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  • Offer Profile
  • For more than 40 years ROHDE & GRAHL GmbH stand for high-quality products and integrated office and property furnishings, which are characterised by their special adaptability in size, form and equipment. We design and develop office furniture, manufacture and sell them worldwide with a focus on Europe. The focus of our product development is on people and their demand for a healthy, motivated and productive working life. The skills and commitment of our workforce have allowed us to grow over the past decades to what we are today. We are realizing our future together, sustainably and with full power
Product Portfolio
  • Swivel chairs

      • xenium-freework®: Multidimensional!

      • Dynamic course of motions
        xenium-freework® is a family of swivel chairs that complies with the standard DIN EN 1335. The model types are developed for different functional areas and so xenium® is available for a wide variety of uses such as offices, reception areas, meeting and conference rooms.

        The pending mechanism provides a multidimensional course of motions that is controlled by your own motor function and transformed into horizontal and vertical movements.
      • xenium-duo back® - The Original

      • Split backrest, double comfort for your back
        xenium–duo back®, the secret of optimal balance between seating and moving, is the office chair that offers long-time outstanding comfort. Due to the split back rest that moves flexibly in all directions, this patented principle has set ergonomic standards for years.

        xenium–duo back® offers significant relief for all people who are working seated day after day. The combination of ergonomics and wellness allows for motivated and efficient work. Due to the back rest wings that move separately and independently from each other the seated position is fully supported. Your body remains flexible and movable and unhealthy pressure is avoided. According to proved information the duo back releases the pressure of the back column up to 50% more than standard backrests.

        This principle prevents back damages and it is even a help with existing back problems approved by orthopaedists.
      • xenium®-basic - optimal flexibility

      • xenium®-basic model – regeneration for your back
        The famous office furniture designer Martin Ballendet leaves nothing to be desired even at this beginner model. It distinguishes itself through precise design and the variety of colours and materials.

        Because of the functionality and the customisation, xenium®-basic is your ideal partner from the home office to the major project.
      • xenium®-classic – emotional ergonomics

      • Backrest with plastic back cover upholstered in two colours
        The sporty xenium®-classic is the perfect partner for all office functions. The backrest with colour-co-ordinated mounted back offers the highest sitting comfort. The high quality synchronous mechanism has a wider than usual angle between seat and backrest. This, combined with the unique adjustment of the seat depth and backrest height, ensures the adaption to widely different individual dimensions.

        Enjoy the headrest in the “relax position” and increase your personal well-being!
      • xenium®-net – backrest with net covering

      • covered with net
        xenium®-net represents ergonomics and design. The principle is quite simple: precise form, high functionality and high sitting comfort. You will recognize these characteristics throughout the whole xenium® family.
      • xenium®-comfort – management swivel chair

      • Comfort on top form associated with elegance
        xenium®-comfort combines highly ergonomic functionality with elegance. The fully upholstered backrest is the visual highlight. This swivel chair has amazing effects because of high quality materials in combination with perfect processing and precise design. Whether classic or modern, whether large office or partnership, whether middle management or executive – functional design establishes itself.
      • xenium®-conference – conference chair

      • Exclusive comfort for meetings and conferences
        How important is the well-being of your visitors? Whether in the conference and meeting room or as a visitor chair, with mounted back, duo back®- and backrest with mesh – it may lead to better conversations in a pleasant atmosphere.

        chairs work on the same principle as that of swivel chairs. The flexibility of backrest and rocking mechanism provides an exceptional sitting comfort in any situation and highlights additionally the design-orientated style.
      • xenium x-cross® - now particularly versatile.

      • Perfect for conferences and the home office
        It is our aim to offer the utmost comfort to our customers. Whether with mounted back, duo back® or mesh back – the x-cross® always cuts a fine figure.

        An all-rounder made by ROHDE & GRAHL
        Whether conference room, meeting area, office or home office: x-cross®, the latest member of the xenium® family feels at home everywhere and makes visitors feel welcome. It does not matter where, it always gives the best possible impression.
      • mediTre - with 3 part backrest

      • optimal support for your back
        MediTre perfectly supports your back due to its 3 part backrest. The separately adjustable lumbar and shoulder support optimally keeps your spinal column supported. The backrest is adjustable to your weight and so your movement is supported in all positions.
      • alero®

      • Ergonomically perfect seating for everybody!
        alero® combines timely ergonomic features with actual design in an especially economic mobility. This swivel chair represents high quality, high comfort, a variety of models as well as two heights of backrest. alero® is the perfect seating concept for all office areas.
      • xpendo® - universal principle!

