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  • Offer Profile
  • A new generation of yachts offering a perfect balance between performance, comfort, easy handling and safety without compromise.

    "By constantly challenging accepted standards, we enhance time on the water, thereby enabling a more enriching experience".

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    Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design. Every yacht comming from Elan's 16.000 sq meter boatyard in Slovenia is the result of our 70-year long passion for innovation-oriented quality boatbuilding.
Product Portfolio
  • E LINE

  • Based on Elan’s signature performance-orientated boat building heritage, the E Line ensures high-performance sailing and impeccable cruising capabilities both on deck and below. A broad stern, chined hull and twin rudders deliver control and stability at high heel angles and speeds, while the airy, well-equipped galley, social saloon and remarkable array of top-of-the-line deck equipment enable extraordinary comfort and short-handed sailing solutions.

    These VOR70 inspired yachts, designed in cooperation with Humphreys Yacht Design, now come with the most enhanced standard package on the market, with high-performance sailing solutions as prominent as comfort-centric features. Innovative VAIL (Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination) technology provides a tight, strong and stable construction and thus more safety at sea. Backed by a long-standing craftsmanship tradition, Elan Yachts also boast of an unrivalled quality finish highlighting their boutique nature. The E Line truly offers dual-purpose yachts without compromise.

    New features on the elan E line
    Elan introduced new features on the E Line yachts in 2018, creating the most enhanced standard package for its class. All models now include a carbon fibre retractable bowsprit, tapered keel stepped masts, a genoa furling system and adjustable split backstays for all your performance sailing needs. Larger steering pedestals with grab rails are now also part of the standard revised deck, along with a fully-equipped galley and head, a hot water system, curtains and blinds over windows and hatches, and natural oak veneer on the redesigned interior spaces. The DAME-design-awarded control panel is now installed on all E Line yachts, as is a modern electrical system with plenty of USB ports and aesthetic ambient and courtesy lighting solutions. But this is just the start – contact an Elan Yachts representative in your area and discover why the E Line is a perfect yacht for an experienced sailor, who does not want to compromise on comfort.
      • Elan E3

      • Performance
        With a broad stern, chined hull, twin-rudder system and a spacious cockpit layout, all designed for the best sailing efficiency, the Elan E3 emulates the feel of a larger yacht. Simply put, the yacht delivers exuberant performance with such ease that you will want to sail harder; such is the level of control delivered by the E3. Its T-bulb keel lowers the ballast centre of gravity significantly, allowing a reduction of displacement for a given level of stability. Combined with VAIL (vacuum-assisted infusion lamination) bulkheads and a powerful hull structure, the E3 is a tight, strong and safe boat.

        The Elan E3 offers an unprecedented level of comfort, ensuring a smooth crossover from racing to cruising with friends or family. The Elan E3’s bright and airy interior does not compromise when it comes to cruising leisure and creates the feel of a much larger boat. A big, social saloon area with natural oak veneer furniture and standing headroom, comfortable cabins and a fully-equipped galley and head makes every minute on this yacht pleasurable, especially as it will probably be among the first back at the mooring.

        Technical specification
        • Length Overall 9.25 m | 30’4’’ ft
        • Hull length 9.25 m | 30’4’’ ft
        • Length at waterline 8.71 m | 28’7’’ ft
        • Beam max 3.22 m | 10’7’’ ft
        • Draft (standard) 2.15 m | 7’1’’ ft
        • Draft (option) 1.90 m | 6’3’’ ft / 1.50m | 4’11’’ ft
        • Light displacement 3.986 kg | 8,78 lbs
        • Ballast (standard) 895 kg | 1973 lbs
        • Ballast (option) 1046 kg | 2306 lbs / 1055 kg | 2326 lbs
        • Water capacity 140 l | 36.1 US gal
        • Fuel capacity 45 l | 11.0 US gal
        • Engine Volvo (standard) 13 kW | 18 hp
        • Engine Yanmar (option) 10 kW | 14 hp
        • Air draft 15.90 m | 52’2’’ ft
        • Mainsail 30.15 m2 | 324’5’’ sq ft
        • Jib 23.47 m2 | 252’6’’ sq ft
        • Gennaker 75.00 m2 | 807’3’’ sq ft
        • I 12.25 m | 40’2’’ ft
        • J 3.58 m | 11’9’’ ft
        • P 12.05 m | 39’6’’ ft
        • E 4.13 m | 13’7’’ ft
      • Elan E4

