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  • Offer Profile
  • A market driven supplier of miniature power transmission systems and controls dedicated to supporting a global network of customers that demand world class performance. At our core is a product catalogue driven by a design philosophy which is aware of a significant development in materials and the opportunity that this presents for innovation. We are quick to use well proven and established method, often in novel ways.
Product Portfolio
  • DC Motors & Optional Gearboxes

  • The widest range is key to infinite flexibility
    Flexibility is the key characteristic of this section of the catalogue. The permanent magnet brushed and brushless dc motors offered here have been designed and wound to satisfy applications calling for a power range of 1-150 watts. 1.5v-30v voltage range is available where appropriate.

    Windings have been chosen to offer speed variations where noise, life or current may be critical. If you can’t find your exact requirement here, motors can be wound to your precise specification.

    Our innovative gearbox design expertise together with today’s materials have been combined to maximise the full output power generated by this widest range of motors in the most price sensitive way. Each gearbox type is offered with many ratios, torque of 10 Nm to 20 Nm is achievable through the range with speeds peaking at 500 rpm.

    Low noise and extended life are characteristics that are high on our agenda.

    Motors, gearboxes and encoders can be combined in a manner that is infinitely variable, providing our customer with a precise and complete solution for each and every application.
    • DC Motor Schedule - Permanent Magnet Brushed

    • No Load Speed: 1320 to 16592 RPM
      Max Eff. Torque:1.00 to 103.25 mNm

      The simple permanent magnet brushed dc motor is an impressive component. Continuous improvement has delivered powerful and flexible performance at the very lowest cost.

      Advantages of a brushed dc motor include low initial cost, high reliability, and simple control of motor speed.

    • DC Motor Schedule - Rare Earth

    • No Load Speed: 3379 to 8554 RPM
      Max Eff. Torque: 2.51 to 58.23 mNm

      Rare earth magnet motors can be a cost effective option when high speed, high power density, long life or small size are important. This low cogging motor range offers greater power compared with other brushed motors of the same volume. This is achieved using very thin Neodymium magnets and high density windings.

    • DC Motor Schedule - Heavy Case

    • No Load Speed: 4169 to 6804 RPM
      Max Eff. Torque: 19.32 to 132.7 mNm

      The Heavy Case series motors provide the ideal solution for use in applications which require output power ratings up to 150 Watts. The robust low inertia construction ensures reliable operation in industrial environments combined with fast response and accurate control.

    • DC Motor Schedule - Brushless

    • No Load Speed: 6545 to 7672 RPM
      Max Eff. Torque: 10.0 to 263.4 mNm

      Brushless dc motors are commonly used where precise speed control, low electrical noise or long life is necessary. They are typically 75-80% efficient and often use a permanent magnet internal rotor, three phases of driving coils and hall effect sensors.

      Brushless motors do not spark making them ideal for EMC sensitive applications.

    • Electromagnetic Interference

    • The increasing trend towards miniature multi functional devices brings with it the problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

      There are many ways in which we can help you achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

      To reduce the effects of radiated noise we can offer DC motors with an internal varistor ring.

      The effects of electromagnetic noise can be reduced by fitting capacitors and chokes close to the dc motor.

      Wiring looms
      We can design and manufacture wiring looms which incorporate twisted power leads, electromagnetic shielding and ferrite beads, all of which offer significant reductions in EMI.

    • Customisation

    • The modular organization that is at the root of this catalogue allows you to select a transmission package that uses standard components custom built to your specification; brushed or brushless dc motor, flat or in-line gearbox, positional feedback, overload protection and bespoke shaft.
    • Linear Motion

    • There are a number of motors and gearboxes to drive your leadscrew or belt and pulley system with optional programmable control:
      • Where a lead screw is driven as an indirect drive, through a coupling, our complete range of dc motors and gearboxes is available.
      • For simple linear drives through a lead screw where thrust does not exceed 50N, we offer our 229 and 220 gearbox with your lead screw substituted for the output shaft. Lead screw up to 8mm diameters can be accommodated with a pitch to your specification.
      • Belt and Pulley applications may be met with gearbox bearings designed to take side load together with a wide range of pulley options.
  • Control of DC Motors

  • A new and unique approach to motion control
    You will find here a new and unique approach to motion control. The design philosophy has been to innovate, keeping a keen eye upon the application of well understood technology. The resulting product is user friendly and lowers the cost barrier by a mile, making serious motion management systems available to all.

