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  • As a globally active company, we develop, produce and sell highly efficient induction heating technology for a wide variety of industrial applications. Besides our well proven energy sources, we also offer complete system solutions. The centerpieces and our key areas of expertise are our MF, HF, DF and SDF® generators and inductors specially customized to the tasks at hand.
Product Portfolio
  • Energy sources / Generators

      • PICO-Generators by eldec - Compact, Red, Strong

      • Cost-efficient, budget-driven Generators with a single output, controlled by a simple, intuitive operator interface.

        The PICO generator comes in small, medium and large – three sizes and has a variety of power levels available. PICO-S, PICO-M and PICO-L are affordable generators, developed, built and tested by eldec using strictly standardized, high quality components.

        eldec PICO Generators are available as medium frequency and high frequency energy sources, from 5 kW to 150 kW, for the induction heating of a variety of workpieces comprised of different materials.

          • PICO-S: mobile generator for perfect induction heating

          • With the new PICO-S series, eldec presents an extremely compact mobile generator. Depending on the model, it can be configured as a medium frequency energy source (5 up to 30 kW) or high frequency energy source (5 up to 15 kW).

            Induction heating with maximum PICO efficiency

            The compact PICO-S, perfect for portable use, is based on proven technology from German induction heating specialist eldec, while the configuration of its central elements has been simplified and distilled down to the essentials – resulting in not only lower construction costs but also a lower price to the customer.

            Operation of the PICO-S couldn't be easier, yet the mobile generator is still capable of processing a very wide range of materials and workpieces with high power density. All you need to do is unpack it, plug it in, and start heating!

            Despite its compact form, this induction generator is fully featured. For example, it offers operation in continuous, jog, and timer modes, as well as control by power, current, or temperature. There is also a memory for up to 50 programs. The intuitive software is operated via a tough membrane keypad. Use of a control device is also possible.

          • PICO-L: powerful induction heating for economical processes

          • The generators of the PICO series make induction heating easier, more efficient, and safer. With PICO-L you can choose from medium-frequency versions (50 to 150 kW) or high-frequency versions (25 to 75 kW).

            Powerhouse for induction heating

            Mobile, easy to operate, stable design, and comprehensively tested – these are the hallmarks of all PICO devices from eldec. The “L” designates the most powerful version with up to 150 kW in the medium-frequency version.

            On top of that, the device naturally also features the high quality typical of the PICO series: For example, the temperatures of cooling water and heat sinks are monitored continuously, as is the temperature of the generator and inductor cooling water. This ensures a high degree of work safety and operational availability for induction heating.

            Other important features include the specially designed eldec control, proven inverter technology, and the intuitive operating design. Take the memory for program management, for example: it makes it very easy for the operator to configure the device precisely to meet the requirements of the specific workpiece or material.

            In addition to the extensive standard features, including the three operating modes of Continuous, Jog, and Timer operation and a dual channel emergency stop function, there is also a whole range of optional features. These include, for example, control by foot pedal or an external interface.

        • eldec MICO: energy source and coolant system in one

        • Small and compact, stationary or mobile.

          Induction heating – proven innovative design integrates the frequency converter and coolant system in a single housing, suitable for a wide range of uses and applications. This means maximum flexibility for your heating task.

            • MICO-S: Induction heating in a powerful complete package

            • Energy source and coolant system — the MICO-S is a complete system in a single housing. This enables a flexible integration of induction heating into any production process. The devices are available in a medium frequency (20, 25, or 30 kW) and a high frequency version (15 kW).

              Reinventing induction heating

              The specialists at eldec are using the MICO-S generators for the induction heating and hardening of components with a very flexible process. The key factor is the innovative design concept of placing the generator itself and the cooling system in a single housing. As a result, the unit takes up very little space and is quick to set up. The unit weighs a mere 390 kg and is easy to move around. It has openings in the base plate to allow for pick-up with a forklift, as well as crane hooks.

