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  • Increase productivity with TAWI lifting solutions. Our lifting equipment enables everyone to lift large and heavy goods, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your business. With the right lifting equipment, everyone can lift.
Product Portfolio
  • Smart Lifting

      • What do you want to lift?

          • Bags

          • Easy lifting with smart sack lifters

            TAWI sack lifters let anyone handle large and heavy sacks. We offer sack lifters for all types of material, such as paper, plastic and woven sacks.
          •  Baggage

          • Efficient baggage handling

            • Minimize work related strain injuries with ergonomic baggage handling system
            • Reduce more than 80% of the load on your body
            • Increase productivity
            • Minimize damaged goods with this airport baggage handler
            • Safe and user friendly baggage lift
          • Bales

          • With the right tools, lifting bales is safe and easy

            Start lifting bales with ease! Need to lift something other than rubber bales? Contact us to find a solution.
          • Boxes

          • Lift boxes in all shapes and sizes with smart box lifters

            We offer box lifters for all types of boxes and cartons. No matter if your boxes are open or sealed, placed on a pallet or high up on a shelf, we have a box lifting device for you.
          • Components

          • You can lift components in all shapes and sizes

            Big or small, round or flat, metal or plastic? No matter what type of components you need to handle, we have the tools to help you.
          • Containers

          • Lift all types of canisters with our smart container lifters

            TAWI container lifters lets you handle one or multiple containers, making manual handling easy and efficient. Streamline your operations and packaging with smart container lifting.
          • Crates

          • Lifting crates in all types of industries

            How are you lifting crates? Make crate handling easy for everyone with ergonomic crate lifters that can lift, tilt and transport everything from meat to car components.
          • Drums

          • Find the drum lifter for your needs

            Lift drums of varied sizes, tilt to empty contents, or simply transport your drums without effort. No matter what type of drums you handle, we have the drum lifter you need.
          • Food

          • When lifting needs to be clean

            Lifting blocks of cheese or meat? No problem, we have lifters for handling all types of food products. Stainless-steel lifters or customized solutions for cleanroom environments; we have equipment ideal for food production.
          • Glass

          • Reliable glass handling equipment

            Safely lift windows, glass sheets and other fragile goods. We offer systems designed to handle glass with great care and precision.
          • Home appliance and furniture

          • Lift anything from mattresses to washing machines

            Lifting toilet seats, bath tubs or kitchen bench tops? We have lift systems for handling odd shapes and sizes. Our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.
          • Metal

          • Lift metal in all shapes and sizes

            Our smart lifters let you handle big sheets of metal, ungainly steel components or tall metal profiles with minimal effort. Smart solutions allowing anyone to lift.
          • Reels

          • Lift, rotate and place your reels with smart reel handling equipment

            Our reel and roll lifting equipment makes reel handling easy and efficient. We offer solutions for handling reels and rolls in all types of environments, including industries with specific requirements.
          • Sacks

          • Easy lifting with smart sack lifters

            TAWI sack lifters let anyone handle large and heavy sacks. We offer sack lifters for all types of material, such as paper, plastic and woven sacks.
          • Sheets

          • Lift and tilt sheets of glass, wood, metal and more with our sheet lifters

            Need to rotate or tilt your sheets 180 degrees? No problem, our sheet lifters can be customized to meet your every need.
          • Stone/cement

          • Stone vacuum lifter makes lifting easy

            Safely lift stone or cement goods with an ergonomic stone vacuum lifter. Our stone lifters make the handling of heavy stone or cement effortless and efficient.
          • Tyres

          • Tyre lifts to handle all types of tyres

            Our tyre lifts offer smart solutions for streamlining tyre handling in all types of automotive industry or car shops.
          • Wood

          • Lift wood of all shapes and sizes

            Need to lift sheets of wood, doors, planks, wooden furniture, or entire walls? No matter what size or shape of wood you need to lift, we have a solution for you.
          • Pallets

          • Pallet handling made easy

            Streamline pallet handling with customized tools for smart lifting. Our lifters make lifting and transporting pallets easy and efficient.
        • Products

        • With a wide selection of material handling equipment, we make lifting easy for everyone. Find your lifting device in the image below, or scroll down to see our complete range of lifting equipment for ergonomic lifting.
            • Vacuum lifters

            • Lifting with vacuum

              Vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift the load. Vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe and efficient handling of most types of goods.
              • Ergonomic and safe for the operator.
              • Safe grip without damaging the goods.
              • Time- and cost-efficient lifting.
                • TAWI High frequency lifter

                • Our most rapid lifters grip and lift boxes and other packaged goods in no time. With a comfortable handle for one-hand use you can lift and move goods with very high frequency. Ideal for logistic centres and other operations where speed is essential.

