managing Director of ames mission Pasión. Not simple passion. The difference is simple: one may speak of passion, One may live it. Ana Maria Calderón Kayser is the heart and the soul of ames. In every encounter one experiences the proverbial joy of life and captivating aura of her South American home. Her temperament and spontaneity are infectious and an inspiration to all who meet her. Tension. Not simple inspiration. The common denominator of the regularly selected international designers behind the ames brand collection is the clearly structured formal language of their creative abilities. Their encounters with Ana Maria Calderón are encounters with new creative impulses. Cool and precise linearity meets rhythmic drive. A build-up of tangible tension generated between contrasting poles. A tension far beyond simple inspiration. Fusion. Not simple addition. Ames is much more than a simple aggregation of styles. Ames is a fusion of two opposites engendering a new whole without denying the essential elements of its composite origins. Interpolar tension is maintained – locked in a timeless form by the binding forces of natural design.