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  • Offer Profile
  • Bvs Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry that has initiated its activities in 1985, Ankara has become one of the leading companies of the sector with the strength and trust received from you and has been placed to the position in Turkish industry as its right.
Product Portfolio

  • BVS, provides competition advantage with the size of its indoor area, human resources, financial structure, project designing and production processes as well as it creates difference in terms of date of delivery by manufacturing numerous cranes simultaneously without any problem.
      • Double Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

      • Load capacity of our standard double girder travelling bridge cranes is between 1 ton and 80 tons. In case of carrying more loads is necessary, we provide system solutions with open type lifting groups. These cranes may be preferred at areas having long bridge shaft distance. There are various lifting groups available in our product portfolio according to loading capacity and FEM standards. We provide most suitable solutions by specially designing our cranes in case the distance between gusset and roof truss is insufficient in a way to allow maximum loading height. We use certified materials and equipment in our girder, lifting and moving groups.

        Field of use for travelling bridge cranes are comprised of industrial manufacturing factories, workshops, hydroelectricity plants, dams etc. sectors. 

      • Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

      • Load capacity of our standard single girder travelling bridge cranes varies between 1 ton and 40 tons. For requests of lifting tonnage higher than 40 tons, we provide system solutions as a result of special engineering works and open type lifting groups. Single girder travelling bridge cranes may be preferred as focused on economic solution at areas where bridge shaft distance is not long. As design, load carrying may be performed with single girder travelling bridge cranes where there is no sufficient area for crane to be operated between gusset and roof truss. Our girders are manufactured from box construction as well as our cranes with low tonnage are manufactured from standard profile. 

        Field of use for travelling bridge cranes are comprised of industrial manufacturing factories, workshops, hydroelectricity plants, dams etc. sectors. 

    • Gantry Cranes


        • Gantry cranes

        • These are cranes that are preferred for the load carrying applications at indoor or outdoor areas. Also these are systems where bridge girders are mounted on gantry footing and such gantry footing are mobile on travelling path fixed to ground with bridge carrying group. Double girder and single girder travelling bridge gantry cranes provide advantage in uses for the purpose of load stowing and right/left console for the purpose of use.

          Field of use for travelling bridge gantry cranes are comprised of industrial manufacturing factories, workshops, hydroelectricity plants, dams, marble cutters, stock stowing depots, harbours etc. sectors.

      • Process Cranes

      • These are FEM class, heavy duty type cranes that are manufactured as 500 tons and more for high capacity that may meet the requests of companies in energy sector or Iron-Steel sector, heavy industry. These cranes operated under difficult operation and dense utilization conditions are specially designed as customer focused and projected with high engineering infrastructure and for which load attachments may be used. 
            • Process Cranes

            • BVS CRANES has undertaken large projects, of which construction is completed, both in Turkey and various countries in the World because of it is the leading crane company of Turkey relating to process cranes. Casting cranes, charge cranes, ingot cranes (with traverse, magnet, fixed or having rotating table), scrap cranes (with bucket, polyp or magnet) tundish cranes, of which manufacturing still continues at our production site or of which production is completed render services at large international establishments. 


        • Lifting Group

        • BVS Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry work with lifting groups in compact body having high technology at standard lifting groups. Lifting tonnage varies between 1 ton and 80 tons and there are lifting groups according to FEM standards. At compact body lifting groups, it may carry load with accurate speed and high speed with double revolution motor.  Also BVS is the leading company in Turkey that is able to manufacture its own reducer and provides solution with open type lifting groups when special lifting speeds are asked in line with the customer requests. Open type lifting groups having BVS reducer may be used for load carrying works at accurate speeds as double revolution motor or single revolution driving system.
              • Lifting Groups

              • For process cranes, specially manufactured motor and reducers are used for crane sector at international area at lifting groups. Lifting groups are manufactured for 500 tons and over capacities due to such motor/reducers manufactured for heavy duty conditions.


          • JIB Cranes

                • JIB Cranes

                • It provides advantage by using to carry loads to desired destination at narrow areas within the buildings. They are very economic for areal uses. Lifting capacity varies between 1 ton and 15 tons. It carries the load to desired height by scanning the work zone in 360 degrees diameter because of being rotating type. Jib cranes are divided into two types as construction as column jib cranes and suspended/wall type jib cranes. Also jib cranes have the ability to perform both manual rotation and motorized rotation.

                  Besides, as BVS CRANES, there are process jib crane works available in our product portfolio.


            • Special Manufacturing

            • System Solutions: BVS provides system solutions with the capacity to meet all requests of our customers with customer focus. In line with the demands, requests of our customers are fulfilled with the most economic solutions from product scale such as single girder or double girder travelling bridge cranes, portal cranes, jib cranes or process cranes. Also, manufacturing of ship loader, transfer car, grill cleaning machine, fixed puller cranes are made aside from the manufacturing of cranes.


                  • Shiploader / Mobil Shiploader

                  • Turkey also made first indigenous design and production of 1500 t / h was commissioned successfully Shiploader.


                    • Transfer Cars
                    • Grill Cleaning Machine
                    • Fixed Puller Cranes
                    • Rotating/Horizontal Bridge Carrying Systems
              • Crane Equipment

              • Bucket: It is used for the purpose of carrying any kind of poured load.

                Polyp Bucket: It is used for the purpose of carrying mineral loads such as coal, stone or for the purpose of carrying scrap loads or for the purpose of deep screening.

                Magnet: It is used for the carrying of metal products at steel processing industry.

                C-Hook: It is used to prevent undesirable conditions such as overlapping, scattering, sliding or rolling over while carrying the load.

                Load Traverse: It is used to carry the load as balanced. Load Gripping Apparatus: It is used to carry the load as balanced by gripping the load from the edges.

                Operator Cabin: This is a command system assisting accurate carrying of the load through operator panel and joystick system used for the purpose of easy vision of work site where the existence of crane operator at work site may not be beneficial. In operator cabins used for heavy duty industry such as Iron-Steel, shipyard, harbour sector, it is enabled for operator to work in health conditions with industrial type air conditioning system.

                Electrical Room: These are prefabricated structures, in which all electrical systems that are used at process cranes exist.

                Industrial Type Air Conditioner: Operation of electrical materials are enabled to be performed without being affected by high temperature through industrial type air conditioning system to be used at electrical rooms or operator cabins that are available on the cranes and used at heavy duty industry such as iron-steel sector.

                Bogie Groups: Solution is found with bogie systems for travelling groups at high tonnage cranes and bridge cranes having long bridge shaft distance.