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  • MISIA has been manufacturing an extensive range of hoists for more than 30 years. Over 70.000 wire rope units have been sold worldwide and are operational in every industry sector. The XM series range consists of 11 sizes with capacities between 1.000 Kg and 50.000 Kg. The hoist units are available in different confi gurations: low headroom monorail, standard headroom monorail, foot mounted (fixed or suspended), double rail “crab” units (supported or suspended). With these confi gurations, this standard range allows the XM series to meet any requirements or application: capacity, hook travel, travel and hoisting speed, load spectrum based on the FEM classification (FEM section IX). All MISIA hoists comply with the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.
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  • The design of Misia wire rope hoist units is complemented by the use of quality components. All gearboxes are of planetary gear type, 2 or 3 stages and lubricated for life. Motors can be supplied either with cylindrical type with disc brake or tapered rotor conical motors, depending on application or customer preference. The rope guide is manufactured using high quality materials and bearings. Ropes are of high endurance class and galvanized. Monorail low headroom trolleys utilize our twin drive live axel design with planetary geared motors and gearboxes fitted directly onto the drive shaft of the trolley wheels eliminating the need of external gears.
      • Foot mounted hoist

      • Hoist with monorail trolley Standard headroom

      • Hoist with monorail trolley Low headroom

      • Hoist with birail trolley

      • Special


    • Durable safe easy to use compact small and powerfull.

      HOUSING - Aluminium die cast body, compact, light and rugged, control panel made with shock resistant

      MOTOR - Three-phase asynchronous pole change motor with cylindrical rotor with insulation class F.

      BRAKE - On MH chain hoist series is used an electro- mechanical disk brakes FD type. This device grants a safe braking and stop drives quickly and areliable action in any operating mode and moreover a strong noise reduction. MH hoist brakes are also as standard provided with dust protection ring to improve durability and performances.

      GEARBOX - Parallel shaft 3 stages gearbox provided with case hardened alloy steel helical gears to allow a very smooth transmission, vibration-free and low noise operations.

      FRICTION CLUTCH - The safety clutch operating in oil bath is offered as a reliable overload safety and extends the service life of the gearbox and the motor. It must only be readjusted after 20,000 slipping occurrences.

      LOW VOLTAGE CONTROL PANEL - As standard MH hoists are complete with integrated low voltage control panel 48V designed, built and wired according to EN 60204-32. The control board is protected inside the hoist aluminium body and sealed with a shock resistant plastic cover complete with rubber gasket to grant IP55 protection. Schneider electromagnetic contactor (low consumption coil) version are used as standard.

      PUSH BUTTON CONTROL - Ergonomic design with emergency stop provided as standard. Both operator friendly and great durability. Protection IP 65.

      LOAD CHAIN - Galvanized alloy steel chain, class DAT (G80), highly resistant to fatigue and wear Conform to EN 818-7.

      CHAIN CONTAINER - Durable plastic containers available in 2 different sizes for all models.

        • MH/1S type Eye suspension

        • MH/1G type Hook suspension

        • MH/2S type With plain trolley

        • MH/3 type With electric trolley

      • CRANE KIT

      • Components can be individually engineered to suit different requirements. All our products and components are designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe, in compliance with the European standards (CE mark). MISIA components follow latest innovations in the field of crane building using 35-years experience and know-how of worldwide partners.
          • Trolleys for straight monorai

          • Trolleys for curved monorail

          • Birail trolleys for bridge crane

          • Hook blocks

          • Overload limiter

          • Hollow shaft gear unit

          • Electrical components

          • Power supply systems

          • Blindo trolley

          • Crane kits