      • Performance
        Developed to satisfy diverse modes of sailing, from short-handed sailing to crewed racing or family cruising, this yacht does it all amazingly well. Its main design features, the twin rudders, broad stern and chined hull, all work hand-in-hand towards different goals – sparkling performance, improved stability, excellent control and a comfortable interior. The included retractable carbon fibre bowsprit, adjustable split backstay and a revised mainsheet arrangement enable a surprising amount of fine-tuned sailing. Practically arranged winches, a genoa furling system and a keel stepped mast are all included in the standard package making the E4 truly an ultimate yacht for sailing aficionados. Simply put, the yacht delivers exuberant performance with such ease that you will want to sail it harder.

        After sailing, there is plenty of space above and below deck for family and friends. The Elan E4’s wide beam offers a comfortable cabin layout; from the bright social saloon to the fully-equipped galley and head with generous head space. The nav-station on the starboard side offers plenty of space for planning and navigating, and the DAME-award-winning control panel makes controlling all aspects of the yacht a breeze. Practical LED lighting systems, enhanced by ambient lighting, compliment the beautiful natural oak veneered furniture included in the standard package. The 3-cabin layout offers an additional aft cabin, accommodating even more crew if needed.

        Technical specification

        • Length Overall 10.60 m | 34’9’’ ft
        • Hull length 10.60 m | 34’9’’ ft
        • Length at waterline 10.10 m | 33’1’’ ft
        • Beam 3.50 m | 11’6’’ ft
        • Draft (standard) 2.15 m | 7’1’’ ft
        • Draft (option) 1.70 m | 5’7’’ ft / 2.35m | 7’8’’ ft
        • Light displacement (mLCC) 5.132 kg | 11,3 lbs
        • Ballast (standard) 1.385 kg | 3053 lbs
        • Ballast (option) 1.560 kg | 3439 lbs / 1.300 kg | 2866 lbs
        • Water capacity 185 liters | 48 US gal
        • Fuel capacity 75 liters | 19 US gal
        • Engine Volvo (standard) 22 kW / 30 hp Volvo Penta
        • Engine Yanmar (option) 21 kW / 29 hp Yanmar
        • Air draft 17.61 m | 57’9’’ ft
        • Mainsail 35.91 m2 | 386’5’’ sq ft
        • Jib 29.68 m2 | 319’4’’ sq ft
        • Gennaker 110.00 m2 | 1184’0’’ sq ft
        • I 13.77 m | 45’2’’ ft
        • J 4.03 m | 13’2’’ ft
        • P 13.49 m | 44’3’’ ft
        • E 4.63 m | 15’2’’ ft
      • Elan E5

      • Performance
        The Elan E5 is designed for demanding sailors who seek a perfect balance between serious, regatta-winning performance and elegant design with abundant space and comfort. Exciting features such as hard chines, twin rudders and twin wheels make this an instantly recognisable boat. It comes equipped with an impressive array of performance-enhancing equipment, including a retractable carbon fibre bowsprit, a genoa furling system, a keel stepped mast and an adjustable split backstay. The E5 is first and foremost a sailors’ yacht but it can also be used comfortably in all shorthanded conditions.

        The yacht features a clean and distinctive exterior design, a carefully tuned sail plan, and a welcoming cockpit with a teak-covered seating area. The E5 is optimized for shorthanded sailing and its interior meets the most demanding requirements for both comfort and luxury. The furniture, made with a natural oak veneer, is conveniently designed to offer optimal amounts of space and comfort, while the fully-equipped galley will easily satisfy your culinary needs. The hot water system and the electric drain pumps, the DAME-awarded control panel and the pleasant practical and ambient lighting truly deliver a rounded and comfortable cruising experience in this uncompromisingly equipped yacht.

