Business Profile

That is the promise we make to our customers. It is the ambition that burns in every member of our workforce and in every single component of our machines. The smallest details and the largest dimensions, speed and thoroughness, high performance and economic efficiency – those are the contrasts we have had to balance in order to achieve our success. And in the midst of all these factors, there is always one thing that is most important of all: our customers' satisfaction. Wherever they are in the world.

The Zimmermann spirit did not come about by chance. Since the company was founded in 1933, we have focused on material removal and the modification of the external contour of various materials. And we have also looked very closely at the question of what it is that drives different industries forward. From the development of the first portal milling machine through to the design of our proprietary milling heads – we draw our inspiration from an active dialog with our customers. Because only in this way is it possible to create milling solutions that are not only exceptionally powerful but also meet the varying demands of different industrial sectors.