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  • Offer Profile
  • NACHI robots are made by our parent company NACHI-Fujikoshi Corp. in Japan. Nachi Fujikoshi is a leading industrial robot company and its robots are used by many well known manufacturers all over the world, our robots are useful to many different industries.

    NACHI Europe GmbH robot division is a sales and service company that has sold NACHI robots for many years. Our Nachi robot partners can provide the best solution for automating your processes.
Product Portfolio
  • Standard Robot Range

      • Light Series

          • EZ Series 3Kg

          • The EZ03 robot is available in floor and invert mounted configurations with a variety of reach and stroke options available. This high speed robot series is excellent for material handling, assembly, electronics, and palletizing applications

            Downsizing the equipment
            - Installation of the inverted mount provides space saving for equipment layout.

            High speed operation with the shortest path
            - Thanks to its slim arm, high speed operation is possible. Also inverted mounting allows the robot to travel the shortest path.

            Smart cable routing
            - A large, 36 mm-diameter hole in the tip of the wrist.
            With all wires and tubes built into the machine body, the risk of interference is reduced and reliability is improved.

            Multipurpose usage
            User can select a combination of appropriate
            arm length and controller from 4 lineups.
          • MZ series 7Kg

          • World's Fastest, Lightweight, Compact 6axis robot. Light body, superb motion speed. Smart cable routing via hollow shaft wrist. Driven by new CFD generation compact controller.

            Technical highlights

            Fastest robot in the world
            • 7kg payload, 6axis
            • fastest motion speed and accuracy 0.02/0.03mm
            • maximum reach 723mm / 912mm

            Multipurpose usage
            • All round mounting (Floor,Ceiling, Wall, Tilted mount)
            • Single phase power supply (consumption 0.4kVA)
            • Light body (30/32kg) and controller (17kg)
            • easy to move, easy to carry, easy to connect
          • MC10L / MC20 - 10 to 20kg

          • Is a compact, powerful, very fast robot with excellent reach. Top in the class. Available with 20Kg payload as MC20 and 10kg payload with extended forearm version MC10L. Light weight body (only 220kg) allows upside down installations.

            Technical highlights

            Powerful & Compact
            • Maximum payload 20kg (MC20) or 10kg (MC10L) with Long arm
            • Compact body design and robot mass (only 220kg)
            • small installation footprint 226x226mm (measured instal.bolts)

            Multipurpose usage
            • Easy and wide installation possibility
            • Floor or ceiling mounted
            • Protection level IP65 as standard
          • MC12S - 12kg

          • Is a compact design, powerful, very fast robot. Robot body and structure is a downsized MC20 robot. A more compact body makes this robot suitable for limited space cell design or anywhere the speed is priority not a payload.

            Technical highlights

            Powerful & Compact
            • Maximum payload 12kg
            • Compact body design and robot mass (only 210kg)
            • small installation footprint 226x226mm (measured instal.bolts)
            • Position repeat accuracy: ± 0.06 mm

            Multipurpose usage
            • Easy and wide installation possibility
            • Floor or ceiling mounted
            • Protection level IP65 as standard
          • MC35 / MC50 / MC70 - 35 to 70kg

          • Is further development of MC series. All robots in payload range 35kg, 50kg and 70kg are achieving superior performance with improoved high-speed motion, excellent positional accuracy and state of art mechanical design assuring longevity.

            Technical highlights

            Strong & Compact
            • Payloads: 35kg (MC35), 50kg (MC70), 70kg (MC70)
            • Additional installation load on forearm 15kg. (all)
            • Position repeat accuracy: ± 0.07 mm

            Multipurpose usage
            • Easy and wide installation possibility
            • Floor mounted type
            • Protection level
            • Body: IP54 as standard (IP65/IP67 optional)
            • Wrist: IP67 as standard
          • MR20 / MR20L - 20kg

          • Is an unique 7 axis robot, especially developed for machine tending, material handling and similar applications where the excellent robot motion performing complicated "behind-the-corner" motions gives a very powerful tool for machine designers to create a very compact cell. MR20 perform a powerful, very fast robot motion with excellent reach. Available with 20Kg payload as MR20 and 20kg payload with exteded long reach forearm version MR20L.

