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  • Offer Profile
  • Converting energy obtained from the light of the sun into mains-compliant alternating current – in 1991 this idea formed the basis for the foundation of the company Sputnik Engineering AG by three ambitious young engineers. Today it ranges amongst the worldwide leading manufacturers of grid-connected solar inverters and matching solutions for system monitoring.
    The products of the SolarMax brand are suitable for any field of application, from photovoltaic systems in single-family homes up to solar power plants in the megawatts range. They are characterised by Swiss quality: highest efficiency, operational reliability, and durability, complemented by an extraordinary after sales.
Product Portfolio
  • For any need and all system dimensions

  • The SolarMax product range covers every need. Regardless of whether it is a photovoltaic system for a single- or multi-family home, for an agricultural or industrial building, or whether it is about a megawatts power station: the SolarMax string and central inverters reliably and efficiently convert direct current into mains-compliant alternating current. Furthermore, the product family comprises a series of communication and monitoring solutions, as well as software tools developed for specific assignments.
        • 2 – 5 kW

        • String inverters S series
        • 10 - 15 / 20 - 35 kW

        • String inverters MT series
          Central inverters S series
          Central inverters C series
        • 50 – 300 kW

        • Central inverters TS series
        • 330 kW

        • Central inverter TS-SV
        • 330 kW – 1.3 MW

        • Power Station
    • Solar Inverters

        • String inverters

        • Powerhouses for maximum yields
          The single- and three-phase string inverters with rated outputs of 1.8 to 15kW are designed for smaller and medium solar power systems.
            • SolarMax S series

            • Single-phase string inverters (2 – 5 kW)
              The extremely small, single-phase inverter can be handled comfortably, are reliable and powerful. They can be mounted very quickly and extended easily. Efficiencies of up to 97% and high-quality processing also allowing for outdoor installation turn these string inverters into an investment that pays off.
            • SolarMax MT series

            • Three-phase string inverters (10 – 15 kW)
              Three-phase infeed inverter with high efficiency. The string inverters of the MT series are suitable for medium-sized domestic systems already, but their range of application is up to large-scale industrial projects. Thanks to the multi-tracking concept different angles of inclination and orientations can be achieved easily.
          • Central inverters

          • Compact and flexible: solutions for medium- and large-scale systems
            The SolarMax central inverters impress with compact design, flexibility, and extraordinary price-performance ratio. Their field of application covers medium-scale systems with 20kW up to power stations in the range of megawatts.

            Since the first SolarMax central inverter was commissioned in 1992, the devices have been constantly further developed. Today they are used all over the world and prove their reliability on a day-to-day basis.
              • SolarMax S series

              • 20 kW – 35 kW
                The transformer-less inverters of the S series are extremely compact and suitable for outdoor installation. Despite their low price they achieve very high levels of efficiency.
              • SolarMax C series

              • 20 kW – 35 kW
                These reliable central inverters with galvanic separation and outputs of up to 35kW achieve high energy yields and provide for the highest operational safety with minimum system costs.
              • SolarMax TS series

              • 50 kW – 300 kW
                The TS series is the consequent further development of the proven C series. Maximum energy yields and highest levels of flexibility – the devices of this series are geared up for the future.
              • SolarMax TS-SV

              • 330 kW
                The SolarMax 330TS-SV is the best choice for PV installations directly connected to the medium-voltage network. Thanks to the use of film capacitors, this inverter is particularly durable and reliable.
              • Power Station

              • Foray into the megawatts range
                The SolarMax Power Station is the right choice for large-scale photovoltaic installations directly connected to the medium-voltage network. It consists of up to four 330TS-SV inverters, together capable of providing an output of 1.32MW.
              • MaxConnect plus

              • Generator connection box (aluminium casing)
                MaxConnect plus makes it possible to bundle the individual strings of your PV generators.
              • MaxConnect plus p

              • Generator connection box (thermoplast casing)
                MaxConnect plus p makes it possible to bundle the individual strings of your PV generators.
            • Data communication

            • Individual system monitoring with MaxComm
              The SolarMax product portfolio comprises the modular communication platform MaxComm. All inverters are equipped with corresponding interfaces.
                • MaxComm

                • The MaxComm communication platform is designed modularly. Analysis of the data of a single-family home can be implemented as easily as monitoring a large-scale system, whether on site or remotely. All modules and options have been developed and produced by Sputnik specifically for the range of SolarMax inverters.
                • MaxWeb xp

                • The data logger MaxWeb xp forms the node of the location-independent monitoring of a photovoltaic system.
                • MaxWeb Portal

                • With the MaxWeb portal, Sputnik Engineering offers a solution for monitoring and presenting photovoltaic systems on the internet.
                • MaxTalk

                • User-friendly PC software for local communication and for occasionally local monitoring of the system.
                • MaxVisio

                • MaxVisio is a graphical display unit with touch display both for the values of the entire system and for individual inverters.
                • Accessories

                • Further useful items such as MaxMeteo, MaxCount, connector mains adapter, antenna SF 916, MaxComm Bus repeater, equipotential bonding set.
              • Software

              • Free tools for more comfort
                User-friendly PC software for on-site communication and for occasional local monitoring of the system.
                  • MaxDesign

                  • Thanks to this free, interactive design tool, you can design the optimal combination of module and inverter in a short period of time. Enter the framework conditions and the simple, self-explanatory software suggests the best construction variations.
                  • MaxTalk 2

                  • User-friendly PC software for local communication and for occasionally local monitoring of the system.