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Fantasy Custom Yachts

Company Profile

Fantasy Custom Yachts opened for business on September 3rd, 1996. On hand were John Sturgill, his wife Sally, twelve employees, and a dream. "It was almost thirty years ago and seems like yesterday", recounted Sturgill while detailing how he and some friends built a houseboat from an old bus body floated on drums and a wooden deck while in high school. He knew then he was in love with boats and boat building. Following school he worked in the family funeral home business for twenty years before he pursued his teenage dream. And thus was born Fantasy Custom Yachts! The plan was to produce twenty-four houseboats in the first year or so, and expand to thirty-six houseboats over time, with planned facility expansions and satisfied customers. After three months, the first houseboat was about to go into the water but fifteen had been sold. In the first year, forty-four houseboats were sold with owners willing to wait several months for delivery. The craftsmanship and quality was recognized as the highest in the industry. An expansion planned for the third year came in the second year and the fourth year expansion came in the third year. In the fourth year an entire new facility was built and to house 'Atlantis Houseboats'. The dream that had started so many years before was becoming a reality... Now, after five building expansions and over 200 deluxe houseboats that dream is still alive and in good hands. John Sturgill is still the owner and as he stated in a recent interview, "I don't really have any hobby or pastime other than boating and building boats. It was never about money or success, it was about doing what I had always wanted to do."