Company Profile

Lumics GmbH, founded in 2000 and member of B.I.G. Berlin Industrial Group (formerly named Scansonic Group) with over 300 employees and headquartered in Berlin/Germany, is a key player for design and manufacturing of diode lasers for demanding medical, industrial and scientific applications. In-house capabilities range from chip level up to fiber-coupled diode laser modules and turn-key laser systems based on single emitter technology.

Product Portfolio:

The product range comprises multi & single mode diode lasers available from 760nm to 1940nm including the custom configurable LuOcean series and industry standard solutions. The LuOcean series offers the widest choice of wavelengths, sensors, accessories and user interface with powers from 2W to 600W as fiber coupled or free beam source or boxed in user friendly turn key systems. Industry standard solutions include a 2-pin TO package up to 10W, a single mode 14-pin butterfly package up to 1.2W (pulsed). All lasers are field proven and 100% tested.

All products are offered with additional features allowing for perfect adaptation to the most innovative applications in Medical & Life Sciences, Material Processing, Analytics & Sensing, Metrology, Telecommunication, Seeding, Pumping, Security, Illumination, and many more.