              Every one of these systems is configured precisely to the demands of the customer, e.g. with coax cables of the proper length, an arm with balancer, a foot pedal, a pyrometer for temperature recording, etc. Even twin generators are available on request. Inductors, brazing guns, or heating cables for shrinking and joining applications can be used as tools.

              As a result, users benefit from an extremely efficient and flexible energy source for induction heating and hardening.

            • MICO-M: Induction heating and hardening with a mobile energy container

            • It doesn’t get any more flexible: The MICO-M generator comes with casters so that it can be moved quickly wherever needed. Customers may choose between a medium-frequency (20, 25, or 30 kW) and a high-frequency version (15 kW).

              All-round solution for induction heating

              This induction technology has a wide variety of applications: Brazing flat copper wires for machines, heating stress bolts in the construction of power plants, or hardening forming tools — are only a few of the examples.

              The secret of the machine’s success is its intelligent mix of compact size, quality, and mobility.A MICO-M energy container includes the generator itself, the active coolant system, the PLC system controller, and the hose bundle. The entire unit is also easy to move around with the casters.

              Once it is in place, users benefit from the intuitive controller with its integrated touch screen. They have a mature, energy-efficient technology at their disposal that enables them to precisely control the amount of energy required.

              These qualities are complemented by a wide range of options, including, the MICO-M’s ability to be equipped with parallelogram kinematics. This makes the handling of the tool and cable significantly easier.

            • MICO-L: Perfect solution for mobile or stationary induction heating

            • The eldec MICO-L generator offers users a particularly powerful complete solution that includes a coolant system. Medium (18 to 80 kW) and high-frequency devices (15 to 35 kW) are available.

              High-performance complete solution for cost-effective induction heating

              The L in the name of these induction heating systems stands for “large”. In the medium-frequency version, the MICO-L delivers up to 80 kW for hardening and heating parts and components.

              This powerhouse comes with a generator, cooling system, controller, and hose bundle. It can be moved on casters as an option (a base plate for stationary use is always included) and is therefore available at all times. Inside, carefully selected high-performance components ensure safe and precise heating processes. The reliability and efficiency of these devices is the result of decades of development and optimization by eldec.

              The MICO-L can be equipped with a wide range of inductors (tools), brazing guns, heating cables, and auxiliary devices. This unit is a true all-round solution for induction heating and a wide variety of effective heating processes required in various industries.

          • ECO LINE generators: Energy source made in Germany

          • ECO LINE series generators are a great match for virtually any production solution. They have a continuous power rating from 5 to 150 kW (MF version) or 5 to 75 kW (HF version).

            The robust and compact mid-range from eldec: With their single or multiple outputs, ECO LINE MF and HF generators are suitable as a stand-alone solution or for integration into production systems.
              • ECO LINE MF generators: Efficient energy sources for hardening, heating, joining, etc.

              • ECO LINE medium-frequency generators have a wide variety of configuration options allowing the solution to always be perfectly matched to the application. The device can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an overall system to provide a perfect energy source.

                MF generator without compromises

                This powerful and robust technology is available from eldec with power ratings from 5 to 150 kW and frequencies from 8 to 40 kHz. Its strengths are in the many details of the machine, such as short-proof transistor technology, precise energy dosing, and its high efficiency of over 90 percent.

                Users benefit from a virtually maintenance-free, medium-frequency generator that quietly does its job, takes up little space, and can easily be integrated into the controller thanks to its multiple control options (Profibus/Profinet interface available on request).

                This is complemented by the high flexibility in the connections: The ECO LINE MF generator is available with a single output or multiple outputs. The two outputs are able to deliver the required energy by either alternating, performing simultaneously, or working independent of each other.

              • ECO LINE HF generators: Robust technology — efficient heating processes

              • ECO LINE series high-frequency generators are a great match for virtually any production solution. They provide a continuous power of 5 to 75 kW.

                HF generators with many optional features

                A combination of advanced power electronics, state-of-the-art control technology, and strict selection processes for all components delivers a top-of-the-line, high-frequency generator usable either as a standalone solution or integrated into a larger system. In either case, users benefit from a technology that offers extremely precise energy dosing for improved consistency and repeatability in production processes.

                Another strength is the large variety of ECO LINE HF generators, with power ratings from 5 to 150 kW, frequencies from 60 to 400 kHz, multiple outputs and flexible options for control.

                All in all, the ECO LINE HF generator is a virtually maintenance-free product whose extreme reliability has immediate benefits for process uptime. The high efficiency of the energy source improves the overall efficiency of the production system during hardening, heating, or joining operations.

            • CUSTOM LINE Generators: Customized Technology for your Induction Applications

            • Get the best energy source for induction heating: CUSTOM LINE generators are tailored precisely to fit the specific application, production process, and component.

              Induction generators with a wide range of optional features

              Induction heating is used in numerous industries for many different applications, ranging from shrinking, stretching, and joining through to melting, annealing, and highly effective induction surface hardening.
                • CUSTOM LINE MF generators: the medium-frequency solution for your specific production application

                • Efficient, rugged, and flexible – eldec CUSTOM LINE MF generators offer state-of-the-art medium-frequency technology perfectly matched to your requirements. Their MF power ranges from 200 to 1,500 kW. The frequency range is 8 to 40 kHz.

                  Induction heating with a comprehensive set of options

                  Customized energy sources are the key for effective induction heating or hardening of parts. A made-to-measure solution ensures stable production processes and low energy consumption. CUSTOM LINE MF medium-frequency generators by eldec provide exactly these kinds of qualities.

                  The configuration options are virtually unlimited. In addition to a wide range of power and frequencies, users have the choice between solutions with single and multiple outputs. As a result, several inductors can be connected to the compact CUSTOM LINE MF generator via separate hoses.

                  By the way: Due to their high power density, eldec generators always use passive or active water cooling. We will deliver a suitable system for the MG generator on request.

                • CUSTOM LINE HF generators: Made-to-measure high-frequency technology for induction heating

                • The name “CUSTOM” already says it all: HF generators of this series are configured precisely for the relevant production task. Their HF power ranges from 100 to 1,500 kW. The frequency range is 80 to 400 kHz.

                  Induction generators with high power density

                  On this basis, numerous combinations of power and frequency are possible – a key prerequisite for effective induction heating. eldec induction generators also provide high-precision energy dosing, which guarantees the reproducibility of the process.  

                  In addition, CUSTOM LINE HF generators are available with a comprehensive bundle of options: Offers include hose bundles of various lengths, a Profibus interface, pyrometer-based temperature control, as well as a cable box with a heating cable for shrink applications. With that in mind, it is easy to see that in the end the overall system will be perfectly matched to the induction task down to the last detail.

                  The same is true when it comes to the outputs of the induction generators. Single or multiple outputs are available (twin, quad, triple, up to eight). By the way: eldec also offers a matching passive or active water cooling system for CUSTOM LINE HF generators.

                • CUSTOM LINE SDF® generators: using two frequencies simultaneously

                • With SDF® generators, two different frequencies act simultaneously on the workpiece to be heated, causing the entire component to be induction hardened with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

                  New precision – maximum flexibility

                  The outstanding advantages of this patented method are especially evident when hardening complex components such as gear wheels. While using a SDF ® generator, medium frequencies can penetrate more deeply into the gear wheel, primarily heating the tooth base, and at the same time high frequencies heat the tooth tip. The entire component is heated with absolutely uniform depth and temperature.

                  To achieve this eldec’s SDF® generators have one high frequency converter and one medium frequency converter sharing a common power output, with high frequency oscillation superimposed on the basic medium frequency oscillation during the SDF process.