    At the centre of our offering is the basic brushed or brushless dc motor. Selected for its performance and usually interfaced with an appropriate gearbox. Add an incremental encoder, sandwiched between motor and gearbox, or an absolute encoder mounted on the back of the gearbox and all of the hardware necessary for a servo is in place.

    Red Drive brushed or brushless controller using feedback through the encoder can now be used to maximise the full capability of the motor. The flow chart protocol will allow you to deliver the sequence of events demanded by your design.

    Change during the development process is simple and when the design is in place you can use the chip on your own board.
    • Servo Systems

    • Within this catalogue there is a wide range of brushed and brushless dc motors, if the motor you need is not listed we will supply a dedicated option. Modularity is at the core of our design philosophy providing huge scope to add a gearbox creating a package that is unique to your application.

      The option of feedback across the range using incremental or absolute encoders or potentiometers enables you to manage the full capability of the motor that you select.

      Brushed or brushless Red Drive offers you the opportunity of managing your servo easily and cost effectively.
    • Absolute Encoder

    • Our absolute output shaft encoder provides accurate positional information unaffected by power loss and self correcting in the face of electrical interference. They operate via contactless magnetic technology providing either a linear analogue output (0-5V) or reliable 10bit positional data sent via a SSI (synchronous serial interface).

      The single turn absolute encoder operates through the full 360° of rotation and accurately monitors its position indefinitely without power.

      The multi turn operates through 32000 revolutions whilst still providing the maximum resolution of 10bits per 360° and is fitted with an integral rechargeable battery to provide full position monitoring for 20 hours when main power is removed.
    • Incremental Encoder

    • In order to support twenty first century OEM’s in their determination to maintain a competitive edge we have developed an extensive range of single and dual channel incremental encoders. Both options are available across the major part of the range of dc motors and gearboxes and represent the most cost effective answer to the need for feedback.

      General Specification

      Number of Channels: 2
      Pulses per Motor rev: 48
      Output: TTL
      Supply Voltage: 5 Vdc ±10%
      Pulse Width (B): 180°±76°
      Phase Shift (C): 90°±70°
      Frequency Range: up to 48Khz (10Krpm)
      Operating Temperature: -40 to +80°C

      Wiring Colour Code
      +5V: Brown Channel A: Yellow
      Ground: Blue Channel B: Orange
    • Potentiometer

    • Our positional servo incorporates a rotary potentiometer which is connected to the gearbox output shaft to provide an analogue reference signal directly proportional to the shaft position. The potentiometer will monitor its position for an indefinite period even without power.

      A variety of potentiometer options are available to provide the choice of single or multi-turn operation with a rotational life of 10 million turns. The feedback potentiometer is coupled directly to the output shaft via a backlash-free coupling offering single turn accuracy of around 3.6°; resolution is only limited by your electronics. The multi-turn potentiometer has a slip feature to prevent damage when reaching an end stop.
    • DC Programmable Controllers

    • The drive board was designed with cost at the forefront of the specification and manufactured in volumes that deliver this promise. Use Red Drive throughout the product development process. At the final stage you have the option to take the chip from Red Drive and incorporate it on your own board.

      Red Drive is a compact yet powerful motor driver and controller. It is designed to be used with our encoders and wide range of dc motors and gearboxes. Our unique flowchart graphical software allows the user to easily program both simple and complex sequences of motion.
    • Speed Controller

    • An open loop Pulse Width Modulated speed and direction controller for use with brushed dc motors up to 1.5A.

