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Triumph boats

Company Profile

TRIUMPH™ boats are built with pride in Durham, North Carolina. Their computerized, 85,000 square-foot boat molding factory is the most advanced facility of its kind anywhere in the world. Boats are cast in one, virtually indestructible piece using one of TRIUMPH's custom, computer-controlled convection ovens. RopleneTM construction is the new, high tech, pollution-free way to build strong, low-maintenance fishing and utility boats. All of TRIUMPH's boat models are GSA Approved and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. TRIUMPH Roplene boats are seamless, molded as one unit in massive, computer- controlled ovens, rather than separate hull-deck parts that must be screwed and glued together. There are no gaps in hull and deck alignment that require rub-rails to conceal. And, no thin gelcoat color layers like fiberglass. With a Roplene hull, color carries through the entire material. The proprietary Roplene process has nine patents. The hull, deck and stringers are formed from powdered polyethylene into a seamless and integral boat in a double mold inside a multi-axis rocking oven. Timing, temperature, speed and angle variables are precisely controlled by computer. Just in time for 2002 models, TRIUMPH acquired a new, state-of-the-art 3-stage shuttle oven designed to charge, mold and cool all in one automated, computer-controlled operation. This sophisticated machine is capable of producing boats up to 23 feet with amazing precision, and is the only piece of equipment like it in the world dedicated to recreational boating. The Roplene system is friendly to the environment, too, since there are no hazardous air pollutants or materials generated during the process. TRIUMPH’s 210 models represent the largest roto-molded part in the world that withstands the structural stresses of pleasure boating. And the new TRIUMPH 190 Cool Bay represents a major achievement in bringing an incredibly detailed, wide-beam boat to a popular niche in the marketplace for a price that fits comfortably into family budgets. TRIUMPH Boats with Roplene hull technology for 2002. The best in boating, and nobody else has it.