Business Profile

We, STRÖDTER GmbH with headquarters in Hamm Westphalia, have been developing and supplying handling technology for all branches of industry for over 40 years. Wherever production or storage parts have to be lifted and moved, our STRÖDTER industrial manipulators and light crane systems can be used.

We have a very wide range of manipulators for the weight range of manual handling up to 500 kg and beyond for load transport up to 3 tons. Our strength is that we can always offer the appropriate technology for the most diverse tasks required by the market.

The wide range of standardized handling equipment means that the most suitable equipment technology can be used without compromise.

The delivery program ranges from simple chain hoists to hand-guided manipulators in various device technologies and type series to semi-automatic systems.

Particularly worthy of mention is the lightweight aluminum rail program developed by us for light overhead cranes, with the product name ROLLYX.

This rail program modular system enables the creation of simple crane systems for single workplaces and also area-wide crane systems for large-scale work areas.

Our handling equipment program is technically coordinated with the ROLLYX rail program and offers the customer a complete system without the usual interface problems.

The matching steel construction is also available as a modular system from the STRÖDTER delivery program.

We have already supplied more than 4000 systems of various types. From this product variety we can always fall back on an already existing solution and thus directly fulfill newly set tasks. Our many years of experience also enable us to optimize these solutions and supply them specially adapted to the customer's needs.