        Technical specification

        • Length Overall 11.96 m | 39’3’’ ft
        • Hull length 11.96 m | 39’3’’ ft
        • Length at waterline 11.26 m | 36’11’’ ft
        • Beam 3.87 m | 12’8’’ ft
        • Draft (standard) 2.40 m | 7’10’’ ft
        • Draft (option) 2.20 m | 7’3’’ ft / 2.40m | 7’10’’ ft
        • Light displacement 7.767 kg | 17,1 lbs
        • Ballast 2.700 kg | 5,9 lbs
        • Water capacity 277 liters | 73 US gal
        • Fuel capacity 132 liters | 34US gal
        • Engine Volvo (standard) 28 kW | 38 hp
        • Engine Yanmar (option) 21 kW | 29 hp
        • Air draft (incl. antenna) 19.75 m | 64’10’’ ft
        • Mainsail 51.56 m2 | 554’9’’ sq ft
        • Jib 37.60 m2 | 404’7’’ sq ft
        • Gennaker 135.00 m2 | 1453’1’’ sq ft
        • I 15.92 m | 52’3’’ ft
        • J 4.50 m | 14’9’’ ft
        • P 15.75 m | 51’8’’ ft
        • E 5.52 m | 18’1’’ ft

    • More about Elan Impression yachts
      Impression Yachts have designed a full range of new Deck Saloon yachts to satisfy the demanding needs of modern yachtsmen. These stunning yachts have been designed with every cruising comfort in mind. The on-deck systems allow for easy sailing especially for “short-handed” cruising while giving the space and comfort that you might only expect from a much larger yacht both above and below decks. Welcome to the world of Impression Yachts - what’s your Impression?

      Deck Saloon
      The deck saloon yacht offers a far brighter and more spacious interior than an ordinary yacht, thus offering a true home away from home while onboard. This all-new range of yachts has been developed with tried-and-tested building techniques and superior design by Humphreys Yacht Design. With a complete range from 40 to 50 feet and many different cabin configurations available, Impression Yachts are able to offer a yacht to satisfy you, your family, and your friends. Elan Impression Yachts have longstanding and fruitful relationships with some of the world’s largest charter companies, who choose Elan Impression for their practical and spacious design, innovative interior layouts, convenient pricing, and world-class quality in building techniques and quality finish
        • Impression 40.1

        • New exterior
          The I40.1’s modernized deck is a sight to behold. The new vertical transom allows for more cockpit space, a modern look, and a large bathing platform – the size of which also determines either an enclosed transom or a sportier open transom feel. The addition of two aft storage boxes can be upgraded with a grill, a fridge, or a sink. Still reigning above are the iconic Elan Impression transom seats, which are always taken first by an enthusiastic crew! The steering pedestals allow for 9″ electronics, and the practical steering wheels are made of light composite. Walking past the large, fold-down table with drink holders is a breeze, as is moving around the cockpit and handling the winches. The table was designed to be accommodating when moored and practical when sailing, thanks to the integrated handrail and cupholders.

          New interior Not many can reach as high a standard as a company with more than seventy years of experience in woodworking and carpentry. Elan’s craftsmen had always been leaps and bounds ahead of the competition – and their work with the new Impression 40.1 pushes the limits even further. The interior furniture is made from iroko wood veneer enhanced by solid iroko wood finish. Iroko (or African teak) is beautiful and durable, and combined with smart design and placement it makes the interior truly stand out. The spacious and light saloon will delight all guests, and the galley with a 130 l front-opening fridge will make life easier when cruising. Available in four different cabin layout configurations, the I40.1 can be customized to suit any need.

