Business Profile

Welcome to the Invisible World

Cavitar Ltd is an experienced Finnish pioneer and solution provider in diode laser illumination technology. We want to be the first choice to our customers whenever high-performance illumination is needed in demanding imaging applications.

Our company provides solutions for end-users of R&D applications as well as for industrial monitoring system manufacturers and integrators. By using our laser technology, customers will get unique benefits like the ability to improve quality, increased productivity and improved safety, as well as the possibility to speed up production and increase yield. We believe that our technology and know-how enable our customers to expand and improve their applications and solutions.

Cavitar Ltd is a flexible and continuously developing team of competent professionals providing diode laser lighting for rapidly growing and changing market sectors. Our excellence in diode laser technology is the result of enthusiastic, innovative and determined hard work, which we will continue to carry out in our customers’ projects and orders.

Our own production and clean room facilities guarantee the high quality of products as well as the possibility to be flexible when serving individual customer needs. Cavitar is actively participating in many research and development projects carried out with leading research institutes around the world.

We strive to provide user-friendly products and solutions. We always do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction. We grow and prosper along with the success of our customers’ products and services.