                  High-speed manual handling has never been easier. Grip and lift quick and easy with just one hand, powered by reliable vacuum technology.

                  Technical Specification

                  • Lifting capacity: <50kg
                  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
                  • Stroke: 1590-1680 mm

                  High-frequency manual handling

                  With TAWI High frequency lifter you can grip and lift quick and easy with just one hand. The suction foot can hold most types of packaged goods.

                  • High-speed box handling
                  • Grip from the top or from the side
                  • One-handed lifting with user-friendly joystick handle
                  • Customized suction feet to suit your boxes
                  • Rotate boxes 360°
                • TAWI Multifunctional lifter

                • Grip from the top or from the side, lift high above your head, or reach far into pallet racks. This truly is a multifunctional lifting tool.

                  Technical Specification

                  • Lifting capacity: 30 kg - 270 kg
                  • Max length lift tube: 2 500 mm / 4000mm
                  • Hose Ø: 100 mm - 300 mm
                  • Stroke: 1 800 / 2 600 mm - 1 700 / 2 400 mm - 1 500 / 1 800 mm
                  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
                  • Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
                  • Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
                  • Flexibility: 360-degree rotation

                  Functional and reliable lifting

                  Our most multifunctional vacuum lifter comes in a wide variety of models handling up to 270 kilos. Get in touch and we will be happy to guide you to the right model for your needs.

                  • Ergonomic handle to ensure good working position
                  • Suction feet for boxes of all sizes
                  • Lifting taped boxes
                  • Grip boxes from the top, from the side, or both
                • Stainless steel lifter

                • Our stainless-steel vacuum lifters come in a wide variety of models, handling up to 120 kilos. Get in touch and we will help you find the right model for your needs.

                  Technical Specification

                  • Lifting capacity: <120 kg (<270 kg with standard hose)
                  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
                  • Handles: standard / one-hand / flex / extended
                  • Tools: wide selection of tools for various loads
                  • Flexibility: 360-degree rotation

                  Lifting in cleanroom environments

                  Food- and pharmaceutical production require a clean environment. TAWI offers lifting solutions developed specifically for these types of industries with high sanitary requirements.

                  • Lift various types of goods, including sacks, drums, boxes and reels
                  • Easy to keep clean
                  • User-friendly, easily manoeuvred with one hand
                  • Enable ergonomic and effortless lifting
                  • Speed up manual handling of goods
                • Customized lifter

                • We deliver ergonomic lift systems tailored to meet your specific requirements and needs. Customization ensures that you get the best possible solution for your business, with our engineers designing vacuum systems adapted to your unique environment and work flow.

                  Our range of vacuum lifters comes in different models depending on lifting capacity and stroke. Contact us to find the optimal model for your business needs.

                  Technical Specification

                  • Lifting capacity: <270 kg
                  • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
                  • Handles: Standard, fixed or flex
                  • One hand or two hand grip
                  • Various mounting options
                  • Wide selection of tools

                  Customized vacuum lift systems

                  Lift anything from toilet seats, multiple buckets and oddly formed glass objects to car rims and small parts. TAWI’s versatile vacuum lifters makes it possible to lift almost any kind of load, safely and ergonomically. Customized solutions mean that we develop and design our solutions based on your business needs. Together we find the right lift system for your operations.

                  • Lifting solution tailored to your business needs
                  • Handle any kind of load from car rims to bath tubs
                  • Future proof your employees with improved ergonomics
                  • Increase business productivity and efficiency
                  • Lift, move, tilt and turn your goods effortlessly
                  • Optimize your work flow
                • ATEX lifter

                • ATEX rated lifting equipment is a very specific segment and TAWI can supply a variety of products with ATEX certification for different zone ratings. Want to discuss what solutions we can offer to comply with the ATEX zones in your business? Contact us and get proficient advice.

                  TAWI vacuum systems and accessories approved for ATEX use are manufactured in stainless steel and are connected with ground/earth wires to make sure no static electricity can create an ignition. Contact us and get expert advice for your specific ATEX requirements.