      • xpendo® has all standard functions of a modern swivel chair. Its functional range will satisfy all your wishes and requirements.

        The designer Paul Brooks has created xpendo® that appears elegant, functional and ergonomically styled with its own character.
      • duo back ® 11+12

      • split backrest, double comfort for your back
        “Fit for the office work” - that’s the motto of duo back ®. The unique, patent-registered chair with the split backrest is not only healthful for your back but it has also positive impacts on musculature, metabolism, blood circuit and nervous system. According to scientific information the duo back releases the pressure of the spinal disc up to 50 %.

        duo back ® – that’s seating comfort at the highest level with an office swivel chair that is effective as a back massage.
    • Visitor chairs

        • xenium® - Visitor Chairs

        • xenium® with duo back® - A treat for visitors
          ROHDE & GRAHL‘s newly designed xenium®-visitor chair fits perfectly into the xenium® product family. Mounted back, mesh back or the original duo back® always provide the optimum back support. They are available as cantilever as well as a a four-legged chair. Thus xenium® helps to keep busy office workers fit – even during long meetings.
        • xenium® s cantilever

        • Only flying is better: the free swinging xenium ® s has arrived.
          It is like hovering on air: Due to Rohde & Grahl’s new cantilever xenium® s waiting areas of companies, surgeries & Co can now offer a never known sitting comfort.

          In combination with the proven ergonomic duo back® backrests, waiting times now fly by. To cut a long story short, visitors do not mind waiting whilst sitting on a xenium® s.
        • scudo - visitor chairs

        • Cantilever and four-legged frame
          Do you search for a seminar chair that combines comfort with a friendly price? Then scudo is just the chair you have been looking for. Two versions are available, optional with a tiltable writing tablet.

          scudo – just sympathetic
          The sympathetic price and the high superior seating comfort , make the models of the scudo-family frequently number 1 in the object seating. When it comes to convincing functional chairs for training, presentations, seminars or courses, scudo is the perfect partner because of its variety - whether four-legged or cantilever.
        • alero® - four-legged and cantilever frame

        • The alero® partner chairs cover a wide range of operational areas.

          Both as classic visitor chair and as stackable chair for professional use. The choice of backrests – two backrest heights are available – and the numerous options allow for an individual design according to your wishes.
        • xpendo® visitor chair - universal principle!

        • Cantilever with low and high back
          xpendo® visitor chair appears elegant, functional and ergonomically styled with its own character. No trivial visitor chair!

          With design features such as upholstered trim, chromed frame, armrests in natural beech / varnished or PU the xpendo® proves its unique character. The visitor chair is available with either a low or a high backrest and does not only harmonize perfectly with the xpendo® office swivel chair. Optionally, the frame is available powder coated.
      • Special chairs

          • Arthrodesis chair

          • Split backrest, split seat
            Swivel chairs have to meet standards and specifications, but the reality shows that people often do not meet these standards. It is important to find solutions for everybody. Due to its special backrest duo back ® fulfils the qualifications!
          • operator 24 - 24-hour-comfort

          • Comfortable and hard-wearing
            operator 24 – perfect for a 24 hour working environment. operator 24 is specially developed for three shifts e.g. in control rooms.

            This chair is characterised by its robust seat and backrest upholstery. The different adjustment functions are designed to be very user-friendly.
        • Desks and workstations

            • xio®

            • xio® is connecting.
              Wolfgang Putz, Designer: “Adaption and reduction are the factors of success of the evolution."

              Reduced to the essentials and focussing on the human, xio® convinces with design and construction: Almosts all work situation are flexibly realizable. Intelligent, detailed solutions are the base for this user-friendly and multifunctional desk-system. xio® - easier would be simplistic...

              xio® – more desk is needless
              Striking appearance. With xio® you create a unique environment which will be felt and appreciated by your colleagues and employees. The range of options offers each level of the company to leave its mark. This is xio®. Attractive pieces of furniture give your office the unique look to represent your corporate identity. xio® connects your individuality with the high demands of an intelligent system furniture.

              Your facility management will use and appreciate xio®’s adaptability and versatility. xio® supports individual space and system planning, growth and rapid change of roles. The universal use of different frame shapes and colors, table tops and extension units offer great flexibility. Select, even retrospectively, from three frame profiles the one that suits your business and use the possibility of an extensive color design.
            • xio® trendline

            • The new base: xio® trendline.
              Simple. Flexible. Functional.
              When it comes to functionality and flexibility coupled with cost efficiency in the workplace, the xio® product range once again shows its best side.

