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  • Offer Profile
  • NTN-SNR proposes an extensive range of high quality standard and special bearings, complying with the most stringent requirements of the major industrial sectors. This product offer is complemented by one of the most extensive lines of self-aligning bearings and two-parts plummer blocks in the market, with more than 6,000 European and Asian P/Ns.
Product Portfolio
  • Standard range - An extensive bearings range, with precise solutions

  • SNR proposes an extensive, competitive standard bearing range including all main ball and roller bearing families, as well as the PREMIER bearings, of optimised design, and highly technical bearings tailored to your trade (TOPLINE, MachLine).

    Thanks to its extensiveness, our range covers the most diversified industrial applications and allows every need to be met. Besides, the latest technological breakthroughs and research works conducted by SNR allow us to propose top quality bearings, notably providing higher service life and load capacity.

    SNR also proposes bearing components and accessories, available separately, enabling you to carry out your own assemblies. Firstly ensure that your components, intended to accommodate the bearing elements, share the same characteristics (quality, bearing raceway precision, hardness…) as those of the bearing delivered complete.
    • ULTAGE, the concept of Ultimate Performance for your satisfaction

      • ULTAGE : Higher machine efficiency

      • ULTAGE : Lower maintenance cost

      • ULTAGE : Reduced environmental impact
    • Single-row radial contact ball bearings

    • The SNR single-row radial contact ball bearing range is suitable for the most diversified applications. Designed essentially to sustain moderate radial loads, these bearings, which are the most commonly used, also sustain moderate axial loads in all directions. They are particularly suitable for applications with high rotating speeds and when energy loss limitation is sought.
    • Double-row ball bearings

    • SNR double-row ball bearings have become the natural substitute for single-row ball bearings for higher radial load applications, or for axial loads in both directions. Suitable for mean rotating speeds, these bearings only admit very slight misalignment between shaft and housing, to the order of 0.06°.
    • Tapered roller bearings


    • Tapered roller bearings are angular contact bearings comprised of separate components (cones and cups), facilitating installation. By design they are suitable for combined loading. They can sustain very high loads (axial load in one direction) and tolerate slight misalignment.
    • Cylindrical roller bearings

    •  The cylindrical roller Series includes several variants to permit accurate bearing selection and, therefore, improve machine efficiency. SNR's quality and innovation are at the heart of these bearings whose optimised contact between roller and raceway reduces internal loads.
    • ULTAGE double-row spherical roller bearings

    • From 25 mm bore up to 2180 mm external diameter to fit all needs

      NTN-SNR offers a wide range of spherical roller bearings on the market. They are available in different cage versions.
    • Ball thrust bearings


    • SNR has developed a complete range of high quality ball thrust bearings. Thrust bearings are designed to maintain the shaft in one single direction. They admit low rotating speeds and sustain high axial loads. You are strongly advised against submitting them to radial loading. Ball thrust bearings are comprised of separate items facilitating installation and maintenance. Grease and oil lubrication is feasible.
    • Bearing components and accessories

    • SNR balls are essentially intended to equip bearings. However, they are suitable for many other applications.

      Steel balls are used in most cases. They are available in a large diversity of diameters (metric or imperial dimensions) and hardness values. They are classified according to their tolerance (i.e. their dimension and shape precision).
    • MachLine® - High Precision

    • Precision, stiffness, high speeds: SNR High Precision bearings meet the most stringent needs.

      They also permit machining timesavings as well as maintenance cost savings, and their good load capacity and low heating feature contribute to longer service life.
  • Special bearings - Innovate with SNR special bearings

  • Collaboration with the engineers and technicians of our OEM clients’ Design & Engineering Offices must be effective at all levels. Therefore SNR devotes significant human resources and equipment through its Special Products Division, which groups all actors involved in the special industrial product development and manufacturing processes.

    Each development and each specific project is a good occasion for our clients and in-house experts to innovate by making the mechanical rotation function more efficient and economical.

    Jointly with you, we are pushing the limits and constraints of the design and efficiency of your machines by combining suitable steels, new shapes, high performance contacts and tailored seals and lubrication modes.

    SNR special bearings find applications in all industrial sectors. Many firms have improved the performance of their products in highly demanding applications such as rail, aerospace, handling, farming and civil works machines, robotics, textiles…
    • Special single-row radial contact ball bearings

    • Stretching clamp for film stretching machines
    • Special single-row angular contact ball bearings

    • Cryogenic pump
    • Special double-row angular contact ball bearings

    • Shuttle driver mechanism bearings for weaving looms

      Drive sprocket wheel reduction gearbox bearing for track vehicle

      Front wheel bearings for farming tractors
    • Special 3- or 4- contact point ball bearings

    • Rear pivot wheel bearings for forklift trucks

      Indexing table plate bearings for assembly robot
    • Special bearings with Lubsolid

    • Therefore, SNR created the LubSolid product line, providing outstanding bearing service life extension (up to 20 times longer in some cases) in the most demanding conditions: vacuum, extreme temperatures, low amplitude oscillations…
    • Special cylindrical roller bearings

    • Power transmission for TGV high-speed train
    • Special cross-roller bearings

    • Precision reduction gears for robots
    • Special tapered roller bearings

    • Cartridge bearings for TGV high-speed train wheels
  • Bearing Units & housings

  • SNR has developed a unique range of plain bearings including 6,000 P/Ns, to meet all applications on all continents.
    • Gray cast self-aligning bearing units

