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  • Offer Profile
  • Driving and open or closed-loop control are areas where maximum precision is a must.

    Products made by WITTENSTEIN alpha set benchmarks worldwide – in mechanical engineering and drive systems. From low-backlash planetary gearheads through servo right-angle gearheads and complete drive units to cymex® – our comprehensive engineering software – or technical consulting expertise, WITTENSTEIN alpha pushes back the boundaries of precision. This precision is not only a vital yardstick; it's also the most important attribute of all our products and services.
Product Portfolio

  • An unbeatable combination – WITTENSTEIN alpha drive systems!

    A flexible and variable solution made up of a series of innovative elements – modern servo motor and transmission technology, a rack and pinion offering unprecedented precision and a linear system. WITTENSTEIN alpha drive systems deliver multiple benefits by combining several innovations based on a modular design principle.
    • Low-backlash planetary

    • WITTENSTEIN alpha low-backlash planetary gearheads will take your breath away.

      As an engineer you'll be just as excited as an entrepreneur for whom efficiency, productivity and reliable processes are top priorities.
    • Servo-right-angle gearheads

    • Precisely the right angle – servo right-angle gearheads as powerful performance drivers.

      Every manufacturer of flexible, top-quality machines that provide optimal functionality makes very exacting demands on the drive technology: maximum dynamics and power density, minimum physical volume and long inspection intervals, extremely quiet running and a robust design, easy commissioning and freedom from maintenance.
    • Accessories

    • Smart additions for efficiency and intelligent performance

      Our thirty years experience in drive technology are your guarantee of optimum system performance whatever your application.

      Gearhead, accessories & consulting from one supplier
      The combination of low-backlash planetary gearheads and smart accessories adds up to integrated drive concepts that form the backbone of your long-term success.
      • Reliability throughout the powertrain
      • Premium quality components
      • End-to-end advisory services
      • Turnkey delivery
    • Linear systems

    • Core competencies united in a truly unique system

      Thirty years experience in the areas of transmission systems, gearing technology and the design and sizing of complete powertrains have gone into the development of WITTENSTEIN alpha's new rack-and-pinion systems.

      The outcome: rack-and-pinion systems that redefine the market standards for feeding forces, power density and rigidity.
    • Mechatronic system solutions

    • More productive – more efficient – more precise

      More productive
      Plus points for your machinery and plant: a low moment of inertia for the actuator and high rigidity in the powertrain guarantee maximum precision and dynamics. For a decisive increase in productivity.

      More efficient
      Low torsional backlash plus an output bearing with high tilting rigidity plus a gearhead pinion integrated in the motor shaft – all of this adds up to a smaller motor, reduced energy consumption and lower costs for investments in the powertrain as a whole.

      More precise
      Minus times minus equals plus: the low operating noise achieved thanks to the helical toothing and optimal rangeability improves the precision of your machinery and equipment. The result – truly efficient products.
    • Stage and lifting technology

    • Successful market development

      The products in our traditional elevator drives range are meanwhile also used in stage technology as well as in lifting applications in general.
    • Sensors

    • Today, intelligence is an absolute must in industrial applications. Particularly in mechatronic drive technology, revolutionary solutions have been implemented thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology. From high-quality sensors for drive components and custom-specific sensor solutions, through to engineering services.

      Whether integrated in the gearhead or as modular solutions, sensors permit the direct measurement, diagnosis and evaluation of process parameters, i. e. all mechanical loads processed by the gearhead can be measured at the output.
    • Sizing tools

    • WITTENSTEIN alpha has various tools for sizing drives, configuring and creating technical data sheets and downloading CAD files.