          Technical specification
          • Length Overall 11.99 m | 39’4’’ ft
          • Hull length 11.48 m | 37’8’’ ft
          • Length at waterline 10.00 m | 32’1’’ ft Beam 3.91 m | 12’10’’ ft
          • Draft 1.80 m | 5’11’’ ft, (opt1. 1.50m | 4’11’’ ft)
          • Light displacement 8.368 kg | 18,4 lbs
          • Ballast 2.545 kg | 5,6 lbs or 2.479 kg | 5.5 lbs
          • Water capacity (standard) 240 liters | 63 US gal
          • Water capacity (option) 520 liters | 137 US gal
          • Fuel capacity 146 liters | 38 US gal
          • Engine Volvo (standard) 20 kW | 29 HP
          • Engine Yanmar (option) 20 kW / 29 HP
          • Engine Volvo (option) 37 kW | 50 HP
          • Air draft 17.60 m | 57’9’’ ft
          • Mainsail 37.9 m2 | 407’9’’ sq ft
          • Furling 31.59 m2 | 340’1’’ sq ft
          • Genoa 38.1 m2 | 410’1’’ sq ft
          • Gennaker 98.0 m2 | 1054’8’’ sq ft
          • I 13.96 m | 45’10’’ ft
          • J 3.90 m | 12’9’’ ft
          • P 13.00 m | 42’8’’ ft
          • E 4.86 m | 15’11’’ ft
        • Impression 45.1

        • Exterior
          Inspired by the solutions presented on the Elan GT5, the Elan Impression 45.1 now has a longer and wider cockpit, defined by twin wheels, a split cockpit table, and a foldable sunbed. Boasting a modern vertical transom, two large cockpit storage boxes were added, which can also be equipped with a grill, sink, or fridge. Customers can now opt for a sportier look with an open transom configuration or choose the safety and comfort of a closed transom option with a large swim platform. One of the additional changes immediately apparent is the addition of a new window, illuminating the back cabins and building upon her immediately recognizable shape.

          The Impression 45.1 is bright and airy, thanks to its hull shape and recognisable deck saloon windows. The saloon features a large settee fully surrounding the table without obstrucitng the pathway. The Galley has been shifted forward, for more spacious living and larger navigation area. After months of testing, iroko veneer framed with solid iroko wood was chosen as the main interior furniture material, because it was determined to have the best endurance capabilities, a beautiful classic look, and an attractive price point. The Elan Impression 45.1 will be available in two cabin layouts, one more aligned with the needs of friends and family, and one for demanding charter groups.

          Technical specification

          • Length Overall 13.59 m | 45’5’’ ft
          • Hull length 13.00 m | 42’8’’ ft
          • Length at waterline 11.44 m | 37’6’’ ft
          • Beam 4.18 m | 13’9’’ ft
          • Draft 1.90 m | 6’3’’ ft, (opt1. 1.60m | 5’3’’ ft)
          • Light displacement (mLCC) 10.420 kg | 23.0 lbs
          • Air Draft (incl. antenna) 19.50 m | 63’12’’ ft
          • Ballast 3.310 kg | 7.3 lbs or 3.450 kg | 7.6 lbs
          • Water capacity (standard) 300 liters | 79,3 US gal
          • Water capacity (option) 572 liters | 151,1 US gal
          • Fuel capacity 215 liters | 56 US gal
          • Engine Volvo (standard) 37 kW | 50 HP
          • Engine Yanmar (option) 42 kW | 57 HP
          • Engine Volvo (option) 55 kW | 75 HP
          • Mainsail 46.79 m2 | 503’6’’ sq ft
          • Furling 39.75 m2 | 427’9’’ sq ft
          • Genoa 52.47 m2 | 564’7’’ sq ft
          • Gennaker 135.45 m2 | 1458’0’’ sq ft
          • I 15.90 m | 52’2’’ ft
          • J 4.78 m | 15’8’’ ft
          • P 14.80 m | 48’7’’ ft
          • E 5,37 m |17’7’’ ft
        • Impression 50.1

        • Exterior
          The yacht’s level of comfort is made possible by its large volume, made even more friendly by the unique, gally-forward layout. The U-shaped cockpit seating, the forward galley, and a large sundeck are signature features of the yacht. The Impression 50.1’s twin wheel and rudder system ensures better control and handling even in the most extreme conditions.

          The Elan Impression 50.1 offers abundant volume down below with plenty of natural light, thanks to all of the hull and deck windows. Unique to the Impression 50.1 within the cruiser class of this size is the innovative inverted deck saloon, which ensures the optimal use of the maximum width of the yacht without compromising the cabin and galley areas.

