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  • The clamp with which it all began was invented by Fritz Wieland in 1925, and history was written with it. Our company founder created the first safe electrical connection that really deserved its name. And because we haven't rested on his success, we have been a pioneer in this field ever since. Today we impress with a variety of electrical and electronic components and solutions, which are above all one thing: easy, safe and flexible!
Product Portfolio

  • fast + modern + future-oriented

    The installation systems from Wieland Electric, gesis® and RST®, offer you the possibility of carrying out a complete electrical installation in accordance with binding installation regulations, including all equipment.

      • Flat cable systems for industrial plants and for buildings are characterized by their flexibility and the low complexity of the cabling as well as the great time savings during installation.

            podis® CON is a modular, pluggable power bus system for distributing three phase power.

            It simplifies design and configuration and…
            • Reduces waste
            • Reduces installation and commissioning time
            • Eliminates maintenance and service

            Connection modules can be placed anywhere along the TC-ER cable bus which enables the power to be fed in any direction in order to achieve an ideal load balance on the cable.

            Cable preparation is minimal and does not need to be stripped in order to make power connections. Instead, modules tap in to the TC-ER power cable using zero fault insulation piercing screws.

            gesis® NRG enables outputs to be installed and removed easily without cutting and stripping the cable, and it allows for flexible, simple, and space-saving routing. gesis® NRG thereby simplifies installation and planning, and enables not only pure energy distribution but also the combined distribution of energy and data (KNX, SMI, DALI, etc.) inside buildings. In gesis® NRG, Wieland Electric offers a TOP solution for structured and fast electrical installation.

        • The construction industry is under pressure: forward-looking, energy-saving targets require the construction of ever more efficient buildings, and in ever shorter times. Neither can be achieved without perfected building automation.
            • Room Automation GESIS® FLEX

            • FLEXIBLE & MODULAR
              The functionality of the modular gesis® FLEX series incorporates binary inputs, relay outputs for blind and lighting applications, semiconductor switches for heating/cooling valves, and DALI outputs. These functions are managed by the KNX base module and executed in up to six added extensions. The series is supplemented with an EnOcean gateway, an SMI gateway, and a fan coil actuator with dedicated KNX coupling. Accessories like quick mounting frames and housings for rail-mounted devices round off the device series.
            • Room Automation GESIS® KNX

              Setting up and operating a KNX system requires system components. These make it possible to create networks of all sizes, from little ones with a few subscribers through to large, globally networked installations. This system is used to operate the Wieland KNX (EIB) device series. Wieland Electric focuses on the core area of decentrally instaled inputs/outputs. To supplement these core products, further functions like presence and motion detectors and push-button interfaces, etc. are offered.
            • Room Automation GESIS® RC

            • SMART FUTURE
              The gesis® FLEX series features a KNX – EnOcean gateway, which translates the EEPs (EnOcean Equipment Profiles) into KNX DPTs (Data Point Types), and vice versa. These types of data ensure interoperability within the systems. The gesis® RM series has an extension module, which converts button EEPs into DPTs. There is even a relay output for outdoor use. These products are supplemented with EnOcean sensors like buttons and window contacts.
          • Connection Systems with high Protection Class

          • In many applications, electrotechnical devices and systems must function reliably for many years under difficult environmental conditions.
              • Round Connector RST® MICRO

                The 2-pole to 3-pole connector with a diameter of less than 15 mm is currently the smallest member of the RST® product family.
                The connectors are mechanically coded, this means that only the male/female pairs that belong together can be inserted, and with the correct polarity.
                The connectors are optionally available as barrier seal models, which prevents any spread of moisture through the cable system.
              • Round Connector RST® MINI

              • COMPACT AND SAFE
                The connectors are designed for a wide range of requirements. In accordance with IEC 61535, the RST® MINI satisfies the highest safety requirements in terms of:
                • Protection against electric shock
                • Resistance to excessive heating
                • Hazardous interchangeability

