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Company Profile

In January 1961, the first fiberglass production model, the Bertram 31, was introduced. Manufacturing the 31' and 25', along with more designs on the drawing board, the facility outgrew its capacity. Late in 1961, Bertram Yacht became a division of the Nautec Corporation, making possible a larger plant, more machinery and a research and development department. Bertram opened its present location, a 25-acre plant on November 8, 1962, across the street from Richard Bertram and Company brokerage. It was the world's first plant specifically designed for manufacturing large, high quality, fiberglass yachts. The Bertram 25 was introduced in 1962. Next was the 38-foot, deep-vee design that firmly established Bertram's reputation for fast, dependable, seaworthy sport fishing boats. In 1964 Bertram introduced the 20-foot inboard/outboard and began production of windshields and other aluminum. During this time, Richard Bertram left the manufacturing company and Dave Foxmann was named President. In 1967 the production of the Bertram 35 began. Whittaker Corp. acquired Bertram in 1968. They expanded their facility over 25 acres and became one of the largest pleasure-boat builders in the world. The one-thousandth Bertram was built in 1971 and, in 1972, the first Bertram 46, a convertible, and the Bertram 42 were introduced. Additional plant facilities were constructed to accommodate the expanding product line. In the years to follow many models were introduced; Bertram 58 convertible, 42 convertible (1975), 33-foot convertible, 33-foot sportfisherman (1976), Bertram 58 convertible, the first production model with an aluminum superstructure (1977), 38 convertible in a new configuration (1978), 33-foot convertible, 33-foot flybridge cruiser (1979), 54-foot convertible (1981), 38 special (1984), 50 convertible " the slickest Bertram yet" (1986-7), Bertram 72, 43 convertible (1987), Bertram 60 (1990), the four-stateroom version of the Bertram 60 and a new 30-foot Moppie sport cruiser (1993). In 1980, additional manufacturing facilities came on line to accommodate increases in production and work-force strength was projected to become 1,200. In March 1985, Whittaker sold part of its interest in Bertram and three other marine companies to INVESTCORP in a leveraged buyout. The transaction was structured as a purchase by three newly formed companies. Retaining its own identity, Bertram emerged stronger than ever and introduced a 37-foot convertible with sleek, new styling. In 1995 Bertram introduced a redesign of the layout and interior of the revered 54, there was not a single change in the 54 convertible hull, because you don't change perfection and, in 1996 an enclosed-flybridge version of the 60 convertible was introduced. In October of 1998 Bertram was acquired by Ferretti S.p.A. Between 1999 and 2001, the 390 and 510 Convertibles and the revolutionary 670 Convertible were introduced. In 2000 Bertram 450 was voted Boat of the Year.