          Technical specification

          • LENGTH OVERALL 15,18 m | 49,10 ft
          • HULL LENGTH 14,83 m | 48,8 ft
          • LENGTH AT WATERLINE 13,76 m | 45,2 ft
          • BEAM 4,68 m | 15,4 ft
          • DRAFT (standard)
          • DRAFT (option) 2,23 m | 7,4 ft 1,85 m | 6,1 ft
          • AIR DRAFT (Incl Antenna) 21,9 m | 71,9 feet
          • LIGHT DISPLACEMENT (mLCC) 12,867 kg | 28,367 lbs
          • BALLAST 4,500 kg | 9,92 lbs 4,500 kg | 10,58 lbs
          • WATER CAPACITY (STANDARD) 605 l | 160 US gallons
          • FUEL CAPACITY 255 l | 67 US gallons
          • ENGINE VOLVO (standard)
          • ENGINE YANMAR (option) 55 kW | 75 HP 60 kW | 80 HP
          • MAINSAIL MAINSAIL furling (option) 67,06 m2 | 721,8 sq ft 55,94 m2​ | 602,2 sq ft
          • GENOA 59,55 m2​ | 641,0 sq ft
          • GENNAKER 127,1 m2​ | 1368,1 sq ft
          • I 19,00 m | 62,4 ft
          • J 5,61 m | 18,5 ft
          • P 17,9 m | 58,9 ft
          • E 6,25 m | 20,6 ft
      • GT LINE

      • Luxury, quality, refinement and comfort are crucial for a Grand Tourer – they’re just as important as speed, exhilaration and power. The GT6 delivers a luxurious experience whether you’re sailing fast in a strong breeze, motoring quietly along the coast, enjoying a beautiful anchorage or moored in a busy harbour. The way we cruise has changed and the GT line is designed to reflect that. Whether you choose to sail alone, as a couple or family, with guests or other experienced sailors, those yachts have the versatility to suit your style of cruising.

        Genuine GT spirit
        Why choose between speed and comfort when you can have both? The high-performance hull of the GT6 has been carefully optimised with extensive CFD modelling to be fast, stable and easily driven in a wide range of sea states. Combined with a powerful and perfectly balanced sailplan, it delivers a huge amount of fun for the helmsman and crew on all points of sail. Combined with a powerful and perfectly balanced sailplan, it delivers a huge amount of fun for the helmsman and crew on all points of sail. In the true GT spirit, its racederived features have been optimised for cruising to deliver precise control in all conditions, impeccable handling characteristics and a smooth, comfortable ride.

        Design by Studio F. A. Porsche
        The striking silhouette of the GT6, styled by Studio F. A. Porsche, is a wellbalanced combination of sharp, distinctive lines and soft, sculpted curves – it’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd of average white boats and will turn heads in any harbour. The exterior design combines minimalism with dynamics, bringing sailors closer to nature. Some elements of the stunning cockpit design are inspired by the aerodynamics of iconic sports cars while others such as the steering pedestals and ‘floating’ stern take their design cues from nature, inspired by seagull wings and stingray fins.
          • GT5

          • Exterior
            With the swim platform, options of a cockpit galley featuring a fridge, grill and other amenities common on much larger yachts, the GT5 cockpit is designed for enjoying time with family and friends, offering ample seating area and different innovative cockpit table options converting the seating into a sunbathing lounge.

            A clean deck design ensures fast and safe passage forward, and enables plenty of sunbathing area with dedicated cushions on the foredeck.

            Interior The space below deck is unique in her class. The Elan Design Team has implemented an inverted saloon layout featuring the galley forward, ensuring optimal utilisation of the yacht’s volume for the most comfortable and innovative saloon in her size range. The galley forward offers ample storage space with a customisable corner to be equipped individually for each owner. The 180-degree panoramic skylight with the window in window feature, two hatches and one large central hatch allows the saloon to be ventilated at all times. The new GT5 is also the only yacht this size to offer a separate shower compartment with a 3-cabin, 2-heads interior layout.