                The RST® MINI series also features the smart TWISTLOCK locking mechanism. In addition to its compact design, it is also color-coded and mechanically coded, and extremely easy to install, providing a time saving of up to 80 percent.
              • Round Connector RST® CLASSIC

                With its modular design, the RST® Classic series offers the perfect solution for any application. It enables a comprehensive network of electrical connection technology components, all prefabricated and tested in the factory. The system is tailored to the requirements of a modern electrical installation. The 6-pole to 7-pole connectors are optionally available as barrier seal models, this prevents any spread of moisture through the cable system. The huge flexibility of the system as well as its quick and safe assembly significantly increase the operational readiness of plants.
              • Round Connector RST® POWER

              • PLUG & POWER
                With a current-carrying capacity of 50 A combined with an extremely compact design, the connector can be used virtually anywhere.
                The device connectors are quick and easy to fit into suitable M32 or M40 feed-through holes.

            • Plug and play! High quality, durable components enable 70% time and 30% cost savings!
                • Installation Connector GESIS® CLASSIC

                  Industrially prefabricated and durable components boast an impressive 70% time saving and 30% cost saving! The comprehensive GST18® product range enables simple, cost-effective, and future-proof electrical installation, from the distribution unit to the consumer. Property-specific system distributors for decentralized energy supply and building automation complete our installation system at the customer’s request.
                • Installation Connector GESIS® MINI

                • OUR ALLROUNDER
                  A true allrounder:
                  • Suitable for use as installation material in fixed installations.
                  • Suitable as an equipment connector in accordance with the requirements of the fixed installation.
                  • Suitable as secure connection material inside electrical equipment.
                • Installation Connector GESIS® MICRO

                • IDEAL FEATURES -
                  EASY INSTALLATION

                  The gesis® MICRO connector system impresses with its round shape and small diameter of just 8 mm. These ideal properties enable the cable assemblies to be laid and installed easily and unobtrusively.

                  The 2-pole and 3-pole connector system (GST08i2 / GST08i3) can be guided through drilled holes with a diameter of 8 mm with ease, without the need for special tools.

                  Given that gesis® MICRO is optimally matched to the entire gesis family, this enables a completely integrated system.
                • Installation Connector GESIS® NV

                • LOW-VOLTAGE TECHNOLOGY
                  These connectors are used to distribute signals in buildings, in parallel to the distribution of power. Mechanical coding and clear assignment with different colors facilitate assembly. Complex installations can be realized with just four basic components – from the sub-distribution unit to any point of use. The connectors come as male and female connectors complete with strain relief and can be used to connect any current type of cable.

                  The BST14 are designed according to the KNX manual.

                  The 5G2.5/4+2X1.5 flat cable with shielded bus, as per the KNX manual, is available for the combined distribution of energy and signals.
                • Installation Connector METALYNX²

                • FUTURE-PROOF & TIME-SAVING
                  • With Metalynx², flexibility in project design can be easily achieved.
                  • Compared to conventional methods, cost savings are achieved.
                  • Considerable time savings are achieved in installation and program times.
                  • The system is future-proof and allows changes and reconfigurations as required.
                  • The structured and pre-tested system guarantees you cost security in your projects.
                  • Environmentally friendly and without waste on site - we deliver what is needed.
                  • Metalynx² meets all relevant European IEC and British standards.
                  • All products are factory tested and manufactured to the highest standards (risk reduction).
                  • Wieland is the market leader with OEM connectivity in building services engineering.
              • DISTRIBUTION BOXES

                    • GESIS® RAN

                      • We define these Distribution Boxes with our customers on the basis of the usage requirements
                      • Once approved, the customer receives the drawings
                      • The housings are then made, components are assembled and wired, labels are affixed, and any simple programming is installed.
                      • The finished distributor is tested according to an agreed testing plan.
                      • Delivery is made to the intended destination according to the delivery schedule and may contain additional parts, such as connectors and cable assembles.