      Using the on board potentiometer it is easy to adjust direction and speed; with the potentiometer set full CW the motor turns clockwise at full speed, simply rotating the potentiometer to full AC will rotate the motor anticlockwise at full speed. Positioning the potentiometer at 50% will stop the motor.

      Operating from a 7-24Vdc input voltage this controller uses PWM adjustment running at 20Khz to provide high quality speed control. The motor will see an average voltage proportional to the length of the pulses it is receiving – speed is increased by lengthening the pulse.

      The Speed Controller has a small footprint measuring just 63x46mm.
  • AC Motors & Optional Gearboxes

  • Ideally suited to a wide range of applications
    This group of products is unique in the scope of its range. It contains both Synchronous (constant controlled speed) and Shaded pole (asynchronous - speed varying with torque) motors interfacing with extensive gearbox options.

    Product is offered across a wide voltage range and gearbox ratio options are extensive. UL approval is available where appropriate.

    Motors and gearboxes can be combined in a manner to offer the customer a wide number of options.

    A guide to the selection of the most appropriate combination appears later in this section. Where space is limited we have a range of integral geared motors. Low noise is often critical in both domestic and commercial applications. The management of noise is a key part of our design philosophy and manufacturing expertise.

    Please speak to your sales engineer or call the sales desk if you need help with the selection process or noise management.

    Our aim is to supply our customer with a comprehensive “fit and forget” service. Special lead lengths, connectors and dedicated output drives can be fitted to your specification and supplied to your line as you need them.
    • AC Synchronous Motor Schedule

    • No Load Speed: 250 to 720RPM
      Running Torque: 0.8 to 25 mNm
    • Integral Gearbox

    • Torque: 125 to 500 mNm

      General specifications:
      Frequency: 50/60Hz
      Input Power: 4W
      Temperature rise: 60ºC
      Insulation resistance: 100M Ohms at 500VDC
      Dielectric strength: 840V AC 1min
      Weight: 150g

    • Gearbox Information

    • Ratio: 10:1 to 720,000:1


  • Permanent Magnet & Hybrid Stepping Motors

  • The widest range
    The selection of the correct stepping motor requires specialised knowledge, the options are considerable. Stepping Motors feature accurate digital motion control, precise shaft position control, wide torque range and step angle accuracy.

    The motor requires drive electronics to control the electrical pulses which switch the motor windings. This range offers open loop control systems which are widely used in digitally controlled motion applications.

    Within Rotalink the widest range of permanent magnet and hybrid stepping motors are supported by a team with extensive experience in both design and manufacture. Our engineers are well qualified to give you support in the selection and application of motors. We have a number of drives for use as design tools.
    • Bipolar PM Stepping Motor Schedule

    • Step Angle: 7.5 to 15 degrees
      Holding Torque: 10 to 164 mNm

      Bipolar – this is a sophisticated way to drive the motor and achieves higher torque and speed than unipolar versions. The phases inside the motor are always on but the polarity is reversed as the stepping sequence dictates.

      Bipolar drives often provide additional features such as micro stepping for very smooth operation and higher voltage chopper drives to achieve higher speeds. This motor normally has 4 flying leads.

    • Unipolar PM Stepping Motor Schedule

    • Step Angle: 7.5 to 15 degrees
      Holding Torque: 10 to 200 mNm

      Unipolar – this is the simplest way to drive a stepping motor. The phases inside the motor are either on or off, they are not reversed. Unipolar motor are used in many applications where the higher torque and speed of bipolar versions are not needed. A unipolar motor is identified by 5 or 6 flying leads.

