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Business Profile

Smart design for optimum production flow
A gantry robot can handle items weighing up to hundreds of kilos, at high speed, perfect accuracy, and repeatability. A gantry can be delivered with up to 3 motion axis, and for maximum capacity in tandem design.

The robot can be supplied with a special designed gripper or with a standard flange for installation of your own gripper. The Gantry robot can be delivered as a standalone unit or as an integral part of a complete material handling system.

The gantry robot handling unit has a compact footprint by using a modular frame design enabling 1 to +20 locations. The smooth robot handling of your products eliminates the risk of damages and flexibility for stacking/handling various size products.

When customer demand is rising, the product handling often becomes a bottleneck. Gantry robots can take your production capacity and flexibility to the next level.