                • In addition to conventional connection technology, there are many reasons to use pluggable equipment, which includes speedy assembly as well as the simple implementation of changes and extensions. See for yourself!
                    • PCB COMPONENTS

                    • Printed circuit board connectors make the device easier to maintain when connecting and replacing conductors. Printing and coding simplify assignment during wiring.
                        • PCB CONNECTORS WIECON®

                        • SAFE, COMPACT, HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL
                          These PCB terminals are ideal for building and HVAC technology, with a compact design and the benefit of pluggability. You also have a choice of connection technology within a grid.

                          If various connection technologies are applied, it may also be possible to use the same housing dimensions in the same grid.
                        • PLUGGABLE PCB TERMINALS WIECON®

                        • COMPACT & PLUGGABLE
                          With pluggable PCB terminals, the device is easier to service during wiring and device replacement.

                          Products are also available as a snap-in version for wall-mounted housings. Their small size makes these connectors particularly suitable for integration in the housing area.
                        • RAST 5 TECHNOLOGY WIECON®

                        • FAST, SIMPLE & VARIABLE
                          The RAST 5 system from Wieland Electric boasts a high number of physical coding possibilities using latches. In addition, the color coding makes it easier for installers to quickly find the correct connection position. A total of 13 different colors offer a high number of combination options. The customized labeling helps with the assignment of the connections.
                        • PCB TERMINALS WIECON®

                        • PCB terminals from Wieland combine many advantages

                          They are :
                          • Space-saving and easy to use as only one component is required for the wire connection
                          • Universal application
                          • They also boast low contact resistance and a secure connection.
                        • FSC WIRING SYSTEM WIECON® FSC

                        • FAST & PERFECT INSTALLATION
                          Series production of systems is optimized through the use of pre-assembled cables with coded plugs and customized PCBs.

                          The wiecon® FSC module bundles the benefits of all areas to create a contemporary, optimized installation. With full testing of cables and codings, time and money can be saved during production without the need to use qualified personnel.
                      • TERMINAL BLOCKS

                      • Whether in switch cabinets for machine and plant construction, power engineering or building installation, whether with screw, tension clamp or push-in connection – with us, you always make the best choice.
                            FASIS WKFN

                          • VIBRATION-PROOF & MAINTENANCE-FREE
                            The fasis WKFN series has been designed for use in machinery and plant construction as well as for areas subject to explosions.

                            Our spring-loaded DIN rail terminal blocks – fasis WKFN boast the following impressive attributes:
                            • Vibration-proof tension spring connection
                            • Wires can be connected with and without end ferrule
                            • Easy to handle:
                              Insert screwdriver
                              Connect wires conveniently
                            • Two-row, plug-in jumper channel
                            • Diverse testing options
                              Integrated test socket
                              Pluggable test adapter

                            fasis CON is a DIN rail terminal block system with a pluggable output.
                            fasis CON is a fully compatible part of the established fasis WKFN system. Both the terminal and the plug connector possess the high-performance features of fasis WKFN.
                            FASIS WTP

                          • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY
                            The fasis WTP DIN rail terminal blocks boast the following:

                            Quick wiring with push-in
                            • Simply push in wires – done!
                            • Tool-free wiring
                            • Easy potential distribution
                            • Two-row, plug-in jumper channel

                            Efficient use of space in control cabinet
                            • Required space of only 3.5 mm / DIN rail terminal block
                            • Efficient use of space with Wieland multi-tier terminals – only 1.75 mm / signal
                            • Required space for 100 signal passes: only 0.175 mm

                            Safe handling
                            • With integrated push-button
                            • No contact with live parts
                            • Vibration-proof spring-cage technology

                          • DURABLE CONNECTIONS
                            The DIN rail screw terminal blocks boast the following:

                            Perfect technology

                            • Maintenance-free screw connection
                            • High performance – large connection capacity and high current-carrying capacity
                            • Space-saving design

                            Time-saving assembly
                            • Pluggable jumpers – the Wieland jumper
                            • Screwless, snap-in PE terminals

                            Cost-saving for warehousing and logistics
                            • Uniform accessories

                            Clear identification
                            • The Wieland identification system
                            • Additional endless strip marking system
                          • LABELING SYSTEM WIEPRINT

