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  • Nowadays Standa continues developing and producing diode pumped lasers, opto-mechanical components and contemporary motion control devices (direct drive positioners and hexapods are among them). Standa has a highly skilled marketing team assisting you to make the correct choice of Standa products and together with our OEM customers, create the products you require containing mechanics, optics and lasers. Standa products are distributed to more than 90 countries and represented by more than 25 companies worldwide. Many of our products emerge from close relationship and conversation with our customers. We hope you can also realize your ideas in our new products.
Product Portfolio

    • Vacuum Compatible Stages

    • Almost all our products can be produced as vacuum compatible modification. Please browse our non-vacuum catalog and contact us for modifications.

      • Optics, Lasers & Measurement

          • Optics

            • Optical Substrates
            • Lenses
            • Prisms
            • Dielectric Coated Optics
            • Metallic Coated Optics
            • Filters
            • Off-Axis Mirrors
            • Variable Reflectivity Mirrors
            • Non Polarizing Beamsplitter Cubes
            • Polarizing Optics
            • Adaptive Optical Systems
            • Coatings Section
            • Eye Protection
            • Protective Laser Windows
          • Light Test & Measurement Instruments

          • LUMS - Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining