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Company Profile

Thanks to an intense evaluation of the problems of the clientele, storemaster® 15 years ago identified a main source for profit loss in metal and plastic processing industries – not caused by the high-duty machine tools themselves, but due to the storing systems in the surroundings. At that period, the corresponding equipment was still based on a rather conventional design. storemaster® started to make use of creative ideas to improve the processes, and meanwhile has developed into one of the most innovative enterprises in this sector. A large range of systems for handling and storage of industrial products are exclusively manufactured close to Hannover / Germany, designed and constructed with the aim of reaching maximum efficiency. The resulting products prove beneficial not only within the production process, but also in specialized trade.

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For storemaster®, this terms does not simply represent a customized sophisticated storage design, but relates to all processes involved: An ergonomic handling and a well-targeted material flow, optimized with respect to all parameters of profitability and safety – in best harmony with the requirements resulting from the corresponding industrial environment.

This task perfectly matches the history of storemaster® as a medium-sized enterprise, which for a long time already has implemented a lean structure in management, administration, production and sales – enabling an intense communication to be established, particularly when configuring new storage concepts. Based on current challenges of the clientele, a carefully structured planning process is launched, as every application and every step in production requires its own degree of automation. Our corporate philosophy understands the necessity of an economical material flow not only as a question of business, but also as a social matter: Process optimizations by innovative logistic systems considerably reduce waste of energy and thus contribute to ecological progress. And last not least – a continuous material flow without confusion, bottlenecks and interruptions, offers optimum conditions for a productive working atmosphere in the factories of our clients.