                          • EFFICIENT & INDIVIDUAL LABELLING
                            Our thermal transfer printer system wieprint:
                            • Is suitable

                            For all Wieland DIN rail terminal blocks as well as for various other models and control cabinet components of any kind
                            • Enables efficient and individual labeling

                            *High-quality, durable labeling thanks to thermal transfer printing combined with high printing speed (up to 8,500 tags/hour)
                            • Easy to use

                            *High-performance labeling software and integrated LCD display
                            *Operation via software interface or directly on device
                            *Printing ribbons easy to replace

                            We also offer wieplot, a convenient plotter system for labeling DIN rail terminal blocks and as an engraving unit for the expansion of the system to include engraving tasks.
                        • INDUSTRIAL CONNECTORS

                        • Heavy-duty industrial connectors have been specially designed for use in particularly harsh environments.
                            • Industrial Connector REVOS BASIC

                              revos BASIC is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for use in difficult conditions. The housings are available in several configurations and are designed for the toughest environments. These proven connectors come with screw, crimp, spring, or push-in wire connection technology.

                              In addition, revos BASIC contacts are available in several plating options. Regardless of whether gold, silver, or zinc is chosen for the surface, the revos BASIC contacts and inserts we will always offer the ideal solution for your application.
                            • Compact Industrial Connector REVOS DD

                            • High contact density even in the most confined spaces
                              revos DD allows more connections in a smaller housing saving space without compromising the number of electrical connections.
                            • Industrial Connector for Explosion-risk REVOS EX

                            • SAFETY FIRST
                              The revos Ex connectors are designed specifically for use in potentially explosive areas, such as mining. The connector housings are made from die-cast zinc to prevent them from sparking.
                            • Flexible Industrial Connector REVOS FLEX

                            • Flexibility at its best
                              With its modular structure, revos FLEX enables cables for power supply, signals, bus, pneumatics, and fiber optics to be combined in just one connector in a manner that is transparent and saves space.

                              The modular system gives you the option to configure a connector entirely according to your needs.
                            • Multi-Pole Industrial Connector REVOS HD


                              revos HD boasts:

                              • A high contact density
                              • A reduction in control cabinet volume due to the compact design
                              • Simple potential distribution with insulated connection comb
                              • A wide variety of labeling options

                              revos HD is ideal for use in machine, control, and switching systems.
                            • Industrial Connector for DATA Cables REVOS IT

                            • EASILY AND SAFELY INSTALLED
                              The revos IT data cable entry gland allows pre-assembled cables to be fed through control cabinet walls without any problem. The cables are strain-relieved and sealed through the entry gland, creating a secure connection. A total of up to 4 cables can be fed through. Unused feedthroughs are closed with rubber seals.

                              In addition, revos IT also brings numerous benefits for you as the user as there is no need to assemble connectors on-site and the manufacturer warranty for the pre-assembled cables remains intact. revos IT is also easy to handle, requiring no special tools.
                            • Mini Industrial Connector REVOS MINI

                            • SMALL AND EFFECTIVE
                              revos MINI industrial connectors are optimally designed for confined spaces. Housings are available in metal or plastic.
                            • Industrial Connector REVOS POWER

                            • PERFECTLY PROTECTED
                              revos POWER combines power and control contacts in a single connector.
                          • SAFETY TECHNOLOGY

                          • From the safety sensors to the safety relays to the safety controller, you always get the right product for the protection your workforce and machinery.
                              • SAFE CONTROL SYSTEM

                                    • SAMOS® PRO COMPACT

                                    • SAFETY – ALL IN ONE
                                      You want to implement machine safety easily and benefit from various functions? With samos® PRO COMPACT we provide performance, flexibility and safety in only one device. In addition to inputs of up to 70 kHz, our compact power pack has a switching capacity of 4 A and numerous interfaces. This makes samos® PRO COMPACT not only a safety controller, but also a real all-rounder for your application.
                                • SAFETY RELAYS