            Technical highlights

            Unique worldclass design
            • 7-axis structure allows very complex positioning
            • Compact body design and powerfull arm
            • Payload 20kg (max.30kg with slightly limited envelope)
            • Floor Mount / Ceiling mount available
            • Meets IP65 as standard (dust and splash proof)
          • MR35 / MR50 - 35 to 50kg

          • Is further development of unique MR series. Keeping all the best performances of MR series, moreover extending the payload capabilities to 35kg and to 50kg. Achieving superior performance with improoved high-speed motion, excellent positional accuracy and state of the art mechanical design assuring longevity. Available with IP65 or IP67 protection level.

            Technical highlights

            Unique worldclass design
            • 7-axis structure allows very complex and flexible motion
            • Compact body design and powerfull arm
            • Suitable for heavy work in limited space areas
            • Payloads: 35kg (MR35) and 50kg (MR50)
            • Addional forearm payload: 15kg
            • IP67 protection level as standard
          • NB04 / NB04L

          • The ultimate arc welding robot series. Improved motion characteristics, welding capabilities, ease of programming makes NB and NV series robot a right choise for superior arc welding application. Latest generation impressive 40% speed increase making them fastest arc welding robots available on the market. When combined with world class OTC Daihen welding power surce, no one can offer better premium arc welding system.

            Technical highlights

            Ultimate Arc Welding Robot
            • Selectable arm type (Standard or Long)
            • Compact body design and small footprint
            • Various installation type (Floor, Ceiling, Wall possible)
            • Lightweight body: only 170kg (NB04)
            • Excellent arc welding wire guidance (hollow shaft J6)
          • NV06 / NV06L - 6kg

          • The ultimate arc welding robot series. Improved motion characteristics, welding capabilities, ease of programming makes NV series robot a right choise for superior arc welding application.

            Technical highlights

            Ultimate Arc Welding Robot
            • Selectable arm type (Standard or Long)
            • Slim upper arm and compact body design
            • Max payload: 6kg
            • Additional forearm load up to 20kg
            • Various installation type (Floor, Ceiling, Wall possible)
            • Lightweight body: only 160kg (NV06)
            • Supports varous welding type: CO/MAG, MIG, TIG
        • Middle class

            • ST Slim Series 70L / ST100 - 70 to 100 kg

            • 6-axes space saving compact robot with "just-fit" payload. Where the SF Fast series is already too large and heavy and the MC series is not strong enough, there is a space for ST Slim series. With large envelope (same as our large ST Fast robots) and with "just-fit" payload all packed in very compact and sturdy robot body, the ST Slim series is a right choice when looking for compromise keeping all benefits from series a class above and below. Available with 100Kg payload as ST100 and 70kg payload with long reach forearm version ST70L.

              Technical highlights

              Compact & Powerful
              • Ideal for high density or compact cell installations
              • Same operating envelope as large scale robots
              • Max.Payload 100kg (ST100) or 70kg (ST70L) with long arm
              • Additional forearm load +25kg
              • Lightweight body 790kg (ST100), 760kg (ST70L)
            • SRA Series 166 / SRA210 - 166 to 210 kg

            • Is ultra-fast spot welding robot that elevate lightweight design, high rigidity, and high speed control to the next level. The addition of this robot to spot welding processes of customers such as automotive manufacturers will dramatically reduce cycle times, significantly improve productivity, and achieve cost reductions.

              Technical highlights

              Strong, Fast, Accurate
              • Fastest robot in its class (30% increased cycle time)
              • Payloads 166kg and 210kg plus additional 45kg forearm load
              • Accuracy: ±0.1mm (position repeat accuracy)
              • Compact: 15% reduction in production line length
              • Economical: 15% reduction of power consumption
              • Protection rating IP67 for Wrist Assy and IP54 for body
            • SRA Series 166-01A / SRA210-01A - 166 to 210 kg

            • Technical highlights

              A-Trac - Cable management system
              * NACHI as one of Spot Welding applications market leader
              developed special dress package, so called A-TRACK.
              This specification was especially design to achieve superior
              spot welding capability hand in hand with fastest motion
              of same class mechanism.
            • LP130 / LP180 - 130 to 180kg