                  Technical Specification

                  • Complete solutions for ATEX zone 1 & 21 and zone 2 & 22
                  • ATEX specific vacuum pumps or ejector pumps
                  • Lift systems handling various loads up to 135 kg
                  • ATEX adapted jib cranes and crane systems
                  • High speed lifting equipment
                  • Standard, fixed and flex handles for optimal ergonomics

                  Vacuum lifters in ATEX area

                  TAWI Multifunctional lifter systems use vacuum for both lifting and gripping the load and are designed to work at the whole vacuum level range between 0-60% vacuum. The higher vacuum level the system reaches, the higher you lift. TAWI Multifunctional lifter is our most versatile vacuum lifter offering you ultimate flexibility in combination with maximum security.

                  • Tailored to meet the specific demands of your company ATEX area
                  • Always designed with focus on maximizing safety and ergonomics
                  • Smoothly integrated to fit your business workflow
                  • Complete systems from one supplier, making the purchasing process easier, faster and more efficient
              • Mobile Vacuum Lifters

              • Our range of mobile lifting equipment enables fast and efficient material handling. Ergonomic and safe for both operator and load.
                • Vacuum lifter unit compatible with any forklift or pallet jack.
                • Ideal for high-speed order picking and warehouse lifting operations.
                • Pick on pallet with minimal physical effort.
                • Full reach into pallet racks and other cramped spaces.
                  • Telescopic mounted unloader

                  • Unloading containers and trailers

                    Former Vaculex and TAWI are now both part of Piab Group. From now on Vaculex vacuum lifting solutions will be available under the TAWI brand.

                    Container unloading equipment for efficient loading or unloading in confined spaces. The TAWI telescopic mounted unloader allows you to handle a great variety of products and parcels inside a container or trailer.

                    • Unloading containers with vacuum technology
                    • Lifting capacity: <40 kg
                    • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
                    • Mounted on telescopic conveyor

                    Unloading containers effortless and efficient

                    TAWI telescopic mounted unloader has been designed to create the optimal working experience. The user-friendly vacuum lifter allows you to grip an item from any side, turn it 360° and release it as required.

                    • Decrease the load on your body by more than 80 percent
                    • Reduce injuries and sick leave
                    • Increase productivity and decrease costs
                    • End-user happiness - light and user-friendly work
                  • Container unloader

                  • High-speed forklift vacuum lifter

                    Thanks to the extremely compact design of this truck attachment, the operator can smoothly move the arm in and out of pallet racks reaching all goods on a pallet from top to bottom.

                    • Battery and vacuum pump are integrated in the unit
                    • Support legs ensure optimal safety for operator and load
                    • Operations time: 3 hours constant use

                    Fork truck attachment for efficient manual handling

                    TAWI Mobile Order Picker Compact offers extended reach into pallet racks, containers and other areas with limited head room.

                    • Great reach thanks to the compact design
                    • User-friendly ergonomic handle
                    • Grip, lift and release boxes with one hand
                    • Adjust the height of the tower directly on the handle
                    • Easy to switch battery pack
                  • Mobile Order Picker

                  • TAWI Mobile Order Picker is a fully mobile vacuum lifter compatible with any forklift or truck. The ideal solution for order picking, or any other manual handling of goods where mobility is key. Just lift and go with this innovative order picker forklift!

                    Unique solution for mobile material handling and order-picking from pallet racks. Simply pick up the mobile unit with any kind of forklift or truck and drive wherever you need to go.

                    Technical Specifications

                    • Lifting capacity: <80 kg
                    • Compatible with any forklift or pallet jack
                    • Height adjustment: 500 mm, electronically driven
                    • Battery: 24 VDC 180 Ah
                    • Battery charge time: 8 hours
                    • User-friendly on-board control panel

                    Efficient order picking or unloading

                    This forklift attachment will give you full mobility in material handling. Pick goods on pallet and quickly move from pallet rack to pallet rack with the lifter. Or drive the lifter into a container to unload goods.