            Technical specification

            • Length Overall 13,20 m | 43’4’’ ft
            • Hull length 12,41 m | 40’9’’ ft
            • Length at waterline 11,58 m | 38’0’’ ft
            • Beam 3,91 m | 12’10’’ ft
            • Draft (standard) 2,25 m | 7’4’’ ft / 2,45 m | 8’0’’ ft / 1,95 m | 6’5’’ ft
            • Draft (option) 2,45 m | 8’0’’ ft
            • Light displacement 8.650 kg | 19,070 lbs
            • Ballast 2.655 kg | 5,855 lbs
            • Water capacity (standard) 220 l | 58 US gal
            • Water capacity (option) 490 l | 129 US gal
            • Fuel capacity 146 l | 39 US gal
            • Engine (standard) 37.0 kW | 50 HP Volvo Penta
            • Engine (option) 42.5 kW | 57 HP Yanmar
            • Air draft 18,39 m | 60’4’’ ft
            • Mainsail 44,60 m2 | 480’1’’ sq ft
            • Jib 34,20 m2 | 368’10’’ sq ft
            • Asymetric 135 m2 | 1453’1’’ sq ft
            • I 15,25 m | 50’0’’ ft
            • J 4,275 m | 14’0’’ ft
            • P 14,85 m | 48’9’’ ft
            • E 5,3 m | 17’5’’ ft
          • GT6

          • Exterior
            Our flagship GT6 is a next-generation Grand Tourer that delivers the perfect balance of speed and power, comfort and luxury, good handling and precise control. Stiff, stable and weatherly, the high-performance hull and sailplan by Humphreys Yacht Design are optimised for short-handed, medium-range cruising. Three generations of Humphreys/Elan design evolution and extensive CFD modelling produce a refined yacht that handles like a thoroughbred and delivers exhilarating performance on all points of sail, across the full range of wind and sea conditions. Unique styling by Studio F. A. Porsche gives the GT6 a strikingly elegant silhouette with sharp, distinctive lines and elaborately curved surfaces that create beautiful flares of light as the yacht moves through the water. In the cockpit, excellent ergonomics and a host of innovative design features bring a new level of luxury to life on board.


            Studio F. A. Porsche’s iconic design values and world-class ergonomics create a uniquely stylish, luxurious and practical living space inside the GT6. The sleek panoramic deck saloon gives a wonderful 180° view and a cleverly inverted layout makes the best possible use of the spacious, broad-beamed hull.

            The galley is forward, right on top of the keel where the yacht’s motion at sea is most comfortable with minimal heeling, pitching and rolling. This frees up space further aft for a huge full-beam saloon. A lavish owner’s suite with a king-size island double bed makes best use of the forepeak and big through-hull windows in every cabin give a great view out.

            A wide range of layout options and configurations are available to tailor the rest of the accommodation, systems and stowage on board to best suit you, your crew and your style of sailing. And throughout the boat, exquisite details, premium materials and a beautifully handcrafted finish enhance the joy of being on board.

            Technical specification
            • LENGTH OVERALL 15,2 m | 49,9 ft
            • HULL LENGTH 14,325 m | 47 ft
            • LENGTH AT WATERLINE 13,495 m | 44,3 ft BEAM 4,49 m | 14,7 ft
            • DRAFT (standard) 2,45 m T shape | 8 ft
            • AIR DRAFT (Incl Antenna) 21,9 m | 71,9 feet
            • LIGHT DISPLACEMENT (mLCC) 12.450 kg
            • BALLAST 3.900 kg
            • WATER CAPACITY (STANDARD) 500 l | 132 gallons
            • FUEL CAPACITY 300 l | 80 gallons
            • ENGINE (standard)
            • ENGINE (option)
              Volvo Penta 60 57 HP Yanmar
              75 HP Volvo Penta
              80 HP Yanmar
            • MAINSAIL 62,60 m2
            • JIB 51.14 m2
            • I 18,09 m
            • J 5,482 m
            •  17,15 m E 6,15 m
            • NAVAL ARCHITECT:
              Studio F. A. Porsche
              Humphreys Yachts Design