                  In addition, the conventional use of high frequency and medium frequency energy is possible as well, giving the user a vey versatile generator with high power density (power 50 to 3000 kW, frequency: 10 kHz to 25 kHz and 150 kHz to 350 kHz).

                  Contact eldec and request a FREE application consultation.

                • Dual frequency generators from eldec: an energy source designed in Germany

                • eldec is well known for its SDF® technology – patented dual frequency generators that can be operated simultaneously or separately with medium or high frequency. SDF® generators are expensive and they may be more machine than you need. If you do not require two frequencies to run at once, eldec’s Dual Frequency generators (DF) may be for you. Designed to be capable of switching between medium and high frequencies, Dual Frequency induction generators come with the same product and service quality that you expect from eldec at a lower price.
                • CUSTOM LINE LF generators: Low-frequency technology for precision induction heating

                • To achieve perfect induction heating processes depends on generators providing precisely the right amount of energy. With its CUSTOM LINE LF generators, eldec provides just the right solution for the low frequency range (2 to 8 kHz).

                  Induction heating with tough generators

                  “Customized” is the key word when it comes to delivering a perfect production solution in mechanical and systems engineering. This is particularly true for induction heating. The process needs to be configured accurately to produce the desired effect in the material. CUSTOM LINE generators by eldec are the ideal solution for delivering precisely the right amount of power and energy. The LF series (power: 50 to 500 kW, frequency: 2 to 8 kHz) is designed for lower frequencies.

                  These devices excel with state-of-the-art technology that is continuously being developed and comprehensively tested by eldec. The quality is obvious when looking at details, such as IGBT transistor technology for excellent protection, an efficiency of more than 90 percent, and precise dosing of energy. There are also many optional features for quality monitoring.

                  The devices are available in a range of output configurations.Twin, quad, triple or even eight outputs are feasible.Their power can be controlled independently during induction heating, which makes this unit extremely flexible when using several inductors.


              • UNI HEAT / heating systems

                  • Induction Heating Electric Motor Housings

                  • Induction Heating and Joining in one turnkey system.

                    This turnkey system is used to heat electric motor housings with various dimensions for a wide range of joining processes.

                    Example Heating System 1: the die-cast aluminium housing for an asynchronous motor (diameter 450 mm) is heated to approx. 290°C in approx. 5 minutes to fit the wound stator package. The parts are loaded and unloaded from the feeding belt parallel to the working time. The heating process takes place in two independent work stations. The generator has a switched output which means that only one generator is required for the two heating stations. The system is controlled using a SIEMENS PLC controller.

                    Example Heating System 2: the aluminium housing (diameter 140 mm) of a synchronous motor is heated to approx. 280°C in approx. 3 minutes to fit the stator. The component is loaded into and unloaded from the heating station semiautomatically. The system is controlled using a PLC.

                  • Pole Coil Manufacturing

                  • eldec brazing systems: automatic induction brazing of pole coils

                    The semi-automatic equipment is designed for manufacturing pole coils of hydro and wind power generators.
                    The machine is based on the experience of the previous manufactured equipments.The machine is designed as a sturdy, high quality and low maintenance machine.
                    The operating is very simple, on automatic mode by 2-hand operation with step by step program and on manual mode by touch-panel. 

                    Induction brazing of pole coils –automated process from brazing systems by eldec

                    • Simple touchscreen operation
                    • Very robust design
                    • Cost effective to maintain
                    • High process reliability
                    • Fast production due to automated manufacturing
                • Made to measure tools – inductors, heating cables, brazing guns

                    • Induction brazing with special brazing pistols from eldec

                    • eldec brazing pistols make induction brazing by hand a thing of simplicity. Many applications still require the brazing process to be completed by hand since automatic completion would be uneconomical due to the low numbers involved.

                      eldec provides the perfect solution for induction brazing and other induction heating work using brazing pistols and a wide selection of generators.

                      Induction brazing by hand has never been so simple.