                    • Compatible with any type of forklift or pallet jack
                    • Tools for lifting paper, plastic or jute sacks
                    • Articulating arm for optimal reach
                    • Adjustable height facilitates reach into pallet racks
                    • Support legs for extra stability
                    • Integrated light panel for working in dark areas
                    • Grip boxes from the top or from the side
                    • Lift boxes of all sizes, up to 80 kilos
                    • Lift drums, kegs or pails up to 80 kilos
                    • Tools for lifting tyres of various sizes
                • Lifting Trolleys

                • We offer a range of portable lifting devices for efficient handling of goods. Easy and ergonomic lifting with full mobility and flexibility.
                  • Selection of tools for various types of loads.
                  • Easy and ergonomic, saving users from strenuous manual handling.
                  • Stainless-steel models for easy cleaning.
                  • Lift anywhere you need with portable lifting devices.
                    • Lifting Trolleys

                    • Mobile electric lifters

                      • Lifting capacity: <250 kg
                      • Stroke: 840-1910 mm
                      • Brake system: Central brake with directional lock (excl. PRO40)
                      • Battery charging procedure: 100-240 V, grounded 50-60 Hz
                      • Up and down motion: 2-speed hand Control (excl. PRO40)

                      Lift, move and tilt with electric lifters

                      Their innovative, modular design together with a wide selection of lifting Tools make TAWI Lifting Trolleys ideal for flexible and efficient material handling.

                      • Ergonomic handles ensure good working position
                      • Safe and reliable for everyday use
                      • Modular design for easy adaptation to your needs
                      • Program lifter to stop at pre-set height to mount reel on axis
                      • Tilt, turn, rotate, lift and move reels without effort
                      • Grip reels from the core or from the outside
                      • Easily slide boxes from platform to shelf with platform rollers
                      • Easy to drive thanks to robust wheels
                    • Stainless steel lifting trolleys

                    • Our stainless-steel lifting trolleys offer mobile lifting in sensitive environments and are commonly used in both pharmaceutical and food industries. Easy to clean, these mobile lifters are ideal for any environment with high sanitary requirements. The trolleys can be equipped with various tools depending on what you need to lift, all available in stainless steel.

                      We offer stainless steel lifters in several models, handling up to 250 kilos. With a wide selection of stainless-steel tools, the lifters can handle most types of goods. Get in touch and we will help you find the right model for your needs.

                      • Lifting capacity: <250 kg
                      • IP-rating: IP24 (IP65 for model CR80)
                      • Stroke: 840-1910 mm
                      • Brake system: Central brake with directional lock
                      • Battery charging procedure: 100-240 V, grounded 50-60 Hz
                      • Up and down motion: 2-speed hand control

                      Stainless steel mobile material handling

                      Mobile stainless-steel lifters facilitate efficient material handling in industries with high sanitary requirements. TAWI stainless steel lifting trolleys are commonly used in pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing of food products.

                      • Lift, tilt, turn and move your load
                      • Equipment is easy to keep clean
                      • Tools for handling reels, drums, crates and more
                      • Ergonomic and user-friendly design make trolleys easy to manoeuvre
                      • FDA-approved cover protecting electronic components
                  • Crane systems - Overhead Bridge Cranes

                  • Custom made crane systems

                    TAWI crane systems are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business.
                    • Aluminium and steel profiles.
                    • Custom made systems integrated in your facilities.
                    • Portable jib cranes for mobile operations.
                      • TAWI Overhead Bridge Cranes

                      • Our overhead cranes are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business.
                        • Aluminium and steel profiles.
                        • Custom made systems integrated in your facilities.
                        • Complete solutions for efficient lifting.
                      • Telescopic cranes

                      • A telescopic crane system offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not be possible Ideal for facilities with limited space, low headroom, or to reach and pick up goods inside pallet racks.

                        Technical Specifications

                        • Lifting capactiy: <125/1500 kg
                        • Max suspension distance: <6000/8000 mm
                        • Bridge span: <6000/8000 mm
                        • Profiles: LR86, LR113, LR120, LR170

                        Our telescopic cranes enable lifting outside the girder system, offering optimal reach.

                        • Equipped with an extended telescopic arm
                        • For doorways, containers, pallet racks etc.
                        • The perfect addition to a girder crane system

                        When to use telescopic cranes

                        Reach into pallet racks and containers with a telescopic crane.

                        • Reach beyond the workstation
                        • Pass from one system to the next
                        • Lift up to 1500 kg
                        • Have a bridge span of up to 8 meters
                      • TAWI Jib Cranes

                      • A jib arm gives a wide range of motion, ideal for high frequency lifting and efficient handling of most types of goods.
                        • Floor mounted, wall mounted or portable.
                        • Flexible suspension for all types of lifters.
                        • Optimal range of motion.
                    • Hoists & Gripping tools

                    • Our wire hoists are faster than most, ideal for precision lifting when you need full control of your load. For heavier lifting and lifting in tough conditions we offer powerful and durable chain hoists.
                      • Precision lifting with variable speed control.
                      • Wide selection of tools for handling all types of goods.
                      • Easy to use, maneuvered with one hand.
                        • Chain hoist

                        • For heavy lifting and material handling in rough environments, our chain hoist offers a durable and reliable solution. The chain hoist is characterized by its silent run and long durability, even in very tough conditions. Ideal for safe and ergonomic lifting in rough environments.