            • 4-axes Palletizing robot, Flexible and agile solution for each palletizing application challenge. Reduction of axis quantity from six to four, opened the space for development focus on strengthening the stiffness of body construction, increase of rotational speed, extension of working range and other technical parameters important to improve the high palletizing capabilities. Currently, the LP series robots are able to achieve up to 1800 palletizing cycles/hr with approximately 60 kg payload and 1500 cycles/hr with 130kg payload. High motion speed is supplemented by excellent motion range 3168 mm in vertical direction and 3210 mm in horizontal direction. The rotation envelope of ± 180 degrees allows simultaneous servicing of six standard Euro pallets. Available with 130kg and 180kg payload.

              Technical highlights

              Palletizing specialist
              • 4-axes palletizing type robot
              • Capable up to 1800 cycles per hour
              • Payloads available 130kg and 180kg plus 25kg additional forearm load
              • Excellent reach, serves up to 6 Euro pallet
              • Advanced palletizing programming (ready to use patterns)
          • Heavy series

              • MC350 - 350kg

              • Robot suitable for handling heavy weights with best in class operating area. Powerful capability hidden in a compact body. Very fast motion due to it´s light weigth but rigid body.

                Technical highlights

                Powerful & fast in compact body
                • Rigid body and low weight
                • Performing fastest speeds in this class.
                • Cycle time improved by 10% over existing model.
                • Linkages eliminated for a more compact body
                • Suitable for limited area installations
                • Flexible wrist performance even of large items
                • Supports a wide range of handling jobs
                • Leader of vertical and horizontal operating range
              • SC400L - 400kg

              • Powerful robot with a wide range of motion. Great working range is assured by extended forearm and excellent mechanical design. 400kg payload capacity easily handles heavy loads like car bodies. Wide envelope (4.8m vertical stroke) is perfect for lifting between production lines or replacing industrial elevators for a reasonable cost hand in hand with great flexibility of robotic solution.

                Technical highlights

                Powerful with wide motion range
                • Great reach 4800mm vertical stroke
                • Payload capacity 400kg with up to 60kg additional load
                • Shelf mount type with extended forearm design
                • Ideal for heavy load up/down handling
              • SC500 - 500kg

              • Premier league of handling robots. The 500kg payload for optimal handling of large and heavy loads. One of heaviest payload in the industry with compact body design and excellent motion range. High allowable moment of inertia is sufficient for installation of very heavy guns, grippers and other type of EOAT. In addition to great payload there is still space to install 30kg to 60kg additional load on robot arm.

                Technical highlights

                Premium Heavy robot
                • Heaviest payload in its class
                • Payload capacity 500kg with up to 60kg additional load
                • High Moment of Inertia, allows handling of heavy tools
                • Large horizontal motion range, up to 2700mm
                • Operating area 4.4 sq.m.
              • SC700 - 700kg

              • Masterpiece of NACHI. One of the largest 6 axis industrial robot available on the market is the NACHI SC700. It was developed primarily for the automotive industry, however due significant working range exceeding 4000mm in horizontal and 4928mm in vertical direction and extreme 700kg payload the SC700 is successfully asserting in any other ultra heavy handling application. With a robot size 3372 x 3064 x 2712 mm (LxHxW) and robot body weight 7tons (without any load) the SC700 robot is definitely on top of the heavy robotics technology.

                Technical highlights

                Ultra Heavy robot
                • Largest robot available on recent industrial market
                • Ultra heavy 700kg payload is handled with ±0,5mm accuracy
                • Ultimate motion range: 4,8m vertical and 7m horizontal
                • Perfect replacement for tradional elevator, transfer or lifting units
                • Powerful wrist with heavy load fall-down software protection
            • Press series

                  • ST210TP - 80kg

                  • Is press handling robot with super rigid design with vibration damping control which increases it´s speed. Newly developed 7th axis arm for handling sheet metal between presses makes this robot ideal for press tending applications.