              The innovative and distinctively designed desk has only been on the market since spring 2014 but is has already set new standards. In the truest sense of the word. All settings of the xio® trendline can easily and conveniently be changed, even without tools.

              Due to a practical plastic foot the table system is height adjustable between 680 mm to 800. The flat and space-saving storage and the transport in pre-assembled condition make xio® trendline even more attractive.

              Due to xio® trendline’s large and on both sides foldable horizontal cable channel the annoying cable clutter simply disappears -and sets each work environment perfectly into scene.
            • xio® Team

            • Teamwork made to measure.
              Free and open. The bench system. A desk with a thousand options. The keyword “Open Space” receives a novel meaning: Space for many people or groups to solve a problem.

              Space for ideas, space for communication.
              Enjoy the freedom for individual design of the working environment by the use of the rail system and the wide range of accessories. Further flexibility by the use of quickly available fast connections with network interface.

              The ranges of use for the bench system give your imagination full scope. A few suggestions: desk-sharing, call centre, teamwork, conferences or multiple-shift usage. The individually extendable bench system works and lives with your duties.
            • xio® motion - dynamic working

            • Today's desk has it all: at the push of a button, the height of the work surface can be flexibly adjusted to the respective work situation. The sit-stand dynamic increases well-being and improves performance. This ensures satisfaction in the office. Modern technology makes it possible. An investment in your health.

              xio® motion makes it possible to switch between seated and standing work within 15 seconds. The simple operation and low-noise motors invite you to use the different levels regularly during the day.
            • Play & Work

            • In a contemporary office people change their work styles smoothly. The proper space arrangement, which gives employees a chance to choose the place where they want to perform their professional duties, can increase their efficiency by up to 60%.

            • Levitate

            • We often look for a compromise between our office and home lives. We search for solutions that allow us to create spaces that are visually exceptional, while remaining highly functional. We combine soft forms and delicate shapes with smart storage elements. The Levitate furniture system meets these needs perfectly. Thanks to its unique design, the system can also enrich every space and make it stand out. The use of natural materials, such as wood, facilitates the process of creating a user-friendly workplace.
          • Management & meeting

              • xio® - fast and easy!

              • Conference-and bench solutions
                xio®, the innovative desk-system of ROHDE & GRAHL, inspires because of the optimal flexibility. From single PC and conference-systems to bench solutions and back-office, almost all work situations can be realized in the twinkling of an eye. Just as fast and easy existing setups could be changed, modified or expanded - intelligent stick-connectors make it possible.

                Communication with high demands
                This is where you meet, this is where strangers become customers and partners. Who takes decisions, concludes contracts, leads informal meetings and discussions needs place that supports him. The xio® workstation system adapts with ease, offers space and legroom.

                Due to the linking elements the tables can be joined nearly endlessly. Even complex conference settings can easily be created with xio®. The choice of materials such as decorative or natural wood, metal or chrome frames and the chosen geometry create the desired spatial structure and atmosphere.
              • convenio

              • The new convenio four-leg table system.
                Temporary solutions that move with the times.
                Compromises had to be made when an adaptable desk system for social, seminar and meeting rooms or conference and Bistro areas were needed. Until now! The proven convenio multi-purpose furniture has been given new features.

                The new four-leg table system convenio has been developed based on other successful ranges and knows how to convince. It only takes a few simple steps to create new workstations - which disappear just as quickly as soon as the space is needed.

                In conjunction with the convenio folding tables, lecterns and flip charts, the four-legged desk offers even more individual design opportunities – without any compromise.
              • CX 3200

              • We all like to have a choice. Arranging a space tailored to the customer's specific needs should be offered as standard. The CX 3200 table system is more than just standard. The solution it offers makes rearranging a conference or training room amazingly simple. The diversity of solutions and combinations within the system may be surprising. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can keep up with any dynamically changing situation.

                The CX 3200 conference table system is a combination of light design and intuitive tool-free assembly. The system’s very extensive product range offers a broad spectrum of arrangement options. It allows for arranging different types of conference settings, both traditional and more sophisticated.
            • Storage

                  • K50

                  • Modular construction system
                    An ideal storage solution for flexible and dynamic working environments The modular storage space system K50 grows with the requirements of modern working environments from individual workstations, via from project teams to open-plan offices.