                          Chain hoist for heavy lifting

                          This reliable chain hoist for heavy lifting comes in several models, handling up to 1 600 kilos. Get in touch and we will guide you to the right model for your needs.

                          • Lifting capacity: <2500 kg
                          • IP-rating: IP65 (suitable for outdoor use)
                          • Chain safety factor: min 8-times (FEM, 2m, ISO, M5)
                          • 42 V low voltage control
                          • Low-wear DC-spring-loaded brake
                          • Minimum 1 600 operating hours with 40% duty cycle, 240 s/h (FEM: 2m, ISO M5)

                          Durable chain hoist for heavy loads

                          TAWI Chain Hoist is strong, durable and reliable. Available with tools for handling anything from sheets to engines or entire walls.

                          • Quiet running with 3-step drive and helical gearing
                          • No sensitive electronics minimises the risk of operational interruptions
                          • Ergonomic control switch allows convenient and safe working
                          • Maintenance is easy, quick and needs no special tools
                          • Compact housing with low headroom
                          • Remote control lets you lift sheets from a safe distance
                          • Tooling options for all types of sheets
                          • The hook can be rotated 360° to position your load exactly where you need it
                        • TAWI Wire hoist

                        • Our wire hoist is faster than most, handling all types of goods with both speed and precision. A rope hoist or wire hoist makes lifting effortless and easy, saving time and strength in your operations. With a variety of tools, this wire hoist can lift anything from woven sacks to steel profiles.

                          High speed wire hoist

                          TAWI Wire hoist lifts anything from boxes to tyres. Contact us and we’ll guide you to the right tools for your needs.

                          • Lifting capacity: <120 kg
                          • Lifting speed: <0.75 m/s
                          • Power supply: 230 V +/-10%
                          • Lifting height: 2000 mm
                          • Speed control: variable
                          • Frequency: 47-63 Hz

                          Lifting with speed and precision

                          This speedy wire rope hoist lets you handle most types of goods with optimal speed and precision.

                          • Variable speed control for great accuracy
                          • Ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing everyone to lift
                          • Comfortable joystick handle for one-hand control
                          • Custom made accessories for weighing the load
                          • Lift sacks without leaving any marks
                          • Tools for handling all types of woven sacks
                          • The tool holds the load while you empty the sack
                        • TAWI Sheet gripper

                        • TAWI Sheet gripper is compact, low-weight, and easy to adjust to new applications and situations. For flexible and efficient material handling. The optimal solution for lifting and turning big boards of wood, metal, glass or laminate.

                          This sheet gripper is ideal for handling sheets of wood, metal, glass or other materials. Customized to meet your specific requirements.

                          • Lifting capacity: <500 kg
                          • Vacuum source: electric or pneumatic
                          • Tilting: up to 180 degrees

                          Efficient vacuum gripper

                          The user-friendly control panel, compact design and adaptability of this innovative vacuum sheet gripper makes it ideal for efficient and ergonomic handling of all types of board material.

                          • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
                          • Optional electric tilt function
                          • Electric or pneumatic source
                          • Mount in TAWI crane system to optimize working area
                      • Industries

                          • Automotive Industry

                          • In the competitive automotive industry, speed and the ability to adapt to changing processes and products is key. The automobile industry is always changing, always evolving, and a vacuum lifting solution from TAWI can help you keep up with – and ahead of – the game.

                            Incoming goods – automotive
                            With TAWI handling equipment you can save time in unloading incoming goods. Our lifters allow quick and effortless handling of everything from boxes and batteries to oddly shaped components of windshields.

                            TAWI lifters for the automotive assembly process will facilitate the overall workflow and guarantee that the components are safely handled, with no risk to employees or parts.

                            Component handling
                            TAWI lifters can help ensure maximum efficiency and safety at every stage of the component process, from production and manufacture to the final assembly of the finished automobile.

