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  • More than 30 years of experience with cables and corresponding customer fidelity confirm that we are the right partner for you worldwide. Our extensive standard product line as well as our cable specialists offer you a cable solution for any application, no matter how extraordinary.

    Our "just in time" comittment allows us to fill your orders quickly. Backed by our substantial inventory, we ordinarily ship out your orders within 24 hours.
Product Portfolio

      • Robust Cable

      • Applications:
        • outdoor use or in industrial or sea water
        • mechanical and plant engineering industry
        • laundries and car washes
        • chemical industry, in composting or sewage treatment facilities
        • food and beverage industry
      • Schleppflex®

      • Highly flexible data, signal, control, feedback, sensor and power supply cables for use in all sorts of cable carriers


        • cable carriers (drag chains)
        • mechanical and plant engineering industry
      • Feedback and sensor cables

      • Cable for signal and data transmission in mechanical and plant engineering applications.

        • mechanical and plant engineering industry
        • cable carriers, automated handling equipment and robotics
        • indoor and outdoor

         In particular for the systems of:

        • Heidenhain
        • Bosch
        • Indramat (Bosch Rexroth AG)
        • Sinumerik
      • Motor cable

      • Applications
        • cable carriers
        • automated handling equipment
        • robotics
      • Robotic cables

      • Cable for indoor and outdoor robotic systems and for systems without defined motion sequences. Withstands torsion stress and may be utilized in flexible applications.

        • robotic systems
        • industrial machinery with predefined 3D motions, when cables are not installed in cable carriers
        • torsion: up to +/- 360°/m
      • Sensor-actuator cables

      • Cable for wiring sensors and actuators to allow data and power transmission in various systems.

        • automation systems
        • decentralized machine installation and control
      • BUS-cables

      • Cable for linking BUS systems in automation and communication installations. Meet high standards in data transmission. The CC product range covers all available fieldbus systems. ConCab was instrumental in the development of the LON-BUS system.

        Applications include
        • mechanical and plant engineering industry
        • building automation systems
        • electrical and telecommunications engineering industry
        • automotive industry


      • Control cable

      • Control cable may be used as control, connecting, controlling or measuring cable. Control cables are suitable for applications with free, unrestricted movement and for installation in cable racks and trays.

        Applications include
        • machine tools, plant and appliances engineering industry
        • heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology
        • other applications in electrical installations


      • Data cable

      • Interconnecting cable in (rapid) data systems for high and reliable data rates. Good protection against interference.

        Applications include
        • data networks, EDP systems
        • data, measurement and control technology
        • plant and appliance engineering industry
      • Communication cable

      • Cable for high and reliable data rates. Good protection against interferences. Used for communication and data transmission in EDP networks especially in building installation. Cable products with optical fibers are also available.

        Applications include
        • data networks, EDP systems, patch panels
        • building cabling
        • outdoor installation
      • Telephone and fire alarm cables

      • Cable used for long-distance data transmission or as fire alarm cable in building services engineering. Some of our cables have to meet the standards of Deutsche Telekom AG.

        • telephone systems, indoor and outdoor use
        • fire alarm systems in building services
        • connection cable for local networks, direct burial
      • High temperature cable

      • Cable for high temperature environments.

        • mechanical, plant and appliance engineering industry
        • heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology
        • buildings with increased security requirements
        • photovoltaic systems, commercial, industrial and household ovens
        • shipbuilding, aerospace and railroad industry
        • steel mills and hot rolling mills


      • Compensating cables

      • High temperature cable for connecting thermocouple probes and control instrumentation.

        • interconnection between thermocouple probes and control instrumentation, for wiring in areas with high ambient temperatures


      • Lift cable

      • Cable with good mechanical resistance withstands heavy tensile stress and increased bending radii.

        • lift and conveyor systems
        • crane and hoist systems
        • construction sites, container terminals and shipyards
        • road construction and mining industry
        • railtrack motors


      • Rubber cables

      • Connection cable mainly for mobile use in dry and damp locations, outdoor and under water.

        • Workshop equipment and portable machinery
        • Tools and hoists
        • Train cars and buses
        • Submersible pumps


      • Power Cables

      • Cable for power distribution networks and building wiring.

        • Building wiring
        • Power plants and electrical substations


      • Single core cable

      • Cable for internal wiring of electrical appliances, for the connection of portable or stationary equipment.

        • electronic modules and telecommunication equipment
        • measuring instruments in laboratories
        • home appliances and telecommunication equipment
        • lead wires for machines and motors
        • ground wires in power systems of railway companies or in electrification systems for trains


      • Spiral cable

      • Cable with minimum space requirements for maximum freedom of movement - even under high mechanical stress.

        • automated handling equipment, indoor and outdoor use
        • construction machinery


      • Welding cable

      • Welding cables are suitable for machine or manual welding or for connecting generator and electrode.

        Applications include:
        • machine and manual welding leads
        • connection cable between generator and electrode