    • The various cast-iron bearing units types are: base plate bearings, bearing plates, tension slides, connection rod big end bushes or cartridge bearings. Various types of attachment modes are possible (through holes, tapped holes...).
    • Steel sheet self-aligning bearing units

    • SNR steel sheet bearing units are base plate-type bearings, in use in tension slides, connecting rod big ends, cartridge bearings.
    • Self-aligning bearing units

    • In use in extremely diversified industrial sectors, self-aligning bearing units, by design, meet very heavy stress loading applications where perfect alignment is not guaranteed.
    • Thermoplastic self-aligning bearing units

    • SNR thermoplastic self-aligning bearing units and stainless steel bearing-inserts are notably used in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, imposing severe health requirements and high corrosion resistance standards for the materials used.
    • Insert bearings for self-aligning bearing units

    • The internal structure of bearing-inserts is largely similar to that of standard ball bearings of Series 6200 and 6300.However, they feature wider inner rings to facilitate fitment onto the shaft, or taper bore rings permitting the use of tightening sleeve.
    • SNC Plummer Block Housings

    • Specifically designed to provide excellent rigidity and stability under all loading conditions, the new range of plummer block housings have also been optimized to enhance resistance to vibration.
  • Linear Motion: NTN-SNR linear program

  • NTN-SNR Linear Motion's expertise NTN-SNR has been developing and producing linear products for over 20 years.

    Our own production in Bielefeld is the basis for technology, precision and high responsiveness. The broad program offers solutions for all applications: Linear guidance and drive systems can be combined to offer modules to meet the demands of the market.
    • Guidance systems

    • A good guidance for your application needs

      SNR offers you 2 different linear guidance technologies: ball rail system and roller guide system.
    • NTN-SNR Linear drive systems

    • Low friction for your application
      High speed = Toothed belt drive
      Precision / repeatability = Screw type drive
      High load capacity / rigidity = Rack drive (only for AXS modules)
    • AXC compact modules

    • The compact linear axes of the AXC series are universally applicable as single-axis or in combination with other axes from this series or linear axes from our system range (AXS) in complex multiple-axis systems.
    • AXDL parallel modules

    • The AXDL Modules were developed for maximum flexibility while reducing the costs for the user. The profiles have high torsional rigidity and parallel guidance systems provide high load bearing capacity.
    • AXLT linear tables

    • For applications with high loads, particularly torque loads, our AXLT modules of linear tables offer outstanding solutions.
    • AXS system program

    • The telescopic axis are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications, with the same dimensions and can achieve speeds of up to 10 m/s.
    • Profile rail guides

    • NTN-SNR profile rail guides are high quality precision parts. They combine user-oriented product development and quality requirements. They offer the user a wide range of products for the most diverse applications in all areas of industry.
    • Ball bushings

    • Gantry axes are characterized by high load capacity and total lengths of up to 10 m. For applications where long lifting distances and the rigidity of the drive components are major considerations.
    • Ball screw drive

    • Gantry axes are characterized by high load capacity and total lengths of up to 10 m. For applications where long lifting distances and the rigidity of the drive components are major considerations.
  • SNR mechatronic products

  • Thanks to a 20 year experience in mechatronic products and instrumentation, SNR developed a recognized competence in magnetic sensors for speed and position measurement: writing and reading magnetic data on an annular or linear encoder is the key technology of our solutions.
    • Magnetic encoders

    • Encoders are multipolar magnets with constant pitch. Most of automotive wheel speed encoders have 48 magnetic pole pairs. Other values are possible on demand. Encoders are made of ferrite mixed with elastomer, fixed on metallic armature.
    • Competition: Pescarolo Sport in 24h du Mans

    • - Single-track encoder + MPS40S
      - Aluminium packaging
      - High resolution speed
      - High temperature
    • Brushless motor management

    • - Dual-track encoder + MPS40S
      - Absolute position for commutation management
      - High resolution for torque ripple management
      - Compact solution : in-bearing integration, without external dimensions modifications
    • Integrated sensor bearing

    • - Single- or dual-track encoder + MPS40S + bearing
      - Compacity
      - Choice of electrical interfaces
    • Radial sensor

    • - Radial single-track encoder + MPS40S
      - Standardized packaging
      - High resolution speed and rotation direction
      - Choice of electrical interfaces :  Supply voltage 5V ou 8-30V, Outputs: Push/pull 15mA (Standard) or RS422, Push/Pull 50mA, Open Drain
  • Maintenance tools

  •  Experts & Tools offers you a complete tools and services solution to increase the working life of your bearings.

    Increase your industrial equipment’s operation:
    • Avoid premature failure of your bearings

    • Save time during your maintenance operations, mounting and dismounting while looking after your equipment
    • Cold mounting

    • - Mounting tools kit case
      - Anti-fretting paste
      - Adjustable spanners
    • Hot mounting

    • - Induction heaters
      - Standard range
      - Special products
    • Hydraulic mounting

    • - Hydraulic nuts
      - Manual hydraulic pump kits
    • Mechanical dismounting

    • - Bore puller kits
      - Puller-separator with mechanical spindle
      - Self-centering mechanical puller
      - Self-centering hydraulic puller
      - Separator accessory case
      - Tri-section pulling plate
    • Hydraulic dismounting

    • - Hydraulic nuts
      - Manual hydraulic pump kits