                            Storage handling
                            Handle heavy parts and fragile components with equal ease and achieve the most effective and labour efficient storage possible.s

                          • Food & Beverage

                          • Handling food and food products requires the highest level of sanitation and quality as well as a secure, yet delicate, touch. TAWI’s stainless steel vacuum lifters are perfectly suited for these demanding environments.

                            Incoming food products
                            Streamline the receival of incoming goods with efficient material handling equipment designed to handle food products.

                            Food processing
                            Streamline your workflow with TAWI solutions for efficient and reliable material handling in food and beverage processing, safely handling everything from raw food products to sacks of ingredients.

                            Packaging and palletizing
                            Safe and time-efficient packaging and palletizing of food products is easily achieved with TAWI’s wide range of handling equipment developed specifically for the food and beverage industry.

                          • Logistics

                          • A TAWI system is the best solution for logistic lifting, from sorting, packaging and order picking, to palletizing and depalletizing.

                            Container and truck unloading
                            Need to unload boxes from containers or handle heavier goods such as large sacks or car tires? No problem. An efficient lifting solution for unloading containers or trucks will save your business time and money.

                            Order picking
                            Picking orders in a big warehouse? Achieve cost-efficient lifting by using a mobile vacuum lifter on several workstations, allowing the operator to quickly pick up different types of goods up to 80kg within a 2 meter range.

                            Conveyor to pallet
                            How fast goods are picked from the conveyor belt and moved onto pallet for continued transport will have significant impact on the success of your logistic process. Our solutions allow you to pick and lift goods fast and effortless, easily moving them from conveyor to pallet.

                          • Chemical

                          • Moving and handling potentially hazardous or flammable chemical products requires equipment that is extremely accurate, reliable, and hygienic. TAWI has you covered

                            Filling and weighing
                            This step of the process, often taking place in a clean room or ATEX area, puts high demands on equipment that is safe and easy to keep clean. TAWI offers complete solutions for safe and efficient lifting in hazardous environments and restricted areas.

                            Chemical processing
                            Increasing both safety and efficiency in the processing of chemical products is challenging. TAWI offers several lifting systems designed to meet this challenge.

                            Chemical palletizing
                            With TAWI’s line of vacuum lifting equipment, you can efficiently pack or palletize even the most sensitive chemical product, with no risk of danger or damage – and increase your productivity in the process.

                          • Pharma

                          • The phamarceutical industry requires maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in their products and from the equipment that moves them.

                            Pharmaceutical weighing
                            The weighroom is an important entry point into pharmaceutical manufacturing with high requirements on cleanliness. TAWI lifters enable safe and ergonomic lifting without compromising with sanitary requirements.

                            Pharmaceutical processing
                            In the processing of pharmaceutical ingredients all contamination must be avoided. To ensure safe and effortless lifting without endangering the clean environment, TAWI offers a wide range of stainless steel lifting tools.

                            Pharmaceutical packaging
                            When the pharmaceutical products are ready for packaging, TAWI offers a number of solutions to relieve workers from heavy and repetitive lifting. Trolleys for loading packaging machines, vacuum tools for packing boxes or drums onto pallet, everyting available in stainless steel for easy cleaning.

                          • Wood, steel and glass

                          • In today’s demanding wood, steel and glass processing industries, companies must be fast, flexible, and dependable. The combination of heavy materials and sensitive surfaces requires a perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and adaptability.

                            Cost-effective stacking and palletizing
                            Sorting, stacking and palletizing are common wood working processes that benefit greatly from using well-planned lift systems. Lifting tools designed to streamline this process quickly becomes a source of increased productivity and reduced overall

                            Heavy lifting of wood, metal & glass
                            Efficient and non-damaging handling of heavy loads can be achieved with lifting equipment adapted for your operational demands. Heavy lifting can be easy.

                            CNC loading
                            Using a lift system for handling loading and unloading of a CNC machine will bring noticeable and quick value to business operations.

                          • Airports and ports

                          • Ergonomic liftingsolutionsreduce the high number of work-related injuries associated with manual handling of baggage..

                            Arrival and departure
                            Loading or unloading baggage to and from AKEs or open carts.

                            Moving, loading and unloading baggage
                            Moving baggage between chutes, open carts and/or conveyors with minimal effort.

                            Handling baggage selected for screening
                            Fast and efficient handling of baggage selected for screening in checked baggage reconciliation areas.

                            Air cargo handling
                            Moving cargo between pallets and/or containers.