                    Technical highlights

                    Press tending specialist
                    • Maximum 12 spm under condition of light load
                    • Payload up to 80kg
                    • Maximum press pitch up to 8m
                    • Internal air hose application cable (40 wires)
                    • Protection rating IP67 for Wrist Assy and IP54 for body
              • FD Controller

                    • FD11 controller

                    • Introducing the FD series intelligent robot controller with a Windows based OS. Robots and any external axes are easily operated from the teach pendant. Vision sensors, force sensors, and control networks are also managed from the pendant. The robot software includes many advanced functions and provides information on the robots operating condition and preventative maintenance.

                      Technical highlights

                      Control Features
                      • High-speed CPU brings huge improvement in cycle time
                      • International standard safety circuit equipped.
                      • Excellent software functions carried over from AX controller
                      • Minimized components to maximize maintainability
                      • Quick parts replacement
                      • Easily create full system backups to USB flash memory

                      Teach Pendant
                      • Easy to operate
                      • Ergonomic design
                      • Color Graphic Display
                      • Touch Panel Screen
                      • USB flash memory slot
                      • Light weigth
                      • Protection level IP65
                • CFD Compact Controller

                      • CFD Compact controller

                      • ntroducing the brand new CFD compact series intelligent robot controller.

                        Technical highlights

                        • Compact cabinet size, only 369mm width
                        • Could be installed inside robot raiser or limted area
                        • User friendly, Built-in PLC
                        • FD on DESK Light (robot simulation software included)
                        • Easy full system backup to USB memory
                        • Standard (Compact T/P, Monochrome)

                        Various Options
                        • Vision Sensor (NV PRO)
                        • Force Sensor
                        • Robot Monitoring Unit (RMU)
                        • Field bus
                        • User graphical Interface Flex-GUI
                        • Smart Advanced T/P (Color LCD with USB)
                  • AX Controller

                        • AX20 controller

                        • Nachi's latest high-performance, multi-tasking controller features many hardware and software enhancements providing increased performance, cooperative motion capability, shorter cycle times, and easy menu-driven programming. Equiped with the built in software PLC, which is a standard feature. The software PLC can be used to control an entire work cell or perform more simple tasks. The AX20 complies with international standard safety circuit protocol for safety you can count on.

                          Technical highlights

                          Control Features
                          • 50mm short pitch move is 30% faster.
                          • International standard safety circuit equipped.
                          • High Speed Interference detection.
                          • Fully digital drive with high speed DSP Motion control.
                          • Simplified Maintenance
                          • Extends to industry standard bus (ISA/PCI)
                          • Easily create full system backups to compact flash media cards

                          Enhanced Software
                          • Real Time Operating System (RTOS) plus embedded Windows NT®
                          • Improved Robot Motion-Higher Speed,improved motion planning
                          • Software PLC directly controls peripherals
                          • Software help function contains the robot manual

                          Teach Pendant
                          • Easy to operate
                          • Ergonomic design
                          • Color Graphic Display
                          • Touch Panel Screen
                          • Buttons and Indicators can be customised
                          • Customizable Interface Panel HMI with upto 248 keys
                    • Special Robot

                        • SJ Clean

                              • SJ120 / SJ80 Clean room series

                              • Clean room special robots developed for large sized glass substrate transfer. Capable to transfer various generation of glass substrate (raw material for large LCD screen TV manufacturing)

                                Technical highlights

                                Various generation glass substrate transfer
                                • 7th generation: 2200 x 2200 mm (SJ80)
                                • 8th generation: 2500 x 2500 mm (SJ120)
                                • 9th generation: 2800 x 2400 mm (SJ120)
                                • Loading capacity: up to 120kg/arm
                                • (Total 210kg for double-arm configuration)
                                • Horizontal stroke: up to 4480 mm (SJ120)

                                Unique linkage design
                                • high rigidity arm structure for minimazing vibration
                                • Belt-less design ensures reliability and safety

                                Fastest motion in its class
                                • Rotation speed: max. 180º/sec
                                • Up and Down speed: 1050mm/sec

                                Moving cables protection
                                • moving cables are completely enclosed in the arm
                          • SC, ST Clean

                              • ST133CF / ST166CF / ST210CF

                              • Special series Clean room 6 axis robot vertically articulated and handling heavy loads in clean manufacturing environment. Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 6 rating.

