Company Profile

Inova Corporation provides solutions for the management and distribution of real-time information. The company was founded in 1984 as a reseller of LED readerboards. By the early 1990\'s, the company was manufacturing its own LED boards as well as developing its own firmware and messaging software systems. With almost two decades experience, Inova Corporation continues to provide products and services for contact centers and other environments where critical events drive workforce action. Building on its expertise in a wide range of applications, the focus of the company is on developing high-end real-time data monitoring and messaging software. LightLink™, the company’s core software product, provides real-time views of performance data empowering call center agents to respond to changing conditions, and managers to proactively enhance performance within the center. This information is gathered from disparate data sources, filtered and analyzed based on customer defined business rules, and delivered to desktops, displays, or wireless devices. Inova manufactures its own line of professional quality LED display units that are optimized for real-time data, graphical display, and TCP/IP networking for office, public and industrial environments. The company also designs and implements Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) for mass transit authorities including the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Washington (DC) Metropolitan Transit Authority.