    • Gearbox Information

    • Ratio: 10:1 to 720,000:1
    • Bipolar Hybrid Stepping Motor Schedule

    • Step Angle: 1.8 degrees
      Holding Torque: 65 to 1650 mNm
    • Unipolar Hybrid Stepping Motor Schedule

    • Step Angle: 0.9 to 1.8 degrees
      Holding Torque: 40 to 1177 mNm 
    • Gearbox Information for Hybrid

    • Ratio: 18:1 to 3000:1
    • Unipolar Drives

    • The stand alone SM02v2 unipolar stepper drive has a footprint of only 55mm x 40mm and can to be panel mounted. It can drive a wide range of unipolar stepper motors, with 6 or 8 leads, at currents up to 1 Amp per phase and supply voltages from 9-24 Vdc. The drive board and motor share the same power supply. Connections are made by PCB mounted terminal blocks.

      The board is programmed to drive at speeds from 16 to 500pps controlled by an external potentiometer. To assist customers we can also supply the SM02 with a fixed output speed or with other speed ranges. A standard 0.1” header provides direction control, full step (1 or 2 phase) or half step modes via jumpers or external control.

      For the customer that needs a simple timing/control device we offer this widest range of Cam Timers. Up to eight stations with the choice of either synchronous or intrinsically safe pneumatic motors, both drives have extensive gearbox ratio options. This rugged system gives huge flexibility to the OEM designer.
    • Associated Components

    • Shafts - A unique characteristic of Rotalink is the ability to offer all our gearboxes with bespoke shafts tailored to the customers’ application. Shafts can include threads, roll pins, double flats and keyways.

      Clutches - In certain applications a low cost clutch is often required, Rotalink can offer both internal and external friction clutches designed to protect either the gearbox or the application from excessive forces and shock loads.

      Output gears and pinions - Supplied and fitted to customer specification in both machined and injection moulded format.

      Looms - A Rotalink package often includes a wiring loom made to the customers’ specification. Typical looms include
      strain relief, various wire gauges, crimps, connectors, heatshrink and micro-switches.

      - Rotalink offers a wide range of machined timing pulleys; the standard ranges includes XL, MXL, T2, T2.5 and T5 and are available on a short lead time as part of the motor/gearbox package.

      Mounting Plates - To help you interface our product with your application Rotalink offers a range of mounting plates.

  • Cam Timers

  • For the customer that needs a simple timing/control device we offer this widest range of Cam Timers. Up to eight stations with the choice of either synchronous or intrinsically safe pneumatic motors, both drives have extensive gearbox ratio options. This rugged system gives huge flexibility to the OEM designer.
  • Services To OEMs

  • A centre of excellence for the design and supply of miniature power transmission products.
    There are times when you will have a specification that can only be met by a unique solution. We have considerable experience of working on such projects offering specialised design expertise supported by a first class prototyping capability.

    Our flexible approach involves understanding your needs in terms of specification, cost, timing and finance at the outset. This enables us to deliver you a design and supply service that is uncompromising.

    Our design philosophy carries a triple message:
    • Take known technologies and repackage them in fresh and novel ways
    • Awareness of the opportunity presented by today’s materials
    • Cost and quality established at the design stage
    Being quick to adopt both commercial and technical advances ensures that we can support you in your determination to be a market leader.

    Areas where we may be of special help include:

    Cutting time to market
    We actively develop and maintain our relationship with your project management team. Our unique blend of experienced, multidisciplined engineers use the latest 3D modelling software and in house prototyping facilities to deliver motion control products to your project timelines.

    Product cost
    Price is a critical driver, and imaginative design is the key to low cost. Our catalogue is proof of our ability to deliver products that meet this market test. We operate at a global level, and source in the most appropriate locations to deliver a real edge in the marketplace.

    Design and development cost
    We are always prepared to consider creative ways of moving a project forward, and we are committed to joining you in realising your market advantage.

    Tooling, a positive stance
    If you prefer to delegate the responsibility and cost of your tooling to a key supplier you can rely upon our support.

    Market projections are volatile. We recognise this and join with you as you develop your market.

    From prototypes to full scale supply
    A first class multi-disciplined manufacturing capability enables us to deliver prototypes, preproduction, and where possible, full supply programmes.