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CABO Yachts

Company Profile

The winning story of Cabo Yachts begins with company President Henry Mohrschladt's. Fascinated with boats as a child, Mohrschladt sailed his first boat down a rain-swollen gutter. Mohrschladt's captivation with boats followed through to adulthood. After majoring in economics, instead of pursuing a career in finance, Mohrschladt took a minimum wage at an Orange County boatyard, and what seemed a questionable career decision turned out to be a wise step on a path leading to success. At the boatyard Mohrschladt met Michael Howarth. Sharing a keen interest in boats and boating, the two men formed a partnership of mutual interest that led to the building of their first boat: a 25-foot, double-ended cruising sailboat. That first boat, built in Howarth's garage, sold for $11,700 at the 1976 In-the-Water Boat Show, this marked the launch their new boat building business. Hard work and firm commitment to building boats of the highest quality earned the partners recognition in the fiercely competitive sailboat design and manufacturing industry. By 1988 demand for their sailboats skyrocketed to the point that the two could afford to turn their sites elsewhere. They sold their sailboat manufacturing business to a Singapore shipbuilder, allowing them to focus on crafting custom-built sportfishing yachts. From the concept that quality is premier to the foundation of design, crafting and manufacturing, Cabo Yachts emerge. In 1991 Cabo Yachts moved to Adelanto. From it 5 acre, state-of-the-art facility the team set up shop to build customized sportfishers designed for people who demanded the best in quality and safety for high adventure on the open sea. The first year in Adelanto, Cabo Yachts launched the first in a line of outstanding sportfishers: the Cabo 35. The industry cheered. The award winning team delivered six new sportfishers in 1992. By 1993 they set a sales record and invited Greg Bourque to join them. In the years to follow they produced a range of superb sportfishers. And, in 1997, the Cabo 45 Express received the prestigious "Boat of the Year" award from Boating magazine. Noting that Italy, France, Asia and the United Arab Emirates had expressed desire for U.S.-built sportfishers, Cabo Yachts increased marketing efforts overseas. In 1997, $3.8million of their $19 million revenue sailed in from foreign shores. On June 2, 1998, the "Exporter of the Year" title was awarded to Cabo Yachts. In the same year the Cabo team increased its factory to a total plant size of 145000 square feet and production capacity by 25 percent. They have recently further increased the factory by 65000 square feet. From its first national acclaim in 1988, when the Fortune magazine proclaimed boats built by Mohrschladt and Howarth among the top 100 products of "What America Makes Best", to present-day recognition as a world leader in the designing and manufacturing of sportfishers, the team at Cabo Yachts has demonstrated unrivaled excellence in boat building.