                                      • SAFE RELAY

                                      • Safety relays of the safe RELAY series offer customized solutions for the safety of man and machine. Compact design, flexibility in application, and variable connectivity options are the decisive advantages of these devices, which are available for all safety functions.
                                  • SAFE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY

                                        • SENSOR PRO

                                        • Sensors of the sensor PRO series ensure the effective protection of people in machine building and system engineering. The sensor PRO series includes contactless safety sensors, such as transponder switches, solenoid switches, light grids, light curtains, and rotary encoders as well as mechanical safety switches, such as emergency stop buttons, position switches, and guard controls.
                                    • INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION

                                    • Modern machines and plants place ever higher demands on the performance of the communication networks used. More and more data from devices within a network is stored on a server for analysis purposes.

                                              • PODIS®MSS /GESIS® MCU

                                              • LOW WEAR & ENERGY SAVING

                                                Motor starters

                                                In a particularly compact housing and high protection rating, the podis® MCU and gesis® MCU motor starters combine the function of the electronic direct and reversing starter with AS-i control. In spatially distributed drive applications, they start and protect three-phase asynchronous motors up to 1.5 kilowatts.

                                                Soft starters

                                                The electronic podis® MSS and gesis® MSS soft starters supplement the portfolio of motor starters with the functions of soft starting and stopping for three-phase asynchronous motors up to 1.5 kilowatts. The acceleration time, deceleration time, and breakaway torque are smoothly adjustable.
                                          • ETHERNET SWITCHES

                                                • WIENET SWITCHES

                                                • UNMANAGED SWITCHES
                                                  Getting started with Industrial Ethernet is easy with wienet Unmanaged Switches. Suitable for industrial use, wienet switches meet all the following requirements - even in continuous operation.
                                                  • Quick and easy commissioning
                                                  • Suitable for small networks and low amount of data
                                                  • Use in delimited areas
                                                  • Simple interface conversion
                                                  • Cost-effective
                                            • HMI TOUCH PANELS

                                                  • HMI ECO TOUCH PANELS

                                                  • HMI ECO touch panels have become essential for all machines and systems as they are purposefully used for their visualization, operation, and diagnostics.

                                                    Together with the samos® PRO safety controller, they allow complete automation.

                                                    With the “MyLogo” campaign we are offering you a customized design with your own logo and individual color scheme.
                                              • IIOT GATEWAYS

                                                    • IIOT GATEWAYS

                                                    • With our IIoT gateways not only do we offer safe transfer of your machine data to the cloud, we also simultaneously integrate the functions of a VPN router, thereby enabling remote access to your machine from anywhere in the world.
                                                • VPN INDUSTRIAL ROUTER

                                                      • SECURITY VPN-ROUTERS

                                                      • WIENET VPN-ROUTER
                                                        • Direct connection of end devices via local
                                                        • Ethernet network or serial interface Remote access with original manufacturer software without additional programs
                                                        • Access to the Internet from LAN, mobile bandwidth or WiFi
                                                        • Secure data connection thanks to latest encryption technology
                                                        • Reliable transfer of alarms via SMS or e-mail
                                                  • WLAN ACCESS POINT

                                                        • WLAN ACCESS POINT

                                                        • WIRELESS CONTROL ACCESS WITH THE WIENET WLAN ACCESS POINTS
                                                          WiFi networks offer mobile and cable-free access to the local network and therefore also to the end devices in the machine network like PLCs, drive units, visualizations, etc. Our wienet Access Points can be flexibly used as Access Point, Bridge or Client.
                                                    • ELECTRONIC + INTERFACE

                                                    • Set the right signals with our interface technology and electronics. With our wide range of products, we develop your application into a true all-rounder.
                                                        • RELAY TECHNOLOGY

                                                        • Coupling, connecting, controlling and monitoring – we offer you numerous possibilities to optimize your application.
                                                            • MEASURING AND MONITORING RELAYS FLARE CONTROL

                                                            • Electronic measuring and monitoring relays for measuring input variables, such as current, voltage, phase, cos phi, temperature, and insulation resistance. Our flare CONTROL relays perform monitoring tasks in machines and systems.
                                                            • COUPLING RELAYS AND SOLID-STATE RELAYS FLARE MOVE