                    Creative space planning
                    With a little creativity, the K50 modules can be converted into extraordinary cabinet walls without tools, "damage-free" and without drilling, and at any time. The individual cabinets are stacked on top of each other "like building blocks" by means of a special locking pin. All corps are dowelled, glued and with grooved rear wall ready for installation. The adjustable steel base can also be easily mounted or dismantled under each element (also retrofitted) if required. No trained assembly personnel is required for assembly.

                    Modular cabinet system
                    The body back walls of the individual elements can be selected in materiality and colour: melamine, whiteboard, acoustics or coloured satinised plexiglass. All corps can be rotated 180° horizontally at any time. This opens up the possibility of double-sided use. K50 offers various possibilities for flexible and dynamic working environments. In order to meet the requirements of today's modern working environments, the cabinet modules can be extended from individual workstations to open-plan offices.
              • K40® Single cabinets

                  • Swing door cabinet/Open shelf

                  • Open for new solutions
                    The furnishing of today contributes significantly to a better functioning of the daily work in the office. Whether an open shelf or a classic swing door cabinet - or a combination of both - K40® makes sure that everything is in perfect order.

                    Shelves are really multitalented: As free-standing single furniture they visually decentralize the wall areas, structure communication areas or create meeting rooms. Integrated swing doors guarantee more than only invisible storage - they are design elements and also play a large part in the whole visual appearance of a room.

                    The wide range is characteristic for the K40®-system. Classic fronts in melamine, veneer or the distinctive doors with aluminium frame in combination with different fillings (uni or decor) set individual accents.

                    Furthermore acoustically effective porosity fronts are available. It has been shown that they have a positive influence on the well-being of the employees.
                  • Sliding door

                  • Function and aesthetics
                    A clean design idiom, attractive design and particularly useful in case of limited space conditions: sliding-and tambour doors of the system K40® convince by function and aesthetics.

                    K40® brings perfect order into your office
                    No matter what shall be sorted: the sliding-door-cabinets offer as much room as you need. The variety of heights and widths and the range of doors in melamine, tambours or acoustics create order and offers diversity at the same time.

                    All sliding doors are equipped with integrated low drag rollers and simply and quietly adjustable. Furthermore these doors are available with acoustics-perforation.
                  • Tambour doors

                  • Realize your own room and use concepts.

                    A clean design idiom, attractive design and particularly useful in case of limited space conditions: sliding-and tambour doors of the system K40® convince by function and aesthetics.

                    The vertical construction of the tambour-door-cabinets enables an optimal use of space in every height due to the intelligent tambour arrangement.

                    Tambour-doors with acoustics-perforation are also available.
                  • Hanging files and drawers

                  • Organizational talent
                    Efficient working requires a classification system, which creates clarity and structure, to go back to basics. Different materials and colours set accents for the atmospheric environment and surroundings.

                    Well organised.
                    We are still far away from the "paperless office" even in the digital age. For motivated and effective work it is essential to have a well-arranged storage of files and documents.

                    The hanging files and drawers offer a compact, highly efficient and demand-oriented system for suspension files, folders and much more. The convenient handling is in the focus. The drawers are equipped with the comfortable locksystem and automatic retraction. The specialty system technology with telescopic rails ensure stability and reliable, low noised opening.

                    And: freely positioned in the room they take the functions of counters.
                  • Acoustic

                  • Storage space with system
                    Intelligent storage space systems ensure not only for order: if you arrange back panel and the front of acoustic effect principles, they are also excellent for damping the low or very noisy frequencies in surroundings with middle and scientific communications. Optimally positioned they are efficient as a acoustic ceiling. That is an advantage in modern offices with concrete ceilings.
                • Communication & Lounge

                    • Dotto

                    • Dotto Lightness, simplicity and geometric shapes of the Dotto line give every room a friendly atmosphere. The models of the Dotto family skilfully supplement and warm up the free space. They also help to set up informal meeting zones and fun rooms.

                      Dotto is available in three shapes: cube, cylinder or ball. Thanks to this feature, the Dotto family offers many different design options. In addition to playing with geometric shapes, it is possible to play with colours that can be adapted to the company's colour concept or used in a completely new arrangement.
                    • LinkUP

                    • The LinkUP line consists of armchairs and loungers with removable cushions. The elements are characterised by a light and simple form. They also offer countless design possibilities. Thanks to the soft materials and fillings, the line helps to relax and allows informal meetings where the best ideas are often born.