                                Technical highlights

                                Heavy payload
                                • Maximum payload up to 210kg
                                • Perfect for large panels handling

                                Improved maneuverability
                                • Faster with improved rigidity
                                • reduced cycle times
                                • minimized flexure and vibration

                                Clean room rating
                                • ISO 14644-1, class 6 compliant

                                Easy operation
                                • Simple usage with large LCD Teach Pendant
                                • Greatly reduced robot programming times
                              • SC400LC

                              • The largest FPD glass substrate transfer 6axis robot for the clean environment on the market.

                                Technical highlights

                                Flexible transfer
                                • 6 axis structure ensure great motion flexibility
                                • Vertical pick up, rotation and many other transfer type is possible

                                Powerful payload & Large envelope
                                • Arm length and large envelope allows transfer of 10th generation FPD panel up to 3600 mm max reach
                                • Up / Down envelope up to 4800 mm
                            • Robot Accessories

                                • Simulation software

                                • Robot simulation software

                                  The onDesk software is NACHI's proprietary robot simulation software tool that runs on laptop or desktop computers. The onDesk simulates all critical components of the Nachi Robot Control Platform and also provides a 3D environment (Robview) for creating accurate and realistic looking at a work cell. The onDesk software has a wide variety of uses including program creation, application setup, personnel training, problem diagnosis, and engineering purposes (Reach, collision, Cycle Time Verification). Files created in the onDesk software can be easily imported to a robot controller for use, that makes the onDesk software to a very useful offline programming tool.
                                • Flex Hand

                                • FLEX HAND FH360-01

                                  Flexible Multipurpose Gripper


                                  Large and Variable Stroke
                                  • Adjustable stroke covers a wide variety of workpieces
                                  • Able to pick up varied shaped workpieces
                                  • Suitable for picking tightly packed parts

                                  Useful Measuring Function
                                  • Automatic workpiece size detection and verification

                                  Programmable grip force control
                                  • Able to grip fragile parts

                                  E-Stop Gripping Protection
                                  • Maintains grip even when power loss or E-Stop occurs. (* with selected brake grip function)

                                  Energy Saving, Environment Friendly
                                  • Lower operating cost using airless system
                                  • Reduced electricity cost with brake grip (Servo grip or Brake grip can be selected)
                                • A-Trac

                                • A-TRAC specification

                                  NACHI as one of Spot Welding applications market leader developed special dress package, so called A-TRACK. This specification was especially design to achieve superior spot welding capability hand in hand with fastest motion of same class mechanism. All of cables (including welding power lines) are conducted to Spot Gun via protected special cable guideway providing this way excellent protection and wire harness stamina together with supreme motion capabilty for Spot Welding path creation.

                                  Supported robots

                                  A-TRAC destiny is primarily Spot Wedling application.

                                  Supports NACHI SRA series robots, refer to SRA Series section and see A-Trac specification robot.
                                • Vision System

                                • NV AX Vision system

                                  The NV-AX Vision Sensor is Nachi's image processing system that is integrated into the AX controller. High-performance digital image processing technology and image defect tolerant search tool delivers outstanding object recognition. The NV-AX system can be purchased in several application specific configurations including Synchro-Vision, 2.5D Posture Vision, Simple 2D Vision, and Stereo 3D Vision. The Nachi NV-AX High-Speed Synchro-Vision System features "no pause" image acquisition that reduces cycle time by simultaneously processing robot motion and (2D or 3D) vision functions. The Nachi NV-AX Posture Vision System, a single-camera 2.5D vision solution, provides adaptive pattern recognition with real-time motion compensation. NV-AX is easy to operate and is fully programmable through the robot teach pendant.
                                • Other

                                • Turn Table TT2000 / TT4000

                                  Endless rotary turn table with payload capacity 2000kg or extra heavy 4000kg. Simultaneous Servo control with robot motion. Unlimited rotation eliminating return motion. Hollow shaft reduction gear for designated cable routing. Excellent tool for heavy load positioning.

                                  Technical highlights

                                  • High payload capacity 2000kg or 4000kg
                                  • Simultaneous servo control with robot
                                  • Unlimited rotation (wire harness via hollow-shaft)
                                  • Body weight 450kg (TT2000), 550kg (TT4000)