                                                            • Coupling relays are used for galvanic isolation and potential-free switching. With a width from 6.2 mm, the flare MOVE relays make optimal use of space. The semiconductor or solid-state relays are suitable for wear-free switching at low capacities.
                                                            • TIME AND SWITCHING RELAYS FLARE TIME

                                                            • The electronic flare TIME timer relays are ideal for controlling functional processes to the nearest second for standard, monitoring, and control tasks. Depending on the application, timers are available as multi-voltage and multifunctional relays. Choose between top-hat rail and front panel mounting.
                                                          • ANALOG MEASURING AMPLIFIERS

                                                                • CORES

                                                                • The analog measuring and isolation amplifiers of the cores family impress with their flexible use in process and industrial automation. These devices enable a reliable separation of measuring and process signals.

                                                                  The cores series features impressive high-precision signal conversion and has a compact design.
                                                            • POWER SUPPLIES UND POWER SUPPLY UNITS

                                                                  • WIPOS PURE POWER

                                                                  • There is usually much more to a modern power supply than you might assume at first glance. With the product families of the wipos series, we offer power supplies of different functionalities and performance classes. These not only impress on account of their main features, they also meet their specific requirements in different circuit concepts.
                                                              • LED LUMINAIRES

                                                                    • PODIS® LED

                                                                    • podis® LED is the reliable lighting solution for industrial use in harsh environments. With their robust housing and insensitivity to vibration, these luminaires are especially suitable for illuminating work areas and routes in plants and machinery, both inside and outside.
                                                                • INDUSTRIES

                                                                • Since the famous Wieland clamp in 1925, we as a company have continued to evolve and innovate in the electrical connections field. We have long since ceased to be a mere component manufacturer. Wieland is now one of the leading solution providers in the fields of Building Solutions and Industry Solutions. We attach great importance to offering complete concepts around our products and to accompanying you at every step, from the planning stages to project completion.

                                                                  Discover a new Perspective! In the Building Solutions area, we focus primarily on signal distribution in buildings and smart lighting installation with our revolutionary pluggable connectors. Achieve maximum flexibility and time savings with easy to install connectors, simple planning software, and on-hand experts. Our solutions are used in office buildings, functional buildings such as hospitals, in shop fitting and in prefabricated houses. The future is pluggable!

                                                                  The Industry Solutions division focuses on intelligent safety technology, industrial and machine communication through IIoT, decentralized powerbus systems, and heavy-duty industrial pluggable connectors. Our core competencies in terms of application areas lie in industrial mechanical and plant engineering, and in electrical engineering solutions for wind turbines. Our solutions ensure the utmost safety, flexibility and effortless installation for your machines.
                                                                    • BUILDING TECHNOLOGY

                                                                    • As an experienced and reliable partner, we can help you optimize electrical installations in buildings with safe, efficient, and pluggable solutions. For over 40 years, we have been offering our pioneering connector systems for lighting installation & automation, room automation, power supplies, and more.
                                                                    • LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY.

                                                                    • Our strengths really shine in lighting installations. Compact and waterproof components suitable for variety of indoor and outdoor applications have made the Wieland brand a market leader worldwide. From small office spaces to impressive outdoor installations, we have a solution that’s right for your project.
                                                                    • MACHINE BUILDING

                                                                    • Efficiency, adaptability and speed are decisive factors in the success of today's manufacturing companies. Wieland Electric is at your side with individual advice and intelligent solutions for safety technology, industrial communication, power distribution and connection technology. Quickly diagnose, resolve issues, and implement changes with our modular and pluggable components. Our solutions help you reduce downtime and increase process reliability for long-term competitiveness.
                                                                    • WIND POWER PLANTS

                                                                    • We are the experienced and reliable partner you need to fulfill your wind tower requirements with safety, efficiency, and pluggability. For over 40 years, with our connector systems, we have been offering sophisticated products and customized concepts for power distribution, light technology, and safety systems as well as retrofit solutions.