                      LinkUP ensures a quick and easy room layout. Chaise longue and armchair can lean against each other, form rows or be set up separately. In any case, they open up new possibilities and offer an interesting visual effect. The operating comfort is increased by a foam seat and the possibility to equip it with a power or USB socket.
                    • meta-fora

                    • Network furniture meta-fora
                      Interaction as a challenge

                      In respect of the conceptual office environment ROHDE & GRAHL put new furniture on the market. The furniture named meta-fora combines market requirements with the growing desire for mutual communication.

                      The new furniture concept seamlessly fits in existing premises and therefore offers space for different situations. meta-fora provides a basis for networks and meeting points. Inspiring. Motivating.

                      Design: Ruben Bouwmeester en Vincent van der Horst - Crystallize
                      “The interaction is a challenge. If people meet with ideas a place of communication is necessary. Some arise by pure chance – other situations require a special room or a particular place. meta-fora offers a platform for these different situations.”
                    • sand - the flexible furniture system

                    • On the way to „new working“
                      Constantly changing ways of communicating and work patterns require to develop new office concepts. The individual should be the focus. As an innovative office furniture manufacturer ROHDE & GRAHL demonstrates once again that rigid structures have no future in an work environment. Their furniture program sand implements modular office environments where people just love to work.

                      An independent workplace means better work
                      sand office furniture offers endless variations and combinations to shape an office space. For this purpose only environmentally friendly fabrics and elements from rapidly renewable wood are being used. Thus ROHDE & GRAHL are creating ideal conditions for „new working“ – a personalized and inspiring work environment that supports the people, promotes communication and encourages excellence.

                      A modular concept designed by „crystallize“
                      The specialists Ruben Bouwmeester and Vincent van der Horst from „crystallize - allround design“ have developed sand. They have suited it perfectly to the demands of modern work and communication. The basic concept consists of a desk and a swivel chair. It forms the basis of an ergonomic workstation with the possibility to add the cabinet system suna, the table system arena and the acoustic partition system silex. These three components offer nearly endless variations and applications
                    • Tapa Round

                    • The Tapa Round line was designed to complement offices, reception areas and break-out zones. Its unique design gives the interior an extraordinary character and creates an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place.

                      The modular structure of Tapa allows you to change the configuration and arrangement. They are ideal as seats or practical tables for setting up a laptop. The rotating mechanism ensures that the second and third planes of the individual elements move on a pivot point and thus enables quick adjustment. The Tapa line also includes a round table, which increases functionality and comfort in use.
                    • Tapa Square

                    • The Tapa Square line was designed to complement offices, reception areas and break-out zones. Its unique design gives the interior an extraordinary character and creates an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place.

                      The modular structure of Tapa allows you to change the configuration and arrangement. They are ideal as seats or practical tables for setting up a laptop. The rotating mechanism ensures that the second and third planes of the individual elements move on a pivot point and thus enables quick adjustment. The Tapa line also includes a round table, which increases functionality and comfort in use.
                    • Tepee

                    • Thanks to the modular structure of the system, you can design the office according to the needs arising from the tasks, including teamwork and individual work. The system also works in common areas such as relaxation and reception areas.

                      The modular Tepee system allows an almost unlimited number of configurations. Sofas without panels or sofas with panels of different heights, office walls or workplaces for individual work ensure that the office is designed according to the needs of the employees.
                  • Acoustic panels

                      • Sileo

                      • Sileo is a comprehensive line of sound-absorbing panels designed for an acoustic adaptation of an office. The line comprises products that have diverse applications and assembly methods. By implementing the panels separately or in configurations, depending on an interior character and your needs, you can take a thorough care of the users' acoustic comfort in an office.

                        By using the solutions from the Sileo line, you can take care of users' acoustic comfort. The diversity of panels and walls allows you to section off workstations and successfully ensure employees' acoustic isolation.
                      • Formo

                      • This felt wall panels are a perfect complement to any office zone ‒ from managerial offices, through conference rooms and small offices, to canteens and informal meeting zones.

                        The diversity of Formo panel forms and colours allows for creating unique and interesting arrangements very simply. The felt panels not only enrich the wall in a unique way, but also give an interior a warm, cosier and home-like character.
                    • Reception

                          • Reception – the business card of your company

                          • Individual like you!
                            The reception represents the corporate identity of a company – it sets a mark and shapes the first impression. The spacious situation of reception and the identity of the company require increasingly individual solutions.

                            Give a presentable and agreeable reception to your customers. Show and visualise the identity and culture of your company – in your individual reception area.

                            The functionally and shapely designed reception demonstrates the competence of your company and it personifies the philosophy.

                            The combination of first-class design and exclusive materials guarantee a positive representation.